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SCO OpenServer documentation

SCO OpenServer systems include comprehensive documentation. Depending on the SCO OpenServer system that you have, the following documentation is available:

The SCO OpenServer documentation set is organized in collections (or categories) of online books, topics, and manual pages; the documentation is made available through the DocView documentation server.

To access the SCO OpenServer online documentation on your system, use one of the following methods:

You can also access the SCO OpenServer online documentation at the SCO web site:

You can perform keyword searches of the entire SCO OpenServer documentation set using the DocView Search function. Note, however, that a search index must first be generated before the Search function will work. See ``Generating the search index'' for more information.

The Desktop and most SCO OpenServer programs and utilities are linked to context-sensitive help, which in turn is linked to relevant sections in the online versions of the SCO OpenServer documentation.

NOTE: When you upgrade or supplement your SCO OpenServer software, you might also install online documentation that is more current than the printed Getting Started Guide that came with the original system. For the most up-to-date information in the Getting Started Guide, check your online documentation or the SCO web site.

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