Troubleshooting the installation

Hardware self-check stops

One possible cause for stopping for more than several seconds during the hardware self-check is an improperly installed EGA or VGA adapter. If you have an EGA or VGA adapter, shut the computer off and check your card documentation. Errors at this point may also mean an incompatible network card. Check the SCO Certified and Compatible Hardware (CHWP) web page to verify that the card is supported by your SCO OpenServer system.

If your graphics card has the AUTOSWITCH feature, it must be disabled to install the product. Check the documentation included with your graphics card for information on how to disable AUTOSWITCH. This is typically controlled by setting a small switch on the card to the off position.

Another symptom of this problem appears if you are using an AUTOSWITCH EGA or VGA card that normally displays in high-resolution EGA or VGA mode, and the Boot: prompt appears in low-resolution CGA mode. (Standard CGA text is low-resolution: dark lines are visible through the characters. EGA and VGA text is high resolution: no dark lines are visible.) In this case, reset the video adapter until the high-resolution display appears.

You can then restart the installation from the beginning by inserting the Boot Disk, then pressing <Enter> at the Boot: prompt. If you are using the BTLD utility and need to restart, insert the Boot Disk and enter restart link=pkg1 at the Boot: prompt (where pkg1 is the name of the package from which to extract the required BTLD drivers). For more information, see ``Installing Boot-Time Loadable Drivers (BTLDs)''.

If the problem persists, contact your support provider for help.

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