Troubleshooting the installation

System hangs at hardware configuration screen

When you start the installation from the Boot Disk, the system displays information about your hardware configuration, followed by a series of diagnostic messages. These messages display quickly and overwrite each other, so they are not generally visible, although the process normally pauses for a while at certain points if lengthy checks or initialization are involved. If the process stops and does not continue, this usually indicates a problem with the initialization of the corresponding device driver. The startup messages are described in ``Kernel initialization check letters''.

If your system hangs at this point, the problem might be an improperly installed adapter as described in ``Hardware self-check stops'', or it might be an I/O address conflict.

Start the installation procedure again from the beginning. You can restart the installation completely at any time by inserting the Boot Disk, then pressing <Enter> at the Boot: prompt. If you are using the BTLD utility and need to restart, insert the Boot Disk and enter restart link=pkg1 at the Boot: prompt (where pkg1 is the name of the package from which to extract the required BTLD drivers). For more information, see ``Installing Boot-Time Loadable Drivers (BTLDs)''.

If the system hangs at the hardware configuration screen again, contact your software supplier for more information and be prepared to report the last message displayed.

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