History of Ghostscript versions 5.n

Table of contents

This document is a record of changes in Ghostscript releases numbered 5.n. For earlier versions, see the the history documents:

History of Ghostscript versions 4.n
History of Ghostscript versions 3.n
History of Ghostscript versions 2.n
History of Ghostscript versions 1.n

For other information, see the Ghostscript overview.

Within each release, news appears in the following order: Incompatible changes, Documentation, Procedures, Utilities, Drivers, Platforms, Fonts, Interpreter, Streams (included under Interpreter through release 2.9.9), Library. Changes marked with a * were made available as patches to a previous release.

Version 5.99 (beta) (1999-12-18)

Incompatible changes

	- All platform-specific makefiles must now define the Q macro.
	- Ghostscript now exits with an error status if an error occurs in a
file named on the command line, a -c command, or piped input.
	- ps2epsi now disables setpagedevice: the bounding box of the EPSI
output file is recorded only in the %%BoundingBox comment.
	- The return type of gdev_vector_close_file is changed from void
to int.
	- The name of the predefined stochastic halftone is changed to
StochasticDefault.  (This change was actually made in 5.98.)
	- The compht feature is replaced by stocht.
	- Font searching now looks in FontResourceDir.
	- The ASCIIHexEncode filter now produces upper-case output.
	- The type returned by compiled halftone resource access procedures
is changed.


Fixes problems:
	- A stray character had gotten added to the beginning of a file.
	- Many minor HTML errors had crept in.  (doc/*.htm, doc/gsdoc.el)

Updates the docmentation on the mswinpr2 driver.  (doc/Devices.htm)

Notes that GNU make currently does not work on OpenVMS.  (doc/Make.htm)

Documents the fact that x/y_pixels_per_inch are deprecated.  (gxdevcli.h)

Documents certain bugs in ps2pdf.  (doc/Ps2pdf.htm)

Documents the addition of FontResourceDir to the font search process.

Documents the new arrangement for B paper sizes.  (doc/Psfiles.htm,
doc/Use.htm, doc/gs-vms.hlp, man/gs.1)

Removes the "under development" warning from the text API and
get_bits_rectangle documentation, and adds a little more detail.

Adds new user-contributed documentation for installing and using Ghostscript
fonts with X Windows.  (doc/Fonts.htm, doc/Readme.htm, doc/Use.htm)

Adds building with the Watcom compiler to the release process.

Adds an "Improving performance" section to the user documentation.

Adds a note to the C style guide about order of evaluation.

Documents the new file.  (doc/Psfiles.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- A missing dependency caused builds on certain platforms to fail.
	- $(EXP) was missing before various utility invocations.  (int.mak)
	- VMS converts all unquoted arguments to lower case.  In order to
work around this, we have added a platform-specific makefile macro Q, which
is defined as a quote mark on VMS and as an empty string on all other
platforms, and used it to quote the few mixed-case values in the makefiles.
We removed the obsolete QQ macro from os2.mak as well.  (cfonts.mak,
dvx-head.mak, int.mak, openvms.mak, openvms.mmk, os2.mak, unixhead.mak,
wccommon.mak, winlib.mak)
	- PSRCDIR was incorrectly referenced as PNGSRCDIR in one place.
	- winint.mak had a conditional that Watcom's make program didn't
accept.  (winint.mak)

Adds a makefile entry to allow compilation with libpng 1.0.5.  (libpng.mak)

Updates the Borland C++ makefile to work with C++Builder 4.  (bcwin32.mak)

Updates the Unix installation makefile to install  (unixinst.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- ps2epsi didn't disable setpagedevice.  (lib/ps2epsi)
	- geninit needed <stdlib.h> for 'exit'.  (geninit.c)
	- Some invocations of utilities didn't deal with VMS's habit of
converting arguments to lower case.  (geninit.c, cfonts.mak)
	- The ps2pdf*.bat files didn't produce a usage message if no
arguments were provided.  (lib/ps2pdf.bat, lib/ps2pdf12.bat,
	- Removes some warnings from the Windows uninstaller.

Upgrades the halftone compiler to handle Type 5 halftones.  (genht.c)

Makes the initialization string compiler recognize sections of the code
where binary tokens are allowed, and convert literal hex strings within such
sections to binary-token strings, which take less space and load faster.

Adds a utility file to define b0 ... b6 as selecting JIS B paper sizes.
(unixinst.mak, lib/

Modifies the font printing utility to sort unencoded characters.

Adds a small utility to help use the StochasticDefault halftone.


Fixes problems:
	- The output of the epswrite driver couldn't be embedded in another
file, because it assumed it was invoked with an empty operand stack.
	- "Vector" drivers didn't detect I/O errors such as filling up the
disk.  (gdevvec.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)
	- The bookkeeping for image color spaces when banding was incorrect,
possibly causing memory access errors.  (gxclist.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c)
	- The cljet5 driver didn't place the image on the page correctly.
	- 16-bit X11 devices with R/G/B widths other than 5/6/5 sometimes
failed to map colors correctly.  (gdevxcmp.h, gdevxcmp.c)
	- The cljet5c driver omitted a needed cast.  (gdevcljc.c)

Adds new x11rg16x and x11rg32x devices to test X Windows with unusual pixel
layout.  (devs.mak, gdevxalt.c)

Works around a bug in Acrobat Distiller 4 (and perhaps some other PostScript
interpreters) that causes an error if CCITTFaxDecode with /EndOfBlock = true
is given data with no EOB (terminated by the end of the data stream
instead).  (gdevps.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The absence of mktemp on the Watcom platform caused a linking
error under Windows.  (watc.mak, watcw32.mak, gp_iwatc.c, gp_mktmp.c)


Fixes problems:
	- findfont, /Font resourcestatus, and /Font resourceforall weren't
consistent.  (lib/, lib/
	- Very large TrueType fonts caused a stackoverflow.  (lib/

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Errors in pdfmark and setdistillerparams were ignored (!).
	- The PUT pdfmark didn't allow adding dictionaries to stream-type
objects.  (The pdfmark documentation says this isn't allowed, but we think
this is an oversight, since it is reasonable and unambiguous and Acrobat
Distiller allows it.)  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- The token scanner used to substitute object names in pdfmark
parameters sometimes added an extra character on the end.  (gdevpdfr.c)
	- ashow and [a]widthshow produced incorrect text spacing.  (bug
introduced by an optimization in 5.97) (gdevpdft.c)
	- setdistillerparams left its argument on the stack.
	- 0-height images caused errors either at conversion or at rendering
time.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- If the FontMatrix included a translation component, text was
positioned incorrectly.  NOTE: this fix may not handle x/y/xyshow.
	- Out-of-range user-space coordinates could get generated for
rectangles.  NOTE: they can still get generated for general paths.
	- Widths weren't written for renamed built-in fonts.  We fixed this
partly by improving the algorithm for recognizing built-in fonts.
(gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Works around the Acrobat limitation that user-space coordinates must not
exceed 32K.  (fix from Artifex) (gdevpdfp.c)

Works around an Acrobat Reader 3 bug with printing files including Type 3
fonts: with the "Download Fonts Once" option, AR3 only emits the font subset
referenced on the first page where the font appears.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdft.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Type 3 fonts weren't handled properly as a marking context, so if
a CharProc referenced a resource in the font, an error would occur.
	- 0-height images caused an error.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Errors weren't propagated properly.  (bug introduced in 5.98 by
enhanced error recovery code) (imainarg.h, gs.c, imainarg.c)
	- Errors in -c commands or in files named on the command line
sometimes allowed execution to continue, and did not terminate with an
abnormal status.  (lib/

Changes the binary token scanner so that if the stream buffer is in foreign
space, binary-token strings will not be copied, but will be referenced
directly in the buffer.  This parallels what is done for name strings.

Changes the stochastic halftone from multiple Type 3s to a Type 5.
(lib/, int.mak)

Replaces the compht feature with a new feature called stocht.  If this
feature is selected, the StochasticDefault halftone resource will be
pre-loaded into Ghostscript.  If COMPILE_INITS=1, all the halftone data
(threshold array, order and bits arrays) will be efficiently compiled into
the executable.  (int.mak)

Replaces (...\n) print with (...) = everywhere.  (lib/,
lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/,
lib/, lib/, lib/

Adds support for JIS B paper sizes: statusdict will now include isob0..6 and
jisb0..6 operators, with b0..6 normally aliased to the former.
(lib/, lib/

Adds a b5tray procedure; limits the valid arguments for setpagetype to the
Adobe-defined values 0 and 1.  (lib/

Updates clients for the change in the gs_image_* API.  (zimage.c)

Makes the default halftone lookup procedure more reasonable.
(lib/, lib/


Fixes problems:
	- An error condition when closing a file stream wasn't reported
properly.  (sfxfd.c, sfxstdio.c)

For greater Adobe compatibility, changes the ASCIIHexEncode filter to
produce upper-case output.  (sstring.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The gs_image_* API didn't work for ImageType 3 images.  Fixing
this required a small (but backward-compatible) API change.  (fix mostly
provided by Artifex)  (gsimage.h, gsimage.c)
	- The change in the bbox device in 5.95 broke it for the case where
it was being used in a pipeline.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- A possible overflow wasn't detected when stroking lines with very
large coordinates.  (gxstroke.c)
	- A mask was sized incorrectly.  (gsdcolor.h)

Updates the runtime support for compiled halftones.  (gxdhtres.h, gscdefs.h,
gconf.c, gxclrast.c, gxhtbit.c)

Replaces all references to the now-deprecated x/y_pixels_per_inch with
HWResolution[0/1].  (gsdevice.c, gxclist.c, gxpcmap.c)

Version 5.98 (beta) (1999-12-01)

Incompatible changes

	- The return type of init_proc is changed from void to int.
	- The return types of gs_lib_init* are changed from void to int.
	- The return types of gs_[main_]init*, gs_[main_]add_lib_path,
gs_[main_]set_lib_paths, and a number of internal initialization-related
procedures are changed from void to int.


Improves the documentation of the clist_render_rectangle procedure.

Makes it clear that pre-public-release filesets should not be redistributed.

Clarifies that the parameters for the X driver are command line switches,
not X resources.  (doc/Use.htm)

Improves the documentation of ps2pdf in response to some user comments.

Documents the initial settings of the distiller parameters.

Documents the UniqueIDs assigned to Aladdin.  (lib/

Updates the documentation for the stochastic halftone mask.  (doc/Make.htm)

Removes some obsolete material.  (doc/Release.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- The new ps2pdf* scripts weren't included in the Unix install list.
	- The directory names were missing in BEGINFILES.  (openvms.mak)
	- The .pl and .sh scripts weren't included in the Unix install list.

Updates all-arch.mak with a newer version from its contributor.

Updates the makefiles for a change in eexec modularization.  (devs.mak,
int.mak, lib.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The dvipdf usage message was incorrect.  (lib/dvipdf)

Adds a utility for mechanically adding the Adobe extended Latin characters
(primarily Central European accented letters) to a font.  Eventually we
would like to integrate this into the font loader and/or make extended
versions of the standard 35 fonts.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- psdf_sorted_glyphs_include didn't handle empty lists correctly.
	- A reference to a #defined constant hadn't been converted to upper
case.  (gdevpsdf.h)
	- Acrobat Reader couldn't handle <> as the definition of
Notice in an embedded font's FontInfo dictionary: it requires a () 
string. (gdevpsd1.c)
	- The [e]pswrite driver didn't take stroked paths into account when
computing the bounding box.  (gdevps.c)

Updates gdevwpr2.c with a new version from its most recent author.


Fixes problems:
	- The FONTPATH file scanner wasn't protected against errors.
	- Some badly designed Chinese TrueType fonts, whose 'post' table
gives the name .null to all glyphs, didn't work properly.  (lib/
	- The shareware Katakana font had an incorrect UniqueID.

Adds all of the PostScript 3 fonts to the intelligent substitution tables.

Changes the FONTPATH scanner to allow a %%BeginFont: line as the first line
of a font.  Nothing in Adobe's documentation suggests that this is
acceptable, but some fonts have it.  (lib/

Releases an updated set of the URW fonts, fixing the braceleftbt problem in
the Symbol font and a couple of missing characters in the ZapfDingbats
fonts, and adding the Euro glyph to the alphabetic fonts.  The new archive
also includes fonts.scale and fonts.dir files for use with X Windows
(mkfontdir and xfs).

Centralizes the definition of Aladdin's XUIDs.  (lib/,

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- The algorithm for making font names unique didn't take subset
prefixes into account.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfw.c)
	- Computing character bounding boxes was taking an inordinate amount
of time.  (performance problem only) (gdevpdff.c)
	- The pdf_image_writer and pdf_image_enum structures didn't have GC
descriptors, possibly causing memory corruption.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- PostScript files containing images with premature end-of-data were
converted to PDF files with premature end-of-data, which Acrobat doesn't
accept. (gdevpdfo.h, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfo.c, gdevpdfu.c)
	- Pattern resources whose image was written in-line omitted a needed
gsave (q).  (bug introduced in 5.94) (gdevpdfi.c)
	- The similarity between a font and a base font wasn't computed
correctly, leading to some unnecessary writing of Widths for standard fonts.
	- Embedding a stream in the psdf_binary_writer caused garbage
collector problems, because there could be pointers to that stream from
elsewhere.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdf.c)
	- The algorithms for deciding whether a font was script or serif
were very inaccurate.  (The revised ones are only somewhat better.)
	- Re-encoded characters in subset fonts weren't handled correctly.
We work around this by writing the entire font if the character doesn't
appear in the font's encoding.  This is inefficient but will always produce
correct output.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevpdfw.c)
	- The meaning of bit 6 in the Flags was supposed to have changed in
PDF 1.2, but didn't.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfw.c)
	- The Widths array didn't get written out for embedded subsets of
the built-in fonts.  (gdevpdfw.c)
	- Planar images weren't handled correctly, and could cause memory
corruption.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- Patterns still weren't scaled correctly; in fact, the "fix" in
5.94 can't possibly have worked, and we don't understand why it seemed to.

Recants the belief that the default encoding for embedded fonts is
StandardEncoding (see 5.95): the appearance of this was a symptom of having
multiple fonts with the same name.  (gdevpdft.c)

Removes FONT_EMBED_UNKNOWN, which is meaningless (a decision is always made
about whether to embed a font).  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Changes the algorithm for picking the base font so that it produces more
efficient output for certain cases of re-encoded fonts.  (gdevpdft.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Fonts were getting renamed unnecessarily.  (performance and PDF
output size problem only) (lib/
	- Fonts with Widths but no FontDescriptor caused an error.
	- TrueType fonts processed the Encoding key in the font the same way
as other font types, which is not correct.  (lib/
	- For embedded Type 3 fonts, the Widths entry in a font didn't
override the width in the CharProc.  (lib/, lib/
	- If a page had multiple Contents streams, and one of the streams
ended with values on the operand stack, an error might occur.
	- Ts and Tz within a text object didn't take effect immediately.
	- sc[n] and SC[N] could cause an error because Do left an extra item
on the stack temporarily.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Getting the unscaled outline for a Type 1 font didn't disable
hinting.  (mostly a performance problem) (zchar1.c)
	- Error conditions during initialization weren't recognized.  Fixing
this required changing various return types from void to int.  (ialloc.h,
iinit.h, imain.h, interp.h, ialloc.c, iinit.c, imain.c)
	- HalftoneMode didn't affect setscreen or setcolorscreen.
(lib/, lib/

Makes the interpreter quit with a message, rather than a stack dump, if it
can't open the initial device and DEBUG is not set.  (lib/

Adds .setlimitclamp and .currentlimitclamp operators to access the limit
clamp flag in the graphics state.  (zgstate.c)

Changes the names of the stochastic halftone mask to be more descriptive.
(lib/, int.mak, unixinst.mak)


Adds the ability to forbid using hex encoding when writing strings.
(spsdf.h, spsdf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Computing the width of a glyph unnecessarily constructed the
entire outline.  (performance problem only) (gxtype1.c)
	- Getting the unscaled width of a glyph in a Type 1 font didn't
disable hinting.  (mostly a performance problem) (gxtype1.c.)
	- The "unknown device" GC descriptor is no longer used.  (gsdevice.c)
	- Some compilers *still* complained about end-of-loop code not being
reached.  (gxpath2.c)
	- Mixing float and double values sometimes caused spurious lines to
be drawn when stroking very short lines with large widths.  (fix from
Artifex) (gxpdash.c)
	- The code for handling crossing lines in the path filling algorithm
sometimes computed line crossings incorrectly, causing excessive
computation.  (gxfill.c)
	- When oversampling for anti-aliasing, the flatness parameter was
not scaled, leading to unnecessarily accurate curve rendering.  (gspaint.c)
	- An extra grestore in a Pattern PaintProc could cause a crash.
	- Error conditions during initialization weren't recognized.  Fixing
this required changing the return type of init_proc, and various other
internal procedures, from void to int.  (std.h, gslib.h, gscdefs.h,
gshtscr.c, gsiodev.c, gslib.c, gsutil.c)

Splits off the Type 1 encryption/decryption code into a separate file for
sharing with the eexec streams.  (gscrypt1.c, gxtype1.c)

Version 5.97 (beta) (11/22/99)

This is the next beta for 6.0. We believe the pdfwrite driver (ps2pdf) now finally produces Acrobat-acceptable output, with reasonable handling of fonts, and have also fixed the problem with high-level image banding. We are cautiously hopeful that this is a "real" beta candidate.

Incompatible changes

	- The default CompatibilityLevel in the pdfwrite driver is now back
to 1.3.
	- The seac_data procedure of a Type 1 font must now be able to
return the glyph and/or the actual outline data.


Fixes problems:
	- A <br> was missing.  (doc/Release.htm)
	- The final step of copying releases to was missing.

Documents the new situation with the ps2pdf* scripts.  (doc/Ps2pdf.htm)

Documents the simplification of the pthreads code.  (doc/Helpers.htm,

Adds a requirement to the license that modifications include the name and
e-mail address of the author, and the date and purpose of the modification.

Adds a link to the documentation for setdistillerparams.  (doc/Ps2pdf.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- On OpenVMS, the test for whether the bin and obj subdirectories
already existed was incorrect.  (openvms.mak, openvms.mmk)
	- The recently updated Borland/Inprise makefile deleted some temp
files prematurely.  (bcwin32.mak)
	- The dependencies for the Unix install-scripts and install-data
targets were incorrect.  (unixinst.mak)

Updates the RPM spec files.  (gs.rps, gs-fonts.rps, rpm-conf.dif)

Adds support for compilation with Borland/Inprise C++Builder 3.
(bcwin32.mak, winint.mak)

Adds a note on font installation under Red Hat Linux 6.  (doc/Install.htm)


Adds ps2pdf12 and ps2pdf13 scripts to select the PDF output level
explicitly; makes ps2pdf a wrapper for ps2pdf12.  (lib/ps2pdf,
lib/ps2pdf.bat, lib/ps2pdf12, lib/ps2pdf12.bat, lib/ps2pdf13,
lib/ps2pdf13.bat, lib/ps2pdfwr, lib/ps2pdfwr.bat)

Updates the Windows install/setup program to display the Aladdin start menu
folder on a successful install, so that the user gets some feedback that all
went well.  (dwinst.cpp, dwsetup.cpp)


Fixes problems:
	- The lj5{mono,gray} drivers didn't send the page size to the
printer.  (gdevpxut.h, gdevlj56.c, gdevpx.c, gdevpxut.c)
	- The pxl drivers didn't handle out-of-range points properly.
(gdevvec.c, gdevpx.c)
	- The bmpa drivers didn't produce multi-page output files correctly
-- all pages but the first were blank.  (The bmp format is supposed to be
single-page, but at least some readers handle multi-page files correctly.)
	- The code for writing embedded TrueType fonts was broken.  (bug
probably introduced in 5.9x) (gdevpsdt.c)

Removes an unused variable.  (gdevbmpa.c)


Replaces the 4 pthreads files, which included a dependence on the non-POSIX
<semaphore.h>, with a single file that uses only pthreads procedures.
(gp_psync.c, gp_posem.c [deleted], gp_pthr.c [deleted], gp_ptsem.c
[deleted], gp_semon.c [deleted])

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Whether or not to write the Widths array was implicit in the data
structures rather than explicit, so it was sometimes written unnecessarily.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- Fonts based on the 14 built-in fonts didn't set BaseFont to the
name of the built-in font.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- The determination of whether a glyph was available was incorrect
for embedded fonts, leading some glyphs to be turned into bitmaps
unnecessarily.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- Apparently Acrobat Reader gets confused if different subsets of
the same font have different FirstChar and LastChar values, so we have to
write the full Widths array each time.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- A structure member wasn't initialized when processing pdfmark
annotations, possibly causing a memory access error.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- The typedef for gx_device_pdf had a typo.  (gdevpdfx.h)
	- Each embedded font subset had its own FontDescriptor and its own
font data, confusing Acrobat Reader.  Fixing this required sharing
FontDescriptors among multiple fonts and making FontDescriptors
pseudo-resources.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdff.c,
gdevpdft.c, gdevpdfw.c)
	- Incrementally defined embedded Type 1 fonts didn't write out
correct Widths.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- PDF resources didn't consistently record the gs_id of the
structure they represented, possibly causing resources to be duplicated
unnecessarily.  (gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfu.c)

Reinstates PDF text output.  (gdevpdf.c)

Changes the default CompatibilityLevel in the pdfwrite device back to 1.3,
since the ps2pdf scripts now make it easy to choose the PDF level.

When possible, uses the widths obtained from the font, rather than the
default implementation of text_process, to complete the text_process
operation.  This greatly speeds up the conversion process.  (gdevpdft.c)

Allows character remapping (but not reencoding) of TrueType fonts.

Factors the definitions for cos objects and font-related objects into header
files more thoroughly.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdfo.h, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,
gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfr.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevpdfu.c)

Makes the names of some structure elements correspond more directly to keys
in PDF directories.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Splits off the font-writing code, since a source file was getting too big.
(gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfw.c)

Adds CharSet information to embedded Type 1 font descriptors.  (gdevpdfw.c)

Makes all font names in the output unique, selected by static bool
MAKE_FONT_NAMES_UNIQUE.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Reinstates support for one special case of composite fonts (8/8 mapping with
the high order byte always zero) that is used by the AdobePS4 Windows
driver.  (gdevpdft.c)

Changes the assumption about the default encoding for embedded TrueType
fonts from StandardEncoding to no known encoding.  (gdevpdft.c)

descriptiveness.  (gdevpdff.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The same-font test for Type 1 fonts didn't correctly identify
re-encoded fonts with unchanged metrics.  (zfont1.c)
	- If a save level was split into multiple internal save objects,
some changes could get undone before objects were finalized.  (isave.c)
	- When releasing all of memory, stable allocators weren't finalized.
	- Some compilers gave annoying and needless warnings about integer
overflow.  (store.h)
	- There was a signed/unsigned char * mismatch.  (iccfont.c)

Adds a debugging procedure.  (idebug.h, idebug.c)

Changes the Type 1 font seac_data procedure to match the new API.


Fixes problems:
	- The GC didn't know about the pointers to the tables for Indexed
color spaces when banding, occasionally causing the tables to be written as
garbage.  This is the real fix for the problem discovered in 5.96.
(gsiparam.h, gxclist.h, gxiparam.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c)
	- With 'async' drivers, multi-page files didn't render properly
(they got a rangecheck error on every page after the first one).
	- Some compilers still complained about end-of-loop code not being
reached.  (gxpath2.c)
	- The scaled font cache required that a font have a UID in order to
be a candidate for caching.  (gsfont.c)
	- An obsolete check caused slight discrepancies between banded and
non-banded output.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The glyph_outline procedure for TrueType fonts transformed the
width by the scaling matrix twice.  (gstype42.c)

Removes some now-unnecessary extern_st declarations.  (gdevbbox.c,
gdevplnx.c, gximage3.c)

Removes some initializations that read uninitialized locations and are
logically unnecessary.  (gsalloc.c, gscolor.c)

Adds makefile rules for compiling the MD5 implementation.  (lib.mak)

Makes the seac_data of a Type 1 font return the glyph and/or the actual
outline data.  This is necessary because some Type 1 fonts don't have the
accents in the same positions as StandardEncoding, but use seac anyway.

Changes the Type 1 font interpreter to match the new seac_data API.

Version 5.96 (beta) (11/12/99)

This is the next beta for 6.0. To meet a need of our commercial licensing partner for a PostScript LL3 release, we are releasing this fileset with all font handling in the PDF writer disabled, as well as high-level image banding. This is a temporary measure: we will reinstate PDF text in 5.97, and high-level image banding as soon as we can straighten out its memory management problems.

Incompatible changes

	- All Unix 'make' programs must now predefine MAKE as the name of
the program.
	- zcolor_remap_one now returns o_push_estack rather than 0 in the
case where it doesn't actually have to sample the procedure.
	- Multi-plane halftones (when needed) are now used for all CMYK
devices, not only if setcolorscreen was executed.
	- Font implementors must now provide a same_font procedure.


Makes it clear that is very simple and naive.  (doc/Psfiles.htm,

Documents the new -Z_ switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Documents that SYNC=nosync allows building on systems that don't support
multi-threading.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds documentation for building on Macintosh Rhapsody systems.

Adds a reference to the new all-arch.mak file.  (doc/Helpers.htm,

Notes that ps2pdf does preserve the color space for images.

Documents the new self-extracting archive for MS Windows.  (doc/Install.htm,

Further improves the documentation of the PDF text machinery.  (gdevpdfx.h)

Reorganizes the build information for Unix.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds information on building Ghostscript under BSDI.  (doc/Make.htm)

Notes that versions of zlib before 1.1.3 may cause an error on rare
occasions.  (zlib.mak)

Fixes a few other minor problems.  (doc/Current.htm, doc/Devices.htm,
doc/DLL.htm, doc/Install.htm, doc/Language.htm, doc/Make.htm,
doc/New-user.htm, doc/Ps2pdf.htm, doc/Source.htm, doc/Use.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- and were defined in $(PSD), but referenced in
$(GLD).  (devs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak)
	- was defined in $(GLD), but referenced in $(PSD).
(bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak,
	- XLIBDIRS was included in the linker command even if none of the
X drivers were used.  (devs.mak, dvx-tail.mak, ugcclib.mak, unixlink.mak)
	- The OpenVMS makefile didn't create the obj and bin directories
properly.  (openvms.mak)
	- 'make debug' and 'make pg' didn't work on Unix systems where the
make program was named something other than make.  (unix-end.mak)

Introduces a new top-level makefile macro, STDLIBS, that is -lm for all
reasonable platforms but null for Rhapsody.  (dvx-gcc.mak, dvx-tail.mak,
ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixlink.mak, unixtrad.mak)

Adds Nelson Beebe's contributed multi-architecture Unix makefile.

Makes it theoretically possible in theory to build the new Windows
install/uninstall program with the Borland compiler.  However, since this
requires Borland C++ 4.52 and we only have 4.5, this is disabled in
bcwin32.mak.  (bcwin32.mak, winint.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The default for was 3x2 landscape, rather than 2x2
portrait.  (lib/
	- was broken (by the changes made to support

Adds a -link switch to genconf, to allow verbatim copying of commands into
the linker command line.  (genconf.c)

Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (dwinst.h,
dwsetup.h, dwuninst.h, bench.c, dwuninst.cpp)

Makes it possible to build the new Windows install/uninstall program with
the Borland compiler.  (dwinst.cpp, dwsetup.cpp, dwsetup.def, dwsetup.rc,
dwuninst.cpp, dwuninst.def)


Fixes problems:
	- Embedded Type 1 fonts lacked some 'def' commands.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- Multiple Master Font instances weren't written out correctly.

Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (gdev8bcm.h,
gdevht.h, gdevpccm.h, gdevpcl.h, gdevsvga.h, gdevx.h, gdev3852.c,
gdev8510.c, gdevadmp.c, gdevcd8.c, gdevcif.c, gdevclj.c, gdevhl7x.c,
gdevifno.c, gdevimgn.c, gdevl31s.c, gdevmeds.c, gdevmswn.c, gdevos2p.c,
gdevpe.c, gdevpm.c, gdevsj48.c, gdevtknk.c, gdevupd.c, gdevwddb.c,
gdevwpr2.c, gdevwprn.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The pthreads wrapper had a procedure type mismatch.  We fixed this
by making it allocate and free a wrapper object, as the Windows wrapper
does.  (gp_pthr.c)

Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (dwimg.h, dwmain.h,
gsdll.h, gp_msio.c, gp_mswin.c)

Removes an unnecessary #include <semaphore.h>.  (gp_semon.c)

Adds a module that implements semaphores using the pthreads mutex
facilities, as an alternative to gp_posem.c.  Unfortunately, using this
module causes immediate crashes on both GNU/Linux and BSDI, and we don't know
why.  (Let us know if you figure it out.)  (gp_ptsem.c)

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- The character and word spacing weren't recognized as being reset
by a PDF grestore.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfu.c)
	- Fonts that couldn't be embedded were always converted to bitmaps,
rather than becoming candidates for non-embedded representation (if
EmbedAllFonts is false and the font doesn't appear on the AlwaysEmbed list).
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- Stream-type Cos objects were written with no (0-length) data.
	- Reencoded base 14 fonts were not recognized as such, leading to
excessive font embedding.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- Fonts were embedded by default even if EmbedAllFonts was false.

Changes MaxSubsetPct to 35 to match Acrobat Distiller.  (gdevpsdf.h)

Adds some tracing output (-Z_).  (gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Temporarily disables font handling in the PDF writer, to meet a need of our
commercial licensing partner.  All text will be converted to code-scrambled
Type 3 bitmap fonts.  (gdevpdf.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The sh operator caused an invalidaccess error for shadings that
required a DataSource.  (lib/
	- The test for whether a Widget appearance was a Form or a
collection of sub-appearances was incorrect, causing an /undefined error in
the latter case.  (lib/
	- If the FontName in a Font descriptor differed from the BaseFont
name in the Font object, the interpreter used the two inconsistently,
sometimes causing the wrong font to be used.  (lib/
	- ICCBased color spaces caused an error.  (lib/

Works around the fact that Acrobat Distiller produces files in which a
Widget's Form appearance lacks Type and Subtype keys.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Failure in allocating the name table would cause a crash.
	- Shadings with procedure-based filters didn't work.
(lib/, ifilter.h, zfileio.c, zfproc.c)
	- Some compilers complained about arithmetic on an enum.  (iparam.c)
	- Setting a transfer or similar function to the identity function
didn't set the cached values, so the setting didn't consistently take
effect.  (icolor.h, zcolor.c)
	- If the C library's implementation of sprintf with a %g format ever
produced a number with an exponent but no decimal point, a crash would
occur.  (iutil.c)
	- The PageDeviceName page device parameter wasn't supported.
(lib/, lib/
	- A public procedure wasn't declared extern if DEBUG wasn't set.
	- Because of a typo, loading resources automatically from a file
always failed.  (bug introduced in 5.94) (lib/

Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (files.h, iastate.h,
ibnum.h, ichar.h, ifilter.h, iimage.h, iimage2.h, iparam.h, isave.h,
iscan.h, isstate.h, istream.h, iutil.h, opcheck.h, scanchar.h)

Adds a font similarity testing procedure for Type 1/2/4 fonts.  (zfont1.c)


Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (sbhc.h, sbtx.h,
sbwbs.h, sdct.h, scfdgen.c, scfdtab.c, shcgen.h, siscale.h, sjpeg.h,
slzwx.h, smtf.h, spdiffx.h, spngpx.h, srlx.h)


Fixes problems:
	- Making a transformed font inappropriately copied the font's
notification list.  (gsfont.c)
	- Some compilers complained about end-of-loop code not being
reached.  (gxpath2.c)
	- The first two arguments of scale_delta was swapped, causing
anomalous output for certain Type 1 fonts with curves where the starting and
ending points had the same X or Y coordinate.  (gxhint3.c)
	- Large smoothness values produced blocky output.  (gxshade.c)
	- When banding, in a region where a CMYK halftone had no K at all,
the output was likely to be black rather than the correct color.  (gxcht.c)
	- Interpolated images with mirrored X scaling weren't mirrored.
	- Interpolated images were truncated.  (gxiscale.c)
	- Halftone caches could have a dangling pointer to a transfer map in
the halftone order.  (gxht.c)
	- The next-character code returned for kshow was the same as the
current character.  (bug probably introduced in 5.86) (gstext.c)
	- The GC didn't know about the pointers to the tables for Indexed
color spaces when banding, occasionally causing the tables to be written as
garbage.  In the process of investigating this, we discovered that the GC
didn't know about *any* of the pointers in the structures used to track
BUGS. ****** Instead, we disabled high-level image banding in this fileset.

Changes the name of a variable from ppc to ppcr, because an Apple compiler
inappropriately defines the name ppc when compiling on a PowerPC.

Edits files to add missing $Id lines and module summary comments, and to
delimit module summary comments from further material.  (gdevbbox.h,
gscoord.h, gscpixel.h, gsfname.h, gsfont.h, gsimage.h, gslib.h, gsmdebug.h,
gspaint.h, gspath.h, gspath2.h, gxalloc.h, gxclipm.h, gxclpage.h,
gxclpath.h, gxcmap.h, gxcoord.h, gxcpath.h, gxdda.h, gxdevmem.h, gxfcache.h,
gxfont.h, gximage.h, gxiodev.h, gxpaint.h, gxpath.h, gxpcolor.h, gzacpath.h,
gzcpath.h, gzht.h, gzpath.h, md5.h, gxdither.c, md5.c)

Adds a prototype for debug_find_pointers.  (gxalloc.h)

Adds a font procedure for testing whether two fonts are the same in various
ways.  This is needed so that the PDF writer can do a reasonable job of
identifying reencoded and renamed versions of the base 14 fonts.  (gxfont.h,

Changes a macro to a procedure and improves some commenting.  (gxhint3.c)

Changes the halftoning code so that multi-plane halftones are always used on
CMYK devices, even if only a single halftone is set (setscreen or
HalftoneType 1).  (gxcht.c, gxdither.c)

Version 5.95 (beta) (11/1/99)

There were several new problems in 5.94, some of them severe. We hope this beta candidate fixes them without introducing any new ones. It also fixes some minor problems not reported in 5.93.

We think we have finally found the right workarounds for Acrobat and specification problems so that pdfwrite output (with CompatibilityLevel either 1.2 or 1.3) both conforms as closely as possible to the published PDF specification and works with Acrobat Reader (3 or 4 respectively) for both displaying and printing.

NOTE: The default level of output from the pdfwrite device (ps2pdf) has been changed back to PDF 1.2 (Acrobat 3 compatible), because this is what the majority of users want. For PDF 1.3 output, use -dCompatibilityLevel=1.3.

Note: some post-6.0 code is included under an #ifdef POST60.

Incompatible changes

	- The default CompatibilityLevel in the pdfwrite device (ps2pdf) is
now 1.2 rather than 1.3.
	- pdfwrite now discards information after the last showpage rather
than producing an additional page.
	- The is_monotonic procedure of a function now returns a result that
indicates the direction of monotonicity of each value separately.
	- The coordinate system used internally by the bbox device is now
upright (lower left corner = (0,0) rather than upper left corner).  (This
should not make any difference to clients, who should always have been using
default user space coordinate.)


Fixes problems:
	- A couple of URLs were incorrect or out of date.  (doc/Readme.htm,
	- There was a typo in a comment.  (gxfont.h)
	- An old bug had been fixed, but the documentation had not been
updated to reflect this.  (doc/Current.htm)

Documents the requirement to change SYNC from posync to fbsdsync on FreeBSD.

Adds references to Adobe's on-line documentation.  (doc/Readme.htm)

Updates the release procedure to mention adding .ps files.

Adds documentation for the bbox device.  (doc/Use.htm)

Documents the new utility.  (doc/Psfiles.htm)

Modifies the gslp utility for greater page independence and smaller output
files.  (lib/

Documents the fact that the default output from pdfwrite is PDF 1.2.

Adds Inprise (as the new name of the Borland tools) in a few places.

Updates the release documentation slightly.  (doc/Release.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- FreeBSD uses a different name for the pthreads implementation.
(lib.mak, unixansi.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixtrad.mak)

Encapsulates gsnogc.$(OBJ) in a module, to make it more sharable.


Fixes problems:
	- guilsinglleft and guilsinglright were misspelled.
	- The ps2pdf script didn't handle the -I switch correctly.  We fixed
this by including the options twice, both before and after the automatically
supplied options.  (lib/ps2pdf, lib/ps2pdf.bat)

Adds an install/uninstall program for Windows 9x, including optional
generation of a self-extracting executable, written by Ghostgum Software Pty
Ltd.  This program is not actually used yet.  (msvc32.mak, winint.mak,
dwinst.*, dwsetup.*, dwuninst.*)

Adds a new environment parameter to arch.h, ARCH_DIV_NEG_POS_TRUNCATES.

Adds a utility for N-up printing.  (unixinst.mak, lib/

Changes ps2pdf so that if showpage has ever been executed, any partial page
after the last showpage is discarded rather than made into an additional
page.  This is consistent with printers, and correctly handles BeginPage
procedures that draw backgrounds.  (gdevpdf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The TIFF drivers could produce incorrectly sorted tag tables.
	- The OS/2 PM driver had an incorrect #include.  (gdevpm.c)
	- Embedded Type 1 fonts that used seac didn't automatically include
the constituent glyphs.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- Embedded Type 1 fonts wrote the wrong font name in the first
(comment) line.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- Deleting elements from the AlwaysEmbed or NeverEmbed list could
cause a memory access error.  (gdevpsdp.c)
	- The string and string array members of psdf_distiller_params were
omitted from the GC descriptor, causing memory corruption.  (gdevpsdf.h,
gdevpsdf.c, gdevpsdp.c)
	- When using "async" printing, the buffer device was destroyed too
soon.  (fix from Artifex) (gdevbmpa.c)

Adds (partial) parsing for the new Acrobat Distiller 4.0 parameters, under
#ifdef POST60.  The put_params code isn't finished.  (gdevpsdf.h,


Changes product to productfamily as the Windows registry key.  (gp_wgetv.c)


Fixes problems:
	- guilsinglleft and guilsinglright were misspelled in
MacRomanEncoding and MacGlyphEncoding.  (lib/
	- plusminus was misspelled in MacGlyphEncoding.  (lib/
	- braceleftbt was misspelled as bracelefttbt in the Symbol font.
(fonts/s050000l.pfb)  ****** NOT DISTRIBUTED YET ******
	- euro was incorrectly included at position 240 in the Symbol
encoding.  (lib/
	- Zcaron and zcaron weren't included in WinAnsiEncoding (this is new
for PDF 1.3).  (lib/
	- Euro replaced currency in MacRomanEncoding.  We had to change this
back, even though the Mac does use code 219 for Euro, for compatibility with
Adobe documentation.  (lib/
	- TrueType fonts with more glyphencoding entries than glyphs could
cause errors.  (lib/

Adds the Adobe Central European encoding.  (lib/, unixinst.mak)

Adds more tracing to the TrueType font loader.  (lib/

Adds the remaining PDF Encodings to the predefined set.  (lib/,
lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- When printing an error message, a pointer/length string was
incorrectly treated as a C string.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- The treatment of text was completely broken by "improvements" made
in 5.94.  We think we've put things back to a state that at least isn't any
worse than 5.93.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- The test for whether a glyph was present in a glyph set was wrong,
possibly causing an infinite loop.  (This never happened, because the code
was masked by other bugs.)  (gdevpdft.c)
	- Testing the PDF compatibility level didn't work correctly, because
of float/double mismatches.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfp.c)
	- Embedded TrueType fonts were still written in binary even if
ASCII85EncodePages was true.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- Embedded TrueType subsets didn't use Flags to indicate that they
had a non-standard cmap.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- Contrary to the obvious reading of the PDF specification, it
appears that the default encoding for embedded fonts, if no BaseEncoding is
specified, is StandardEncoding, *not* the built-in encoding of the font
itself; and that any differences from StandardEncoding must be listed
explicitly.  (gdevpdft.c)

Adds parsing for the new Acrobat Distiller 4.0 parameters, under #ifdef
POST60.  (lib/, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfp.c)

Ensures that the Mac encodings are loaded when writing PDF.  (devs.mak)

Works around an Acrobat 3 bug: The only cmap table that works in TrueType
fonts is format 0, which can only reference glyphs up to 255.  Consequently,
a TrueType font whose Encoding references glyphs above 255 cannot be
embedded (as a font).  (gdevpdft.c)

Changes the default CompatibilityLevel from 1.3 to 1.2.  The majority of
users are running Acrobat 3.  (gdevpdf.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The T* operator was changed incorrectly to use the negative of the
leading value.  (lib/
	- The Tz value scaled the X offset for Td and TD (which it
shouldn't), occasionally causing strings to be displaced horizontally.
	- sc[n]/SC[N] didn't work with 1-value color spaces, because the
code incorrectly assumed the operand stack contained only the values on the
PDF operand stack.  (bug introduced by Annotation rendering in 5.94)
(lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/
	- The HTP key in the graphics state caused an error if the
interpreter didn't implement sethalftonephase.  (lib/
	- If there was no Names tree, invalid links (string Dest values)
caused an error instead of being ignored.  (lib/
	- An annotation with a Thread action caused an error.

Adds table entries, but not implementation, for the op and OPM keys in
ExtGState dictionaries.  (lib/

Works around a bug in Adobe Acrobat Distiller 4.0 for Windows: it uses the
value /Default with the BG, UCR, and TR keys in an ExtGState.
(lib/, lib/

Adds additional tracing for Functions.  (lib/

Implements the BG2, UCR2, and TR2 keys in ExtGStates.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- There was a (harmless) signed/unsigned mismatch.  (imainarg.c)
	- If build_gs_simple_font had to add any elements to the font
dictionary, a temporary pointer to the CharStrings could become invalid,
causing crashes or confusion.  (zbfont.c)
	- The check for known Encodings included some pseudo-Encodings.
	- The error object wasn't reset to null before each call of the
interpreter, possibly causing the garbage collector to mark it even if it no
longer existed.  (interp.c)

Adds productfamily as a new predefined name, for the benefit of the Windows
registry.  (iinit.c)

Changes the default color smoothness to 0.02 to match Adobe RIPs.

Adds using the glyph_info procedure for Type 1 fonts, needed to fix the
problem with seac and Type 1 embedded fonts.  (zfont1.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Memory devices that may execute RasterOp must be initialized with
an allocator (for temporary bitmaps), but sometimes they weren't.
	- The computation of colors_used for images could cause arithmetic
exceptions and/or produce incorrect results.  (fix from Artifex)
	- A dead variable was getting incremented in a loop.  (Small
performance bug only.)  (gsfunc0.c)
	- The cached is_monotonic value in a function head was incorrectly
declared bool rather than int.  (gsfunc.h)
	- The clip operators didn't always recognize empty clipping regions:
sometimes they retained a 1-pixel-wide region.  (gxcpath.c)
	- The bbox device could get into a recursion loop if it had a
non-null target with a non-standard fill_path procedure.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The procedure u32 was defined in two places.  (gsutil.h,
gdevpsdt.c, gsutil.c, gstype42.c)
	- The DataSource member of a sampled function wasn't reported to the
garbage collector.  (gsfunc0.h, gsfunc0.c)  ****** MUST DO THE SAME FOR
	- All name-type parameters (device and other) were converted as
strings rather than names.  (gsparam.c)
	- Using a mask Pattern with an anti-aliased device could make
invalid memory accesses and cause a crash.  (gxpcmap.c)
	- math_.h was included unnecessarily.  (gxfill.c, gxhint3.c)
	- In a few places, (fixed-point) coordinates were truncated towards
zero rather than taking the floor.  (It's likely that this had no effect.)
(gxfill.c, gxpcopy.c)
	- The join and cap values weren't taken into account when dividing a
stroked path into bands, possibly causing some caps or joins to be dropped
if they fell exactly at band boundaries.  (gxclpath.c)
	- An arithmetic overflow in gx_adjust_if_empty could produce
incorrect output.  (gxfill.c)
	- Because the bbox device used a Y-inverted coordinate system, it
could produce incorrect results for out-of-bounds coordinates.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The default font_info procedure didn't compute MISSING_WIDTH if
IS_FIXED_WIDTH wasn't requested.  (gsfont.c)
	- space_params wasn't managed properly, causing problems if the
device altered the default values.  (fix from Artifex) (gdevprn.c)
	- The Macintosh cmap table for embedded TrueType fonts was written
incorrectly.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- The OS/2 table for embedded TrueType fonts could be inconsistent
with the cmap table.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- In embedded subset TrueType fonts, loca entries beyond the last
occupied glyph contained garbage.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- Embedded TrueType subsets didn't include the components of
composite glyphs.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsd1.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpsdt.c)

Changes the is_monotonic procedure of Functions so that it reports the
direction of monotonicity of each value independently.  This allows a larger
class of functions to be detected as monotonic.  (gsfunc.h, gsfunc0.c,

Works around a bug in Fontographer that causes it to produce (or at least
allow users to produce) Type 1 fonts using seac in which the side bearing of
the accented character differs from the side bearing of the base glyph.  The
published Type 1 specification and Adobe's engineers agree that such fonts
are invalid, but the authors of Fontographer don't seem to care (this is the
4th Fontographer bug that we have had to patch around so far).  (gxtype1.h,
gstype1.c, gxtype1.c)

Adds gs_productfamily, for the benefit of the Windows registry.  (gscdefs.h,

Adds a glyph_info procedure for Type 1 fonts, needed to fix the problem with
seac and Type 1 embedded fonts.  (gxfont1.h, gxtype1.c)

Adds a gs_resize_struct_array procedure that either allocates or resizes an
object.  We have wanted this for quite a while.  (gsmemory.h, gsmemory.c)

Adds the remaining PDF Encodings to the predefined set.  Also adds string
names for the "real" encodings.  (gsccode.h)

Adjusts the format of embedded TrueType fonts to be closer to that produced
by Acrobat Distiller, in the hope of making Acrobat Reader accept them.
(gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdt.c)

Version 5.94 (beta) (9/30/99)

This is (intended to be) the last beta candidate for the 6.0 release. Most changes other than added documentation are bug fixes. In order to address a last-minute problem report, we implemented a subset of Annotation rendering for PDF files.

At the request of the Free Software Foundation, we removed support for GNU readline from the Aladdin Ghostscript fileset. See here for more information.

We suspect that Acrobat's bugs and limitations still prevent embedded TrueType fonts in files created by the pdfwrite device from working properly, but we have neither the time nor the means to test this properly.

Incompatible changes

	- For OpenVMS with MMK or MMS, the third-party libraries are now
located in [.<lib>] rather than [-.<lib>].
	- The OpenVMS makefiles now select the same set of devices as the
Unix makefiles.
	- The MS Windows and MS-DOS default installation directory is now
c:\Aladdin\gs#.# rather than c:\gs.
	- All top-level makefiles now need a definition of BUILD_TIME_GS.
	- The cljet5 driver is renamed cljet5pr; there is a new cljet5
driver that doesn't attempt (and fail) to handle page rotation.
	- .getiodevice may return null.
	- IODevices may now have a null name.


Fixes problems:
	- The documentation of font searching was still wrong in both
places.  (doc/Fonts.htm, doc/Use.htm)

Notes that certain CodeWarrior code generation options produce incorrect
code.  (doc/Make.htm)

Removes an inaccurate and obsolete comment.  (lib/

Notes that newer versions of the SGI compiler use a different switch for
setting the optimization limit.  (doc/Make.htm)

Notes that there may be code generation bugs in MSVC5 and later.

Documents the new Fontmap.SGI file.  (doc/Use.htm)

Updates the documentation on installing Ghostscript on MS Windows.

Documents the removal of the GNU readline interface.  (doc/Current.htm,


Fixes problems:
	- The instcopy script, supposed to handle incompatibilities between
Unix `install' commands, didn't work.  (instcopy, unixinst.mak)
	- The Windows makefiles had an extra occurrence of `.' at the
beginning of the default search path.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak,
msvclib.mak, watc*.mak)
	- The OpenVMS makefile didn't automatically create the bin and obj
directories if needed.  (openvms.mak)

Changes the OpenVMS MMK/MMS makefile to expect the third-party libraries in
a subdirectory of the current directory, rather than a subdirectory of the
parent.  This makes it compatible with all the other makefiles.

Changes the OpenVMS makefiles to select the same set of devices as the Unix
makefiles.  (openvms.mak, openvms.mmk, unixansi.mak)

Changes the Windows and OS/2 default search paths to match the new
convention of installation rooted at c:\Aladdin.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak,
msvclib.mak, os2.mak, watc.mak, watclib.mak, watcw32.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The Type 1/2 CharString printer didn't handle undefined opcodes
correctly.  (lib/
	- There was no Unix script for pf2afm.  (lib/pf2afm)
	- The Type 1/2 font printing utilities didn't default lenIV to -1
for Type 2, and didn't handle lenIV = -1 correctly in some places.
	- The font2c utility used the version of from whatever
existing Ghostscript executable was in the search path.  Fixing this
required adding a new parameter in all top-level makefiles, BUILD_TIME_GS.
(cfonts.mak, bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, openvms.mak, openvms.mmk,
os2.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak, watc.mak, watcw32.mak)
	- The pfbtopfa usage message was incorrect.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The pswrite driver didn't reset the clipping path when writing
low-level images, possibly causing output to be clipped incorrectly.
	- The PNG drivers implicitly declared png_init_io.  Fixing this is
only possible in libpng versions 1.0.3 and later.  (gdevpng.c)
	- The cljet5 driver (now cljet5pr) set rotated = true if the page
was rotated, but didn't set it to false if the page wasn't rotated.
	- Embedded Type 1 fonts didn't include any FontInfo elements.
	- Specifying the DCTEncode filter for compressing images caused a
crash.  This problem is hard to fix correctly because of the complicated
initialization requirements of the JPEG encoder.  We patched around it by
substituting FlateEncode (when available) for DCTEncode.  (gdevpsdi.c)

Renames the cljet5 driver, which has special (and incorrect) hacks to handle
page rotation for the PCL interpreter, as cljet5pr; adds a new cljet5 driver
without the hacks.  (gdevclj.c)


Fixes problems:
	- On MS Windows and OS/2 systems, the wstdio pseudo-IODevice showed
up as an instance of the IODevice resource category, causing problems.
(gp_msio.c, gp_os2.c)

Adds a set of XBM/XPM icons in 4 sizes, contributed by Gintautas Grigelionis
(  (lib/gs*.xbm, lib/gs*.xpm, unixinst.mak)

Brings the Windows and OS/2 code up to date, fixing some minor problems.
(gdevpm.c, gp_os2.c, gsos2.rc, gspmdrv.rc, os2.mak, pcwin.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The font directory scanner (FONTPATH) didn't recognize TrueType
fonts tagged as 'true' rather than 0x00010000.  (lib/

Changes the TrueType font loader to use ISOLatin1Encoding for constructing
the CharStrings if there is a Microsoft Unicode cmap and no glyph names in
the post table.  This seems like a hack, but we aren't sure what the right
approach would be.  (lib/

Adds a Fontmap for SGI IRIX.  This just comments out those fonts that are
provided by DPS.  (lib/Fontmap.SGI)

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Writing Patterns could cause a memory access error.  (bug
introduced recently) (gdevpdfi.c)
	- Filling with a pattern didn't reset the clipping path, possibly
causing output to be clipped incorrectly.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- Patterns weren't scaled correctly.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- The data for large Patterns could exceed Acrobat Reader's limit on
the length of a string.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- copy_color did an extra gsave and concat.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- Repeated color images weren't detected (performance bug only).
	- Names including control characters or spaces produced invalid
output.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfu.c)
	- A matrix multiply was in the wrong order, causing fonts with
non-zero translation in the FontMatrix to render at incorrect coordinates
(sometimes off the page).
	- If a font had one of the 14 standard names but had some characters
defined by PostScript procedures, the output file would be invalid.
	- The graphics state line parameters were kept in two different
copies, causing bookkeeping errors.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfd.c,
	- If a page's BeginPage procedure did anything other than erase the
page to white, the resulting PDF file was invalid.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- Articles with the same title weren't merged properly.
	- The Threads element of the catalog wasn't an indirect object.
	- Thread actions incorrectly converted the destination (thread
title) to a name, rather than leaving it as a string.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- Fonts with the same name as the built-in ones, but not the
standard definitions, produced possibly incorrect output.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- The writer didn't recognize attempts to use Encodings with the
standard fonts that mentioned characters not present in the font's glyph
set.  (gdevpdft.c)

Ensures that the WinAnsiEncoding is loaded when writing PDF.  (devs.mak)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The default (identity) CMap didn't map CID 0 to glyph 0.
	- TrueType fonts with an explicit Encoding didn't work properly.
	- If an embedded Type 1 font executed definefont more than once,
the wrong thing would happen.  (lib/
	- The T* operator used the negative of the leading value.

Implements a subset of Annotation rendering: only Widget annotations, only
Normal appearance, only S and D borders, no rounded-corner borders.  We did
this at the very last minute before the release, in order to respond to a
bug report, and it probably has some bugs.  (lib/,


Fixes problems:
	- If an input buffer boundary fell at exactly the wrong place, an
image whose input was coming from a stream could fail to read the stream EOD
marker.  (This is quite an old bug.)  (zimage.c)
	- On MS Windows and OS/2 systems, the wstdio pseudo-IODevice showed
up as an instance of the IODevice resource category, causing problems.
(lib/, ziodev.c)
	- errorinfo in $error was undefined, rather than null, initially and
after errors that didn't set it deliberately.  (lib/
	- The InkParams resource category was defined even in systems that
didn't support in-RIP trapping.  (lib/, lib/,
	- CID fonts with 0-length data caused an error.  (lib/
	- Type 10 halftone dictionaries were broken -- perhaps they never
had worked.  (lib/

Makes FontInfo entries available through the extended font API, needed to
allow embedded Type 1 fonts to include those entries.  (zfont1.c)

Makes it possible to determine whether the current file is a resource file,
needed to allow distinguishing between built-in and input-embedded fonts.
(lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/,
lib/, zfont.c)

Moves support for GNU readline from the main Ghostscript fileset to the
GNU-specific fileset.  (unix-gcc.mak, int.mak, gp_gnrdl.c =>
src/gnu/gp_gnrdl.c, gnu/src/gnudevs.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter didn't correctly handle the case where
the last code of a 1-D row was a black code and occurred less than 7 or 8
bits before the end of the input stream.  (We thought we fixed this in 5.86,
but we missed one case.)  (scfd.c)
	- If an input buffer boundary fell at exactly the wrong place, an
image whose input was coming from a stream could fail to read the stream EOD
marker.  (This is quite an old bug.)  Fixing this involved a possibly risky
change to the definition of sbuf_min_left and the already fragile logic in
sreadbuf: the fix does solve this problem, but we aren't at all certain it
didn't introduce new ones.  (stream.h, stream.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The default implementation of copy_tile didn't pass the bitmap id
for complete tiles, missing potential optimizations (performance bug only).
	- The patch edges of ShadingType 7 shadings were ordered
incorrectly, producing incorrect output in some cases where the surface
folds over itself.  (gxshade6.c)
	- Flushing internal buffers when rendering an image didn't clip the
flushed data, producing incorrect output.  (gxidata.c)
	- Non-zero data_x values for banded images produced incorrect band
list data.  (It's astounding that this problem hasn't shown up before.)
	- Banded images rotated by 90 degrees could produce "seams" or
garbage if they crossed band boundaries.  (This is at least the third time
we have "fixed" this problem.)  (gxclimag.c, gxifast.c)
	- Circles or ellipses defined by pairs of 180-degree arcs produced
incorrect output when banding.  (gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c)
	- setgray et al simply cleared the Pattern pointer in the client
color rather than adjusting its reference count.  (gscolor.c, gscolor1.c)
	- The saved graphics state for bitmap/pixmap patterns contained a
reference to the Pattern color, causing Patterns to be retained when they
shouldn't be and causing unwanted recursion when freeing them.  (gsptype1.c)
	- Patterns containing halftoned CMYK colors rendered as all black.
(bug probably introduced in 5.6x) (gxcht.c)
	- Because of a typo, CMYK halftoning with only a single plane could
put too much yellow into the output.  This appears to be quite an old bug.
	- The error code from running out of band list memory wasn't
propagated if the condition was detected in cmd_put_drawing_color, causing
low-memory recovery not to be invoked.  (gxclpath.c)
	- (Same error code problem) in clist_change_tile.  (gxclbits.c)

Adds more font attributes to the set available through a standard API.

Adds more statistics to the filling algorithm.  (gxfill.c)

Adds an is_resource flag to fonts, to indicate that they originated from a
resource rather than being embedded in an input file.  (gxfont.h, gsfont.c)

Version 5.93 (beta) (9/11/99)

This is the next candidate for the 6.0 release. As with 5.92, all changes other than added documentation are bug fixes.

Incompatible changes

	- Every stream whose state includes any GC-traceable pointers must
now have a set_defaults procedure that clears those pointers.


Fixes problems:
	- There was an extra /ul tag.  (doc/Release.htm)
	- Fontmap.GS wasn't mentioned as needing to be installed.
	- Some documentation for the handling of seac was incorrect.

Removes references to installbsd, which are no longer relevant.

Updates the information on building with NeXTSTEP.  (doc/Make.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- The install command had unpredictably different syntax from one
"standard" Unix system to another, causing `make install' to fail.  We
replaced the install command with our own script.  (instcopy, dvx-gcc.mak,
unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- loaded with run rather than runlibfile,
causing an error.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Attempting to embed a font whose Encoding included characters not
present in the font produced invalid output.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- Allocating a stream state didn't (automatically) clear all its
internal pointers, possibly causing GC memory access errors.  (gdevpsds.c)
	- An #include of string_.h should have been memory_.h.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Disables compression for very small images.  (gdevpsdi.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Compiling gp_msio with MSVC's /MD switch caused a compile-time
error.  (gp_msio.c)

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- A bookkeeping object was allocated with the wrong allocator,
possibly causing access errors or garbage output.  (gdevpdfu.c)
	- Certain Patterns weren't treated as such, leading to very large
output files.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- If one of the base 14 fonts had a non-standard FontMatrix, the
output disregarded this fact.  This could cause double obliquing.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- Articles never got an object ID assigned.  (bug introduced in
5.91) (gdevpdfm.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Changes the PDF interpreter to allow abbreviated filter names like /Fl for
all streams, not just in-line images.  This directly contradicts the
published PDF specification, but Acrobat Reader allows it.


Fixes problems:
	- Compiled fonts were broken by the introduction of i_ctx_p.
(lib/, ccfont.h, iccfont.c)
	- Allocating a stream state didn't (automatically) clear all its
internal pointers, possibly causing GC memory access errors.  (zfproc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Allocating a stream state didn't (automatically) clear all its
internal pointers, possibly causing GC memory access errors.  (scfx.h,
slzwx.h, spngpx.h, strimpl.h, sbwbs.c, sdctc.c, seexec.c, sfilter1.c,
siscale.c, szlibc.c)
	- The PNG predictor streams could fail to process some data at the
end of the input.  (spngp.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some obsolete definitions for Turbo C could produce references to
an undefined procedure (setmem) at link time.  (memory_.h, string_.h)

Version 5.92 (beta) (9/2/99)

This is the next candidate for the 6.0 release. All changes other than added documentation are bug fixes.


Fixes problems:
	- The News for 5.91 didn't include a summary.  (doc/News.htm)
	- The documentation for Microsoft platforms didn't mention that you
must add the Ghostscript bin and lib directories to the PATH.  (doc/Use.htm)

Adds a file describing Aladdin's process for building, testing, and
releasing Ghostscript.  (doc/Readme.htm, doc/Release.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- Fontmap.GS is now required, but wasn't installed.  (unixinst.mak)
	- A couple of documentation files weren't installed.  (unixinst.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The ps2pdf script for MS Windows used the wrong name for the
executable.  (lib/ps2pdf.bat)


Fixes problems:
	- An uninitialized variable annoyed some compilers.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- The PostScript-writing driver used the wrong allocator, causing
possible memory access errors.  (gdevps.c)
	- The PostScript-writing driver didn't clear a pointer, causing
possible GC errors.  (gdevps.c)
	- The PostScript-writing driver didn't have a correct GC descriptor,
causing pointers to be corrupted.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevps.c, gdevpsdf.c)
	- Embedded Type 1 fonts unnecessarily filled individual Encoding
slots with /.notdef.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- A large constant produced warnings on some compilers.  (gdevpsdt.c)

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Once again, gcc didn't complain about an ANSI-illegal extra
semicolon in a declaration list.  (gdevpdfo.h)
	- Adds a cast to work around the fact that some compilers declare
the return type of memchr as char * rather than void *.  (gdevpdfr.c)
	- The bookkeeping for whether a font had been written and freed was
inverted, causing some fonts to be written many times and other fonts not to
be written at all.  (gdevpdf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- More places needed workarounds for the alignment aliasing gcc bug.
The bug only occurs if a pointer variable is dereferenced through a cast to
a stricter alignment and then dereferenced later in its original form, so it
doesn't affect very many places.  (igc.c, igcref.c, isave.c)


Makes the stream GC descriptor public for subclassing.  (stream.h, stream.c)

Version 5.91 (beta) (8/30/99)

This is the next beta for 6.0. It includes a major rewrite of the parts of the PDF writer that deal with resources and pdfmarks, as well as the usual bug fixes. There are still problems with embedded fonts, both TrueType (which sometimes don't show up at all) and Type 1 (which sometimes confuse Acrobat Reader 3).


Fixes problems:
	- An HTML tag was misplaced in the News file.  (doc/News.htm)

Notes that the Solaris FONTPATH scanning problem may be fixed.


Fixes problems:
	- Many of the margin and width computations in (not
written by Aladdin) were wrong -- off by 1.  It's only because the bugs
masked each other or cancelled each other out that the code didn't produce
errors more of the time.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Font subset glyphs weren't sorted early enough, causing Type 1
embedded fonts to be written with inconsistent lengths.  (gdevpsd1.c)

Changes the BMP drivers so that they set the resolution in the BMP header
rather than leaving it at 0.  This solves some problems reported by users,
but may cause others.  (gdevbmpc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A change made in 5.90 was incorrect (we couldn't test it, because
MS Windows and OS/2 systems can't be used over a network).  (gp_msio.c,

Adds some conditionalization to work around a bug in some recent versions of
gcc/egcs.  (stdpre.h, interp.c)


Fixes problems:
	- If the extension of a font file name on GS_FONTPATH included any
upper-case characters, the font would not be found.  (lib/

Allows fontmaps to contain <string> run or .runlibfile, to get rid of the
Fontmap -> Fontmap.GS link that VMS can't handle.  (lib/

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Very long arguments for pdfmark caused an ioerror, because the
buffer used for converting them was fixed-length.  (lib/
	- pdfmarks couldn't refer to objects that hadn't been defined yet.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfo.c)
	- When a DOCVIEW pdfmark added an OpenAction key to the Catalog,
it omitted the / before the name.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- Font resources could be written in the middle of a page contents
stream.  (bug introduced in 5.90) (gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfu.c)
	- As usual, there were some signed/unsigned char * mismatches that
gcc didn't detect.  (gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c)
	- Fonts used on a page but freed before the end of the page were
omitted from the page's resource dictionary.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,
gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- /D or /Dest keys in Action pdfmark dictionaries dropped the first
character of their value.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- If a pdfmark added annotations to a page after the end of that
page had been reached, those annotations would be lost.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- ANN, LNK, DEST, and PS pdfmarks ignored the object name, if any.
(Only OBJ and BP processed the name.) Unfortunately, fixing this required a
complete overhaul of the way that resources and PDF objects were represented
internally.  The result is both simpler and more general, but it involved a
major upheaval in the PDF writer code.  (lib/, gdevpdfo.h,
gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c,
gdevpdfr.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevpdfu.c)
	- EP pdfmarks didn't close any open text context.  (gdevpdfm.c)

Adds debugging code to check the consistency of the embedded Type 1 font
writer.  (gdevpdff.c)

Makes /A and /F at the top level of an annotation or outline pdfmark
equivalent to /Action and /File respectively.  See the code for more
information.  (gdevpdfm.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Degenerate Bezier curves could cause a division by zero.
	- Some macros used in non-FPU configurations were missing some
needed uses of const, and in one case an additional cast.  (gxfarith.h,

Changes the discard macro to upper-case.  (stdpre.h)

Version 5.90 (beta) (8/20/99)

This is the first real candidate for the 6.0 release. It does not fix all known bugs, but it includes all planned functionality. New in this fileset:

Incompatible changes

	- ref_stack_init now takes an additional argument.
	- no_time_slice_proc is removed -- use 0 instead.
	- Notification client procedures and the gs_notify_ procedures
take different arguments.
	- The common part of a gs_function_t structure has changed.
	- gs_text_enum_init now returns a value that can indicate an error.
	- The font font_info procedure now takes an additional argument.
	- The IODevice open_device procedure is now defined as returning
0 or 1 under specific circumstances.
	- gxp1fill.h is renamed gxp1impl.h.
	- Allocators now have an additional procedure they must implement,
and a state member they must initialize.
	- Most of the gs..basic.. structure definition macros have been
renamed.  The ptrs1_stringsN structure definition macros are removed.
	- Implementations of the text API now must provide a resync
procedure rather than a restart procedure.


Documents the new -dUsePrinterImages switch, and the expanded meaning of
-Z~.  (doc/Use.htm)

Updates FSF's address in documentation.  (lib/Fontmap.GS, lib/Fontmap.Sol,

Brings the PDF writer (ps2pdf) documentation up to date.  (doc/Ps2pdf.htm)

Updates the current-release documentation.  (doc/Current.htm,

Updates the problem-reporting procedure for contributed drivers, and some
other new-user information.  (doc/New-user.htm)


Fixes bugs:
	- Because of a typo, the file wasn't installed (on Unix
systems) by 'make install'.  (unixinst.mak)
	- The .dev files for drivers didn't depend on devs.mak.  (devs.mak)
	- The X driver didn't include a needed dependency on the bbox
device.  (devs.mak)

Incorporates the pdfmin package into the pdf package, since pdfmin was only
provided for very small-memory environments and is no longer useful.

Adds additional prototype-checking switches, which are important on 64-bit
platforms and useful on all platforms, to the gcc compilation line.


Fixes bugs:
	- A backquote was misplaced in the Unix ps2pdf script.  (lib/ps2pdf)
	- Some example files didn't have %! headers.  (examples/,
	- ansi2knr didn't handle preprocessor directives within a function
header.  (ansi2knr.c)

Cleans up some minor compiler complaints.  (genarch.c, genconf.c, echogs.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The PostScript writer sometimes failed to reset the clip path,
causing parts of the output to be omitted or to appear incorrectly.
	- There was a type mismatch in a conditional.  (gdevxini.c)
	- A constant array wasn't declared as static.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- Once again, there were some signed / unsigned char mismatches that
gcc apparently can't be forced to detect.  (gdevpsdt.c)
	- The alternative X drivers didn't have GC descriptors, which could
lead to memory corruption.  (gdevxalt.c)
	- The alternative X drivers didn't handle the closing of the
underlying X driver correctly, leading to a dangling pointer.  (gdevxalt.c)
	- Font subsetting didn't eliminate duplicate glyphs (glyphs
referenced more than once from the Encoding vector.)  (gdevpsd1.c,
	- Type 1 font subsetting didn't ensure the presence of .notdef.
	- The embedded TrueType font writer wrote all 16-bit values
incorrectly.  This could explain a lot!  (gdevpsdt.c)

Cleans up public functions with no previous prototype.  (gdevtfax.h,
gdevx.h, gdevdfax.c, gdevtfax.c, gdevx.c, gdevxini.c, gdevxxf.c)

Adds some procedures to support font subsetting.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdf.c)

Adds an alternate font name for writing TrueType fonts.  (gdevpsdt.c)

Makes the TrueType font writer generate an OS/2 table, a Macintosh cmap, and
a name table (for the font name), as well as a Windows cmap and post, if
necessary.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdt.c)


Updates a couple of clients for the change in the IODevice open_device
procedure, eliminating some undesirable externs.  (gp_msio.c, gp_os2.c)


Adds OS/2 and maxp to the list of tables that must be preserved when loading
TrueType fonts.  (lib/

Registers the complete lists of glyphs in the Adobe Latin fonts as
pseudo-encodings.  (lib/, lib/, unixinst.mak)

PDF writer

Fixes bugs:
	- One built-in font was sometimes substituted for another.
	- Use of composite fonts often produced a rangecheck error.
	- The structures for named objects were freed twice.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfo.c)
	- The code to avoid writing a blank between a Td command and
following text was fragile and still incorrect after being "fixed" twice.
We removed this minor optimization, at a small cost in file size when not
compressing.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- No Names tree was generated for named destinations specified as
strings.  Rather than do this, we now convert string destinations to names.
This doesn't scale up well, but it is simple and also is compatible with all
PDF versions from 1.1 on.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- Fonts that define characters incrementally, such as the TrueType
fonts written by some versions of the AdobePS Windows driver, could omit
characters if embedded.  Fixing this required delaying writing out fonts
until the font was about to be freed or the writer was closed.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Cleans up public functions with no previous prototype.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c)

Updates client code for the change in gs_text_enum_init.  (gdevpdft.c)

Makes some changes towards handling show operations that must be split up
internally into multiple operations using different fonts.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Implements the PUT pdfmark for the built-in objects (Catalog, DocInfo,
Page<#>, ThisPage, PrevPage, NextPage).  This required deferring writing out
page objects until the end of the document.  (lib/, gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c, gdevpdfu.c)

Adds table entries, but not parsing, checking, or functionality, for the new
Acrobat 4 pdfmarks related to document logical structure.  (gdevpdfm.c)

Implements stream-type Cos objects.  (lib/, gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c, gdevpdfp.c, gdevpdfu.c)

Implements BP/EP/SP pdfmarks.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c,

Changes enumeration and #defined names to upper case, and adds _t to type
names.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf*.c)

Adds an OS/2 table for embedded fonts if missing.  (gdevpdff.c)

Makes the allocator for the PDF device's internal structures be the stable
allocator of the device's allocator, not the C heap.  This required
correcting a number of GC descriptors.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfu.c)

Replaces the text restart procedure with the new resync procedure.

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Failure to find a font in the Resources dictionary signalled an
/undefinedfont error (which does not exist) rather than /invalidfont.

Implements FunctionType 4 functions.  (lib/, zfunc4.c)

Implements the -dUsePrinterImages switch to use "alternate" printer images
when rendering.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Some pointers were declared as ref * that actually could be
ref_packed *, potentially confusing compilers that follow the new, stricter
ANSI C rules about alignment aliasing.  (idebug.h, idebug.c, igc.c,
igcref.c, zmisc.c)
	- cshow didn't restore the root font after executing the procedure,
producing incorrect results if the procedure did a setfont.  (ichar.h,
zcfont.c, zchar.c)
	- A needed const-breaking cast was omitted.  (zmisc.c)
	- The memory validator could cause an unaligned access.  (ilocate.c)
	- restore could free parts of the stacks that were still in use.  We
fixed this long-standing problem using the new concept of stable allocators.

Moves the implementation of the abs operator to C, required for FunctionType
4 support.  (lib/, zarith.c)

Makes more operator procedures public, required for FunctionType 4 support.
(zarith.c, zmath.c, zrelbit.c, ztype.c)

Adds an additional parameter to ref_stack_init, to allow creating a
temporary stack without having an allocator.  (istkparm.h, istack.h,
interp.c, istack.c)

Cleans up public functions with no previous prototype.  (files.h, ichar.h,
icstate.h, ifilter2.h, ifrpred.h, ifwpred.h, igcstr.h, iimage.h, iimage2.h,
iinit.h, imain.h, interp.h, iscanbin.h, ivmem2.h, oparc.h, opextern.h,
icontext.c, igc.c, iinit.c, imain.c, inobtokn.c, interp.c, iscan.c,
iscanbin.c, zchar.c, zcharout.c, zcolor.c, zcolor1.c, zcontrol.c, zdevice.c,
zdpnext.c, zdps.c, zfdecode.c, zfile.c, zfilter2.c, zfont0.c, zfunc0.c,
zfunc3.c, zfzlib.c, zgeneric.c, zht1.c, zht2.c, zimage.c, zimage2.c,
ziodev.c, zmath.c, zpath1.c, zupath.c, zusparam.c, zvmem.c, zvmem2.c)

Updates client code for the tweak in the definition of the IODevice
open_device procedure.  (ziodev.c)

Implements stable local and global VM allocators.  This required changing
more places than we would have liked.  (ialloc.c, igc.c, ilocate.c, imain.c,
interp.c, ireclaim.c, isave.c, zcontext.c)

Removes the global member of gs_ref_memory_t, since it isn't used.
(gxalloc.h, ialloc.c, zcontext.c)

Adds more tracing to the relocation phase of the garbage collector.


Fixes problems:
	 - jpeg_open_backing_store no longer had the correct arguments.
(This had no effect in practice, since the procedure was never called.)

Cleans up public functions with no previous prototype.  (scfdgen.c,
scfetab.c, sjpegc.c, slzwce.c, slzwd.c, stream.c)

Adds some tracing to the image scaling stream.  (siscale.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A null OutputFile name could cause an error.  (gxdevice.h,
gsdevice.c, gsfname.c)
	- Shading with non-monotonic Functions produced incorrect output.
	- An #undef didn't match the #define it was supposed to cancel.
	- The default next_char_glyph procedure didn't handle FROM_CHARS or
FROM_SINGLE_CHAR data sources.  (gstext.c)
	- When finalizing a forwarding device, the target pointer in the
device wasn't cleared, leading to an incorrect attempt to access it later.
	- Interpolated images were broken, probably since 5.81.
	- Some color space implementation procedures hadn't been updated to
add 'const' to the color space argument.  (gscie.c)
	- A constant had a signed/unsigned ambiguity on systems where
sizeof(long) > 4.  (gsccode.h)
	- The font font_info procedure didn't provide for scaling.

Simplifies the notification mechanism to remove the concept of client and
generating object.  Registration now just takes a closure (procedure +
opaque data); events pass the closure data and event data.  (gsnotify.h,
gsfont.c, gsnotify.c)

Changes gs_notify_unregister so that it can unregister all registrations of
a particular client rather than only one.  (gsnotify.h, gsnotify.c)

Adds support for "vanilla" Functions at the library level.  (gsfunc.h,

Adds some tracing for Functions.  (gsfunc3.c)

Redefines function monotonicity to indicate whether the function is
increasing or decreasing, and implements monotonicity correctly for all
FunctionTypes except 4.  (gsfunc.h, gxfunc.h, gsfunc0.c, gsfunc3.c)

Makes Type 0 fonts check that they are being used with a string, not a
character or (a) glyph(s).  (gxtext.h, gschar.c, gschar0.c, gstext.c,

Cleans up public functions with no previous prototype.  (gdevmem.h,
gpcheck.h, gscie.h, gserror.h, gsmemory.h, gxcie.h, gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h,
gxcmap.h, gxcspace.h, gxfixed.h, gxfont0.h, gxp1fill.h [deleted],
gxp1impl.h, math_.h, std.h, gconf.c, gdevdrop.c, gdevm1.c, gdevm2.c,
gdevm4.c, gdevm8.c, gdevm24.c, gdevmr1.c, gdevmr2n.c, gdevprn.c, gsbittab.c,
gscdef.c, gscie.c, gsciemap.c, gscspace.c, gscscie.c, gsdevmem.c,
gsdparam.c, gshtscr.c, gsimpath.c, gsiodev.c, gsmisc.c, gsnorop.c, gspath.c,
gspcolor.c, gsptype1.c, gsropc.c, gsutil.c, gxacpath.c, gxclist.c,
gxcpath.c, gxi12bit.c, gxicolor.c, gxifast.c, gximono.c, gxiscale.c,
gxp1fill.c, gxpath2.c)

Gets rid of some remaining vestiges of 16-bit ints.  (gdevm1.c, gsbitops.c)

Adds procedures to register clients for notification when a font is freed.
(gxfont.h, gsfont.c)

Defines the IODevice open_device procedure as returning 1 if it opened a new
stream, 0 if it returned an existing stream.  This eliminates some awkward

Adds the concept of a stable allocator -- an allocator that allocates from
the same heap and in the same VM space as another allocator, but is not
subject to save and restore.  (gsmemory.h, gsmemraw.h, gsalloc.c,
gsmalloc.c, gsmemlok.c, gsmemret.c, gsnogc.c)

Adds some new macros to make defining new kinds of fixed-format structures
simpler.  (gsstruct.h)

Replaces the text processing restart procedure with a more general resync
procedure, which can be used to restart partway through a string.  We retain
gs_text_restart for backward compatibility and general usefulness.
(gstext.h, gxtext.h, gdevbbox.c, gstext.c, gxchar.c)

Adds the Adobe Latin glyph sets as pseudo-encodings.  (gsccode.h)

Version 5.88 (tester) (8/3/99)

This fileset adds the ability to reference and embed TrueType fonts in PDF output. Unfortunately, even though the resulting PDF files work fine with Ghostscript itself, Acrobat Reader apparently can't handle embedded TrueType fonts with non-standard Encodings. We hope to fix this problem during the 6.0 beta test period.

This fileset also adds the ability to buffer X Windows output in a client-side bitmap. This is typically more efficient than trying to push many small commands through the X client/server knothole, especially if bitmap images or RasterOp are involved.

Some reported problems have been deliberately left unfixed: we will need every minute of the 13 days before the start of the 6.0 beta test period to implement the last few items of functionality scheduled for the 6.0 release, and we can fix problems (but not add functionality) during the beta test period.

Incompatible changes

	- The box_device member of the bbox device is replaced by the
box_data member, with a different meaning.
	- The x_rect structure is removed; all uses are changed to
	- gdevpstr.h is renamed spprint.h.
	- The parameter printing procedures are moved from gdevpsdf.[hc] to
	- Clients must now allocate gs_font* objects using gs_font_alloc or
gs_font_base_alloc, not directly with gs_alloc_struct.
	- The first (vptr) argument of enum_ptrs procedures is now const *.
EV_CONST is no longer defined.
	- The pep argument of enum_ptrs procedures is now enum_ptr_t *
rather than const void **.
	- The font glyph_pieces procedure is replaced with an option for
	- The font encode_char procedure now takes an additional glyph_space
	- The o_large flag in object headers is renamed o_alone; o_lmark and
o_lsize no longer exist.  The DO_LARGE and DO_SMALL macros for enumerating
objects in a chunk are also removed.


Fixes problems:
	- News entries since 5.72 had a missing <li> in the table of
contents entry.  (doc/News.htm)
	- gs_text_params_t still referred to REPLACE_X_WIDTHS and
REPLACE_Y_WIDTHS rather than REPLACE_WIDTHS.  (gstext.h)

Clarifies that the font glyph_outline procedure must append a final moveto
for the advance width.  (gxfont.h)

Clarifies that the font enumerate_glyph procedure enumerates glyphs in an
unpredictable order.  (gxfont.h)

Documents that reference counted freeing procedures for structures with
finalization must free the structure itself first rather than last.

Updates documentation on building Ghostscript on MS-DOS and MS Windows.

Adds some documentation on how the makefiles are / should be structured.

Documents the new parameters for the X driver.  (doc/Use.htm)

Updates the language documentation to refer properly to PostScript
LanguageLevel 3 and PDF 1.3. (doc/Language.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- An omitted space in a makefile caused an incompatibility with the
VMS build utilities.  (lib.mak)
	- The gsindent script was omitted from the fileset.  (gsindent)
	- The core library didn't include stream.c, which is now required.
	- The workaround for the peculiarities of the Watcom compiler's
command line syntax didn't work.  (zlib.mak)
	- A DOS command line overflowed in the makefile.  We patched this by
deleting the bmpgray device from the Borland Windows platform.

Provides a .lnk file required by the revised linking procedures on MS
Windows.  (gsdll32w.lnk)

Straightens out the Watcom makefiles so that it is possible to build a
Windows executable and DLL using the Watcom compiler.  This required moving
some parameters around in the other PC makefiles.  (bcwin32.mak,
msvccmd.mak, watc.mak, watcw32.mak, wccommon.mak, winint.mak, winlib.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The X driver reported the wrong parameter name for errors in the
value of the WindowID or .IsPageDevice parameter.  (gdevxini.c)
	- The X driver calculated the Y window dimension incorrectly when
resizing the window if X and Y resolutions were different.  (Never happens
in practice.)  (gdevxini.c)
	- The bmpasep8 device was defined as gx_device_printer rather than
gx_device_async.  (gdevbmpa.c)
	- Some casts between signed and unsigned char * were missing.
(gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't handle reencoded characters properly in
non-embedded fonts.  (gdevpdfx.h)
	- The PDF writer allocated new structures while being closed,
causing memory corruption if the close procedure was called for
finalization.  (gdevpdff.c, gdevpsd1.c)
	- The PDF writer tried to close the resource file twice.  (bug
introduced since 5.50) (gdevpdf.c)
	- The PDF writer failed to work around a bug in Acrobat 3 Reader's
Print function related to re-encoded fonts.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- The PDF writer incorrectly specified ASCII85Encode rather than
ASCII85Decode for non-binary embedded fonts.  (gdevpdff.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't handle embedded fonts with a non-standard
FontMatrix correctly.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't handle reassigned characters correctly.
	- When embedding a Type 1 font, the PDF writer didn't check that the
font contains only CharStrings (no PostScript procedures), no non-standard
OtherSubrs, and no CDevProc.  (gdevpsd1.c)
	- There was an unused label in the mswinpr2 driver.  (gdevwpr2.c)
	- The X driver didn't flush buffered output before reading back
bits from the display.  (gdevx.c)
	- The X driver still didn't set up the color mapping tables
correctly -- in particular, it didn't initialize cman.color_to_rgb before
setting up the dither ramp or cube.  This is at least the third time we have
"fixed" this problem.  (gdevxcmp.c)

Removes the remaining uses of gs_malloc, gs_free, and gs_memory_default from
Aladdin's non-display drivers.  (gdevbit.c, gdevbmp.c, gdevbmpa.c,
gdevcgm.c, gdevclj.c, gdevcljc.c, gdevdjet.c, gdevlj56.c, gdevmiff.c,
gdevpbm.c, gdevpcx.c, gdevpng.c, gdevpsim.c, gdevtfax.c, gdevtfnx.c,

Adds a MaxBitmap parameter to the X driver: the driver will maintain a
full-window pixmap in memory if it requires no more space than MaxBitmap.
The default value of this parameter is 0, meaning never use a client-side
bitmap.  (gdevx.h, gdevx.c, gdevxini.c, gdevxxf.c)

Moves the X device closing and get/put parameters procedures from gdevx.c to
gdevxini.c.  (gdevx.c, gdevxini.c)

Removes some remaining uses of gs_malloc and gs_free from the X driver.
Note that this requires making the X device structure properly
garbage-collectable.  (gdevx.h, gsstruct.h, gdevxini.c)

Removes the remaining uses of 'register' from the X driver.  (gdevx.c,

Removes the remaining uses of the obsolete far_data keyword from Aladdin's
non-PC drivers.  (gdevbmp.c, gdevbmpa.c, gdevcgm.c, gdevlj56.c, gdevmiff.c,

Improves the X driver's algorithm for deciding when to update the screen,
and makes its parameters available for reading and setting.  (gdevx.h,
gdevx.c, gdevxini.c)

In the X driver's color mapper, improves performance slightly by replacing
multiplies and divides with shifts and table lookups in the normal case of
standard color maps.  (gdevxcmp.h, gdevxcmp.c)

Moves some filter-related code from the driver level to the stream level.

Moves some utilities for printing values in ASCII form from the driver level
to the stream level.  (devs.mak, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpstr.h [deleted], gdevps.c,
gdevpsde.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpsdp.c, gdevpstr.c [deleted])

Upgrades the PDF writer to handle TrueType fonts as well as Type 1.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevpsde.c => gdevpsd1.c,

Starts to implement font subsetting in the PDF writer. (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpsd1.c, gdevpsdt.c)

Partially implements WMode when writing font descriptors.  (gdevpdff.c)

Changes psdf_binary_writer so that adding the ASCII85 filter in
psdf_begin_binary doesn't require allocating any memory.  (gdevpsdf.h,

Makes the PDF writer guess the Ascent and StemV values for embedded fonts
when it can't determine them by examining the font.  (gdevpdff.c)

Makes the PDF writer able to handle xshow and yshow (TEXT_REPLACE_WIDTHS).

Updates code to reflect the addition of glyph_space to the font encode_char
and enumerate_glyph procedures.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c,
gdevpsd1.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpsdt.c)

Removes some unnecessary #includes.  (gdevxres.c)

Removes the sample driver-based CRD from the variant X drivers, since this
created a pointless dependency.  (The `bit' drivers still provide this
feature, for testing.)  (gdevxalt.c)

Changes the default compatibility level of PDF output from 1.2 (Acrobat 3)
to 1.3 (Acrobat 4).  (gdevpdf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A comment included an extra /*.  (gp_mswin.c)
	- The definitions for min and max in a couple of files disagreed
with the ones typically provided in system header files.  (dwimg.cpp,

Removes some unnecessary code related to generating temporary file names.


Changes the loader for TrueType fonts to keep the 'instructions', which are
required if the font is going to be written out in a PDF file.

Adds some more debugging output to the TrueType font loader.

Registers the MacGlyphEncoding so it can be made available to the PDF
writer.  (lib/, lib/, unixinst.mak, gsccode.h, ifont.h)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The serif and small-caps flags in the FontDescriptor were ignored
when doing font substitution.  (lib/, lib/
	- The ri operator was undefined.  We added a dummy definition.
	- The redefinitions of restore could cause a recursion loop.
(lib/, lib/
	- There was an extra gsave executed for each page, causing the
graphics state stack to grow deeper and deeper, which caused problems when
wrapping up at the end of execution.  (lib/

Implements the sh operator.  (lib/

Works around a bug in some PDF files generated by Adobe's PDF library (?),
which attempt to create a font Encoding array with more than 256 elements.


Fixes problems:
	- The GNU readline completion code (which Aladdin did not write) was
completely wrong.  (gp_gnrdl.c)
	- The top-level restore sometimes tried to restore global VM an
extra time, leading to memory corruption.  (bug probably introduced in 5.85)
	- The glyph_ref procedure was defined in two different places
(inconsistently).  (ichar.h, zchar.c, zchar1.c)

Restructures the name table to improve cache coherence and to make it
possible to store initial name strings in ROM.  (iname.h, inamedef.h,
inames.h, inamestr.h, igc.c, iname.c, isave.c)

Changes the scanner so it doesn't copy name strings when scanning a compiled
init string.  This reduces RAM requirements by about 20K when using compiled
initialization.  (iscan.c)

Removes redundant FontBBox correction code, since this is now handled by the
library.  (zfont42.c)

Updates the Type 1 and Type 42 font code to implement the new font
procedures.  (icharout.h, zcharout.c, zchar1.c, zchar42.c, zfont1.c,

Simplifies the code that checks whether a grestore needs to do a
setpagedevice.  (zdevice2.c)

Updates code to reflect the change of the vptr argument of enum_ptrs
procedures to const *.  (igcref.c)

Updates code to reflect the change in the pep argument of enum_ptrs
procedures to enum_ptr_t *.  (igc.h, iscan.h, istruct.h, igc.c, igcref.c,
ilocate.c, iscan.c)

Updates code to reflect the addition of glyph_space to the font encode_char
and enumerate_glyph procedures.  (bfont.h, ifont.h, zbfont.c, zfont1.c,
zfont32.c, zfont42.c)

Cleans up some code details.  (idebug.h, ifunc.h, iparray.h, istream.h,

Removes some no longer needed test code.  (zfont1.c)

Updates memory manager code to reflect the change from o_large to o_alone.
(igc.c, igcref.c, ilocate.c, isave.c)

Changes the printed font substitution message to be closer to what some
Adobe products print if SHORTERRORS is defined.  (Thanks to Andrew Chilvers
for the suggestion.)  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The fix in 5.85 for ASCII85Encode EOLs was wrong and caused a word
of data to be dropped occasionally.  (sfilter2.c)

Moves some filter-related code from the driver level to the stream level.
(stream.h, stream.c)

Moves some utilities for printing values in ASCII form from the driver level
to the stream level.  (lib.mak, spprint.h, spsdf.h, spprint.c, spsdf.c)

Adds some more tracing output for image scaling.  (siscale.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The bbox device's check for whether a rectangle filled the entire
page was wrong.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The bbox device didn't correctly handle parallelograms, triangles,
or thin lines with points specified in other than ascending order.
	- The bbox device smashed the reference count of the text enumerator
it created, causing a memory leak.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The bbox device didn't copy back all the dynamic information from
a subsidiary text enumerator, with unpredictable results.  (gxtext.h,
gdevbbox.c, gstext.c)
	- The default implementation of glyph_info for fonts incorrectly
reported that it returned values for all members, not just the ones it knew
about.  (gsfont.c)
	- The profiling implementation of memset was incorrect, leading to
memory smashing.  (gsmisc.c)
	- The default implementation of glyph_info had a memory leak.
	- The default implementation of character rendering didn't correctly
handle the case where the character was in the cache and only the character
width was requested.  (gxchar.c)
	- Text processing didn't correctly handle REPLACE_WIDTHS if the X
and Y width arrays were different.  (The PostScript interpreter never does
this.)  (gstext.h, gstext.c, gxchar.c)
	- Compositing devices weren't initialized properly, leading to
invalid accesses.  This is the last (?) bit of the device reference counting
bug tail.  (gsalphac.c, gsropc.c)

Changes the bbox device to make the procedures for managing the bounding box
virtual, so the X device can be a subclass.  (gdevbbox.h, gdevbbox.c)

Changes the bbox device so it always adds the bounding box after doing the
drawing operation rather than before, for the benefit of the buffering X
device.  (gdevbbox.c)

Removes some remaining uses of gs_memory_default.  (gdevdrop.c)

Removes all uses of the obsolete far_data keyword from the library.
(gconf.c, gdevbbox.c)

Changes the bbox device so it doesn't run drawing algorithms twice if it has
a target that uses the default implementation.  (gdevbbox.c)

Speeds up the implementation of fill_rectangle for 16-bit memory devices.

Makes TrueType fonts implement the new font procedures.  (gxfont42.h,
gxmatrix.h, gsmatrix.c, gstype42.c)

Adds a gs_id to gs_font objects, so that fonts with the same name can be
distinguished reliably without relying on the address.  (gxfont.h, gsfont.c)

Makes the vptr argument of enum_ptrs procedures be const *.  This is a
long-overdue change.  (gsstype.h, gxxfont.h, gsalloc.c, gsfont.c,
gsmemory.c) ****** REDO THE CONST-BREAKING CASTS IN gsfont.c ******

Changes the pep argument of enum_ptrs from const void ** to enum_ptr_t *, to
get rid of some hacks in enum_ptrs implementations that had to construct
temporary gs_strings.  (gsstruct.h, gsstype.h, gstext.h, gsalloc.c,
gscolor2.c, gsfont.c, gsmemory.c, gstext.c)

Adds a general mechanism that provides for an arbitrary number of clients to
be notified when an event occurs.  For the moment, we only use it to notify
PDF writers when a font is about to be freed.  (gsnotify.h, gsnotify.c)

Makes fonts use the new notification mechanism to notify clients when the
font is about to be freed.  (gxfont.h, gsfont.c)

Adds a gs_text_set_cache procedure to parallel restart and retry.
(gstext.h, gxtext.h, gstext.c)

Adds a glyph_space argument to the font encode_char and enumerate_glyph
procedures, so that clients can choose between glyph names and glyph indices
in environments that use both.  (gsccode.h, gxchar.h, gxfont.h, gxfont42.h,
gsfont.c, gstype42.c, gxchar.c)

Changes the bbox device so it optionally considers white to be opaque.
(gdevbbox.h, gdevbbox.c)

Cleans up some code details.  (gshsb.h)

Adds a hack to suppress warning messages from the Watcom compiler about
testing constant values.  (stdpre.h)

Replaces the glyph_pieces font procedure with a GLYPH_INFO_PIECES option for
glyph_info.  (gxfont.h, gxfont42.h, gsfont.c, gstype42.c)

Adds a font_info font procedure, similar to glyph_info but giving
information about the font as a whole.  (gxfont.h)

In order to fix a bug in resizing large objects, gets rid of the concept of
large objects entirely, replacing it with the concept of an 'alone' object
that is guaranteed to be the only object in its chunk.  (gxalloc.h, gxobj.h,

Adds some more tracing output for interpolated images.  (gxiscale.c)

Adds a _long parameter setting procedure to parallel _bool, _enum, and _int.
(gsparamx.h, gsparamx.c)

Version 5.87 (tester) (6/29/99)

In this fileset, the pdfwrite device finally handles general Type 1 fonts, and can write them in both embedded and non-embedded form. This fileset also contains a few more changes to the text API, and some incompatible changes to the gs_font procedure vector: more such changes are likely. It also fixes a couple of long-standing pdfmark bugs.

NOTE: there are known problems in PDF output with non-embedded fonts (fonts represented only by a descriptor): some characters will be missing, and because of bugs in Acrobat's Print function, even more characters will be missing or wrong when printing from Acrobat. We will fix our problems, and work around Acrobat's bugs, in the next couple of filesets.

Incompatible changes

	- Text enumerators now have a release procedure.
	- gx_device_text_begin no longer stores its arguments into the
enumerator: the driver text_begin procedure must do this.
	- The argument list for the font encode_char procedure no longer
includes the enumerator, and the second argument is now a gs_char rather
than a gs_char *.
	- The font next_char procedure is removed.  (It has been obsolete
for a while.)  The next_glyph procedure is renamed next_char_glyph.
	- The first argument of the font init_fstack, build_char, and
next_glyph procedures is changed from gs_show_enum * to gs_text_enum_t *.
	- gx_font_stack[_item] is renamed gx_font_stack[_item]_t.
	- New font procedures have been added, of which two (enumerate_glyph
and glyph_outline) are required.  The font procedure vector has been
	- The Type 1 font next_glyph procedure is replaced by the gs_font
enumerate_glyph procedure.
	- psdf_embed_type1_font is renamed psdf_write_type1_font, and has
an additional argument.
	- psdf_alloc_param_printer takes slightly different arguments;
print_binary_ok and print_ASCII85_ok are now upper-case.


Reorganizes the driver API documentation slightly, documents the fact that
get_alpha_bits and draw_line are obsolete, and documents the driver text
API.  (doc/Drivers.htm)

Documents an additional Irix configuration where the compiler doesn't work.


Moves the %pipe% IODevice into lib.mak, since it is now included on Windows
as well as Unix.  (lib.mak, unix-aux.mak)

Adds the bmpgray driver to all platforms that include the other BMP drivers.
(bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak, os2.mak, unix-gcc.mak, watc.mak, watcw32.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The PS and PDF writers didn't maintain the font embedding lists
correctly.  (gdevpsdp.c)
	- The CreationDate in PDF output was always set to the current date,
and couldn't be set with a pdfmark.  We now don't set CreationDate at all,
since it is supposed to be the creation date of the original document, not
of the PDF file.  (gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfu.c)
	- The Producer in PDF output couldn't be set with a pdfmark.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfu.c)
	- pdfmarks with /Action /GoTo incorrectly retained the Action key.
	- pdfmarks didn't substitute /Dest => /D or /File => /F correctly.

Updates the PDF writer to use the new text API rather than the show
pseudo-parameter.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfp.c, gdevpdft.c)

Changes pdf_open_document so that it opens the document even if some
resources have been allocated.  (gdevpdf.c)

Splits off pdfwrite utilities from top-level control, since the file was
getting too big.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfu.c)

When writing PDF, avoids resetting the word spacing parameter if the string
doesn't contain any spaces, and the character spacing parameter if the
string has no more than 1 character.  (gdevpdft.c)

Splits off PDF font handling from text handling, since the file was getting
too big.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Implement both embedded and non-embedded fonts beyond the base 14 in the PDF
writer.  This code doesn't work very reliably yet.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdff.c,

Adds a bmpgray driver that produces 8-bit gray-scale output.  (devs.mak,

Updates the PDF writer for changes in the gs_font procedure vector.
(gdevpdff.c, gdevpdft.c)

Updates the Type 1 font writer for changes in the gs_font procedure vector,
and adds some output options.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsde.c)

Changes the printing parameter list implementation to take all of its
parametric arguments in the params structure, and changes the names of the
options.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsde.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpdff.c, gdevpdfi.c,

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Indexed color spaces didn't allow the base space to be an indirect
reference.  (lib/
	- The CS and cs operators didn't accept a literal color space name
(as opposed to a color space resource name).  (lib/
	- Some PDF 1.2 files had a SM entry in graphics state dictionaries,
even though this is not documented and requires a LL3 interpreter.
	- Generated font names included a % character, which could cause
problems for ps2pdf.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The calculation of the final index when enumerating the pointers
in a context state was incorrect.  (source bug only, no effect on execution)

Updates the interpreter's glue code for the changes in the PDF writer.

Updates a client to use gs_font_alloc.  (zbfont.c)

Updates clients for changes in the gs_font procedure vector.  (zbfont.c,
zchar1.c, zfont0.c, zfont1.c, zfont32.c)

Updates a client for the change to psdf_write_type1_font.  (zfont1.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some code used rc_decrement_only instead of gx_device_retain.
(Stylistic bug only.)  (gschar.c)
	- The finalize procedure for the character cache device could get
unset and/or the retained flag cleared, leading to a reference count not
getting decremented.  (gxccman.c)
	- Allocating a show enumerator didn't clear the show_gstate member.
(Probably no effect in practice.)  (gschar.c)
	- Cleaning up at the end of text processing was not consistent and
sometimes didn't get done. The old API used explicit and separate client
allocation (gs_show_enum_alloc), release (gs_show_enum_release), and freeing
(gs_free_object); release, but not free, was automatic at the end of
processing (in show_finish).  The new API has allocation in gs_text_begin or
gx_device_text_begin, no implicit release or free, and a single
gs_text_release call to handle both release and free.  Reconciling these
required adding an auto_release flag in the gs_show_enum structure to
indicate which API was used to create it, and a release procedure.  (The
auto_release flag is only needed for backward compatibility with clients
that use the old API.  Ghostscript itself no longer has such clients, but
the PCL interpreters do.)  (gxchar.h, gxtext.h, gdevbbox.c, gschar.c,
gstext.c, gxchar.c)
	- We were burned once again by gcc's acceptance of private/public
procedure mismatches.  (gxchar.c)
	- A line break was missing between the return type and a procedure
name.  (gsstate.c)
	- Show enumerators had an incorrect GC descriptor.  (gxchar.c)
	- Text enumerators didn't terminate their list properly.  (gstext.c)

Adds a debugging procedure that finds all the pointers to an object.  This
uses the GC's pointer enumeration procedures, so it will only work if all
structures have correct GC descriptors.  (Of course, we think this is true
of all of Ghostscript.)  The current implementation doesn't trace refs.

Removes remaining references from gxchar.c to procedures defined in
gschar.c.  The standard Ghostscript build now no longer needs gschar.c,
although we will keep it for the moment for backward compatibility.
(gschar.c, gxchar.c)

Removes an obsolete reference to gs_show_enum.  (gstype1.h)

Adds definitions for the built-in encoding indices.  (gsccode.h, gxfont.h,

To make text_begin implementations callable, requires them, rather than
gx_device_text_begin, to save their parameters in the enumerator structure.
(gxtext.h, gstext.c, gxchar.c)

Adds a TEXT_DO_CHARWIDTH alternative to the text operation, to just advance
the current point by the character width (stringwidth rmoveto).  (gscpm.h,
gstext.h, gxchar.c, gxpath.c)

Adds procedures to allocate and initialize fonts.  (gxfont.h, gsfont.c)

Starts to revise the gs_font procedure vector to create a real "font socket"
API, adding several new procedures.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
change, and there probably are more to come.  (gxchar.h, gxfont.h, gsfont.c,
gstext.c, gxchar.c)

Moves the Type 0 font stack from gs_show_enum to gs_text_enum_t, and renames
its types to gx_font_stack_[item_]t.  Also moves cmap_code.  (gxchar.h,
gxtext.h, gschar0.c, gstext.c, gxchar.c)

Moves the glyph enumeration procedure from Type 1 fonts to general fonts,
changing its name to enumerate_glyph.  (gxfont1.h)

Changes the debugging code for reference counting to call procedures, to
allow better breakpointing.  (gsrefct.h, gsmemory.c)

Version 5.86 (tester) (6/14/99)

This fileset includes the first batch of changes for the new driver-based text API. Unfortunately, a few of them are non-backward-compatible. WARNING: This API is UNSTABLE and should not be used yet. This includes the APIs and structures in gxtext.h, and to a lesser extent those in gstext.h.

Incompatible changes

	- The default initialization of fonts now sets next_glyph rather
than next_char.
	- The font argument of the driver text_begin procedure is no
longer declared as const.
	- Text enumerators now have a is_width_only and current_width
procedures; the restart procedure is renamed retry, and there is a new
restart procedure that does something different.
	- The scale member of gs_text_enum_t is renamed log2_scale.
	- gs_show_restore_font is removed.
	- The current_char, current_glyph, width, and log2_current_scale
members of gs_show_enum are removed (replaced by members of gs_text_enum_t).
	- The current_width member of gs_text_enum_t is removed.
	- Replaces TEXT_REPLACE_{X,Y}_WIDTHS with a single


Fixes a number of outdated URLs.  (doc/Devices.htm, doc/Fonts.htm,
doc/Install.htm, doc/Language.htm, doc/Make.htm, doc/New-user.htm)

Documents the name change from to

Documents the fact that a double % may be needed on MS systems.

Documents that reversepath discards a trailing moveto, for compatibility
with Adobe implementations.  (gxpath2.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some punctuation was omitted that affects builds on VMS systems.
	- 'make install' didn't install doc/History5.htm.  (unixinst.mak)
	- The Borland makefile put some generated files in the top-level
directory rather than the build directory.  (bcwin32.mak)

Updates the Unix install script for the name change of

Moves the GNU-licensed drivers to a separate makefile.  (contrib.mak,

Adds to the BC++, MSVC++, and OS/2 (GCC/EMX) platforms.
(bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak)


Fixes problems: - The usage message for pdf2ps was incorrect.  (lib/pdf2ps,


Removes all remaining uses of #define'd casts in connection with ENUM_PTRS
and RELOC_PTRS procedures.  (gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfo.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver for the Oki Data OkiPage 4w+ LED printer.
This is a GPL'ed driver.  (contrib.mak, gnu/src/gdevop4w.c)


Adds a %handle% IODevice ( to recognize file names of the form
%handle%NNNNNNNN under MS Windows.  GSview uses this feature in place of
pipes, which are an open industry standard not supported by MS Windows.
(msvc32.mak, winlib.mak, gp_mshdl.c)


Adds the ISO 8859-2 encoding to the stock of built-in encodings.
(lib/, lib/ => lib/

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Using a colored pattern with an uncolored Pattern color space
caused an error.  (lib/
	- Embedded CIDFontType 2 fonts didn't work, and embedded TrueType
fonts did an extra definefont.  (lib/, lib/,
lib/ ****** IN PROGRESS ******


Fixes problems:
	- Some files hadn't been updated for the removal of the gs_imemory
static.  (int.mak, gp_gnrdl.c, imain.c, ztrap.c)
	- %statementedit could append a spurious character if the last
character of the statement was not whitespace.  (bug probably introduced in
5.8x) (ziodev.c)
	- The show operators didn't properly handle the special case of
executing within a cshow procedure for a non-CID font.  (zchar.c)
	- cshow applied to a composite font didn't scale the current font
correctly (in fact, at all).  (zcfont.c)
	- If an error occurred within the procedure called by
resourceforall, it wasn't reported.  (lib/
	- flushfile and closefile didn't correctly handle filters that only
write a fixed amount of data.  (zfileio.c)
	- cshow didn't restore the font reliably after executing the
procedure.  (ichar.h, zcfont.c, zchar.c)
	- An execstackoverflow error might temporarily leave the execution
stack in an invalid state.  (interp.c)

Cleans up some macros.  (iname.c, isave.c, iscan.c)

Removes all remaining uses of #define'd casts in connection with ENUM_PTRS
and RELOC_PTRS procedures.  (icontext.c, iname.c, isave.c, iscan.c,
istack.c, zcontext.c, zfproc.c)

Adds a run-time warning message if gp_gnrdl.c is included in a non-GNU
build.  (gp_gnrdl.c)

Converts clients to use the gs_text procedures that replace the gs_show
procedures, and to use gs_text_enum_t rather than gs_show_enum as the
enumerator type.  (ichar.h, zbfont.c, zcfont.c, zchar.c, zchar1.c,
zchar32.c, zchar42.c, zcharout.c, zcharx.c, zfont.c, zfont0.c, zfont1.c,
zfont32.c, zimage.c, zimage2.c)

Updates the initialization code for the name change of

Splits off the definitions relating to name indices, in anticipation of
defining some name indices statically.  (inamedef.h, inameidx.h, iname.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The pixel-difference filters didn't initialize the previous sample
to 0 at the beginning of each row.  (spdiff.c)
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter didn't correctly handle the case where
the last code of a row occurred less than 7 or 8 bits before the end of the
input stream.  (scf.h, shc.h, scfd.c)
	- Flushing filters didn't work.  (stream.c)
	- The DCTEncode filter gave an error if asked to write to a string
with less than 100 bytes of free space left when the end of the input data
was reached.  (sdct.h, sdcte.c)

Removes all remaining uses of #define'd casts in connection with ENUM_PTRS
and RELOC_PTRS procedures.  (stream.c)

Changes the ASCII85Encode stream to reliably insert a newline at least once
every 80 characters, rather than unreliably after at most 80 characters of
data.  (sfilter2.c)

Cleans up some formatting.  (stream.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A client wasn't updated for the change in the declaration of
gx_dht_proc.  (bug introduced in 5.84) (genht.c)
	- When rendering a 12-bit-per-sample color image, the device color
wasn't initialized, possibly causing a memory access error when comparing
the current color with the previous one.  (gxi12bit.c)
	- arch_floats_are_IEEE was incorrectly defined as
arch_floats_are_ieee.  (bug introduced in 5.83) (std.h)
	- Decoding of IEEE floats on non-IEEE systems was wrong.  (ibnum.c)
	- The fast case of masked images in Pattern color spaces didn't
work.  (bug introduced since 5.50) (gxifast.c)
	- cshow gave an error if there was no current point.  (gxchar.c)

(gstext.h, gstext.c)

Cleans up some macros.  (gdevddrw.c, gsfont.c, gsht1.c)

Removes all remaining uses of #define'd casts in connection with ENUM_PTRS
and RELOC_PTRS procedures.  (gdevddrw.c, gdevplnx.c, gsalloc.c, gschar.c,
gscolor.c, gscolor2.c, gscrd.c, gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gsdevice.c, gsdsrc.c,
gsfcmap.c, gsfont.c, gsfont0.c, gsht1.c, gshtscr.c, gsimage.c, gspcolor.c,
gsptype1.c, gsstate.c, gstext.c, gxcmap.c, gxht.c, gxipixel.c, gxmclip.c,

Adds gs_c_param_list_write_more, to switch a C parameter list back to write
mode without clearing it.  (gsparam.h, gscparam.c)

Adds gs_grestore_only, to do a grestore without requiring 2 entries on the
graphics state stack.  (gsstate.h, gsstate.c)

Completes a first bridge between the new driver text_begin procedure and the
existing text API defined in gschar.h.  The changes are backward-compatible
for both clients of the APIs and (the few) implementors of text_begin,
except that the font argument of text_begin is no longer const.  Note that
gschar.h is no longer used by any client, and in fact is deprecated.
(gschar.h, gstext.h, gxfcache.h, gxtext.h, gzstate.h, gdevbbox.c,
gdevnfwd.c, gschar.c, gsfont.c, gsfont0.c, gstext.c)

Mostly splits off the existing text procedures from the default
implementation of the new text facilities.  (lib.mak, gxchar.h, gschar.c,

Makes the structure descriptor for gs_state public, for testing in gxchar.c.
(gzstate.h, gsstate.c)

Adds is_width_only and current_width procedures to the text enumerator;
renames restart as retry, and adds a restart procedure for restarting with
different parameters.  (gstext.h, gxtext.h, gdevbbox.c, gschar.c, gstext.c,

Makes the masks for the subgroups of text operation parameters public.

Removes members of gs_show_enum that are superseded by members of
gs_text_enum_t: current_char, current_glyph, width, and log2_current_scale.
(gxchar.h, gxchar.c)

Adds aliases for popen and pclose under WIN32.  (pipe_.h)

Moves gs_incachedevice from gschar.h to gsstate.h.  (gschar.h, gsstate.h)

Version 5.85 (tester) (5/29/99)

This fileset removes a few more writable statics, and adds uniform support for %filedevice%filename syntax in OutputFile. Unfortunately, removing the static that held the interpreter's allocator group was almost as much of an upheaval as removing the statics for the interpreter stacks.

Incompatible changes

	- context_state_alloc now takes an additional parameter, as do
obj_cvp, make_packed_array, parse_real_file_name, ref_stack_store,
sread/write_proc, terminate_file_name, and a number of other internal
interpreter procedures.
	- scan_number now does not mark the result as new.
	- The _param_list_read/write procedures now take an additional
gs_ref_memory_t * parameter.
	- It is no longer possible to store pointers to the interpreter's
allocator group (gs_dual_memory_t) in structures or variables across a
garbage collection.
	- The save_level instance variable is moved from gs_dual_memory_t
to gs_ref_memory_t.
	- op_show_finish_setup can now fail.
	- fname.h is renamed gsfname.h; the procedure names and parameters
for %device%name file names are changed.
	- gx_imager_stroke_add now takes an additional argument; a NULL
value for the device argument of gx_stroke_path_only is no longer valid.
	- gx_make_clip_translate_device now takes a memory parameter, and no
container parameter; gx_make_clip_device no longer takes a container
parameter; gx_mask_clip_initialize and tile_clip_initialize now take a
memory parameter.


Fixes problems:
	- The language documentation still referred to outside clipping.

Documents the new curve join graphics state parameter.  (doc/Language.htm)

Documents the fact that the OutputFile device parameter now supports the
%device%file syntax.  (gp.h, doc/Use.htm)

Documents the licensing problems related to GNU readline.  (int.mak,
unix-gcc.mak, gp_gnrdl.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The bmpa devices needed gdevppla.  (bug introduced in 5.84)
	- The bmpa devices were accidentally included in the DEVICE_DEVS
setting in the distributed fileset.  (unix-gcc.mak)
	- msvclib.mak was missing some definitions.  (msvclib.mak)

Adds a CC_NO_WARN macro for those few files that produce tons of warnings
that we can't work around.  (bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, msvccmd.mak,
openvms.mak, openvms.mmk, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak,
unixtrad.mak, watcw32.mak, wccommon.mak, devs.mak, lib.mak, zlib.mak)

Adds version.mak to msvclib.mak, so library clients can track the version.


Fixes problems:
	- -replace didn't work if it was the last item of a module
description.  (genconf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- CCITTFax-compressed bitmaps sometimes used both a Rows value and
an end-of-block indicator, which some PostScript implementations don't
handle properly.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevps.c, gdevpsdf.c)

Removes an unused procedure and macro.  (gdevlj56.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The interpreter cached objects even if the reference had the wrong
generation number, causing errors if a correct reference occurred later.
	- Embedded TrueType fonts using the Macintosh encoding sometimes
caused an error.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Multiple contexts were broken (probably since 5.80).  Fixing this
required adding a parameter to context_state_alloc, to provide systemdict.
(icontext.h, icontext.c, interp.c)
	- setpagedevice didn't accept the 4-element PageSize values that
appear in the InputAttributes dictionary.  (zmedia2.c)
	- BuildChar/BuildGlyph was "short circuited" even in some cases
where it wasn't safe to do so.  (ichar.h, zchar.c, zcharout.c)
	- The show operators didn't properly handle the special case of
executing within a cshow procedure.  (ichar.h, zcfont.c, zchar.c, zcharx.c)
	- The -dDOINTERPOLATE switch had gotten broken somehow.
	- The is_identity flag wasn't properly cleared when loading cached
CIE mapping values, causing incorrect output.  (zcie.c)

Removes the writable static for the context scheduler.  (zcontext.c)

Removes the writable static for the interpreter's group of allocators
(gs_imemory).  This too turned out to be a massive change with many
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE changes required in internal procedures.  (bfont.h,
files.h, fname.h, ialloc.h, ifunc.h, imemory.h, interp.h, iparam.h,
iparray.h, ipcolor.h, isave.h, iscannum.h, istack.h, istream.h, iutil.h,
store.h, ialloc.c, icontext.c, idebug.c, idict.c, iinit.c, imain.c,
imainarg.c, interp.c, iparam.c, ireclaim.c, isave.c, iscan.c, iscanbin.c,
iscannum.c, isstate.h, istack.c, iutil.c, zarray.c, zbfont.c, zcontext.c,
zdict.c, zfname.c, zdps.c, zdps1.c, zfcmap.c, zdict.c, zfile.c, zfilter.c,
zfont.c, zfont0.c, zfproc.c, zfreuse.c, zfunc.c, zfunc0.c, zfunc3.c,
zgeneric.c, zht2.c, ziodev.c, ziodev2.c, zpacked.c, zpcolor.c, zshade.c,
zupath.c, zvmem.c)

Adds a gs_memory_t * argument to obj_cvp.  This is part of the work for
removing the gs_imemory static: we note it separately because it affects
code beyond the interpreter.  (iutil.h, gp_gnrdl.c, iutil.c, zfileio.c)

Updates interpreter code for the addition of new_mask, test_mask, and
save_level to gs_ref_memory_t, and the removal of save_level from
gs_dual_memory_t.  (ialloc.h, ialloc.c, isave.c)

Adds a gs_ref_memory_t * argument to all the _param_list_read/write
procedures.  (iparam.h, iparam.c, zcrd.c, zdevice.c, zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c,
zfdecode.c, zfilter2.c, ziodev2.c, zusparam.c)

Changes the hack in file_alloc_stream that determines whether a gs_memory_t
* is actually a gs_ref_memory_t *.  The former code tested specifically
whether the allocator was one of the current interpreter allocators; the new
code simply tests the procedure vector.  We aren't 100% sure that this
change will work reliably.  (zfile.c)

Factors common code out of isave.h and store.h.  (idosave.h, isave.h,

Removes the reclaim_data member of gs_dual_memory_t, since it is no longer
useful.  (imemory.h, ialloc.c, ireclaim.c)

Makes the default InputAttributes and OutputAttributes elements of page
device dictionaries writable and (if possible) allocated in local VM, to
work around bugs in the output of Word Perfect.  (lib/

Modifies the interpreter's error printout to indicate whether dictionaries
on the stack(s) are writable.  (lib/

Moves support for %device%name file naming into the library.  (fname.h,
zfile.c, zfname.c [deleted])

Adds interpreter support for the new curve join graphics state parameter.


Fixes problems:
	- bbox_fill_path device didn't interact with compositors correctly.
(This problem had no practical effect.)  (gdevbbox.c)
	- kshow didn't check for CID fonts.  (gschar.c)
	- The bbox and ImageType 3 image enumerators had incorrect GC
descriptors, possibly causing memory-related crashes.  (gsstruct.h,
gdevbbox.c, gximage3.c)
	- gx_make_clip_[translate_]device took an obsolete container
parameter.  (gxcpath.h, gsshade.c, gxccache.c, gxfill.c, gxstroke.c)
	- Non-transient clipping devices were used for image clipping, but
the API didn't support creating them.  (gxcpath.h, gxclip.c, gximage3.c,
	- Some devices were created without setting their memory member,
which caused the GC not to trace pointers to them.  (gxmclip.h, gxclip2.h,
gxclip2.c, gximage3.c, gxmclip.c, gxp1fill.c)
	- The bbox device didn't handle ImageType 3 images correctly.
	- When the bbox device passed a stroke operation to the library, it
didn't pass the device, causing absolute-length dots to render incorrectly.
Fixing this required adding a device parameter to the gx_imager_stroke_add
procedure.  (gxpaint.h, gdevbbox.c, gxpaint.c)
	- The counter control OtherSubrs (12 and 13) weren't implemented.
(This probably had no effect.)  (gstype1.c)
	- Type 1 stem hints with negative widths didn't work properly.
	- The debugging output for hintmask and cntrmask printed the vstem
and hstem counts in the wrong order.  (gstype2.c)
	- If the value of the OutputFile device parameter was too long,
the result could be memory corruption rather than a rangecheck error.
	- The dash pattern pointer in the saved imager state of a band list
writer could point inside the writer structure, confusing the garbage
collector.  (gxclist.h, gxclpath.c)

Adds new_mask, test_mask, and save_level instance variables to
gs_ref_memory_t.  This too is part of the gs_imemory work: we note it
separately because it is the only piece of this work that affects the
library.  (gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c)

Makes cntrmask at the beginning of a charstring act like vstemhm + cntrmask,
as with hintmask.  This is not documented, but we see it used this way in
Type 2 CharStrings.  (gstype2.c)

Cleans up formatting and macros.  (gp.h)

Speeds up the bounding box device by skipping path filling if the entire
path falls within the already-accumulated bounding box, and by defining the
device as 8-bit gray to avoid halftone computation.  (gdevbbox.c)

Adds a procedure, gs_show_use_glyph, for implementing the show-in-cshow
hack.  (gschar.h, gschar.c)

Moves support for %device%file file naming into the library.  (lib.mak,
gsfname.h, gxiodev.h, gdevpipe.c, gsfname.c)

Makes the OutputFile device parameter recognize %device%file syntax, as well
as "-" and (on platforms that support pipes) |command.  (gp.h, gxdevice.h,
gdevprn.c, gsdevice.c, gp_unix.c)

Adds a separate graphics state parameter to indicate how to treat joins
between segments of a flattened curve, for compatibility with Adobe
interpreters (which apparently always use bevel joins).  (gsline.h,
gxclpath.h, gxline.h, gsline.c, gsstate.c, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c,

Changes code slightly, introducing an unnecessary assignment, in order to
suppress a compiler warning.  (gxclpath.c)

Tweaks the CIE_LOAD_CACHE_BODY macro slightly.  (gscie.c)

Version 5.84 (tester) (5/19/99)

This fileset completes the implementation of planar rendering, and fixes a few more bugs, some of them surprisingly old.

Incompatible changes

	- The dopath vector device implementation procedure was changed to
take an optional matrix argument.
	- The internal memory__need_ macros are changed to upper case.


Fixes problems:
	- There was a duplicate entry for GENINIT_XE in the Watcom makefile.

Adds the duplex-capable LaserJet drivers (ljet3d and ljet4d) to all standard
configurations.  (bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, openvms.mak,
openvms.mmk, os2.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak, watc.mak,

Adds a PROFILE compilation switch, similar to DEBUG, to work around the fact
that gprof under GNU/Linux doesn't count time in memset, memcpy, or other C
library procedures.  PROFILE will substitute our own versions of memset,
memcpy, and memmove.  Currently, this switch is supported only on Unix.

Defines a new makefile macro, SYNC, that gives the module name for thread /
synchronization facilities; makes include this module.  This is
posync on Unix and VMS platforms, winsync on MS Windows and OS/2 platforms.
(bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, lib.mak, msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak, openvms.mak,
openvms.mmk, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak,
watc.mak, watclib.mak, watcw32.mak)

Splits off the rules common to the 3 Windows makefiles (watc, watclib,
winlib) into a separate file, defining new modules and  (watc.mak, watclib.mak, winlib.mak, winplat.mak)

Removes -Wcast-align from the gcc switches, since this produces huge numbers
of warnings that we will certainly never get rid of.  (unix-gcc.mak)


Enhances the ps2pdf script with a patch contributed by Jim Avera
( so that it can be used as a pipe by specifying "-" for the
input and/or output file.  (lib/ps2pdf)

Modifies ps2ascii to handle landscape pages better.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- PDF output that used Pattern colors on more than one page failed
to include the color space resource in the resource dictionaries of pages
other than the first.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The PDF writer emitted bitmap patterns inverted in Y.
	- The PCL XL driver's GC descriptor had become incorrect, causing
crashes.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The pdfwrite driver could still emit coordinates too large for
Acrobat Reader to handle, for stroked lines with an unusual CTM.
	- The pxl drivers emitted invalid output for dashed lines.
	- The [e]pswrite and pxl drivers scaled line widths and dash
patterns incorrectly.  Fixing this properly involved refactoring the
handling of scaling for paths, and removing gdev_vector_stroke_path.
(gdevpsdf.h, gdevvec.h, gdevpdfd.c, gdevps.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpx.c,
	- The lj5 drivers didn't pad images to a multiple of 4 bytes per
scan line, producing invalid PCL XL output.  (We don't see how they could
ever have worked, in fact.)  (gdevpcl.h, gdevlj56.c, gdevpcl.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver for the DEClaser 2100.  This is a GPL'ed
driver.  (contrib.mak, gnu/src/gdevln03.c)

Makes the UsePlanarBuffer parameter, and planar buffering capability, from
the PPM devices available to general printer devices, but in a separate
module to avoid making all printer devices require gdevmpla.c.  (gdevppla.h,
gdevpbm.c, gdevppla.c)

Adds a UsePlanarBuffer parameter to the async BMP drivers, for testing.

Removes the comment about the instability of the "vector" driver interface.
(gdevvec.h, gdevvec.c)


Splits off the Windows thread and synchronization primitives into a new file
and a new module,  (watc.mak, watclib.mak, winlib.mak,
gp_win32.c, gp_wsync.c)


Fixes problems:
	- As usual, gcc failed to flag some signed/unsigned char mismatches.
(gp_gnrdl.c, iutil.c)

Moves the indexed color space cache lookup procedure from the interpreter to
the library.  (zcsindex.c)


Fixes problems:
	- If a 2-D CCITTFax stream ended with 1 or 2 "vertical 0" codes,
those codes would be ignored.  (scfd.c)


Fixes problems:
	- gsnogc.h contained an extern for gs_gc_reclaim rather than for
gs_nogc_reclaim.  (gsnogc.h)
	- Banded images in Indexed color spaces rendered incorrectly.
	- A function declared some arguments as float rather than floatp.
(gshtx.h, gshtx.c)
	- As usual, gcc failed to flag some public/private mismatches.
	- The tracing output for monobit images printed 8 bits per pixel
rather than 1 bit per pixel.  (gxidata.c)
	- A Pn macro was used in a header file that didn't include stdpre.h.
(gscdefs.h, gconf.c, genht.c, gxhtbit.c, gxclrast.c)
	- get_bits_rectangle for the planar memory device didn't flush the
last byte of each row.  (gdevmpla.c)
	- When banding, Indexed color spaces using a procedure rather than a
lookup table caused a crash.  (gxcolor2.h, gscolor2.c, gxclrast.c)
	- When filling a region with a Pattern with a rotated matrix, some
parts of the region could be missed.  (bug introduced by a fix in 5.38)

When compiling with gcc, replaces inline with __inline__ to get rid of a
potential warning.  (stdpre.h)

Adds our own implementations of memset, memcpy, and memmove, to work around
the fact that gprof under GNU/Linux doesn't count time in C library procedures.
(memory_.h, string_.h, gsmisc.c)

Finishes implementing planar rendering for printer / banded devices.
(gdevprn.h, gxclist.h, gxdevbuf.h, gdevprn.c, gxclread.c)

Version 5.83 (tester) (5/13/99)

This fileset was driven mostly by commercial licensee demands; it doesn't fix most of the problems reported in 5.82. It features smaller threshold halftones, the ability to store halftones in ROM, and a nearly complete implementation of a planar memory device.

Items pushed off to the next fileset:

Incompatible changes

	- The spaces.indexed member of a vm_spaces structure has been
renamed spaces_indexed (a macro).
	- The gs_reclaim procedure is changed to a macro, GS_RECLAIM.
	- The bits member of a halftone order is now called bit_data, and is
opaque; halftone orders are now "objects"; gx_ht_alloc_[ht_]order now take
an additional argument.
	- The architectural values in arch.h are now all upper-case.
(std.h defines lower-case synonyms for backward compatibility.)
	- The buffer device procedures for printer devices are now collected
in a structure; this also changes the parameters of clist_init_params.
	- The parameters of the buffered device setup_buf_device procedure
are changed.
	- gx_path_copy_reducing now takes an additional argument, an imager
state, for flattening stroked paths.
	- Memory devices now must be created by copying a prototype device,
rather than by initializing individual members, even if they are only being
used for limited purposes.


Documents the new facility for compiled halftones, and the old one for
compiling initialization files.  (doc/Make.htm)


Adds a utility for compiling halftones into the executable.  Also defines
the dependency lists for the auxiliary programs in lib.mak and int.mak,
rather than replicating them for every platform.  (bcwin32.mak,
dvx-tail.mak, gs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak, msvctail.mak, openvms.mak,
openvms.mmk, os2.mak, unix-aux.mak, wctail.mak, genht.c)

Adds support for halftone "resources" in the makefile.  (genconf.c)

Adds code to determine the primary and secondary CPU cache sizes
empirically.  (genarch.c)

Changes the architecture definition macros from lower to upper case, with
lower-case synonyms in std.h for backward compatibility.  (gsjconf.h, std.h,

Changes the ps2ai utility so that jtxt3 can be set from the command line, to
allow pstoedit to generate AI3-compatible output.  (lib/


Adds some optional library modules to the base library compilation list, so
that compilation errors won't slip through.  (lib.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- A change from char to byte needed to be undone (gcc didn't catch
this).  (iutil.c)

Adds a 167x167 stochastic halftone that CalComp put in the public domain.
(lib/, int.mak, unixinst.mak)

Updates the interpreter for the change to per-VM-spaces garbage collection.
(igc.h, ialloc.c, icontext.c, igc.c, ilocate.c, imain.c, interp.c,
ireclaim.c, isave.c, zfile.c, zht.c, zht1.c, zht2.c)

Updates places that only use gsstruct.h for extern_st to use gsstype.h
instead.  (icontext.h, ifont.h)


Fixes problems:
	- Some types needed updating to reflect the change in the string
freelists.  (gsalloc.c, gsnogc.c)
	- clip_copy_color didn't initialize some variables in the fastest
case. (bug probably introduced in 5.83) (gxclip.c)
	- The fit_fill_ and fit_copy_ macros didn't always parenthesize
their dev argument.  (gxdevice.h)
	- The sample_load macros returned the wrong results for depth 1 and
2.  Amazingly enough, it appears that this case had never been used.
	- The standard allocator would free chunks even if is_controlled was
true.  (gsalloc.c)
	- Stroking drew semicircles rather than full circles for round
joins.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The calculation of how finely to sample a curve to achieve a
particular flatness didn't take line width into account when stroking (the
flatness has to apply to the outside of the stroked curve).  (gxpath.h,
gxpcopy.c, gxstroke.c)

Speeds up the bbox device a little.  (gdevbbox.c)

Speeds up the most common cases of clipping a little.  (gxclip.h,
gxacpath.c, gxclip.c)

Makes halftone orders more "object-oriented", so we can use an alternate
representation that trades time for space.  This requires a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE in the gx_ht_order structure and the
arguments of gx_ht_alloc_[ht_]order.  (gxcldev.h, gxdht.h, gzht.h, gsht.c,
gsht1.c, gshtscr.c, gshtx.c, gsistate.c, gxcht.c, gxclimag.c, gxclrast.c,
gxht.c, gxhtbit.c)

Makes it possible to compile-in halftone threshold arrays and orders (e.g.,
in ROM) so they don't take up RAM at execution time.  (gscdefs.h, gxdht.h,
gxdhtres.h, gzht.h, gconf.c, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gxclrast.c, gxhtbit.c)

Adds some statistics to the 24-bit memory device (in DEBUG mode only, as
usual).  (gdevm24.c)

Makes the 24-bit memory device optionally use memcpy for wide rectangle
fills.  We thought this got us a factor of 3 speedup on a Pentium with gcc's
library, but it turned out to be a profiler artifact.  (gdevm24.c)

Cleans up some formatting.  (gxclip.h)

Dusts off the run-length-encoded memory device, changing it so it reverts to
the unencoded representation when necessary.  This code hasn't been tested,
and is not currently used.  (gdevmrun.h, gdevrun.c [deleted], gdevmrun.c)

Adds more statistics to the clipping device.  (gxclip.c)

Adds an implementation of the MD5 Algorithm defined in RFC 1321, derived
directly from the text of the RFC and not from the reference implementation.
This code uses the zlib license, which is more liberal than the Aladdin or
GNU licenses.  (md5.h, md5.c)

Finishes implementing the planar memory device, including generalizing it to
store varying numbers of bits per plane rather than 1 bit per plane.
(gdevmem.h, gdevmpla.h, gxdevmem.h, gdevmem.c, gdevmpla.c)

Updates clients to initialize memory devices more fully, now required to
distinguish chunky from planar devices.  (gxpcmap.c)

Mostly implements enhancing printer / banded devices so they can use a
planar memory device for rendering and/or band buffering.  The code
currently works only in the non-banded case.  (gdevprn.h, gxclist.h,
gxdevbuf.h, gxdevcli.h, gdevprn.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

For testing, adds a -dUsePlanarBuffer=<boolean> parameter to the PPM devices
to make them use a planar memory device.  (gdevpbm.c)

Cleans up some code formatting.  (gdevmem.c)

Makes the garbage collection procedure separately settable for each group of
VM spaces.  (In an environment with "async" rendering, the renderer has its
owm VM space group.)  Unfortunately, this involved a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
change in the vm_spaces structure.  (gsgc.h, gsnogc.h, gsnogc.c)

Updates a client for the change in gs_reclaim; also makes the renderer
thread use the non-tracing garbage collector.  (gdevprna.c)

Updates the non-tracing GC to reflect its role as a garbage collection
procedure in a vm_spaces.  (gsnogc.c)

Enhances the non-tracing GC so that if a chunk ever contains no strings, the
string marking area reserved for the tracing GC is added to free space.
(gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c, gsnogc.c)

Changes the font cache allocator to use a different structure descriptor for
its data so that memory dumps will show "font cache bytes" rather than just
"bytes".  (gxccman.c)

Splits gsstruct.h into gsstype.h, which contains enough of the definition of
structure type descriptors to support extern_st, and gsstruct.h, which is
needed to actually define structure types.  (gsstruct.h, gsstype.h,

Updates places that only use gsstruct.h for extern_st to use gsstype.h
instead.  (gsbitmap.h, gsccolor.h, gscie.h, gxfont.h, gzpath.h, scommon.h,
gscdevn.c, gscrd.c, gscrdp.c, gsshade.c, gxpath2.c)

Version 5.82 (tester) (4/24/99)

This fileset fixes a few odds and ends, removes a couple more writable statics, and improves performance in a couple of areas.

Incompatible changes

	- dict_uid_param now takes an additional argument, the interpreter
context pointer.
	- obj_cvp now takes a stream rather than a string.


Documents the -dGraphicsAlphaBits and -dTextAlphaBits switches; reorganizes
the documentation of the -d/-s switches by function.  (doc/Use.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- Building with MSVC didn't work if COMPILE_INITS was selected.
	- The cp script didn't work on all MS-DOS systems, since the systems
are incompatible with each other in undocumented ways.  (cp.bat)
	- Using ^ in a command line failed on Windows 98.  (wccommon.mak)
	- Watcom compilation under Windows NT didn't include some needed
headers.  (wccommon.mak)
	- The Watcom compiler's quoting requirements were inconsistent.
	- GLCCWIN was used without being defined.  The MS DOS/Windows
makefiles really are a tangled mess....  (watc.mak)
	- The build directories didn't get created automatically when
compiling with the Watcom compiler.  (watc.mak)

Adds more optimization switches for Watcom compilation.  (wccommon.mak)


Adds a pfbtopfa script.  (unixinst.mak, lib/pfbtopfa, lib/pfbtopfa.bat,


Fixes problems:
	- "Vector" drivers (currently only the PCL XL driver) filled
polygons incorrectly.  (gdevvec.c)
	- The PCL XL drivers produced incorrect output for images.  (We
can't understand how they ever could have worked.)  (gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL drivers skipped blank pages.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The page origin for the clj driver was set incorrectly.  (fix from
Artifex) (gdevclj.c)
	- The map_color_rgb procedure for the 32-bit CMYK bmp device was
wrong, causing RasterOps to produce incorrect output.  (fix from Artifex)

Works around a bug in Acrobat Reader's Print command, by changing the
scaling for bitmap patterns.  (gdevpdfi.c)

Cleans up some formatting and macros.  (gdevpx.c)

Factors out some common parameter-putting utilities.  (gdevpsdf.h,
gdevpdfp.c, gdevpsdp.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The DLL code "knew" it could only be compiled on Windows and OS/2
platforms.  (gsdll.c)

Removes a Mac-specific file that is now moved to the Mac-specific archive.
(gsdllmac.h [deleted])

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- An invalidaccess could occur when repositioning the file after
executing an image XObject.  (lib/
	- Indexed color spaces gave an error if the underlying space was
represented as a name rather than an array.  (bug introduced in 5.80)


Fixes problems:
	- The interpreter reentrancy changes broke the GNU readline
interface.  (gp_gnrdl.c, ziodev.c)
	- The TrappingType resource category wasn't defined.
(lib/, lib/
	- CIE color spaces in shading patterns didn't work.  (lib/
	- Printing a string of more than 200 characters with == was broken.
Fixing this required a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the argument list
of obj_cvp.  (bug introduced in 5.80) (iutil.h, gp_gnrdl.c, idebug.c,
iutil.c, zfileio.c)

Changes the interpreter trace output to be somewhat more readable.

Makes the linking of the binary token scanning procedure static rather than
dynamic.  (int.mak, inobtokn.c, iscan.c, zbseq.c)

Makes the language level a property of the context, eliminating a writable
static.  (icstate.h, idparam.h, ilevel.h, icontext.c, idparam.c, iinit.c,
interp.c, zcontext.c, zmisc2.c)

Updates clients for the change in dict_uid_param.  (zbfont.c, zfcmap.c,
zpcolor.c, zshade.c)


Fixes problems:
	- There was a signed/unsigned char * mismatch.  (sfxfd.c)
	- Some very picky compilers complained inappropriately about a
const/non-const mismatch.  (gxcht.c)
	- The format of the string freelists didn't allow chunks with more
than 64K bytes of string area.  (gxalloc.h, gsnogc.c)

Moves the interface definitions for the memory dump debugging code into a
header file.  (gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c)

Makes the standard memory manager recognize more effectively when it can
reset the high-water mark for occupied space in the current chunk.  This
turns out to make a big difference in preventing sandbars.  (gxalloc.h,

Makes clipping lists keep track of their minimum and maximum X values, so
that they can return accurate outer clipping boxes, which in turn allows
more effective pre-clipping of filled regions.  (gxcpath.h, gxacpath.c,
gxclip.c, gxcpath.c)

Makes clipping devices cache their clipping box, so they can return it
quickly.  (gxcpath.h, gxclip.c)

Makes the colored halftone logic check bounding boxes before running the
expensive algorithms.  This improves performance dramatically for some files
without costing much for the rest.  (gxcht.c)

Adds some more debugging printout for clipping lists.  (gxcpath.c)

Cleans up formatting and macros.  (gdevdflt.c, gdevhit.c, gdevnfwd.c)

Factors out some common parameter-putting utilities.  (gsparamx.h,
gsparamx.c, gstrap.c)

Adds some more tracing output for images.  (gxidata.c)

Version 5.81 (tester) (4/14/99)

This fileset cleans up most of the bug tail from 5.80, but it doesn't fix all the reported problems. It also factors out the platform-specific DLL calls, and extends the DLL API to the Mac.

Incompatible changes

	- gsdll_get_bitmap is now defined in gsdllos2.h; gsdll_copy_dib,
_copy_palette, _draw, and _get_bitmap_row are now defined in gsdllwin.h.

	- zcolor_remap_one may return 0 rather than o_push_estack.  (This
change actually occurred in 5.80, but was not documented.)

	- The initialized parameters of an image scaling filter are now
stored in a subsidiary structure.
	- The names max_support and log2_max_support are changed to
	- The structure definition for the smoothed image scaling filter is
now private, although its descriptor remains public.
	- The criteria for when to use Interpolate are now more stringent.


Fixes problems:
	- wasn't installed by `make install'.  (unixinst.mak)
	- A semicolon was missing in one definition of GS_LIB_DEFAULT.
	- and weren't created in the obj directory.
(watc.mak, wctail.mak)
	- RM_ was defined incorrectly on one platform.  (wccommon.mak)


Makes some minor edits in ansi2knr, contributed by a user, to remove gcc
warnings.  (ansi2knr.c)


Fixes problems:
	- There was an int/uint mismatch.  (gdevbmpa.c)
	- There was a const/non-const mismatch.  (gdevbmpa.c)

Changes the p*m drivers so that they use the default color mapper when
possible, speeding up execution.  (gdevpbm.c)


Adds Black as indicating that a bold font should be substituted if
necessary.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The Watcom NT compiler implements setmode and fileno but not
_setmode and _fileno.  (gp_ntfs.c)
	- The procedure parameter passed to the Windows _beginthread
procedure had the wrong prototype.  (gp_win32.c)
	- Watcom's _beginthread procedure takes an extra argument.
(windows_.h, gp_win32.c)

Extends the DLL API to work on the Mac.  This required some restructuring of
the code, and some NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE changes to move
environment-specific calls into environment-specific header files.
(pcwin.mak, os2.mak, winint.mak, dwdll.h, gsdll.h, gsdllmac.h, gsdllos2.h,
gsdllwin.h, dpmainc.c, dwdll.cpp, dwnodll.cpp, gdevmswn.c, gdevpm.c,
gdevwdib.c, gsdll.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Changes the interpreter to handle two more specification-violating
conditions that Adobe Acrobat accepts: truncation of %%EOF to %%EO, and use
of Dest links with no Dests dictionary.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- gcc failed to flag initialization of an automatic aggregate, which
is allowed in neither ANSI nor traditional C.  (iutil.c)
	- The system name table lacked the last 3 entries.
	- Interpolated images always wound up at (0, 0).  (bug introduced in
5.80) (gxipixel.c)
	- The Watcom compiler didn't consider "const uint" and "const
unsigned" to be compatible.  (ifunc.h)
	- The code to detect identity transfer functions could cause
transfer functions not to be processed at all.  (icolor.h, zcolor.c,
zcolor1.c, zht2.c)
	- The Level 2 redefinition of restore could do an extra grestore,
possibly creating a temporary reference to a freed object.  (zdevice2.c)

Adds more tracing for undo-saves, and changes a macro to a procedure.

Removes some #define'd casts.  (isave.c)


Fixes problems:
	- When banding, the color space wasn't reinitialized for each page.
	- The criterion for allowing image interpolation still produced
"mush" for some important classes of image.  (gxiscale.c)
	- The Watcom compiler didn't consider "const uint" and "const
unsigned" to be compatible.  (gscdefs.h, gconf.c)
	- Identity black generation and undercolor removal functions weren't
passed through the band list correctly.  (gxcldev.h, gxclbits.c, gxclrast.c)
	- Once again, gcc failed to give a warning for extern followed by
private.  (gxcdevn.h)
	- glyphshow set up the text operation in a way that created a
garbage collector error.  (gschar.c)

Makes gs_opendevice complete the device procedure vector if the device
wasn't already open.  (gsdevice.c)

Factors out the image scaling filter so that we can use either Adobe's
algorithm or the Mitchell filter.  This involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
CHANGE in the way the filter parameters are defined.  (gximage.h, siscale.h,
sisparam.h, gxclimag.c, gxidata.c, gxiscale.c, siscale.c)

Makes the criteria for when to use interpolation stricter, since we are
still using the Mitchell filter.  (gxiscale.c)

Starts to implement Adobe's image interpolation algorithm.  (siinterp.h,
siinterp.c, gxiscale.c)

Speeds up RGB interpolated images by detecting runs of output color.

Makes the default RGB color mapper a "known" mapper that can be propagated
through device pipelines.  (gxdevice.h, gsdevice.c)

Version 5.80 (tester) (4/6/99)

This version contains the first, and, we hope, largest wave of changes in the interpreter required to make the interpreter fully reentrant. Unfortunately, many externally visible APIs, including the argument list for operator procedures, required changes.

Because of the magnitude of the change, we incremented the version number to 5.80.

The non-backward-compatible API changes were confined to the interpreter: the (very minor) changes to the library required to support interpreter reentrancy are fully backward-compatible.

This fileset also implements DeviceN color spaces (always using the alternate space), including Indexed spaces over DeviceN spaces, for all uses except smooth shading.

Incompatible changes

	- names_init now takes a gs_ref_memory_t * rather than a gs_memory_t
	- type_print_strings, type_name_strings, and
ref_type_properties_data are now REF_TYPE_DEBUG_PRINT_STRINGS,
	- The undocumented .writecvp operator, and obj_cvp, now take an
integer instead of a Boolean to define the type of output desired.
	- The argument list for operators is changed from os_ptr to
i_ctx_t *.  Many internal interpreter APIs have changed.
	- The typedef name for operator procedures is changed from op_proc_p
to op_proc_t.
	- gs_interpret now takes an additional context (i_ctx_t **)
	- The interpreter's rescheduling and time-slicing procedures,
gs_interp_reschedule_proc and gs_interp_time_slice_proc, now take a context
(i_ctx_t **) argument.
	- The Type 1 interpreter push_value callback is renamed push_values;
the first argument of push_values and pop_value has changed from
gs_font_type1 * to void *.
	- dict_put*, dict_copy*, dict_undef, dict_resize, dict_grow, and
dict_unpack now take an additional argument, a dictionary stack where the
dictionary may be present.


Fixes problems:
	- The dependency list for the (dummy) trapping feature was wrong.
	- The directory for jerror_.h was incorrect.  (jpeg.mak)

Removes the never-used -header switch from genconf.  (genconf.c)

Adds priority-sorted resources to genconf, currently used only for image
classes.  (genconf.c)

Adds an imageclass resource to genconf, for what used to be called image
strategies.  (genconf.c)


Fixes problems:
	- ansi2knr didn't recognize id1(id2, xxxxx) as not being a function.
	- viewpcx still referred to the deleted PCXDecode filter.
	- strlen was called without being declared.  (genarch.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some drivers that called gdev_prn_open_printer didn't check the
return code for errors.  (gdevdjet.c, gdevhl7x.c)
	- The cljet5 driver didn't handle long-edge feed properly.  (from
Artifex) (gdevclj.c)
	- The [e]pswrite driver could produce incorrect output if the input
file had zero-length lines.  (gdevps.c)
	- The X driver didn't handle byte-swapped 16-bit displays.
	- There was an int/uint mismatch.  (gdevbmp.c)
	- Some needed headers weren't included.  (gdevdcrd.c, gdevpdfo.c)
	- The updated mswinpr2 driver wouldn't compile with older Windows
header files.  (gdevwpr2.c)

Removes some unnecessary #includes.  (gdevps.c)

Adds user-contributed drivers for the CoStar LabelWriter II Plus and XL
label printers.  (gdevcslw.c)

Speeds up color mapping for the bitrgb driver a little, by using the default
procedure.  (gdevbit.c)


Fixes problems:
	- TrueType fonts with odd-length glyf definitions caused an
invalidfont error.  (lib/

Changes the font substitution mechanism slightly to be more useful to the
PDF interpreter.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Some needed headers weren't included.  (watc.mak, watclib.mak,
winlib.mak, gp_win32.c)


Fixes problems:
	- There were many signed/unsigned char type errors that gcc didn't
catch.  (gp_gnrdl.c)
	- The operator definition list for zdouble was too long.  (int.mak,

Removes some unnecessary #includes.  (zchar.c)

Speeds up names_string_ref.  (inamedef.h, inames.h, imain.c, iname.c)

Speeds up reading string/name array parameters.  (iparam.c)

Refactors the implementation of ==, so that all types other than arrays and
dictionaries are handled in C code.  (lib/, iutil.h, iref.h,
gp_gnrdl.c, idebug.c, iutil.c, zfileio.c, ztype.c)

Changes the type name for operator procedures from op_proc_p to op_proc_t,
for consistency and also to help detect places that need the argument list
changed.  (ichar.h, interp.h, iref.h, opdef.h, interp.c, iutil.c, zchar.c,
zcharx.c, zcontrol.c, zupath.c)

Changes the argument type for operators from os_ptr to i_ctx_t *.  (i_ctx_t
is an alias for gs_context_state_t.)  This also requires adding a context
pointer to many internal procedures, or changing an os_ptr argument to
i_ctx_t *.  This is a MASSIVE NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change which we simply
saw no way to avoid if the interpreter was to be made fully re-entrant.  See
"Incompatible changes" above for externally visible changes.
(lib/, bfont.h, btoken.h, dstack.h, estack.h, files.h, ichar.h,
ichar1.h, icharout.h, icie.h, icolor.h, icontext.h, icsmap.h, ifilter.h,
ifont1.h, igstate.h, iht.h, iimage.h, iimage2.h, imain.h, imemory.h,
interp.h, ipacked.h, iref.h, iscan.h, istream.h, opdef.h, oper.h,
opextern.h, ostack.h, ialloc.c, icontext.c, iinit.c, imain.c, inouparm.c,
interp.c, ireclaim.c, iscan.c, iscanbin.c, zarith.c, zarray.c, zbfont.c,
zbseq.c, zcfont.c, zchar.c, zchar1.c, zchar2.c, zchar32.c, zchar42.c,
zcharout.c, zcharx.c, zcid.c, zcie.c, zcolor.c, zcolor1.c, zcolor2.c,
zcontext.c, zcontrol.c, zcrd.c, zcsdevn.c, zcsindex.c, zcspixel.c,
zcssepr.c, zdevice.c, zdevice2.c, zdict.c, zdosio.c, zdouble.c, zdpnext.c,
zdps.c, zdps1.c, zfbcp.c, zfcmap.c, zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c, zfdecode.c, zfile.c,
zfileio.c, zfilter.c, zfilter2.c, zfilterx.c, zfont.c, zfont0.c, zfont1.c,
zfont2.c, zfont32.c, zfont42.c, zfproc.c, zfreuse.c, zfunc.c, zfzlib.c,
zgeneric.c, zgstate.c, zhsb.c, zht.c, zht1.c, zht2.c, zimage.c, zimage2.c,
zimage3.c, ziodev.c, ziodev2.c, zmath.c, zmatrix.c, zmedia2.c, zmisc.c,
zmisc1.c, zmisc2.c, zmisc3.c, zpacked.c, zpaint.c, zpath.c, zpath1.c,
zpcolor.c, zrelbit.c, zrop.c, zshade.c, zstack.c, zstring.c, zsysvm.c,
ztoken.c, ztrap.c, ztype.c, zupath.c, zusparam.c, zvmem.c, zvmem2.c)

Changes caching for the interpreter's CIE color spaces so that instead of
changing the color space installation procedure to one that schedules the
sampling of the procedures though a back door, it leaves the installation
procedure alone and schedules the sampling in the color-space-specific
setcolorspace operator.  This is needed for interpreter reentrancy.
(icie.h, zcie.c, zcrd.c)

Makes the linkage from the dictionary machinery to the cached values in the
dictionary stack and the name table explicit, by adding a dstack pointer to
all the relevant dict_* procedures.  This is needed for interpreter
reentrancy.  (iddstack.h, idict.h, idstack.h, idict.c)

Updates clients for the change in the dictionary API.  For each changed
dict_ procedure, we add an idict_ procedure that uses i_ctx_p->dict_stack as
the additional argument.  (iddict.h, icontext.c, iinit.c, interp.c,
iparam.c, iscanbin.c, zdps.c, zfcmap.c, zdict.c, zfont.c, zfont0.c,
zgeneric.c, zht2.c, zmisc2.c)

Changes Pattern color remapping so that it saves information in the
interpreter's part of the graphics state, rather than manipulating the
e-stack directly.  This is needed for interpreter reentrancy.  (errors.h,
icremap.h, igstate.h, interp.c, zgstate.c, zpcolor.c)

Adds to the "main instance" structure a pointer to the currently executing
context.  This is needed for interpreter reentrancy.  (imain.h, iminst.h,
main.h, imain.c, imainarg.c)

Changes the argument list for operator initialization procedures from void
to i_ctx_t *.  (opdef.h, ireclaim.c, zbfont.c, zbseq.c, zcontext.c, zfile.c,
zfont.c, zpcolor.c)

Changes the initialization of the interpreter's allocators so it doesn't
presume the allocator structure is global.  (ialloc.h, ialloc.c, imain.c)

Factors out the structure definition of the stacks, which is needed for
defining the state of a context, from the API, which is only needed by
actual clients.  (icstate.h, idsdata.h, idstack.h, iesdata.h, iestack.h,
iosdata.h, iostack.h, isdata.h, istack.h)

Changes filter error reporting so that the report_error procedure doesn't
need access to the interpreter.  (interp.h, interp.c, zfile.c, zfileio.c)

Completes the implementation of DeviceN color spaces at the interpreter
level.  (lib/, lib/, lib/, icsmap.h, zcsdevn.c,
zcsindex.c, zcssepr.c, zimage.c)

Speeds up color mapping for identity transfer, BG, or UCR functions.

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The L range for Lab color spaces was wrong.  (lib/
	- Images in Lab color spaces came out all black.  (lib/

Improves the font substitution mechanism slightly.  (lib/


Adds an error string to the stream state structure, which stream
implementations can set when returning an error.  The motivation is to allow
the PostScript interpreter to put this into $error.errorinfo.  (scommon.h,


Fixes problems:
	- The S_ISCHR fix in 5.73 had a typo.  (stat_.h)
	- The garbage collector traced dash pattern pointers even if the
pattern had no elements.  (gzline.h, gsistate.c)
	- Always tracing the clip_path element of gx_device_clist for
garbage collection could cause crashes, because this pointer could be stale.
However, we have to trace this pointer if an image is being processed.
	- A close-brace was positioned incorrectly.  (No effect on the
working of the code.)  (gximage3.c)
	- Some macros caused some compilers to complain about functions that
didn't return values.  (gsmemlok.c)
	- A procedure vector wasn't declared const.  (gsmemlok.c)
	- Some needed headers weren't included.  (gscrdp.c)
	- A const pointer was being treated as non-const.  (gxcpath.c)
	- The algorithm for choosing halftone cell dimensions required an
unreasonably close angle tolerance (0.01 degrees, rather than 1% of a
90-degree possible difference).  (gshtscr.c)

Speeds up arcs a little more.  (gspath1.c)

Removes some unnecessary #includes.  (gxclpath.h, gxcpath.h, gzcpath.h,
gxccman.c, gxclip.c, gxcpath.c, gxi12bit.c, gxicolor.c, gxifast.c,
gximono.c, gxiscale.c, gxpcmap.c)

Cleans up some formatting.  (gxpath.c)

Re-enables image interpolation for images that have at least 8 bits of input
data per pixel.  This is still a compromise....  (gxiscale.c)

Enhances the default implementation of parameter lists so that a C parameter
list can forward unrecognized param_read calls to another parameter list.
This allows constructing incrementally modified parameter lists for internal
purposes.  (gsparam.h, gscparam.c)

Changes the first argument of the Type 1 charstring interpreter push_value
(which is renamed push_values) and pop_value callbacks from the font pointer
to an arbitrary pointer passed in to the interpreter.  This is needed for
PostScript interpreter reentrancy.  (gstype1.h, gxfont1.h, gxtype1.h,
gstype1.c, gxtype1.c)

Adds an allocator wrapper that calls a closure to attempt to free up memory
if an allocation fails.  This is used for asynchronous operation (waiting
for the page queue to empty) and operation with an optional disk for the
band list.  (gsmemret.h, gsmemret.c)

Adds the retrying wrapper to the malloc allocator.  (gsmalloc.c)

Makes "async" printer devices use the retrying wrapper.  (gdevprna.c)

Makes clist_fill_parallelogram recognize rectangles.  This makes a big
difference for images rotated 90 degrees.  (gsrect.h, gdevddrw.c,

Arranges to construct the list of image classes (formerly called strategies)
statically rather than dynamically.  (lib.mak, gscdefs.h, gxiclass.h,
gximage.h, gconf.c, gxi12bit.c, gxicolor.c, gxifast.c, gximono.c,
gxipixel.c, gxiscale.c)

Implements Indexed color spaces for high-level image banding.  (gxclist.h,
gxclpath.h, gxclimag.c, gxclrast.c)

Arranges to construct the blank bitmap for colored patterns statically
rather than dynamically.  (gsbitmap.h, gxbitmap.h, gxcht.c)

Changes FORCE_STRIP_HALFTONES from a #define to a static Boolean.

Implements alternate-space DeviceN color spaces.  (gscspace.h, gxcdevn.h,

Implements DeviceN color spaces for images.  (gximage.h, gsimage.c,
gxi12bit.c, gxicolor.c, gxidata.c, gximage3.c, gximono.c, gxipixel.c)

Speeds up color mapping a bit.  (gxfmap.h, gsdevice.c, gsstate.c,
gxclbits.c, gxclrast.c, gxcmap.c)

Version 5.73 (tester) (3/19/99)

This fileset fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of minor performance improvements. Its purpose is to fix a fairly serious memory management bug and a Microsoft-platform compilation problem, both introduced in 5.72.

Incompatible changes

	- Removes the restriction on device registration that was introduced
in 5.72.
	- gx_[c]path_scale_exp2 are replaced by gx_[c]path_scale_exp2_shared.


Identifies GNU readline support as user-contributed, and adds the author's
name.  (int.mak, unix-gcc.mak, gp_gnrdl.c)

Notes that an edit is required for GNU readline for AIX.  (doc/Make.htm)

Changes the bug reporting e-mail address to
(doc/Bug-form.htm, doc/New-user.htm, doc/Use.htm, imainarg.c)


Adds FEATURE_DEVS_EXTRA and DEVICE_DEVS_EXTRA, reserved for setting from the
command line.  (gs.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- A needed cast was missing.  (gdevx.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A needed cast was missing.  (zfname.c)
	- The CFF loader didn't handle empty subsections correctly.
	- GNU readline gave an error, rather than expanding the input
buffer, when called in response to %lineedit.  (files.h, zfileio.c,
	- GNU readline wasn't always initialized, causing a crash when an
attempt was made to shut it down.  (iminst.h, imain.c)

Adds more tracing to the CFF loader.  (lib/

Adds some deconstifying casts to compensate for broken headers in the GNU
readline package.  (gp_gnrdl.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The bounding box device didn't ignore filling paths consisting
only of a moveto.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- Some systems have S_IFCHR but not S_ISCHR.  (stat_.h)
	- The clipping list accumulator didn't merge single rectangles
correctly.  (gxacpath.c)
	- The clipping list accumulator wasn't aggressive enough about
merging rectangles.  (Performance effect only.)  (gxacpath.c)
	- The page wasn't cleared when installing a new device. (bug
introduced in 5.72) (gsdevice.c)
	- With graphics anti-aliasing enabled, executing clip or eoclip
followed by fill or stroke produced incorrect output.  (bug introduced
between 5.10 and 5.50) (gxpath.h, gspaint.c, gxcpath.c, gxpath2.c)
	- The garbage collector could crash if any banded devices were
active.  (bug introduced in 5.72) (gdevprn.c)

Changes memory management for device instances to allocate the structure
type objects dynamically.  This gets rid of a static, and also gets rid of
the requirement that device prototypes be registered, at the expense of an
extra copy of the (small) structure type object per instance of certain
devices.  (gscdefs.h, gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gconf.c, gsdevice.c)

Disables image interpolation for all high-resolution images, not just
black-and-white, since this produces better-looking output.  (gxiscale.c)

Speeds up path bounding box computation a little.  (gxpath2.c)

Speeds up clipping a little.  (gxclip.c)

Cleans up formatting a bit.  (gxacpath.c)

Adds support for libpng version 1.0.3, but (for now) updates only the
OpenVMS and Unix makefiles to use it.  (libpng.mak, openvms.mak,
openvms.mmk, ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak)

Attempts to work around picky compilers that don't allow assigning T[M][N]
to const T[M][N].  (gxcht.c)

Version 5.72 (tester) (3/17/99)

This fileset finally gets rid of the need to have jpeg, libpng, or zlib source code on Unix systems that already have these libraries available. It also starts to add support for general DeviceN color spaces.

Works in progress:

Incompatible changes

	- The str argument of arg_push_memory_string is no longer const.
	- The last argument of print_reloc is now const.

	- Clients should never call the device open_device or close_device
procedure directly: they should call gs_opendevice or gs_closedevice.
	- The fn_free_functions procedure has been made private.
	- The first argument of gs_currentpoint is no longer const.
	- References to header files in the third-party libraries must now
include a trailing _, i.e.: jerror_.h jmorecf_.h jpeglib_.h png_.h zconf_.h
	- IJG JPEG library versions before v5a are no longer supported.
	- ilog2 replaces small_exact_log2.
	- Support for "outside" clipping has been removed.
	- Clients that define their own devices now must either register
them in the makefile (using the SET[P]DEV[2] macros) or set the stype
pointer in the static prototype to the correct structure type (or at least a
structure type with the correct procedures).


Clarifies the fact that clients should never call the device open_device or
close_device procedure directly.  (doc/Drivers.htm)

Updates contact information for Artifex Software.  (doc/Commprod.htm,

Clarifies the fact that Aladdin did not write gdevcdj.c.  (gdevcdj.c)

Documents the new -TTYPAUSE switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Adds SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 to the list of systems where Ghostscript is known
to build.  (doc/Make.htm)

Notes that the MIPSpro compiler produces incorrect output.


Fixes problems:
	- The Unix install directory ($(gsdatadir)) and the Unix default
search path ($(gsdatadir)/lib) weren't compatible.  (bug introduced since
5.50) (unixinst.mak)
	- The compilation rule for echogs omitted a dependency and also
failed to specify a directory for header files.  (unix-aux.mak)
	- Third-party library source code was required even if the
corresponding SHARE_xxx option was set to 1.  (devs.mak, gs.mak, int.mak,
lib.mak, jpeg.mak)

Adds a -dTTYPAUSE switch to cause .confirm to read from /dev/tty instead of
stdin, useful when the data input is a pipe.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Some preprocessor macros were defined twice on VMS.  (echogs.c)
	- didn't build operator-tracing procedures in global VM.
(This didn't matter before we introduced local pseudo-operators.)
	- geninit produced invalid output or hung if the input files didn't
have the correct EOL representation for the platform.  (geninit.c)

Updates a (probably otherwise obsolete) file for the deletion of the private
JPEG library error message table.  (


Fixes problems:
	- A procedure returning void tried to return a value.  (gdevtfax.c)
	- For 24-bit displays, XGetImage can return an image in which
bits_per_pixel is 32 rather than 24, which is not at all obvious from the
documentation; also, the bit and byte ordering may not be MSBFirst.
	- XFree takes a char *, not a void *.  (gdevx.c)
	- The fix in 5.71 to adjust the width of TIFF images introduced
another bug.  (gdevtfax.c)
	- If the X driver used a standard colormap, pixel values 255 and
less didn't map back to RGB properly. (bug introduced in 5.71) (gdevxcmp.c)
	- The ForceMono addition to gdevbit.c (in 5.71) was incorrect.
	- There was a const mismatch in an extern.  (gdevxalt.c)
	- Third-party library source code was required even if the
corresponding SHARE_xxx option was set to 1.  Fixing this required
referencing all third-party library header files through *_.h files.
(gdevjpeg.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpng.c, gdevpsdi.c, gdevpsdp.c)
	- There was no way to cause the bounding box device to give up its
reference to the target.  (gdevbbox.h, gdevbbox.c)
	- pdfwrite crashed if given a 12-bit-per-sample CMYK image when
ConvertCMYKImagesToRGB was true, and produced invalid output for other
12-bit-per-sample images (PDF limits bits-per-sample to 8).  (gdevpsdi.c)
	- pdfwrite mangled planar images if bits-per-sample was other than
8.  (bug introduced since 5.50) (gdevpdfi.c)

Changes some code to reduce compiler warnings about casts discarding const.

Removes a test that allowed referencing the statically allocated instance of
the alternative X drivers.  (gdevxalt.c)

Changes a reference to small_exact_log2.  (gdevsvga.c)

Greatly improves the PDF writer's handling of simple pattern fills, by
retaining them as pattern fills.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Cn in a font name wasn't recognized as indicating a condensed
font.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Third-party library source code was required even if the
corresponding SHARE_xxx option was set to 1.  Fixing this required
referencing all third-party library header files through *_.h files.
(zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c)
	- An /undefined error occurred on floating point numbers whose
integer part exceeded the size of a long (normally 31 bits) and that also
included a fraction.  (iscannum.c)
	- ialloc.c included gxarith.h unnecessarily.  (ialloc.c)

When opening a terminal for reading, always sets the buffer size to 1.  This
does not apply to %stdin, %lineedit, or %statementedit.  (zfile.c)

Changes code to use the new deconstifying freeing procedures, to remove
deconstifying casts.  (gsargs.h, ialloc.h, gsargs.c, zfname.c, zfunc.c)

Adds a writable packed ref pointer variant to ref.value, to remove compiler
warnings about casts discarding const.  (igc.h, iref.h, idict.c, igc.c,

Changes the help printouts to use the new printf_program_ident procedure.

Generalizes clients to handle color spaces that may have more than 4
components.  (zcsdevn.c, zcsindex.c, zcssepr.c, zdpnext.c, zfdecode.c)

Removes support for outside clipping, which we implemented only because we
misinterpreted a requirement.  (zpath.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Selecting a colored Pattern color space caused an error.
(lib/, lib/
	- Reading data from a subfile with no filter caused an error.

Allows mask images to omit BitsPerComponent: Acrobat Reader accepts this
even though the PDF specification requires it to be present (with value =
1).  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The PixelDifference filters didn't propagate leftover bits in the
last byte of a row. (bug probably introduced in 5.60) (spdiff.c)
	- The 1- and 2-bit-per-pixel PixelDifferenceEncode filters were
broken.  (spdiff.c)

Changes code slightly to remove a warning about an uninitialized variable.

Extends the PixelDifference filters to handle more than 4 Colors.
s_PDiff_max_Colors is the maximum value.  (spdiffx.h, spdiff.c)

Adds a stream for converting 12-bit samples to 8-bit.  (gdevpsds.h,

Gets rid of the no longer needed private copy of the JPEG error message
table.  (sdcte.c, sdeparam.c, sjpegerr.c [deleted], sjpegc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- If a 1-bit-per-pixel image terminated early, the last few scan
lines might not be written out.  (gxidata.c)
	- The bbox device could leave its target in a half-open state,
because it called the open/close_device procedures directly rather than
going through gs_open/closedevice.  We "fixed" this by making this device
forward open and close, but conditionally, so that clients can choose.
	- Third-party library source code was required even if the
corresponding SHARE_xxx option was set to 1.  Fixing this required
referencing all third-party library header files through *_.h files.
(sdcparam.c, sdctc.c, sdctd.c, sddparam.c, sjpegc.c, sjpegd.c, sjpege.c,
	- Low-memory recovery in the band list writer sometimes didn't work,
because a test was backwards.  (gxcldev.h, gxclist.c)
	- Executing a put_params during band rasterizing didn't update
cached values in the imager state.  This was probably not a problem in
practice, since the only parameters that affect cached values (device color
space, depth, and color mapping) were very rarely set.  (gxclrast.c)
	- Converting 12-bit planar images to chunky format could store
beyond the end of the output area and corrupt memory.  (gsflip.h, gsflip.c)
	- The algorithms for converting 4-plane, 1- and 2-bit planar images
to chunky format were wrong.  (gsflip.c)
	- Images that lay entirely outside the page could cause a memory
access error.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The bbox device could return excessively conservative values for
stroked paths.  (gxpaint.h, gdevbbox.c, gxpaint.c, gxstroke.c)
	- Banding devices now include some pointers that the garbage
collector must trace.  (gdevprn.h, gxclist.h, gxdevice.h, gdevprn.c,
gsdevice.c, gxclist.c)

Adds a gs_opendevice procedure to mirror gs_closedevice.  (gsdevice.h,

Adds deconstifying freeing procedures to the memory manager.  This allows us
to have pointers as structure members that should be const * for all
ordinary clients, and still be able to free the referenced objects without a
compiler warning.  (gsmemory.h, gsmemory.c)

Changes code, often to use the new deconstifying freeing procedures, to
remove deconstifying casts.  (gspath.h, gxfunc.h, gsfunc.c, gsfunc0.c,
gsfunc3.c, gspath.c, gsptype1.c)

Changes the eprintf macros so they print the version as well as the program
name.  (std.h, gscdef.c, gsmisc.c)

Adds procedures that update cached values in graphics or imager states after
setting device parameters.  Clients should use these when setting parameters
of devices that may be current in graphics or imager states.  Note that this
is only a partial solution for a much deeper problem, and may even have to
be replaced at some point.  (gsdevice.h, gsdevice.c)

Defines GS_CLIENT_COLOR_MAX_COMPONENTS (in gsccolor.h),
and starts to use them where needed, in anticipation of implementing DeviceN
color spaces.  (gsccolor.h, gsdcolor.h, gsiparam.h, gsiparm4.h, gxcindex.h,
gxctable.h, gximage.h, gxshade.h, gdevplnx.c, gscdevn.c, gscolor2.c,
gxcht.c, gxclimag.c, gxcmap.c, gxicolor.c, gxctable.c, gxi12bit.c)

Replaces small_exact_log2 by a procedure ilog2 that computes floor(log2(n)).
(gxarith.h, gsmisc.c, gspaint.c, gxccman.c, gxclimag.c, gxclrect.c)

Upgrades gsflip.c to handle >4 planes.  (gsbitops.h, gsflip.h, gsflip.c)

Speeds up getting and testing memory device prototypes a little.  (gdevmem.c)

Speeds up adding arcs to a path a little.  (gspath1.c)

Increases the precision of a precomputed constant from float to double.

Adds a new band list operation to make circles smaller and faster.
(gxclpath.h, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c)

Adds an accessor procedure for the start point of the current subpath.
(gxpath.h, gxpath2.c)

Removes support for outside clipping, which we implemented only because we
misinterpreted a requirement.  (gspath.h, gxcldev.h, gxcpath.h, gxpath.h,
gspath.c, gxacpath.c, gxclip.c, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c, gxcpath.c)

Changes gs_copydevice to require that static prototypes either be registered
in gx_device_list or have a correct stype pointer.  (This is already the
case for all devices in code we distribute.)  (gsdevice.c)

Adds ENUM_PTRS_PROC and RELOC_PTRS_PROC macros for giving a name to the
typed pointer to the object being processed.  (gsstruct.h)

Version 5.71 (tester) (3/3/99)

This fileset reinstates support for TrueColor X displays, and adds optional support for GNU readline. It also includes a little more work on the new driver text API.

Incompatible changes

	- The *line_accum* macros are now capitalized; declare_line_accum is


Documents the CIE joint cache invariant more accurately.  (gscie.h)

Adds a request for xdpyinfo/xwininfo output to the problem reporting form.


Fixes problems:
	- The default search path was missing the lib subdirectory on many
platforms.  (dvx-gcc.mak, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak,
unixtrad.mak, watc.mak, watclib.mak, watcw32.mak)
	- The dependency list for the X Windows drivers was incorrect,
sometimes causing needed recompilation to be omitted.  (devs.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The representation of maximum unsigned values produced warnings on
some compilers (specifically, gcc with -Wtraditional).  (genarch.c)
	- Some string variables weren't declared const.  (echogs.c,
	- The viewpbm utility was broken for pgm and ppm (but not pbm).
(bug introduced in 5.66) (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The X driver didn't handle TrueColor displays properly.
(gdevxcmp.h, gdevxcmp.c)
	- The alternative X drivers didn't implement get_bits properly.
	- The X driver specified the byte order incorrectly for displays
with more than 8 bits per pixel.  (gdevx.c)
	- The X driver used the wrong number of bits for comparing colors on
visuals with fixed color maps.  (gdevxcmp.h, gdevxcmp.c)
	- Some symbols were multiply defined with -DNOPRIVATE.  (gdevbit.c)
	- If a file specified a paper size, rather than using the default,
the G3/G4 fax output drivers didn't adjust the width to a legal one for fax
systems.  (gdevtfax.c)

Segregates the resource lists, for which warnings about casting of const to
non-const string types should be suppressed, into a separate file.
(devs.mak, gdevx.h, gdevxini.c, gdevxres.c)

Splits off the code related to color mapping for X Windows, for greater
understandability.  (devs.mak, gdevx.h, gdevxcmp.h, gdevx.c, gdevxcmp.c,

Changes code slightly to remove warnings about signed/unsigned integer
constants.  (gdevxalt.c)

Changes code to remove unused variables.  (gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver for the H-P LaserJet 4D.  (devs.mak,

Makes the bitcmyk driver reset its map_cmyk_color procedure dynamically
according to the depth, allowing more efficient execution in the 1- and
8-bit cases.  (gdevbit.c)

Adds a settable option, AdjustWidth, to control whether the fax-format
drivers (faxg*, tiffcrle, tiffg*) adjust the page width to legal fax values.
Its default value is 1 (do adjust).  (devs.mak, gdevtfax.c)

Adds a ForceMono parameter to the bitcmyk/bitrgb devices to implement a
special monochrome-in-CMYK mode requested by a customer.  (gdevbit.c)

Removes the TRIM_ and EXPAND_BITS_TO_BYTES options from the bit devices,
since they are no longer needed.  (gdevbit.c)


Changes the substitution mechanism for condensed / narrow fonts, so that the
PDF interpreter can use it.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The bind operator generated unaligned accesses and might not
operate reliably. (bug introduced in 5.70) (zmisc.c)
	- If the BuildChar procedure of a font included an image or
imagemask operator, charpath would (incorrectly) display the character.

Adds a bogus return statement to suppress a compiler warning.  (gs.c)

Changes code slightly to remove warnings about signed/unsigned integer
constants.  (store.h, ibnum.c)

Changes the build date format to %d-%02d-%02d.  (lib/, imainarg.c)

Rearranges some code to add readline support.  (files.h, imain.c, zfileio.c,

Adds support for GNU readline, with several completion keys, contributed by
a user.  (int.mak,, gp_gnrdl.c)

Changes the font substitution machinery slightly so the PDF interpreter can
use it.  (lib/

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- In-line images caused a syntaxerror or stackunderflow.
	- The font substitution mechanism didn't detect Condensed fonts.
	- The font substitution mechanism didn't use the intelligent
algorithm used for PostScript files.  (lib/

Prints a message when substituting for a font on the basis of its
descriptor.  (lib/


Adds an interface and default implementation for readline.  (srdline.h,
stream.h, stream.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A void procedure attempted to return a value.  (stream.c)
	- A pointer was declared with an extra *.  (gsmemory.c)
	- An argument would be stringified with traditional C.  (gdevdbit.c)
	- The check for validity of the CIE joint caches was wrong, leading
to incorrect output in some obscure cases.  (gsciemap.c)
	- A tiny rounding inaccuracy could cause an occasional blank line
when rendering adjacent images.  (gxipixel.c)
	- Some symbols were multiply defined with -DNOPRIVATE.  (gsptype2.h)
	- If a character was too large to be cached, it didn't use
anti-aliasing, even if TextAlphaBits was >1.  (gspaint.c)

Changes code slightly to remove warnings about signed/unsigned integer
constants.  (gsccode.h, gsmisc.c, gxcht.c)

Changes code to remove a warning about an unhandled case in a switch.
(gsstruct.h, gsmemory.c)

Changes code to remove unused variables.  (gxcindex.h, gdevdbit.c,
gdevprn.c, gxiscale.c)

Restructures the header files for the new text API, adding the SINGLE
options in text_params, enough new elements in text_enum to store all the
arguments of text_begin, and new elements in text_enum to hold results
returned by text_process.  This code is no longer "subject to [arbitrary]
change without notice", although it is still not very stable.  (gstext.h,
gxtext.h, gstext.c)

Changes code to remove warnings about uninitialized variables.  (gxipixel.c)

Changes the syntactic form of some constants yet again to suppress a
different set of compiler warnings.  (gxsample.c)

Adds a procedure to fix the charpath-in-BuildChar problem.  (gsimage.h,
gsimage.c, gsptype1.c)

Speeds up the handling of certain RasterOp cases for CMYK devices.
(gxdevice.h, gxdevmem.h, gdevdrop.c, gdevmem.c, gdevmr8n.c, gdevrops.c)

Adds a platform-specific interface for reading lines from stdin.  This is
intended primarily to support GNU readline.  (lib.mak, gp.h, gp_strdl.c)

Version 5.70 (internal) (2/20/99)

This fileset includes substantial changes to the interpreter in support of making it fully reentrant (eliminating writable globals).

Incompatible changes

	- The ref_stack structure has been renamed ref_stack_t, and has been
changed substantially.  Clients should now access all of its members, other
than the pointers to the current block, through the macros or procedures
defined in istack.h.  The STACK_LOOP_{BEGIN,END} macros have been removed.
	- The argument of context_state_load is no longer const.
	- Each file's table of operator definitions is now limited to 16
entries.  op_def_table[] no longer exists: use op_index_def() instead.
	- invalid_file_entry now has an associated VM space,
avm_invalid_file_entry, that must be used in constructing invalid file refs.
	- restore will now undo binding of pseudo-operators.  Attempting to
bind a local pseudo-operator into a global procedure will cause an
invalidaccess error.


Updates the driver documentation a bit.  It probably still includes a lot of
out-of-date text.  (doc/Drivers.htm)

Improves the problem reporting form to make it absolutely clear that test
data are required, and that the problem must be reproducible without using a
viewer.  (doc/Bug-form.htm)

Documents the -dDOINTERPOLATE switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Documents the difference between public and tester releases, in connection
with making tester releases available to everyone.  (doc/New-user.htm)

Updates the list of history files.  (doc/Readme.htm)

Adds a questionnaire for people who want to be notified of new test
releases.  (doc/Readme.htm, doc/Tester.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- A ! was missing before an include.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak)
	- A trailing \ in some macro definitions was quoted incorrectly.
(bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak)
	- An editing error prevented a makefile from working.  (bcwin32.mak)
	- The 16-bit spooler executable didn't reference its icon correctly.
	- The Watcom makefiles had gotten badly out of date.  (watc.mak,
watclib.mak, wccommon.mak)
	- Some DEVICE_DEVS lines were too long for the shell to handle.
	- A space was missing before a colon.  (openvms.mmk)

Updates MSVC support to handle version 6.  (msvc32.mak)

Extends genconf to handle function types as well as image types, and changes
the output for image types.  (genconf.c)

Desupports the use of CONFIG for selecting between multiple configurations,
since parameterized output directories do this better.  (bcwin32.mak,
dvx-gcc.mak, gs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak, msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak, openvms.mak,
openvms.mmk, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak,
watc.mak, watclib.mak, watcw32.mak)

Adds a -dDOINTERPOLATE switch to force Interpolate in all images.


Rewrites viewpcx to eliminate dependence on a special filter.


Fixes problems:
	- The [e]pswrite and pdfwrite drivers wrote out clipping paths using
the winding number rule even if the path had been set with eoclip.
(gdevpdfd.c, gdevvec.c)
	- Some occurrences of ushort should have been gx_color_value.
	- A comment was accidentally left outside comment quotes.
	- There was a char/byte mismatch not covered by a cast.
	- There were still some references to the 'huge' keyword, which has
been superseded by FAR.  (gdevwdib.c)
	- Some obsolete references to which_colors hadn't been removed.
	- The [e]pswrite driver produced incorrect output for a curveto or
closepath followed by a lineto and then a moveto.  (gdevps.c)
	- The [e]pswrite driver could produce incorrect output for paths
ending with a lineto.  (gdevps.c)
	- The name paper_sizes was used both by a driver and by other code,
causing a problem when building with -dNOPRIVATE.  (gdevclj.c)

Consolidates the X error handling statics into a structure.  (gdevxini.c)

Updates the pdfwrite driver to reflect the addition of state to the
ASCII85Encode filter.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver for the Lexmark 5700 printer (black-and-white
only).  (contrib.mak, gdevlxm.c)

Updates the mswinpr2 driver with a new, user-contributed one that includes
interaction with the user.  (gdevwpr2.c)


Fixes problems:
	- When TrueType support was present, the FONTPATH scanner didn't
recognize TrueType fonts whose 'type' was "true" rather than the documented
<00 01 00 00>.  (lib/
	- When DEBUG was set, loading a TrueType font could cause an
/undefined error.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- Local (pseudo-)operators could get bound into global procedures
with 'bind', causing dangling references.  Attempting this now causes an
invalidaccess error.  Fixing this also required making restore undo binding
of pseudo-operators.  (zmisc.c)
	- A harmless dictfull error occurring during language level
switching caused an error.  (zmisc2.c)
	- If given a closed input file, flushfile caused an error, rather
than doing nothing.  (zfileio.c)

Renames the ref_stack structure as ref_stack_t, and factors it so that the
parts set only at initialization are separated from the dynamic parts, in
support of moving the stacks from static to dynamic storage.  (icstate.h,
idebug.h, idstack.h, iestack.h, iostack.h, iparam.h, iparray.h, istack.h,
idebug.c, interp.c, iparam.c, istack.c, zcontext.c, zpacked.c, zvmem.c)

Moves the dynamic part of the stacks in-line in the context structure; gets
rid of the statically allocated stacks.  (dstack.h, estack.h, icontext.h,
icstate.h, idstack.h, iestack.h, interp.h, iostack.h, ostack.h, icontext.c,
iinit.c, interp.c, zcontext.c)

Packages the dictionary lookup statistics in a structure, like the other
statistics.  (idict.c)

Changes from dynamic to static initialization of the function type table.
(int.mak, ifunc.h, iconf.c, zfunc.c, zfunc0.c, zfunc3.c)

Removes the PCXDecode filter.  (zfilterx.c)

Removes more writable statics.  (int.mak, btoken.h, files.h, icstate.h,
igstate.h, ipacked.h, iscan.h, icontext.c, imain.c, iscan.c, iscanbin.c,
zbseq.c, zcolor2.c, zcontext.c, zgstate.c, ziodev.c, zmath.c, zpcolor.c,

Changes the representation of the operator table to avoid allocating a
dynamic copy.  This introduces a limit of 16 entries per definition set.
(int.mak, opdef.h, iconf.c, idebug.c, iinit.c, interp.c, iutil.c,
zcontext.c, zcontrol.c, zdict.c, zfileio.c, zgstate.c, ztype.c)

Includes the ASCII85Decode filter in all configurations, for simplicity.
(iscan.c, zfdecode.c)

Makes the invalid file reference point to a static object.  (files.h,
icontext.c, zfile.c, ziodev.c)

Changes all dictfull error returns from the dictionary code to use
return_error.  This should have been done a long time ago!  (idict.c)

Increases the predefined size of systemdict a little more because .upp files
may define a lot of new entries.  (iinit.c)

Adds a few more interpreter statistics.  (interp.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Images never closed the data stream, placing a heavy load on the
garbage collector to clean up streams and stream states.  (lib/
	- Streams stored on external files didn't work.  (lib/

Reorganizes code slightly to allocate less memory for in-line images.

Speeds up some common operations a little.  (lib/


Removes the PCXDecode filter.  (spcxx.h [deleted], spcxd.c [deleted])

Changes the name of a variable for greater clarity.  (stream.c)

Splits off the ASCII85Decode filter into a separate file, since it turns out
to be convenient to include it in all configurations.  (sa85d.h, sa85x.h,
sa85d.c, sfilter2.c)

Makes an initialization entry point available for non-heap-allocated
streams.  (stream.h, stream.c)

Changes the ASCII85Encode filter so it always produces lines of at most 80
characters, not counting the EOD marker.  THIS IS A NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
CHANGE, because this filter now needs a state structure, which it didn't
before.  (sa85x.h, sfilter2.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Reference counting of graphics state elements was wrong when
creating multiple contexts, causing memory corruption. (bug probably
introduced in 5.68) (gsstate.c)
	- If CIE joint caches were created because the reference count of
the existing caches was >1, the new caches weren't initialized correctly.
(bug introduced in 5.60, found by Ray Johnston.)  (gscie.c)
	- If Margins are set so that part of the default clipping region
lies outside the ((0,0),(width,height)) device coordinate space, the fast
case of images could cause a memory access error.  (gxifast.c)
	- In the case of a halftone with more bits than levels,
gx_check_tile_cache could incorrectly return false, causing images to render
more slowly than they should.  (gzht.h, gxht.c)
	- There was a const mismatch between an argument and the formal
parameter.  (gdevprn.h, gdevprn.c, gxclread.c)
	- An error in the definition of st_imager_state_num_ptrs caused the
garbage collector to omit marking one pointer in imager states, possibly
causing memory corruption.  (gxistate.h)
	- The bbox device, used with no target, didn't properly handle
images where more data was provided than needed.  (gdevbbox.c)

Removes any pretense of supporting multiple threads in a single-threaded
environment.  Dummy synchronization primitives, however, are still provided.

Removes more writable statics.  (gximage.h, gxi12bit.c, gxino12b.c,

Changes the handling of image types, and adds similar handling for function
types.  (gscdefs.h, gconf.c)

Consolidates the gs_std* files into a structure.  (gsio.h, gsmisc.c)

Speeds up the fastest (common) case of clipping fill_rectangle and copy_mono
operations.  We could do the same for the other operations if we wanted.

Identifies this fileset as a tester release.  (gscdef.c)

Version 5.69 (internal) (2/4/99)

This incremental fileset fixes minor compilation problems, as well as many problems with driver-based CRDs (not used by PostScript or PDF).


Fixes problems:
	- The OpenVMS makefile had not been updated properly to reflect the
division of files into subdirectories.  (openvms.mak)
	- A space was missing before a :.  (devs.mak)
	- The MMK makefile had not been updated to reflect the renaming of
the psm[raw] devices to pksm[raw].  (openvms.mmk)

Changes the default name of the build directory for the library test program
from debugobj to libobj, so that one can work with both library and
interpreter builds without interference.  (ugcclib.mak)

Adds -fno-builtin to the gcc switches, to detect failure to declare
functions like memcpy, at a small cost in performance.  (ugcclib.mak,


Makes a couple of minor fixes to ansi2knr, suggested by users.  (ansi2knr.c)

Updates with an improved version from its author.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The 32-bit CMYK "async" BMP driver was declared incorrectly as a
non-async device.  (gdevbmpa.c)
	- Some #includes were missing, because gcc didn't warn about
failures to declare certain standard functions.  (x_.h, gdevdcrd.c, gdevx.c)
	- The PC frame buffer device still referred to _ss and near.
	- The [e]pswrite driver didn't handle bitmaps with a non-zero X bit
offset correctly.  (gdevps.c)
	- The pdfwrite driver wrote all clipping paths with the winding
number rule, even if they were established by eoclip.  (gdevpdfd.c)
	- "Vector" drivers wrote all clipping paths with the winding number
rule, even if they were established by eoclip.  (gdevvec.c)

Adds the CRDName parameter to the sample driver-based CRD.  (gdevdcrd.c)

Tweaks the sample driver-based CRD to make it a more realistic (closer to
the PostScript default).  (gdevdcrd.c)

Adds the sample driver-based CRD to the modified X drivers.  (devs.mak,


Fixes problems:
	- Some #includes were missing, because gcc didn't warn about
failures to declare certain standard functions.  (zchar1.c)
	- Driver CRDs were not supported properly.  (zcrd.c, lib/

Changes some code because non-int switch expressions are not handled
correctly in pre-ANSI C.  (igcref.c, zdevice.c)

Adds the ability to set the orientation of zero-length "dots".  (zgstate.c)

Adds comments on an alternative shallow-binding design.  (dstack.h)

Changes the threshold for repeatedly rescanning change lists so that it is
based on the cumulative amount of rescanning and not the amount in a single
pass.  (isave.c)


Changes some code because non-int switch expressions are not handled
correctly in pre-ANSI C.  (sfilter1.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some casts to (gx_device *) were missing.  (gschar.c)
	- Some #includes were missing, because gcc doesn't warn about
failures to declare certain standard functions.  (gdevdgbr.c, gscie.c,
gsmatrix.c, gxshade1.c)
	- gxclread.c now needs gdevprn.h to declare certain procedures.  We
tried very hard to make the command list machinery not depend on anything
related to printer devices, but at this point we have not succeeded.
	- For CRDs set by library clients, the is_identity flags in the
caches were set incorrectly, producing incorrect output.  (gscie.h, gscie.c,
gscrd.c, gscrdp.c)
	- For CRDs set by library clients, the EncodeABC and RenderTable T
procedures were sampled incorrectly.  (gsciemap.c, gscrd.c)
	- The interpreter tried to sample the TransformPQR functions in the
PostScript CRD even for driver CRDs.  (gscie.h, gscie.c)
	- Library assistance was needed for the interpreter to support
driver CRDs properly.  (gscrdp.h, gscrdp.c)
	- The procedures that accessed cached CIE values didn't round the
index, so accessing already-cached values could wipe out the cache.
	- The procedure that accessed cached RenderTable.T values simply
wasn't implemented.  (gscrd.c)

Adds an "if (1)" to a macro to suppress "statement not reached" warnings
from stupid compilers.  (gsmemlok.c)

Changes the syntactic form of some constant tables to suppress
signed/unsigned warning messages.  (gsbitops.c, gxsample.c)

Changes some switch statements to if/else because non-int switch expressions
are not handled correctly in pre-ANSI C.  (gdevmr8n.c, gxdcolor.c)

Adds the ability to set the orientation of zero-length "dots".  (gsline.h,
gxline.h, gsline.c, gsstate.c, gxstroke.c)

Adds an allocator state variable to support the change in the rescanning
algorithm.  (gxalloc.h)

Version 5.68 (internal) (1/29/99)

This fileset implements PatternType 2 (gradient fill) Patterns. All significant PostScript LanguageLevel 3 features are now implemented, except for DeviceN color spaces. We have also verified that the MMK script for OpenVMS also works with MMS.

Note that there are significant non-backward compatible changes to memory management for device instances: we are sorry about this, but just as with paths in 5.22, we had to fix this design problem at some point.

Incompatible changes

	- A new makefile, unix-aux.mak, must be included in all Unix
top-level makefiles.  (It is included in the ones we distribute.)
unixtail.mak is renamed unixlink.mak.

	- The names of the anti-aliasing parameters in the device color_info
structure have been changed.
	- Dummy definitions for PC-specific C keywords (_cs, _ds, _ss, near,
far, huge) are no longer provided: these keywords should be removed from
non-PC-specific code.
	- The names of the alignment_mod, ptr_le, ptr_lt, ptr_ge, ptr_gt,
and ptr_between macros have been changed to upper case (ALIGNMENT_MOD etc.)
	- gs_make_null_device now takes an additional argument.
	- The ccolor member of a gx_device_color is no longer inside a
	- Clients now must initialize Pattern templates with
gs_patternN_init, where N is the PatternType (normally 1), before filling in
the members.
	- gs_pattern_instance_common_t is renamed gs_pattern_instance_t;
gs_pattern_instance is renamed gs_pattern1_instance.
	- To set the target of a forwarding device, you must now use
gx_device_set_target rather than setting the target member directly.
	- Memory management for devices has changed substantially, and in a
subtle way.  If you have code that calls the library, please read the
documentation in gxdevcli.h.
	- Callers of the driver create_buf_device procedure must always call
it through gdev_create_buf_device, never directly.
	- For composite and CID-keyed fonts, the character code returned by
gs_show_current_char and gs_kshow_previous_char is now the full multi-byte
character code rather than just the last byte of the code.
	- gdev_cmap_set_method has been replaced by a device parameter,
	- The CRD pointer parameter for param_write_cie_render1 and
param_put_cie_render1 is no longer const.


Fixes problems:
	- The documentation for resize_object and resize_string didn't allow
the new size to be the same as the old size, didn't describe what data was
preserved, and didn't guarantee to return the same object if the new size
was the same as the old size.  (gsmemraw.h, gsmemory.h)
	- The documentation for the value returned by the internal
.getmetrics32 operator was incorrect.  (zchar32.c)
	- The documentation for the special color mapping device didn't say
that the caller had to call gs_setdevice_no_init to update graphics states.

Notes that OPENVMS.MMK works with both MMK and MMS.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds a note to the C style guide about nested vs. multi-branch 'if'
statements.  (doc/C-style.htm)

Notes that the multi-threaded ("async") drivers require libc version 6 or
higher under GNU/Linux.  (doc/Make.htm)

Notes additional Irix/MIPSpro combinations that compile idict.c incorrectly,
and gives a workaround.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds a couple more acknowledgements.  (doc/Helpers.htm)

Documents the new -Z^ switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Documents the new rules about memory management for device instances
(gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h)


Fixes problems:
	- The "async" BMP devices were accidentally included in the default
list for Unix, leading to a requirement for the POSIX thread package, which
is not available on all systems.  (unix-gcc.mak)
	- There was a minor typo in the new MMK script.  (openvms.mmk)
	- The MMK script redefines macros, which MMS does not allow.
	- The gcc version test used gcc rather than $(CC) for the compiler
name.  (unix-gcc.mak)
	- There was a minor typo in the pcx2up device makefile entry.
	- Some commands in the Unix install rules referenced sh rather than
$(SHELL).  (unixinst.mak)

Makes (dummy) in-RIP trapping an optional feature, and removes it from the
default configuration.  (int.mak, lib.mak)

Splits off the build rules for the Unix auxiliary programs, so they can be
shared between interpreter and library configurations.  (ugcclib.mak,
unix-aux.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtail.mak [deleted],
unixlink.mak, unixtrad.mak)

Adds the bitcmyk device to the list of devices for the library test program.


Fixes problems:
	- ansi2knr didn't handle occurrences of '/' or quoted strings inside
an argument list correctly.  (ansi2knr.c)

At the suggestion of a GNU person, makes ansi2knr check for output errors.


Fixes problems:
	- Setting the resolution on the SPARCprinter didn't work.
	- Even in PDF 1.1 compatibility mode, the PDF writer used a
predictor to compress images.  (gdevpsdi.c)
	- Reference counting for devices was not implemented consistently.
	- gcc (again) missed some static / non-static inconsistencies.
(gdevbmpa.c, gdevifno.c)

Removes all remaining uses of segment identifiers (_cs, _ds, _ss) from
non-PC-specific code.  (gdev3852.c, gdevcdj.c, gdevhl7x.c, gdevl256.c,
gdevmgr.c, gdevsgi.c, gdevsppr.c, gdevvglb.c)

Removes all remaining uses of the 'near' keyword from non-PC-specific code.
(gdevcd8.c, gdevcdj.c, gdevcgm.c)

Changes uses of round_up to ROUND_UP.  (gdevmsxf.c, gdevpcx.c, gdevpx.c,

Adds user-contributed support for 16-bit displays to the MS Windows driver.
(gdevmswn.c, gdevwdib.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver (sunhmono) for the Harlequin variant of 1-bit
Sun raster files.  We expect to add other varieties of Sun Raster file
eventually as well.  (contrib.mak, gdevsunr.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver (fs600) for the Kyocera FS-600 laser printer.
(devs.mak, gdevdjet.c)

Replaces the sample device CRD with a slightly hacked version of the default
PostScript CRD, and moves it to a separate file for greater flexibility in
testing.  (gdevdcrd.h, gdevbit.c, gdevdcrd.c)

Adds standard and "async" 32-bit CMYK BMP drivers (even though this is
outside the published BMP format).  (gdevbmp.c, gdevbmpa.c)

Changes the names of the separated-CMYK PBM drivers from psm to pksm, to be
more descriptive.  (devs.mak, openvms.mak, unix-gcc.mak, gdevpbm.c)


Fixes problems:
	- On MS Windows and OS/2, "(%stdin) (r) file bytesavailable" caused
a crash.  (gp_msio.c, gp_os2.c)


Fixes problems:
	- TrueType fonts with fewer glyph names in post than entries in loca
caused an error.  (

Adds additional tracing to the TrueType font loader.  (lib/

Per Adobe, adds the Euro symbol under the name /Euro (capitalized) to
various built-in Encodings.  (lib/, lib/,
lib/, lib/


Fixes problems:
	- An extraneous file got left in the fileset.  (lib/
	- The number of required arguments for .pathbbox was incorrectly
specified as 0 rather than 1.  (zpath1.c)
	- Opening a ReusableStreamDecode filter with a string source and no
decoding filters left an extra value on the stack.  (lib/
	- Type 32 fonts sometimes didn't display the characters, or
displayed them offset.  (lib/
	- In LanguageLevel 3, copypage still called EndPage with 1 rather
than 0.  (lib/
	- The HalftoneName parameter was missing from the trapping parameter
set.  (lib/
	- CMap character entries were processed in the wrong order.
	- CMap'ed non-CID fonts didn't work properly, because they called
BuildChar with the original character code rather than BuildGlyph with the
mapped glyph.  (zchar.c)
	- Using an out-of-range CID value with a CIDFont caused an error
rather than substituting a notdef.  (lib/
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts with a GlyphDirectory didn't fall back to the
indexed character data if the CID wasn't in the GlyphDirectory.
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts didn't substitute a notdef at all.

Changes uses of round_up to ROUND_UP.  (igcstr.c)

Updates clients for the object-oriented changes to Patterns.  (zcolor2.c,

Implements the rest of PatternType 2.  (ipcolor.h, zpcolor.c, zshade.c)

Makes in-RIP trapping an optional feature.  (lib/, lib/

Updates clients for the change in gs_show_current_char.  (zcfont.c, zchar.c)

Changes the dict_*_param macros to procedures, for easier tracing.  This
includes a change in the return value of dict_matrix3_param.  (icie.h,
zcie.c, zcrd.c)


Changes uses of round_up to ROUND_UP.  (scfd.c, scfe.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Once again, gcc failed to flag a static procedure declaration
followed by a non-static definition.  (gdevprna.c, gximage3.c)
	- Anti-aliasing no longer worked for the x11alpha device.  To fix
this, we factored out the anti-aliasing information in the
gx_device_color_info structure.  (bug introduced in 5.65) (gxdevcli.h,
gdevabuf.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevxalt.c, gsdparam.c)
	- An empty declaration generated an extraneous semicolon.
	- Some macros that generated an if-else construct didn't enclose it
in BEGIN/END, possibly leading to incorrect parsing.  (gxobj.h)
	- A comment was missing a closing */.  (gxpageq.h)
	- The handling of the phase in Pattern filling was broken again.  We
probably broke it with the "fix" introduced in 5.24.  (gxp1fill.c)
	- Looking up an undefined IODevice name caused a memory access
error.  (bug claimed to be fixed in 5.24) (gsiodev.c)
	- The null device installed for stringwidth didn't copy the color
mapping information from its target, causing confusion if the current device
was a pattern accumulator.  (gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gschar.c, gsdevice.c,
	- mem_mapped2_copy_mono produced incorrect results for byte-aligned
rectangles exactly 1 byte wide (fix from John D.), and could also access
data 1 byte beyond the end of each source row.  (gdevm2.c)
	- In the case of a masked image or a RasterOp involving a Pattern,
the garbage collector could fail to follow a pointer, possibly causing
memory corruption.  (gsdcolor.h)
	- Assigning a double value to a float variable caused an infinite
recursion.  (gxshade1.c)
	- Failure to detect when the region being filled had become very
small caused excessive recursion.  (gxshade4.c)
	- The default implementations of resize_object didn't always return
the old object if the old and new sizes were the same.  (gsalloc.c,
	- The left side bearing of TrueType characters was sometimes
calculated incorrectly.  (gstype42.c)
	- The TrueType renderer disregarded the left side bearing values.
We aren't sure that the change we made is right, but it seems to produce
better output.  (gstype42.c)
	- Shadings used the first Decode entry for both X and Y values.
	- Function-based Shadings sometimes omitted part of their output.
	- Function-based Shadings didn't access 4-bit-per-sample data
correctly.  (gsfunc0.c)
	- The malloc/free-based allocator didn't finalize objects when
freeing them.  (gsmalloc.c)
	- Reference counting for device instances was not implemented even
close to consistently.  THIS IS THE BUG TAIL WE WORRIED ABOUT IN 5.24.
(gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevcmap.c, gdevmem.c, gdevnfwd.c,
gdevplnx.c, gdevprn.c, gdevrops.c, gsalphac.c, gschar.c, gsdevice.c,
gsropc.c, gxidata.c, gxmclip.c, gxipixel.c, gxpcmap.c)
	- Some device structure definitions failed to include finalization.
(gdevmrop.h, gsstruct.h, gxclip2.h, gxcpath.h, gxdevmem.h, gxmclip.h)
	- Reference counting for the device halftone wasn't correct in the
band rasterizer.  This must be a recently introduced bug, because otherwise
banding couldn't have worked.  (gxclrast.c)
	- When banding, high-level images that extended off the page in the
Y direction caused memory access errors.  (gxclimag.c)
	- [a]widthshow didn't use the correct value for comparison for
composite fonts with FMapType 9 (CMap).  (gxchar.h, gschar.c, gschar0.c,
	- The special color mapping device only worked for
device_cmap_monochrome.  (gdevcmap.h, gdevcmap.c)
	- The definition of gs_memory_locked_release was wrong.
(gsmemlok.h, gsmemlok.c)
	- An opaque structure definition (for gx_device) was missing,
creating a need for an otherwise unnecessary #include. (gscrdp.h)
	- Certain cached values weren't computed when needed.  Fixing this
required removing 'const' from a parameter type.  (gscrdp.h, gscrdp.c)
	- gxclmem.c #included "gsmalloc.h", which is no longer needed.
	- Memory management for device halftones was incorrect, leading to
objects being freed twice or other memory corruption during band rendering.
(gzht.h, gsht.c, gsstate.c, gxclrast.c, gxistate.c)
	- Setting a driver-originated CRD didn't invalidate cached
information, leading to incorrect output.  (gscrdp.c)
	- A consistency check on driver-originated CRDs was incorrect,
causing valid CRDs to be rejected.  (gscrdp.c)

Removes dummy definitions for old PC-specific language extensions.

Removes uses of the PC-specific 'huge' keyword.  (gdevmem.c)

Removes uses of the PC-specific 'near' keyword.  (gdevabuf.c, gdevbbox.c)

Changes the pointer comparison macros to upper-case names.  (gxalloc.h,
stdpre.h, gsalloc.c, gsmisc.c)

Changes the alignment_mod macro to upper case.  (stdpre.h, gdevdbit.c,
gdevdgbr.c, gsparams.c, gxifast.c)

Changes the round_up and round_down macros to upper case.  We retain the
lower-case definitions for the sake of the PCL code.  (gxfcache.h, gxobj.h,
stdpre.h, gdevalph.c, gdevmem.c, gsalloc.c, gspath1.c, gxccman.c,
gxclimag.c, gxifast.c)

Makes Pattern colors more object-oriented, to support PatternType 2,
splitting gsptype1.c off from gspcolor.c in the process.  (gsccolor.h,
gsdcolor.h, gspcolor.h, gsptype1.h, gsptype2.h, gxcolor2.h, gxpcolor.h,
gspcolor.c, gsptype1.c, gxpcmap.c)

Implements PatternType 2.  (gspcolor.h, gsptype1.h, gsptype2.h, gxcolor2.h,
gxpcolor.h, gxshade.h, gspcolor.c, gsptype2.c)

Changes the interface to shaded filling to make filling rectangles more
efficient.  (gsshade.h, gscolor3.c, gsshade.c)

Improves some macros that didn't handle expressions as arguments.

Improves tracing of loading the CIE caches.  (gscie.c)

Cleans up some formatting, and replaces some floating point divides with
multiplies.  (gstype42.c)

Adds default values for the MaxSeparations (1), Separations (false), and
SeparationColorNames (empty array) device parameters.  (gsdparam.c)

Adds -Z^ to trace reference counting.  (gsrefct.h, gsmemory.c)

Changes the definition of finalization so that finalization procedures *can*
assume that objects they reference still exist.  This is necessary so that
forwarding devices can decrement the reference counts of their targets.
Fortunately, all invocations of finalization (in 'restore', the garbage
collector, and freeing) already have this property.  (gsstruct.h)

Extends CRD initialization so that cached values may be copied from an
existing CRD.  (gscrd.h, gscrd.c)

Adds a wrapper to the driver create_buf_device procedure to increment the
reference count, so that buffer devices can be freely used in graphics
states and as a target.  (gxdevcli.h, gdevprn.c, gxclread.c)

Removes recursion from the shading rendering code, in preparation for making
it interruptible (required for DeviceN color mapping callouts).
(gxshade4.h, gxshade1.c, gxshade4.c, gxshade6.c)

Monitor-locks the default allocator based on the C heap, if multi-threading
is being supported at all.  (lib.mak, gsmalloc.h, gsmalloc.c)

Speeds up the implementation of mem_true32_copy_mono for the common case.

Adds a (disabled) option for defining gx_color_index as a pointer or a
structure, for testing.  (gxcindex.h)

Makes the library test program test the special color mapper more
thoroughly.  (gslib.c)

Version 5.67 (internal) (1/8/99)

This fileset adds more PostScript LanguageLevel 3 capability:

It also adds a build script for MMK (which may also work with MMS) under OpenVMS, and Uli Wortmann's drivers for the H-P color inkjet printers. Among other bug fixes, it eliminates about half the "possibly uninitialized variable" compiler warnings.

Incompatible changes

	- The default UCR and BG functions are now f(k) = k rather than f(k)
= 0.
	- The set_[d]fmul2fixed_vars macros have been removed from
gxfixed.h.  Clients must use the new CHECK/FINISH_[D]FMUL2FIXED_VARS macros.
(We don't think there are any such clients outside Ghostscript itself.)
	- The internal procedure gx_cpath_intersect_slow is replaced with
gx_cpath_intersect_path_slow, with different arguments.
	- gs_color_space_type_Device{Gray,RGB,CMYK} are now private.
Clients should use the gs_cspace_Device{Gray,RGB,CMYK} access procedures in
gscspace.h to obtain device color space objects.
	- FontType 2 was renamed from ft_CFF to ft_encrypted2.
	- FontType 2 fonts now have FontType = ft_encrypted2, rather than
ft_encrypted with CharstringType = 2.  CharstringType no longer exists.
	- Type 1 / Type 2 fonts now have an additional member, interpret,
that must be initialized.
	- gdev_prn_render_lines and gdev_prn_get_band_buffer replace
gdev_prn_locate_overlay_buffer and gdev_prn_get_overlay_bits.  "Async"
drivers must now use the new procedures to implement partial-page rendering
	- Clients that pass ImageType 3 images where the mask and the image
are not scaled identically, or that call image_plane_data without knowing
the image type, must now call gs_image_planes_wanted or
gx_image_planes_wanted in order to find out which subset of the data planes
to pass to the next call of image_plane_data.
	- gx_image_enum_common_init now takes slightly different arguments.
	- gs_imager_state_initialize now initializes the entire imager
state, including halftone, dev_ht, and ht_cache.
	- The argument lists for the plane_data and end_image procedures in
image enumerators have changed.


Fixes problems:
	- The 5.66 News mentioned the non-existent WAITFILE macro, and had
another minor typo.  (doc/News.htm)
	- The URL for the user-contributed H-P 850c driver was incorrect.
(doc/Devices.htm, contrib.mak)
	- The documentation for the driver image API had gotten out of date.

Greatly improves documentation for the page queue.  (from Artifex 5.50c)

Documents the fact that Solaris builds now need -lposix4 for <semaphore.h>.

Adds a stack status comment in .pdfshow.  (lib/

Documents the new -Z` debugging switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Touches up some formatting in the C style guide, and adds a mention of the
space-before-: rule for makefiles.  (doc/C-style.htm)

Adds documentation for the new H-P 8xx drivers.  (doc/Devices.htm)

Splits off news for versions 5.0 - 5.50 into a separate file.


Fixes problems:
	- On MS Windows platforms, the DLL object file wasn't created in the
proper directory.  (from Artifex 5.55) (msvc32.mak)
	- cfonts.mak didn't have no-op commands for rules that didn't
contain any commands.  (cfonts.mak)
	- The version number for libpng was different from libpng's own
version numbering system.  (libpng.mak)
	- Solaris builds now need -lposix4 for <semaphore.h>.
(unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak)
	- The makefiles redefined a number of macros, which MMS doesn't
allow.  (bcwin32.mak, gs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak, libpng.mak, msvc32.mak,
openvms.mak, openvms.mmk, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak,

Changes cp.bat and rm.bat to eliminate "File not found" messages.  (from
Artifex 5.55) (cp.bat, rm.bat)

Changes all platform-independent makefiles to add a space before the : that
separates the targets from the dependencies, to allow the makefiles to be
used with MMS/MMK.  (cfonts.mak, contrib.mak, devs.mak, gs.mak, int.mak,
jpeg.mak, lib.mak, libpng.mak, zlib.mak)

Adds a script for compiling Ghostscript on OpenVMS systems with MMK.  This
has not been tested extensively.  (doc/Make.htm, openvms.mmk)

Changes the set of optimization switches for MSVC++.  We believe the new
switches produce working executables, which /O2 didn't.  (msvc32.mak,

Updates the default expected libpng version to 1.0.2.  (bcwin32.mak,
dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak,
unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak, watc.mak, watclib.mak,


Fixes problems:
	- Default scaling in was broken.  (lib/

Updates with a newer (user-contributed) version that generates
DocumentMedia and PageMedia comments.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- An int * was provided where a uint * was required.  (gdevpbm.c)
	- ps2ps -dLanguageLevel=1 generated invalid output.  (gdevps.c)
	- The X drivers crashed on gray-scale displays.  (bug probably
introduced in 5.61)  (gdevx.c)
	- The width and height of the cljet5 device were interchanged.
(from Artifex) (gdevclj.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't clip cached characters properly.  (bug
introduced somewhere between 3.51 and 5.10) (gdevpdfi.c)
	- For stroked paths with a non-uniform CTM, the PDF writer could
emit coordinates larger than 32K, which Acrobat handles incorrectly.

Restructures some code to suppress bogus "possibly uninitialized variable"
warnings.  (gdevpdfm.c, gdevps.c)

Adds some unnecessary initializations to suppress bogus "possibly
uninitialized variable" warnings.  (gdevpbm.c, gdevpdfd.c, gdevvec.c,

Rewrites the (contributed) X11 xfont code to remove code duplication.
(gdevx.h, gdevx.c, gdevxini.c, gdevxxf.c)

Adds a user-contributed driver for the H-P LaserJet 3100 with H-P software.
(gdevmeds.h, gdevl31s.c, gdevmeds.c)

Adds a user-contributed option for 600 dpi output on H-P DesignJet
650C-compatible printers.  (gdevcdj.c)

Removes unnecessary references to device color spaces.  (gdevpdfi.c)

Changes the [e]pswrite and pdfwrite drivers to use EndOfBlock rather than
Rows for CCITTFax image encoding, producing slightly smaller output.

Changes the sample async driver to use gdev_prn_render_lines and
gdev_prn_get_band_buffer instead of locate_overlay_buffer and
get_overlay_bits.  Unfortunately, because "async" memory management is
broken, we have no way to test the code.  (gdevbmpa.c)

Updates clients for the change in gx_image_enum_common_init.  (gdevpdfi.c,

Adds Uli Wortmann's drivers for the H-P color inkjet printers.
(contrib.mak, gdevcd8.c)

Adds mode 9 compression to the PCL printer utilities.  (gdevpcl.h,
gdevcdj.c, gdevpcl.c)

Updates implementors for the change in the plane_data and image_end image
processing procedures.  (gdevpdfi.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The PFM files for URW Grotesk and Antiqua had some extraneous ^M
characters inserted before ^J characters.  (fonts/u003043t.pfm,
	- CID-keyed fonts didn't handle GlyphDirectory correctly.
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts with 0-length Subrs caused an error.
	- Malformed TrueType fonts with overlapping tables (which are
nevertheless apparently acceptable to Windows) caused an error.
	- The Hershey font repairs documented in fileset 5.24 apparently
never happened: the program was fixed, but the derived fonts were
still broken.  (fonts/h*.ps)
	- In some Fontmaps, the /Charter-* font names were linked directly
to the Bitstream fonts, rather than being aliases for /CharterBT-*.
(lib/Fontmap.GS, lib/Fontmap.Sol, lib/Fontmap.Ult)

Makes undefined fonts execute the SubstituteFont procedure in $error, per a
posting by Stephen Zisk of Adobe on pdf-prepress-l on 10/8/97.

Changes the interpreter-level CIE color space install procedures to reflect
the addition of const to the color space argument. (zcie.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The interpreter appeared to be a distiller even when the current
device was not pdfwrite.  We fixed this by patching 'where' to make the
distiller operators visible iff the current device is pdfwrite.  We also
moved the setcolor hack in 'where' into PostScript code.  (lib/,
lib/, lib/, zmisc2.c)
	- The current color space for shfill wasn't identically the same
color space as the one in the shading.  (

Changes the default UCR and BG functions from f(k) = 0 to f(k) = k.

Adds some unnecessary initializations to suppress bogus "possibly
uninitialized variable" warnings.  (igc.c, zcie.c)

Restructures some code slightly to suppress a bogus "possibly uninitialized
variable" warning.  (zdevice.c)

Brings the CMap machinery up to LL3, by allowing a single CMap to reference
multiple fonts (usefont, usematrix, and array CIDSystemInfo).
(lib/, zfcmap.c)

Finishes implementing ReusableStreamDecode.  The implementation is very
inefficient -- it reads the entire contents into a string -- but it passes
the Genoa FTS.  (lib/, lib/, zfreuse.c)

Changes CFFs with CharstringType = 2 to generate FontType 2 fonts, rather
than FontType 1 with CharstringType = 2, for compatibility with Adobe's LL3
implementations.  (lib/, lib/, lib/, bfont.h,
ichar1.h, ifont.h, ifont1.h, zbfont.c, zchar1.c, zchar2.c, zcharx.c,
zfont.c, zfont1.c, zfont2.c)

Adds the ability to create (with .bytestring) and do a few operations
(currently only length, put, putinterval) on byte arrays.  This is needed
for implementing ReusableStringDecode filters with >64K bytes of data, and
for the LL3 halftone types.  (zgeneric.c, zstring.c)

Implements HalftoneMode, and HalftoneTypes 6, 10, and 16.  To do this, we
introduce an internal HalftoneType 7.  (lib/, lib/,
lib/, lib/, zht2.c)

Finishes implementing ImageType 3 images.  (zimage.c, zimage3.c)

Adds the hooks in ColorSpace defineresource and undefineresource for
detecting definitions that interact with UseCIEColor.  (

Implements UseCIEColor at the interpreter level.  (lib/,
lib/, zcolor1.c, zcolor2.c, zimage.c, zmisc3.c)

Touches up some formatting.  (igstate.h)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- A MediaBox with a non-zero llx or lly would produce incorrect
output.  The way we fixed this doesn't exactly match Acrobat, but it
produces reasonable output.  (based on a change from Artifex 5.55)
	- Colored patterns didn't work properly.  (lib/
	- The resources in a Pattern dictionary weren't made available
during the execution of the PaintProc.  (fix from Artifex) (lib/


Adds a flag to the ASCIIHexEncode filter to indicate whether or not to write
an EOD, required for Level 1 output from the pswrite device.  (sstring.h,

Adds a close_at_eod flag to the stream state, for implementing reusable
streams; also cleans up some formatting.  (stream.h, stream.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Black-and-white images with Interpolate = true produced
undesirable artifacts if the image resolution was close to that of the
device.  We now disable Interpolate in this case.  (gxiscale.c)
	- In "async" mode, get_hardware_params did an unnecessary flush and
reopen.  (from Artifex 5.50c) (gdevprna.c)
	- The computation of the minimum band height for the "async" reader
was incorrect. (from Artifex 5.50c) (gdevbmpa.c)
	- The "fix" for reallocating async buffer memory in 5.50 was
incorrect. (from Artifex 5.55) (gdevprn.c)
	- The "async" reader called clist_finish_page, which it shouldn't.
(from Artifex 5.50c) (gdevprn.c)
	- The image enumeration procedures for ImageType 4 were unnecessary,
since the ImageType 1 code now handles ImageType 4 as well.  (gximage4.c)
	- The structure descriptor for tile clipping devices was
unnecessary, since these are the same as mask clipping devices.  (gxclip2.h)
	- There was a trailing comma in an enumeration list.  (gsbitops.c)
	- Some compilers didn't like initializing a uint with ~0.
	- shfill unnecessarily saved, reset, and restored the graphics
state.  (gscolor3.c)
	- Radial shadings always extended the shading to radius = 0.
	- An identifier exceeded VMS's limit of 31 characters.  (gdevprn.h,
	- A header file didn't #include enough of its prerequisites.
	- Images with non-default ImageMatrix weren't written correctly in
the band list. (bug introduced in 5.60)  (gximage1.c)
	- Banded images that had to use the default implementation incurred
an extra level of procedure call for each block of data.  (gxclimag.c)
	- Images rotated by other than a multiple of 90 degrees produced
incorrect output, because pie->rect.p.y was updated after each block of
data, causing image_band_box to produce inconsistent results.  (bug
introduced by async changes in 5.50) (gxclimag.c)
	- The client_data pointer in client_order halftones wasn't traced
correctly, possibly causing memory corruption if this type of halftone was
used.  (These are not currently used by the PostScript interpreter.)
(gsht.c, gsht1.c)
	- ImageType 3 images didn't handle subrectangles.  (Not a problem
for PostScript, which doesn't generate subrectangles, or for PCL, which
doesn't use them.)  (gximage3.c)
	- If a VMerror occurred when setting up an ImageType 3 image. an
attempt could be made to free an uninitialized pointer.  (gximage3.c)
	- ImageType 4 images with 1 to 8 bits per sample and Decode = [1 0]
didn't test transparency correctly. (bug introduced in 5.60) (gximage.h,
gxicolor.c, gximono.c, gxipixel.c)
	- setgray, setrgbcolor, sethsbcolor, and setcmykcolor didn't use
gs_cspace_assign, causing code duplication.  After this fix, we made the
device color space types private, since there are no longer any references
to them outside gscspace.c.  (gxcspace.h, gscolor.c, gscolor1.c, gscspace.c)
	- gs_cspace_assign was misspelled cs_cspace_assign.  (gscspace.h)
	- setgray didn't set the pattern pointer of the current color to 0,
possibly causing the GC to retain patterns it shouldn't.  (gscolor.c)
	- The dev_ht member of an imager (or graphics) state wasn't included
in the macro that enumerates reference-counted pointers.  This probably had
no effect, since the macro isn't used.  (gxistate.h)
	- When the band rasterizer freed its imager state, the halftone and
device halftone structures weren't freed, possibly causing memory leakage.

Changes the default UCR and BG functions from f(k) = 0 to f(k) = k, per a
user's suggestion.  We aren't sure which matches the Adobe implementations
on color devices.  (gxdcconv.c)

Conditionally removes some variables that are not needed on big-endian
systems.  (gdevm1.c)

Restructures some code to suppress bogus "possibly uninitialized variable"
warnings.  (gxfixed.h, gdevddrw.c, gsmatrix.c, gsmisc.c, gxclimag.c)

Adds a couple of unnecessary initializations to suppress bogus "possibly
uninitialized variable" warnings.  (gsbitops.c)

Implements BBox, Background, and Extend for shadings.  (Background isn't
tested yet, because it only takes effect for pattern shading, which isn't
implemented yet.)  (gsshade.h, gxacpath.h, gxistate.h, gxpath.h, gscolor3.c,
gsshade.c, gxacpath.c, gxacpath.c, gxcpath.c)

Brings the CMap machinery up to LL3, by allowing a single CMap to reference
multiple fonts (usefont, usematrix, and array CIDSystemInfo).  (gsfcmap.h,
gxfcmap.h, gsfcmap.c)

Adds more tracing output to the band list reader.  (gxclrast.c)

Cleans up some formatting.  (gstext.h, gxtext.h)

Replaces FontType = 1, CharstringType = 2 with FontType = 2, to match the
Adobe implementations.  (gxfont1.h, gxftype.h, gxtype1.h, gstype1.c,
gstype2.c, gxtype1.c)

Adds new gs_bytestring and gs_const_bytestring structures that may reference
either string or (byte) object storage.  (gsstruct.h, gstypes.h, gsmemory.c)

Implements an additional halftone type (ht_type_threshold2) needed for
HalftoneTypes 6, 10, and 16.  We don't extend gshtx.[hc] to deal with this
at this time, since the new type is only needed for the PostScript
interpreter.  (gxht.h, gxhttype.h, gzht.h, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtscr.c)

Adds a procedure for division mod M, possibly needed for halftones.
(gxarith.h, gsmisc.c)

Adds a -Z` debugging switch to turn off high-level images in the band list.

Implements gdev_prn_render_lines, as the lowest-level external API for
rendering lines in a banded device.  This call replaces the "overlay" calls
for async rendering.  (gdevprn.h, gdevprna.h, gxclist.h, gdevprn.c,

Extends the image enumeration API so that the enumerator can indicate what
subset of the input planes it wants delivered on the next call to
image_plane_data.  Currently this is only needed for ImageType 3.
(gsimage.h, gxdevcli.h, gxiparam.h, gdevddrw.c, gsimage.c, gximage.c,

Extends the image enumeration structures to handle images that require a
different amount of data for plane N than Width * plane_depths[N].  This
requires a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change to the argument list of the
gx_image_enum_common_init procedure.  (gxiparam.h, gdevbbox.c, gsimage.c,
gxclimag.c, gximage.c, gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gxipixel.c)

Updates the copyright date to 1999.  (gscdef.c)

Cleans up formatting, capitalizes macro names, etc.  (gximage.h, gxsample.h,

Adds the UseCIEColor device parameter.  (gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gsdparam.c)

Implements color space substitution (UseCIEColor).  (gscolor2.h, gscspace.h,
gscssub.h, gxistate.h, gzstate.h, gscolor.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c,
gscolor3.c, gscssub.c, gslib.c, gspcolor.c, gsstate.c)

Changes the color space install procedure so that its color space argument
is const.  Now all color space implementation procedures take a const
argument.  (gscie.h, gxcspace.h, gscdevn.c, gscolor2.c, gscscie.c,
gscspace.c, gscsepr.c, gspcolor.c)

Changes gs_setcolorspace so its color space argument is const.  (gscolor2.h,

Splits imager state procedures out of gsstate.c, which was getting too
large.  (gxistate.h, gsstate.c, gsistate.c)

Changes gs_imager_state_initialize so it really initializes the whole imager
state.  (gsistate.c, gxclrast.c)

Removes the now-redundant first (device) argument from the plane_data and
end_image procedures in image enumerators.  Implementors of these procedures
must now get the device from the enumerator structure.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE design cleanup that we have been putting off for
most of a year.  Also adds an argument to plane_data so it can tell its
client how many rows of data was used: this is needed for the implementation
of ImageType 3.  (gxdevcli.h, gxiparam.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevplnx.c, gsimage.c,
gxclimag.c, gxidata.c, gximage.c, gximage3.c)

Changes CFFs with CharstringType = 2 to FontType 2 fonts, rather than
FontType 1 with CharstringType = 2, for compatibility with Adobe's LL3
implementations.  (gstype1.h)

Version 5.66 (internal) (11/25/98)

This fileset includes the ability to efficiently and conveniently obtain planar rather than chunky raster output. It also fixes a large number of minor compilation problems on non-ANSI compilers, and a small number of real problems. It also implements the PostScript LanguageLevel 3 clipsave and cliprestore operators. Unfortunately, because of fragility in third-party code changes that we were forced to include in the base graphics library, overlapped rasterizing ("async mode") fails:

Incompatible changes

	- Every platform-specific makefile must now define _D_, the internal
separator for defining preprocessor macros.
	- Every platform-specific makefile must now define PSLIBDIR, the
directory holding the PS initialization files at build time.  (This need not
be the same as where these files are stored at run time.)

	- New elements arch_float_mantissa_bits and
arch_double_mantissa_bits have been added to arch.h.  Cross-build
environments that supply arch.h rather than generating it at build time must
add these elements.
	- A new GB_SELECT_PLANES option has been added to the options mask
for the get_bits_rectangle driver procedure.  Implementations of this
procedure must take this option into account (although they do not have to
implement it).
	- The make_buffer_device printer device procedure has been replaced
with create_buf_device, setup_buf_device, and destroy_buf_device.  All
clients and implementors of make_buffer_device must be changed, including
users of the clist_init_params macro.
	- The gx_device_cmap_procs procedure has been replaced with
gx_get_cmap_procs, which also take an imager state as an argument.  Callers
of gx_device_cmap_procs must be changed.


Updates Make.htm to clarify the standard directory structure.

Adds a note about DEC C vs. VAX C for remapping of exit codes.

Clarifies that the end_image procedure frees the enumerator.  (gxiparam.h)


Fixes problems:
	- The genxxx utilities didn't compile properly on systems where the
C compiler doesn't automatically search for .h files in the directory of the
.c file.  (unixtail.mak)
	- Preprocessor definitions require special quoting with Watcom C.
Fixing this required adding a _D_ macro similar to II.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change, since this definition is now required in
each platform-specific makefile.  (dvx-head.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak,
unixhead.mak, wccommon.mak, winlib.mak, zlib.mak)
	- The VMS subdirectories didn't include the "." to make the
directory name relative.  (openvms.mak)
	- Some of the OpenVMS command files were omitted from the
distribution.  (,,
	- MMK interprets a final - on a command line as a continuation
marker.  (gs.mak)
	- gsiparm4_h was used before being defined.  (lib.mak)
	- Compiled initialization code (COMPILE_INITS=1) was broken because
of the introduction of subdirectories.  (bcwin32.mak, dvx-gcc.mak,
msvc32.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unixtrad.mak,
watc.mak, watcw32.mak, int.mak, geninit.c)
	- Level 1 configurations would no longer build with the standard set
of drivers.  (devs.mak)
	- wmake interpreted "&" in a rule command line as calling for
background execution.  (wccommon.mak)

Makes the standard set of features the same on all platforms, namely, psl3
(PostScript LanguageLevel 3) + pdf (PDF 1.2/1.3) + dpsnext (DPS with NeXT
extensions) + ttfont (ability to load TrueType fonts directly).  Unix
platforms add pipe (recognition of %pipe% file names).  (bcwin32.mak,
dvx-gcc.mak, msvc32.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak,
unixtrad.mak, watc.mak, watcw32.mak)

Adds minimal support for Windows 95/NT compiler versions.  (wccommon.mak)

Notes a set of switches that may work around the optimizer bug in MSVC++
5.0.  (msvccmd.mak)


Adds a switch to genconf to set the escape character, since wmake interprets
"&" in a rule command line as calling for background execution.  (genconf.c)

Makes echogs recognize -+ alone as equivalent to - alone, for the sake of
VMS systems, which interpret a final - as a line continuation marker.

Adds a viewpsm procedure to, for reassembling plane-separated
files.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- There were places where the code assumed that void * could be
coerced to byte *, which not all C compilers support.  (gdevpdfx.h,
	- The name put_bytes was defined in two places, causing an error
when linking with NOPRIVATE=1.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The minimum space computation for high-level images and for the
scan line length for the sample async driver was slightly too small.

Improves the tracing output from the psm driver.  (gdevpbm.c)

Rewrites some macros to eliminate "statement not reached" compiler warnings.

Revises the (only) client for changes in the plane-extraction device API.

Adds plane-separated BMP drivers, primarily for testing but also as an
example.  bmp[a]sep1 and bmp[a]sep8 produce 1- and 8-bit-per-pixel separated
CMYK.  (gdevbmp.h, gdevbmp.c, gdevbmpa.c, gdevbmpc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The Watcom environment doesn't provide the st_blocks member of the
stat structure.  (stat_.h)
	- In its standard configuration, the Watcom environment doesn't
provide stdprn.  (gp_iwatc.c)
	- Newer versions of DEC C on OpenVMS don't require the remapping
of the exit codes.  (stdpre.h)

Revises the dummy implementation of semaphores, monitors, and threads in an
attempt to make async rendering (just barely) work for the non-overlay case.
Unfortunately, this turned out not to be feasible.  (gp_nsync.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Certain DEC compilers assume that a pointer is aligned even if it
is cast to a pointer whose target type has weaker alignment; this produced
"unaligned access" errors in the interpreter.  (interp.c)
	- A necessary cast was omitted.  (zcrd.c)
	- Level 1 configurations would no longer run.  (lib/

Updates clients to set mask image fattening properly.  (zimage.c, zimage2.c)

Rewrites some macros to eliminate "statement not reached" compiler warnings.
(files.h, istruct.h)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- The test for whether to honor the Rotate key was backwards.  (bug
probably introduced in 5.24) (lib/

Updates the code to handle improper PDF files in which the startxref and the
following file position appear on the same line rather than (as required by
the spec) two successive lines.  (lib/


Notes a bug in s_DCT_get_quantization_tables.  (sdcparam.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The algorithm for reducing 4-bit chunky to 1-bit separated colors
didn't handle the trailing pixels of a transfer correctly.  (gdevplnx.c)
	- Banding for RGB devices with multi-plane halftones was broken.
(bug introduced recently) (gxdcolor.c)
	- Mask images were written in the band list with inverted polarity.
(bug introduced in 5.60) (gximage1.c)
	- Mask images were always fattened.  Fixing this required extending
the API, since gs_image_t_init_mask set adjust = true by default (a bad
decision) and we didn't want to change it.  (gschar.h, gscpm.h, gsiparam.h,
gzstate.h, gschar.c, gximage1.c)
	- The member names push and pop caused problems for compilers whose
preprocessors consider it an error to use a macro defined with arguments as
a name without arguments.  (gxfont1.h, gstype1.c)
	- Once again, gcc didn't detect some private/non-private mismatches.
(gdevplnx.c, gsalphac.c, gximage2.c, gximage4.c)
	- & was used with an array (which gcc doesn't complain about).
	- There were several uses of automatic aggregate initialization,
which not all C compilers support.  (gdevprn.c, gdevps.c)
	- There were places where the code assumed that void * could be
coerced to byte *, which not all C compilers support.  (gdevprn.c)
	- Some \ line continuation characters were used inappropriately
(in a macro argument list).  (gxclimag.c)
	- Some function prototypes didn't use the Pn macros.  (gsalloc.c)
	- A function definition not at the left margin confused ansi2knr.
	- A cast for the result of malloc, needed on systems where malloc
returns a char * rather than a void *, was missing.  (gsmalloc.c)
	- An occurrence of dev should be pdev.  (I can't understand how we
missed this in 5.65.)  (gdevprna.c)
	- A value was missing from a list of initial structure values,
causing mismatches between subsequent values and the members they
initialized.  (gcc treated this as a warning: it should have given an
error.)  (gxband.h)
	- When setting the tile phase during banding, the old value of the
tile phase was written out rather than the new one.  (gxclutil.c)
	- The definition of fixed_mult_quo wasn't consistent between systems
with FPU (where it took the floor, and might be slightly inaccurate) and
systems without FPU (where it truncated towards zero, and was accurate).
(gxfixed.h, genarch.c, gsmisc.c)
	- Banding devices using multi-screen halftones didn't set the
halftone phase correctly.  We have now "fixed" this problem at least 4
times.  (gxclrast.c)
	- The name put_bytes was defined in two places, causing an error
when linking with NOPRIVATE=1.  (gsparams.c)
	- For [x][y]show, the pointers to the width arrays weren't
initialized, causing memory access errors when checking or garbage
collecting.  (gschar.c)
	- Due to a typo, bitmap characters were fattened too much.
	- Some identifiers exceeded VMS's limit of 31 characters.
(gdevprn.h, gscsepr.h, gsdevice.h, gxdevice.h, gdevdflt.c, gdevprn.c,
gscsepr.c, gsdparam.c)
	- The device halftone parameter was declared const inappropriately
in some places.  (gsdcolor.h, gxdither.h, gxdcolor.c, gxdither.c)
	- gdev_mem_raster was used (misleadingly, even though it happened to
produce the correct result) on possibly non-memory devices.  (gxclread.c)
	- Pure Level 1 configurations had some undefined procedures.
(gscolor1.c, gscspace.c)
	- Indexed color images could incorrectly conclude that they didn't
need to re-render halftones, producing incorrect output.  (gximono.c)
	- gs_device_is_memory returned false for non-banding printer
devices: this didn't used to matter, but it matters now.  We changed it to
test the procedures rather than the device name.  (gdevmem.c)
	- The plane extraction device didn't handle halftoned colors
correctly.  (gdevplnx.c)
	- If an error occurred while building a Function object, a crash
could occur while freeing the partially built object.  (gsfunc.c)
	- The plane extraction device didn't handle RasterOps correctly.
	- The colors-used mask could include some additional, invalid bits.
	- The colors-used mask was updated incorrectly for RasterOps on
subtractive-color devices.  (gxclrect.c)
	- Memory devices didn't set enough option bits for the case where
get_bits_rectangle had to do conversion.  (gdevmem.c)
	- The TrueType font rasterizer didn't accept fonts whose 'type' was
"true" rather than the documented <00 01 00 00>.  (gstype42.c)
	- A bug in the Watcom compiler caused two conditional expressions to
execute incorrectly.  (gstype42.c)
	- When a page queue was freed, it attempted to free the page_info
resource in the reserve entry, which is actually unused.  (gxpageq.c)
	- A necessary #include was missing.  (gdevmr2n.c)

Reduces the size of band list entries for halftoned colors somewhat.
(gxclpath.h, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c)

Increases the number of saved band color masks per page, mostly for testing.

Rewrites some macros, and one 'for' statement, to eliminate "statement not
reached" compiler warnings.  (gxcldev.h, gxpath2.c)

Corrects a tiny inaccuracy in the computation of trapezoid coordinates.

Edits the trapezoid fill code for greater readability and better
documentation of its functioning.  The new code runs a little slower on
compilers that don't support 'inline'.  (gdevddrw.c)

Improves the documentation of the tile phase bookkeeping.  (gxclrast.c)

Documents the fact that fixed_mult_quo takes the floor if the first argument
is negative.  (gxfixed.h)

Finishes implementing clipsave and cliprestore.  (gxclipsr.h, gxistate.h,
gzstate.h, gsclipsr.c, gsstate.c)

Implements driver access to planar, rather than chunky, banding.
(gdevplnx.h, gdevprn.h, gxclist.h, gxdevcli.h, gxrplane.h, gdevplnx.c,
gdevprn.c, gxclread.c)

Makes it possible to set up memory devices that allocate just the line
pointer table (but not the bitmap), or neither the line pointers nor the
bitmap.  (gxdevmem.h, gdevmem.c)

Moves gx_device_white/black to a more appropriate header file.  (gxdcolor.h)

Moves gx_default_make_buffer_device to a more appropriate file.
(gdevdflt.c, gdevprn.c)

Adds plane extraction and expansion utility procedures, required for the
extended capability of get_bits_rectangle.  (gsbitops.h, gsbitops.c)

Extends get_bits_rectangle so it can return individual planes rather than
all planes.  (gdevplnx.h, gsbittab.h, gxbitfmt.h, gxgetbit.h, gdevdgbr.c,
gdevdrop.c, gdevmem.c, gdevplnx.c, gsalphac.c, gsbittab.c)

Factors out the two more complex cases of gx_get_bits_copy into single-use
procedures for readability.  (gdevdgbr.c)

Makes public the procedure for reducing a colored halftone to a pure or
binary halftone, needed for planar rendering.  (gxdither.h, gxdither.c)

Moves the client_data pointer from gs_state to gs_imager_state.
(gxistate.h, gzstate.h, gsstate.c)

Extends the plane extraction device to handle fill_mask and images
efficiently.  (gxcmap.h, gdevplnx.h, gdevplnx.c)

Creates a procedure to make a temporary copy of a gs_imager_state, needed
for planar image processing.  (gxistate.h, gsstate.c)

Makes getting the color mapping procedures for a device a virtual procedure
of the imager state, needed for planar image processing.  (gxcmap.h,
gxistate.h, gxcmap.c, gxicolor.c, gximono.c, gxi12bit.c)

Increases the amount of memory allocated to the asynchronous rasterizer,
since we now may need a dynamically allocated line pointer table for the
target (plane) memory device.  (gdevprna.c)

Adds a record of which bands have "difficult" RasterOps -- RasterOps that
can't be executed, even in principle, in CMYK space.  We don't do anything
with this information yet, but we will have to.  (gsropt.h, gxband.h,
gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c, gxclrect.c)

Makes conversion from render_plane indices to bit ranges the responsibility
of the device, not the client.  (gxrplane.h)

Version 5.65 (internal) (11/13/98)

The main purpose of this fileset is to fix the MS Windows and OpenVMS build procedures, which have been broken since 5.60. It also adds the ability for a driver to determine efficiently which colors are used in a given page or band, which is important for separated color printing, and contains some early support for plane-separated color printing.

Incompatible changes

	- Every platform-specific makefile must now define D_ and _D, the
brackets for defining preprocessor macros.
	- The unix-cc.mak makefile has been renamed unixtrad.mak, since it
only applies to "traditional C" compilers.

(Drivers, Library)
	- Devices now store their TextAlphaBits and GraphicsAlphaBits values
explicitly.  The former get_alpha_bits procedure is obsoleted, and no
longer implemented or called by any code we distribute.
	- gx_device_color_info now has additional fields.  Code that
constructed gx_color_info_values in any way other than by using the dci_
macros will no longer work.


Fixes problems:
	- The -sPSFile= switch was still documented, even though it no
longer exists.  (doc/Use.htm)
	- The - "switch" wasn't documented in the list of switches,
although it was documented elsewhere.  (doc/Use.htm)
	- The documentation for the PC environments was out of date -- it
didn't mention the use of subdirectories.  (doc/Make.htm)

Updates the documentation on PostScript files to indicate in what directory
the files are distributed.  (doc/Psfiles.htm)

Documents more of the utility procedures used by printer drivers.

Notes that the public tar archives may not be compatible with the tar
program in SunOS 4.1.3.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds documentation on the Unix "make pg" target.  (doc/Make.htm)

Updates documentation to reflect the name change from unix-cc.mak to
unixtrad.mak.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds some links for the benefit of people who have built Ghostscript before
and therefore skip reading the initial sections of the documentation.

Documents the new -_ switch.  (doc/Use.htm)

Updates the documentation to mention PostScript LanguageLevel 3 and to
remove many references to 16-bit systems.  (doc/Language.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- A cast discarded `const' needlessly.  (genconf.c)
	- Upper-case echogs switches were getting converted to lower case
on VMS.  (jpeg.mak)
	- $(EXP) was missing before some invocations of executables.
(gs.mak, jpeg.mak, lib.mak)
	- Some dependencies in the Unix install script were incorrect.
	- Because of differences between shells, putting *.upp in the list
of files to be installed didn't work with some shells.  (unixinst.mak)
	- The PC makefiles were out of date.  (bcwin32.mak, pcwin.mak,
winint.mak, winlib.mak, dwmain.rc, gsdll32.rc)
	- Some makefiles still used $(DEV) instead of dev.  (dvx-tail.mak,
msvclib.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, pcwin.mak, watclib.mak, winlib.mak)
	- The DEVICE_DEVSn lists overflowed the DOS 120-character command
line limit again.  We had to add DEVICE_DEVS16 through 20 to work around
this.  (*.mak)
	- Preprocessor definitions have a different syntax on VMS.  Fixing
this required adding D_ and _D macros, similar to I_ and _I.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change, since these definitions are now required in
each platform-specific makefile.  (dvx-head.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak,
unixhead.mak, wccommon.mak, winlib.mak, zlib.mak)

Adds command line switches to generate additional warnings when compiling
the auxiliary programs with gcc.  (unix-gcc.mak)

Gets rid of the EXPP and SHP macros, since they aren't used or needed any
longer.  (gs.mak, bcwin32.mak, dvx-head.mak, msvccmd.mak, openvms.mak,
os2.mak, unixhead.mak, watcw32.mak, wccommon.mak)

Changes the Unix EXP to null, since all executables now use an explicit
directory prefix.  (unixhead.mak)

Renames unix-cc.mak as unixtrad.mak, since people with ANSI-compatible cc
were getting confused.  (unix-cc.mak [deleted], unixtrad.mak)

Adds a -_ switch, for piped execution with buffering.  (iminst.h,


Fixes problems:
	- The revised ansi2knr didn't recognize "foo(void)" as a procedure
definition.  (ansi2knr.c)
	- ansi2knr didn't handle function definitions where the last
formal parameter was a procedure parameter.  (ansi2knr.c)

Adds a utility for printing an informative error page if a PostScript job
fails.  (lib/, doc/Psfiles.htm, unixinst.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The [e]pswrite drivers produced incorrect output for images in
non-Device color spaces.  We fixed this by causing all other images to be
handled as rectangles.  This is clearly not satisfactory: we need to unify
the PS and PDF writers in this area.  (gdevps.c)
	- The CCITTFaxEncoded data produced by the [e]pswrite driver had
both a Rows value and an EndOfBlock marker, which wasn't compatible with
some Adobe interpreters.  (gdevpsdf.c)
	- X devices couldn't be copied, because the copy didn't clear the
list of X fonts and therefore tried to free it a second time.  (gdevx.c,
	- gdevx.h declared a type called rect, conflicting with variables
named rect.  (gdevx.h, gdevx.c)
	- A function definition wasn't formatted properly to be
recognized by ansi2knr.  (gdevupd.c)
	- The PCL XL drivers crashed if given a masked image.  (gdevpx.c)

Adds a PBM driver that writes separated CMYK, using the colors-used masks to
skip bands.  (devs.mak, gdevpbm.c)

Updates drivers that formerly supported the TextAlphaBits and
GraphicsAlphaBits parameters themselves.  (gdevmswn.h, gdevsvga.h,
gdevpbm.c, gdevmswn.c, gdevpm.c, gdevwdib.c, gdevsvga.c, gdevxalt.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The stack size on the Watcom platform was set too small.
	- The OpenVMS platform code and makefiles had gotten out of date.
(gp_vms.c, openvms.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The size of Indexed color space lookup tables wasn't set, possibly
causing them to be corrupted during garbage collection.  (zcsindex.c)
	- A function definition wasn't formatted properly to be
recognized by ansi2knr.  (icontext.c)
	- quit was only rebound to stop in encapsulated jobs, rather than in
any context under control of a job server.  Since we don't currently have
any explicit way to indicate whether execution is under control of a job
server, we consider that it is under a job server iff startjob has ever been
executed.  (lib/

Adds tracing output for removing an entry from a dictionary.  (idict.c)

Slightly improves dictionary deletion so that it can replace a run of
deleted keys with empty keys.  (idict.c)

Adds statistics-gathering to the interpreter.  (interp.c)

Adds more statistics-gathering to the dictionary stack search.  (idstack.c)

Improves the debugging printout of packed arrays.  (idebug.c)

Increases the name table allocation increment from 128 names (1.5K) to 256
names (3K), to provide better scattering of name indices.  (inamedef.h)

Changes the name count / index mapping to provide better scattering.

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- If a font other than the base 14 wasn't embedded and lacked a
descriptor, an error occurred.  (The PDF specification explicitly prohibits
this, but Acrobat PDFWriter 3.02 for Windows produces PDF files with
TrueType fonts that lack a descriptor.)  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The computation of colors used by CMYK halftones was incorrect.
	- Some header files had preprocessor directives with a space before
the #, which pre-ANSI compilers don't accept.  (gpsync.h, gsjconf.h,
gsmemlok.h, gxsync.h, gxxfont.h)
	- A number of prototypes didn't use the Pn macros.  (gscolor2.h,
gscsepr.h, gsptype1.h, gspcolor.c)
	- A function definition wasn't formatted properly to be
recognized by ansi2knr.  (gxcht.c)
	- The algorithm for reducing single-plane CMYK halftones to binary
halftones was incorrect (bug introduced in 5.60).  (gxdither.c)
	- Writing a degenerate triangle or parallelogram in the band list
could cause a memory access error when rasterizing.  (gxclrast.c)

Adds per-band "colors used" information to the information for a saved page,
and procedures (gdev_prn_colors_used and gx_page_info_colors_used, defined
in gdevprn.h) for accessing it.  (gdevprn.h, gxband.h, gxclist.h, gdevprn.c,

Adds an internal device that appears to clients as a multi-plane color
device, and extracts a single plane for actual rendering.  This device will
be used to support planar output devices.  (gdevplnx.h, gsbitops.h,

Adds explicit color_info.text_anti_alias_bits and graphics_anti_alias_bits
values in the device state, obsoleting the get_alpha_bits procedure, and
makes them settable for all devices.  (gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevabuf.c,
gdevdflt.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevprn.c, gsdparam.c)

Reformats some code for readability.  (gxdither.c)

Adds a tentative API for a procedure that allows band rasterizing directly
into client's memory.  This is tentative because we may need to add the
ability to select an individual plane.  (gdevprn.h)

Version 5.64 (internal) (11/5/98)

This is another incremental fileset to fix problems for an external customer.

Incompatible changes

	- The output_page procedure of all drivers now must call
gx_finish_output_page as its last action.  (This doesn't affect ordinary
printer or raster file drivers, which already call a common procedure.)


Fixes problems:
	- The instructions for creating 'makefile' on Unix systems were
out of date.  (doc/Make.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- An omitted return statement caused genconf to malfunction on some
platforms.  (genconf.c)
	- The replacement of MAKEFILES by TOP_MAKEFILES accidentally changed
some comments that should not have been changed.  (bcwin32.mak, gs.mak,
msvctail.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, watcw32.mak, wctail.mak, winlib.mak)


Updates drivers to call gx_finish_output_page where needed.  (gdev3b1.c,
gdevcgm.c, gdevcp50.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevmswn.c, gdevpm.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c,
gdevsnfb.c, gdevwprn.c, gdevx.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The FontBBox workaround introduced in 5.63 didn't work properly.
	- PageCount was getting incremented in the first device of a device
pipeline, rather than in the last one and being propagated back.
(gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevprn.c, gdevprna.c,

Version 5.63 (internal) (11/4/98)

This fileset was driven by the development needs of an external customer, primarily related to asynchronous rendering. It includes a few bug fixes as well.

Incompatible changes

	- In the makefiles, changes the name MAKEFILES to TOP_MAKEFILES.

	- The pis member of the Type 1 interpreter state was renamed in
order to catch places that assumed it was set.  (It may now be 0.)  This
should not affect any client code.
	- gx_page_queue_dnit and gx_page_queue_finish_dequeue now free the
band list information associated with the page_info in the queue entry.  An
explicit call of gx_page_queue_entry_free_page_info is now required to free
this information before any other call of gx_page_queue_entry_free.


Fixes problems:
	- devs.mak incorrectly referred to msdevs.mak rather than pcwin.mak.


Fixes problems:
	- There was a $ in the makefile that wasn't quoted.  (unix-gcc.mak)
	- The name MAKEFILES has a special meaning in GNU make which only be
disabled by using a directive that is a syntactic error for standard 'make'
implementations.  We had to work around this by changing all occurrences of
	- genconf did the wrong thing for modules with names shorter than
5 characters.  (genconf.c)


Updates the Canon BJC library, changing the names of the files.  This code
is still very preliminary.  (gdevbjcl.h, gdevbjcl.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Some Type 1 fonts have a plausible but incorrect (too-small)
FontBBox, causing some characters to be clipped.  We work around this by
enlarging the FontBBox and restarting the rasterization if the outline goes
outside the FontBBox.  (zchar1.c)


Fixes problems:
	- gx_default_strip_copy_rop didn't check for zero width before
dividing by it.  (gdevdrop.c)
	- Some places that called a procedure returning void tried to use
the return value.  (gximage.c, gximage1.c, gximage4.c)
	- The flatness for rendering Type 1 characters was set incorrectly
(always set to 0, producing best accuracy at extra cost) for characters not
in portrait orientation.  (gxtype1.c)
	- clist_begin_typed_image incorrectly used the memory manager client
name "clist_begin_image".  (gxclimag.c)
	- If a page queue entry was created without a page_info, the entry's
page_info wasn't initialized, probably causing a crash when attempting to
free the (nonexistent) associated band files later.  (gxpageq.c)

More fully supports the use of saved page_info objects for decoupling banded
rendering from band list construction:
	- Adds the ability to close and free the command list associated
with a saved page.  (gxclist.h, gxclist.c)
	- Separates freeing of the band list information associated with a
page queue entry from freeing the entry itself.  (gxpageq.h, gxpageq.c)
	- Changes the rendering thread for asynchronous band rendering so
that it doesn't try to free the band list information twice.  (gdevprna.c)

Implements triangles and parallelograms in the band list, primarily for the
sake of smooth shading.  (gxclpath.h, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c)

Adds a rectangle merging procedure, parallel to rectangle intersection.
This is needed for the FontBBox fix.  (gsrect.h)

Adds logic for keeping track of what pixel values are used in which bands.
Currently this information is not used for anything.  (gdevmrop.h, gsropt.h,
gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h, gxclrect.c, gxclpath.c, gxclimag.c)

Updates a few more files for readability and coding conventions.
(gxband.h, gxpageq.c)

Updates users of gxband.h and gxpageq.h.  (gdevprn.h, gxclist.h, gxpageq.h,
gdevprna.c, gxclpage.c, gxclread.c)

Moves the definition of the page queue into the (private) implementation
file.  (gxpageq.h, gxpageq.c)

Version 5.62 (internal) (10/31/98)

This fileset concludes this round of work on (primarily color) performance improvement. It contains almost no new bug fixes.

Incompatible changes

	- Clients that load the CIE caches themselves must now reset the
procedures to the _from_cache values.  (This affects the PostScript
interpreter, but no ordinary library clients.)
	- gs_cie_compute_wbsd (an internal procedure) was changed to
gs_cie_compute_points_sd, with different parameters.


Adds information about problems with PDF files copied from Macintosh
environments.  (doc/Use.htm)


Adds a library for generating Canon BJC commands.  This code is subject to
change without notice!  (gdevcbjc.h, gdevcbjc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The structures allocated for CIE RenderTables weren't marked
correctly for garbage collection, possibly mangling the output.  (zcie.c)
	- The CIE color space procedures weren't reset after the cache was
loaded, producing incorrect output now that it matters.  (zcie.c, zcrd.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Under some circumstances, a setbbox didn't take effect.
	- The last step of CIE color mapping didn't clamp the very top end
of the range correctly.  (gsciemap.c)

Speeds up bits_replicate_horizontally a bit more.  (gsbitops.c)

Separates the CIE color mapping code from CIE cache loading, since the file
was getting too big.  (gscie.h, gscie.c, gsciemap.c)

Finishes adding the hooks for skipping steps during CIE color mapping when
possible, and implements one case of step-skipping.  (gscie.h, gscie.c,
gsciemap.c, gscrd.c)

Adds more tracing to the CIE color machinery.  (gscie.c)

Changes the default number of tiles for the colored halftone screen caches
from 1 to 4, substantially reducing cache turnover.  (gsht1.c, gshtx.c,

Version 5.61 (internal) (10/28/98)

More rendering speedups, and fixes for many of the minor problems reported in 5.50.


Fixes problems:
	- There were still some incorrect references to .txt files.
(gs.mak, libpng.mak)
	- Two references to libpng should have referred to libjpeg.


Fixes problems:
	- GNU 'make' treats the name MAKEFILES specially.  (unix-gcc.mak)
	- genconf didn't sort libraries in the right order.  (genconf.c)
	- The dependency for ansi2knr, and the invocation of ccgs, didn't
include the directory name.  (ccgs, unix-cc.mak)
	- The CC_ and CCAUX rules didn't invoke the new ccgs correctly.
	- There was a typo in a comment.  (unixtail.mak)
	- gcc versions of the form 2.7.2.f.1 weren't recognized as having
the const-related code generation bug.  (unix-gcc.mak)

Documents workaround for bugs in newer IRIX compilers.  (doc/Make.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- ansi2knr didn't understand the new formatting of the enum_ptrs and
reloc_ptrs procedures, which now don't have a left brace on the same line as
the macro call that defines the procedure.  (ansi2knr.c)

Adds a utility for viewing MIFF files.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The X driver could report a depth (e.g., 15 bits) that caused
problems elsewhere.  (gdevxini.c)
	- With the X driver, if the display is grey-scale or does not have
enough colors to allocate a color ramp, Ghostscript crashed in
x_map_color_rgb due to an array index overflow.  (gdevx.c)
	- The PDF writer used the X scaling of fonts to determine the point
size rather than the Y scaling, which gives the wrong result for synthetic
condensed fonts.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- If the last thing written before a flushpage was text, the X
driver might fail to display it.  (gdevx.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't free the streams created for image
compression, causing a memory leak.  (gdevpsdf.c)
	- pswrite didn't output a command to set the page size.  (gdevps.c)

Removes an obsolete comment and commented-out line.  (gdevxalt.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Explicit (not resource) Indexed color spaces caused an error.


Fixes problems:
	- The PNGPredictor filters didn't free their row buffer.  (spngp.c)
	- The PNGPredictor filters didn't handle end-of-data correctly.

Changes the eexec filter to ignore % characters when reading
ASCIIHex-encoded data.  This is contrary to the Adobe documentation, but one
badly coded prologue requires it.  (seexec.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The definition of TRANSPARENCY_PER_H_P was in the wrong module,
causing it to be ignored.  (gdevmrop.h, gdevdrop.c)
	- There was a typo in the tracing output for init_tile_cursor.
	- gx_get_bits_copy computed the standard raster incorrectly if
the destination used a different color representation from the source,
causing multi-line transfers to be done incorrectly.  (gdevdgbr.c)
	- Parentheses were missing around the use of width_bits in the
definition of bitmap_raster, possibly causing incorrect computation.
	- When rendering a Pattern, a singular CTM caused an error even if
the Pattern was empty.  (gspcolor.c)
	- The lookup table wasn't allocated for device-originated CRDs.
	- If an error occurred when setting up to rasterize a band,
data_bits could be freed without ever having been initialized.  (gxclrast.c)
	- Processing a CIE-color image with a color space different from the
current color space caused an error.  (gscie.c)
	- The speedup for bits_replicate_horizontally had an algorithm
error, producing incorrect output.  (gsbitops.c)

Splits up the memory device implementation of RasterOp, since the file was
getting too large.  (gdevmem.h, gdevm1.c, gdevm8.c, gdevm16.c, gdevm24.c,
gdevm32.c, gdevmrop.c [deleted], gdevmr1.c, gdevmr2n.c, gdevmr8n.c,

Cleans up a little formatting.  (gsbittab.h)

Speeds up the default RasterOp implementation some more.  (gdevdgbr.c,
gdevdrop.c, gdevmem.c)

Speeds up testing whether a given halftone level is already present in its
cache.  (gzht.h, gxht.c)

Speeds up 1-bit CMYK halftones a bit more.  (gxcht.c)

Makes filling always use the (much faster) trapezoid-based algorithm if the
region being filled is a rectangle.  (gxfill.c)

Version 5.60 (internal) (10/18/98)

This fileset incorporates many performance enhancements for 1-bit CMYK devices, especially for PCL 5c interpretation.

This fileset divides the files into subdirectories. In the lists of changed files, files with no explicit subdirectory name are in the src subdirectory. The revised OpenVMS and OS/2 makefiles have not been tested.

Incompatible changes

	- The instructions for font compilation in doc/Fonts.htm are
	- The fileset has been split into multiple directories; the source
code and makefiles are now in src/.
	- The top-level makefile requires a definition for BINDIR for the
directory to hold the final executable.
	- Every .dev rule of the form <list>
			$(SETyyy) xxx <items>
			$(ADDMOD) xxx <items>
must be changed to
		$(DD) <list>
			$(SETyyy) $(DD)xxx <items>
			$(ADDMOD) $(DD)xxx <items>
(DD for drivers, PSD for PostScript/PDF-interpreter features, GLD for
graphics library features).  Every -include and -replace option in the
makefiles rules, and every element of FEATURE_DEVS and DEVICE_DEVS*, must be
changed similarly.  This is very unfortunate, especially since people
editing FEATURE_DEVS and DEVICE_DEVS* must now know which subsystem
implements a particular feature; but we tried 3 different ways to get the
generated .dev files out of the top-level directory, and this was the only
one we could make work.
	- Top-level makefiles must define both MAKEFILE and MAKEFILES,
the latter to include any subsidiary makefiles that define configuration
parameters.  Dependencies on $(MAKEFILE) must be changed to $(MAKEFILES).
	- Color space objects now must either be allocated with the
gs_cspace_build_ procedures or initialized with the gs_cspace_init_
procedures: building color spaces "by hand" is no longer allowed.

	- There are new required elements of the gs_image_type_t structure.
	- The binary and colored variants of gx_device_halftone have
changed.  (No APIs are affected.)
	- If a device changes its (effective) color mapping algorithm other
than as a side effect of put_params, it must call


Fixes problems:
	- Some files still referred to .doc files rather than .htm.
(gsiparam.h, imain.h)
	- Version 5.50 was incorrectly identified as a beta version.
	- The instructions for cross-compilation were seriously
incomplete.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds a text-only README file.  (doc/README)

Updates the instructions for font compilation.  (doc/Fonts.htm)

Updates the instructions for device and feature selection.  (doc/Make.htm)

Adds material on 8.3 file names, compiler warning messages, and graphics
library error codes to the C style guide.  (doc/C-style.htm)

Adds a note about gx_device_decache_colors.  (doc/Drivers.htm)

Improves formatting slightly.  (doc/Install.htm, doc/Use.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- The Unix install script referred to an obsolete file.
	- The Unix CC script had some duplicated definitions.  (unix-cc.mak)
	- The DVX makefile referred to int.mak in GLSRC rather than PSSRC.
	- wasn't installed with the other utilities.
	- Some definitions of MAKEFILE lacked a directory name.  (os2.mak,
unix-cc.mak, unixansi.mak, watclib.mak)
	- There were inappropriate dependencies on a file with the literal
name `makefile'.  (bcwin32.mak, gs.mak, watc32.mak)
	- Unix systems didn't use -fomit-frame-pointer when possible.
(unix-cc.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, unix-end.mak)

Restructures the source files into multiple subdirectories:
	src/ - files needed at build time: *.mak, *.h, *.c, *.cpp, *.icx, *.rc,
		*.cmd, ??.bat, *.com, *.rps, *.dif, *.cfg
	lib/ - files needed at run time: *_*.ps, *.ppd, *.upp, *.bat
	doc/ - documentation other than man pages: *.htm, *.txt
	man/ - man pages: *.1
	examples/ - sample input data: *.ps, *.eps, *.pdf
Also incorporates the font compilation makefile into the main makefile,
since the former now depends on parameters defined in the latter.  (*.mak)


NOTE: Still need to update: openvms.mak, os2.mak.

Updates the Unix install script for the directory split.  (unixinst.mak)

Updates the font compilation makefile rules to handle alternate directories.
(cfonts.mak, int.mak)


Removes useless dependencies on gs_*.ps files.  (int.mak)

Moves the .dev files into the GEN directories where they belong.  (gs.mak,
dvx-tail.mak, msvclib.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, pcwin.mak, ugcclib.mak,
unixhead.mak, unixtail.mak, unix-end.mak, watc.mak, watclib.mak, winlib.mak,
echogs.c, genconf.c) ****** NO_OP FOR dvx HASN'T BEEN VERIFIED ******
NOTE: Still to do:

Adds a new BINDIR directory for the final executable (and associated files
like resource files).  After building, only the contents of BINDIR and lib
are needed for execution.  (gs.mak, unix-end.mak) ****** NEED TO DO
openvms.mak, os2.mak, OTHER PC MAKEFILES ******

Updates libpng to version 1.0.2.  (libpng.mak)


Adds a new switch, -b, to echogs.  (echogs.c)


Updates the PDF writer for the change in color space initialization.

Speeds up the pkmraw driver a bit more.  (gdevpbm.c)

Updates some drivers to use the new CMYK color mapping procedures.
(gdevpbm.c, gdevpcx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Updates one driver that maintained its own color cache.  (gdevxalt.c)

Removes some compiler warnings (mostly about "uninitialized" variables).
(gdevpdfo.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevpx.c)

Adds another driver for the H-P Color LaserJet 5/5M.  (gdevcljc.c)


Fixes problems:
	- A change in the MetroWerks C compiler caused the hypot function
to become declared.  (math_.h)


Updates the compiled font code for updates in the type declarations.
(iccfont.c, icfontab.c)

Cleans up some more formatting and macros.  (ccfont.h, errors.h, icfontab.c,

Updates clients for the change in color space initialization.  (zcsdevn.c,
zcsindex.c, zcspixel.c, zcssepr.c, zpcolor.c)

Updates the memory validator for the addition of the large-block freelist.

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- If the final %%EOF was followed by any blanks before the newline,
an error would occur.  (lib/


Fixes problems:
	- The LZWDecode filter wouldn't handle a file that had 4096-256-2+1
data items before the reset.  (We think this is a bug in the file, but
Acrobat accepts it.)  (slzwx.h, slzwd.c)

Rearranges code slightly to improve readability.  (spdiff.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Changing the resolution (or any other parameter) of the bbox
device from the command line caused an invalid memory access.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- When banding, if the very first drawing operation involved a
halftone with non-zero phase, an arithmetic exception occurred.
	- When banding, the X offset of the band was negated, producing
incorrect output when placing multiple source pages on a single output page.
	- When banding, rotated images crossing band boundaries produced
incorrect output, because the subrectangle X value was inconsistent with the
amount of data transmitted.  (gxclimag.c)
	- When banding, the clipping check didn't take interpolation support
into account.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The clipping check for banding used (int) to take the floor of
floating point values, which is wrong for negative values.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't return an empty bounding
rectangle if nothing had been written to it.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- A value was conditional on a debugging switch even if DEBUG wasn't
defined.  (gxcht.c)
	- Filling a region with a large colored halftone, a non-default
RasterOp, and a non-null RasterOp source could cause only part of the region
to be filled.  (gxcht.c) ****** NOT FIXED YET ******
	- Type 1 fonts that used very large numbers (>= 2^19) caused a
rangecheck.  We've fixed this for the only case that seems to matter, namely
<very-large-number> <number> div.  (gxtype1.h, gstype1.c)
	- The memory-based band list allocator failed to return an error
code from memfile_next_blk.  (gxclmem.c)
	- When recovering from a low-band-list-memory condition while
writing an image, the record of the current image enumeration
(cdev->image_enum_id) wasn't updated.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The estimated memory requirement for the band list rasterizer was
too small.  (gdevprna.c)

Adds some tracing to mask clipping.  (gxclipm.c)

Speeds up masked images by doing mask clipping before halftoning, using a
more efficient mask scanning algorithm, and checking for vertical blocks of
1s.  (gxclipm.c)

Speeds up ImageType 4 images greatly by incorporating the color-key check
into the ImageType 1 rendering code.  NOTE: the 12-bit case has not been
tested.  (gxcpath.h, gximage.h, gxi12bit.c, gxicolor.c, gxifast.c,
gxiinit.c, gximage4.c, gximono.c, gxiscale.c)

Implements passing ImageType 4 images (and potentially others) through the
band list.  This involves adding image parameter writing and reading
procedures to the image type structure.  (gscdefs.h, gsiparam.h, gsiparm2.h,
gsiparm4.h, gsmatrix.h, gxclpath.h, gxiparam.h, gconf.c, genconf.c,
gsmatrix.c, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c, gxclrast.c, gxiinit.c,
gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Splits off the generic image support code from the ImageType 1 code.
(gxiinit.c [deleted], gximage.c, gximage1.c, gxipixel.c)

Removes some vestiges of support for 16-bit environments.  (gsmisc.c)

Implements bit-planar images, important for PCL interpretation.
(gsiparam.h, gximage.h, gxiparam.h, gdevddrw.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevps.c,
gsimage.c, gxclimag.c, gxidata.c, gximage.c, gxipixel.c) ****** NOT TESTED
YET ******

Makes closing a memory device that owns its bitmap set the bitmap pointer to
0, for the sake of an application that doesn't handle is_open properly.

Speeds up floating-point emulation for single-precision add, subtract, and
multiply.  (gsfemu.c)

Speeds up sampling of transfer functions.  (gshtx.c)

Makes the CIE cache used fixed-point values if the CPU has slow floating
point.  (gscie.h)

Adds a unique ID to color spaces to allow fast detection of reselecting the
same color space.  This matters for certain client code that repeatedly
reselects the same color space, since selecting certain color spaces is
expensive.  (gscpixel.h, gscspace.h, gxcspace.h, gscolor2.c, gscpixel.c,
gscscie.c, gscspace.c, gspcolor.c, gsstate.c, gximage2.c) ****** NEED TO FIX

Speeds up setting Pattern color spaces, by bypassing the install code for
the base space.  (gspcolor.c)

Adds a unique ID to CRDs to allow fast detection of reselecting the same
CRD.  This matters for certain client code that does this repeatedly.
(gscie.h, gscrd.h, gscrd.c)

Detects setting the CRD to one with identical PQR components, and bypasses
an expensive setup step.  (gscie.c)

Speeds up converting pixels between representations (gx_get_bits_copy) for
devices with up to 4 bits per pixel, by caching the pixel values.

Speeds up the slow default RasterOp algorithm a little.  (gdevdrop.c)

Defines standard mapping procedures for 1-bit-per-component CMYK colors.
Other code can then test for the presence of these procedures and use more
efficient algorithms.  (gxdevice.h, gxcmap.c)

Speeds up some algorithms in the bbox device by making some recursive calls
use a pure color rather than a client-supplied one.  (gdevbbox.h, gdevbbox.c)

Adds a cache for the black and white pixel values to the device structure.
(gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevalph.c, gdevnfwd.c, gsdparam.c, gxdcolor.c)

Makes the code for colored halftones a little more readable.  (gxcht.c)

Speeds up color mapping for CMYK devices by copying the color mapping
procedures into forwarding devices, when applicable.  (gdevcmap.c,
gdevmem.c, gsdevice.c, gxclip.c)

Removes some compiler warnings (mostly about "uninitialized" variables).
(gxcldev.h, gsdevmem.c, gsshade.c, gstype42.c, gxclpath.c, gxfill.c,
gximage3.c, gxpath2.c, gxpcopy.c)

For the benefit of certain client code that commonly sets a CRD and then
doesn't use it, makes loading of the joint CIE caches lazy (at the library
level).  (gscie.h, gscie.c)

Changes CIE color restriction from a macro to a procedure, since it is
rarely used.  (gscie.c)

Adds code and structures for detecting when CIE Decode and/or Encode
procedures are simply linear transformations, which would allow collapsing
them into the adjacent matrix, but doesn't actually do the collapsing.
(gscie.h, gscie.c)

Speeds up color halftoning by pre-computing the mask of planes that need to
be halftoned, and preconverting multi-plane halftones to binary or solid
colors when possible.  (gsdcolor.h, gxcht.c, gxdcolor.c, gxdither.c, gxht.c)

Optimizes color mapping for 1-bit-per-component CMYK halftones.  (gxcht.c)

Optimizes null RasterOp sources for black = 1 as well as black = 0.

Modifies the standard allocator so it keeps track of large free blocks as
well as small ones, and uses them to satisfy requests when appropriate.
(gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c)

Speeds up the horizontal bitmap replication code a bit.  (Much more is
possible.)  (gsbitops.c)

Changes gs_image_max_planes to gs_image_max_components to reflect its
function more accurately.  (gdevddrw.c)

Version 5.50 (9/16/98)

This is the first public release since 5.10. See the release summary for a list of major additions and changes.


Fixes problems:
	- Many files still referred to .txt rather than .htm files.
(DLL.htm, Make.htm, New-user.htm, Readme.htm, bcwin32.mak, cfonts.mak,
devs.mak, dvx-gcc.mak, dwmainc.cpp, gs-vms.hlp, gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h,
int.mak, jpeg.mak, libpng.mak, msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak, openvms.mak,
os2.mak, unix-cc.mak, unix-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak, watc.mak, watcw32.mak,
wccommon.mak, zlib.mak)

Notes that ps2epsi.1 and ps2epsi.txt may be inconsistent or obsolete.
(ps2epsi.1, ps2epsi.txt)

Adds a reference to Thomas Merz's Ghostscript manual.  (Readme.htm)

Adds instructions for making RPMs.  (Install.htm, Make.htm)

Changes the URL for post-release notes.  (Bug-form.htm, Make.htm,

Notes problems with Watcom compilation.  (Make.htm)


Fixes problems:
	- On Unix systems, the documentation files didn't get installed by
`make install'.  (unixinst.mak)
	- $() was missing around MAKEFILE in a Windows makefile.
	- The dfax drivers didn't include all the necessary files in the
linker list.  (contrib.mak)
	- The MSVC makefiles didn't allow building the executable in a
different directory.  (bcwin32.mak, gs.mak, lib.mak, msvc32.mak,
msvccmd.mak, msvclib.mak, msvctail.mak, os2.mak, watcw32.mak, winint.mak,
	- The default build directory for the Borland compiler was debugobj
rather than obj.  (bcwin32.mak)

Adds a patch file and some specification files for making RPMs.  (gs.rps,
gs-fonts.rps, rpm-conf.dif)

Removes the docs target in the makefile, since this function is now
performed by another program.  (unix-end.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The jpeg drivers caused a memory access error.  (bug introduced in
5.20 by an incorrectly made fix) (gdevjpeg.c)
	- The x11cmyk driver implemented map_rgb_color, which it should not
do.  (gdevxalt.c)

Updates a high-level driver for the addition of the bit-planar image format.


Fixes problems:
	- echogs -h didn't work in environments where char is signed.


Fixes problems:
	- MSVC++ 5.0 produced incorrect code with TDEBUG=0.  We "fixed" this
problem by noting in the makefile that TDEBUG must be left set to 1.
(msvc32.mak, msvclib.mak)

Updates the icons for the MS Windows and OS/2 platforms.  (gsgraph.icx,
gsos2.icx, gspmdrv.icx, gstext.icx)


Fixes problems:
	- setpagedevice didn't update the state correctly when switching to
a new type of device (different OutputDevice value).  (
	- The interpreter's initialization depended on BSS being initialized
to 0.  (files.h, zfile.c)

Removes all references to reloc_struct_ptr other than in gsstruct.h.

Adds DEBUG tracing for pdfmarks.  (

Disables TEST code for release.  (zcrd.c, zfdcte.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Some third-party software still referred to the obsolete #?
procedure.  (
	- Destinations with string names weren't properly converted to
pdfmarks.  (
	- Destinations with S = /Named weren't supported.  (


Fixes problems:
	- Dropout prevention wasn't applied to landscape image masks.
	- When using async rendering, the renderer's allocator was allocated
with the wrong allocator.  (gdevprna.c)
	- gx_strip_bitmap and gx_device_mask_clip didn't have proper GC
descriptors, causing crashes if a GC occurred while rendering an ImageType 3
or 4 image.  (gsstruct.h, gxbitmap.h, gxclip2.h, gxclipm.h, gxmclip.h,
gspcolor.c, gxclipm.c, gxmclip.c)
	- The buffer for printer devices wasn't reallocated properly for
async devices when the page size changed.  We aren't entirely comfortable
with the fix, but it's the best we've got right now.  (gdevprn.c)
	- Some files wouldn't compile with -dNOPRIVATE.  (gxcspace.h,
gscdevn.c, gscolor2.c, gscscie.c, gscsepr.c)
	- gp_semaphore_close and gp_monitor_close were defined as not
returning an error code.  (gpsync.h, gp_nsync.c, gp_posem.c, gp_semon.c,
	- Initialization code depended on BSS being initialized to 0.
	- The special PCL color mapping device didn't handle CMYK devices
correctly in other than "identity" mode.  (gdevcmap.c)

Cleans up a little formatting.  (gscie.h, gscpixel.c, gxmclip.c)

Removes all references to reloc_struct_ptr other than in gsstruct.h.
(gsstruct.h, gsalloc.c, gsdevice.c, gsfont.c, gxcpath.c)

Patches the async code so that it allocates twice as much space for the
renderer as should be needed, to deal with sandbars.  (gdevprna.c)

Version 5.40 (beta) (9/10/98)

A few more fixes. This is intended as the candidate fileset for the 5.50 release.


Fixes problems:
	- The current GNU Ghostscript version was documented as 3.33, not
4.03.  (New-user.htm)
	- The ansi2knr usage documentation didn't mention --filename.
	- A projected completion date was too optimistic.  (ps2pdf.1)

Replaces all documentation files with new HTML versions.  (*.txt [deleted],
*.htm, index.html, imainarg.c)

Adds a contributed set of Emacs macros useful for working with Ghostscript
documentation.  (gsdoc.el)

Changes the version and date format slightly in one file for consistency.


Adds a make target (make docs) to touch up documentation files before a
release.  (unix-end.mak)


Removes the long-obsolete utility.  ( [deleted])


Adds a driver for the Color LaserJet 5.  (devs.mak, gdevclj.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Blanks in command lines weren't handled properly.  (dwmain.cpp,


Fixes problems:
	- 16-bit devices didn't convert colors to RGB correctly.
	- 16- and 32-bit RasterOp didn't work, because pack_from_standard
didn't handle depths greater than 8.  (gdevdrop.c)
	- RasterOps with devices with non-standard color representation
sometimes substituted black or white for the source or target.  (gdevdrop.c)
	- The non-orthogonal case of Axial shading executed the axial-case
code as well.  (gxshade1.c)
	- copy_color on 4-bit-deep memory devices did an unnecessary
fit_copy check.  (gdevm4.c)
	- An upcast was missing.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- View clipping was applied to internal devices, incorrectly.

Revises the implementation of shading so as to reduce the use of macros,
update formatting, and help prepare for PatternType 2 patterns.  (gsshade.h,
gxshade.h, gxshade4.h, gscolor3.c, gsshade.c, gxshade.c, gxshade1.c,
gxshade4.c, gxshade6.c)

Version 5.39 (beta) (9/8/98)

A couple more small fixes.


Fixes problems:
	- The pkm[raw] drivers didn't work with 32-bit pixels.  (gdevpbm.c)

Adds (fake) 8-, 16-, and 32-bit X11 CMYK devices, for debugging.
Unfortunately, the 16- and 32-bit devices consume the hardware color map and
then no longer behave reasonably; the 8-bit device produces output with
garbled colors (fixed in 5.40).  (devs.mak, gdevxalt.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- All banded devices caused a memory access error.  (bug introduced
in 5.38)  (gsstate.c)
	- The special color mapping device didn't update its state after
put_params.  (gdevcmap.c)
	- RasterOp on 8-bit non-gray-scale devices didn't handle filling
with constant 0 or 1 properly.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- The halftone machinery didn't switch from full-size to strip
halftones early enough, possibly allocating very large halftone data
structures.  (gshtscr.c)
	- If an ioerror (such as a disk- or memory-full condition) occurred
while writing out the band list, the bookkeeping structures were left in an
inconsistent state, causing further problems.  (gxclutil.c)
	- Some shaded fills didn't check for errors when filling
sub-regions.  (gxshade1.c, gxshade4.c)

Cleans up some formatting.  (gxshade6.c)

Version 5.38 (beta) (9/3/98)

The sole purpose of this release was to fix some obscure bugs detected by the Genoa tests and by another Aladdin project.


Updates the list of implemented PostScript LanguageLevel 3 features.


Fixes problems:
	- The PDF writer did the wrong thing for multi-source images with
more than 180 bytes of data (total) per scan line.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- If one used setdistillerparams, [g]restore caused a rangecheck in
****** (gdevpsdp.c)


Fixes problems:
	- 0-length parameter arrays were given an arbitrary type, confusing
clients.  (iparam.c)
	- EOD on a write stream caused an error.  (zfileio.c)


Fixes problems:
	- 0-length parameter arrays confused clients that wanted arrays of a
particular type.  (gsparam.c)
	- Patterns with XStep or YStep smaller than the bounding box didn't
work properly.  (gxp1fill.c)
	- Resizing an object sometimes copied it unnecessarily.  (gsalloc.c)
	- Freeing the shared part of a graphics state didn't free its
sub-objects.  (gsstate.c)
	- The standard allocator didn't free its initial (self-containing)
chunk when asked to free itself.  (gsalloc.c)
	- The standard allocator didn't attempt to merge free blocks before
giving up.  We implemented this by adding another virtual procedure to
allocators, consolidate_free.  (gsmemory.h, gsmemraw.h, gsalloc.c,
gsmalloc.c, gsmemlok.c, gsmemory.c)
	- The free object merging algorithm thought there were free objects
even when there weren't.  (Small performance bug only.)  (gsalloc.c)

Adds some more tracing to pattern filling.  (gxclip2.c, gxp1fill.c)

Replaces the cs_alloc, cs_copy, and cs_undo_alloc macros with procedures.
(gxcspace.h, gscolor2.c, gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gspcolor.c)

Moves the free-object merging code from gsnogc.c to gsalloc.c, so it can be
used even in systems that have a garbage collector.  (gsalloc.h, gxalloc.h,
gsalloc.c, gsnogc.c)

Version 5.37 (beta) (8/31/98)


Mentions the new cid2code utility in the documentation.  (psfiles.txt)

Documents  (gs.mak)

Notes that clients of ImageType 3 images are responsible for providing the
mask data before the pixel data.  (gsiparm3.h)


Fixes problems:
	- The makefiles were missing a dependency of jconfig.h on arch.h.
With this fix, parallel builds (make -jN) work reliably.  (jpeg.mak)


Adds a utility for creating maps from CIDs to Unicode.  (unixinst.mak,


Removes the %Fax% IODevice code, since it was only a skeleton and Adobe no
longer supports this facility.  (devs.mak, gdevpfax.c [deleted])


Fixes problems:
	- TrueType fonts whose first code wasn't 0 or 0xf000 didn't display
correctly.  (bug introduced in 5.36) (
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts didn't handle being redefined with another
name.  (
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts could get local-into-global-store errors.
	- PDF files couldn't use already-defined CMap resources.
	- Out-of-range CIDs gave an error rather than using a notdef
character.  (


Fixes problems:
	- CIDFontType 4 fonts weren't recognized as CID-keyed.  (zchar2.c,
zchar32.c, zfont32.c)
	- When recovering from an error in an operator procedure, the
interpreter didn't update the dictionary stack caches.  (interp.c)
	- startjob didn't reinitialize the stacks or VM space.  (
	- Encoding filters with a Predictor always caused an error.
	- currenttrapparams gave an error.  (
	- settrapparams had no effect, and left the dictionary on the stack.

Finishes implementing Type 32 fonts.  These fonts don't actually work
directly with the cache -- they store the bitmaps in a compressed form in an
ordinary Dictionary -- but they do behave the way they are specified.
(, zchar32.c, zfont32.c)

Cleans up formatting and macros in a few more files.  (ccfont.h, icharout.h,
icstate.h, iutil.h, iutil2.h, ibnum.c, iccfont.c, iccinit0.c, ilocate.c,
isave.h, isave.c, iscannum.c, iutil.c, iutil2.c)

Removes or capitalizes a few more macros.  (zcontext.c, zcssepr.c,

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Color spaces with subsidiary spaces (Indexed, Separation, DeviceN)
sometimes didn't work properly, because they were translated to PostScript
structures more than once.  (
	- Type 3 fonts didn't rebind the resource context when executing the
CharProc procedure.  (


Fixes problems:
	- The CCITTFax decoder signaled an error if it saw an EOB with
EndOfBlock = false.  (According to e-mail from Adobe, EOBs should be
recognized even if EndOfBlock is false, even though the Red Book implies the
opposite.)  (scfd.c)

Cleans up macros and formatting in a few more files.  (slzwce.c, sfxfd.c,


Fixes problems:
	- Landscape color images usually didn't display.  (bug introduced in
5.32)  (gxicolor.c)
	- If gs_heap_free_object was called with ptr != 0 but bp = 0 (which
is an error), an invalid memory access would occur.  (gsmalloc.c)
	- The left side bearing was still being added in a second time for
the accent of a seac.  (bug probably introduced in 5.20)  (gxtype1.c)
	- An access error occurred when rendering the very last glyph of a
TrueType font with a 2-byte loca table.  (gstype42.c)
	- In the fast portrait case of monochrome images, a numerical error
sometimes produced a 1-bit-wide vertical stripe of an incorrect color at the
right edge of the image.  (gxifast.c)
	- ImageType 3 images with InterleaveType = 3 gave memory access
errors.  (gximage3.c)
	- Hit detection ignored any part of the aperture that had negative X
or Y coordinates.  (gdevhit.c)
	- The special color mapping device didn't copy all necessary values
back from its target.  (gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevcmap.c, gsdevice.c)
	- The special color mapping device didn't handle ordinary (Type 1)
images correctly.  (gdevcmap.c)
	- CMYK halftones complemented both the color and the halftone level:
this produced the right number of pixels turned on (only for linear spot
functions or threshold arrays), but wasn't consistent with either the Adobe
specification or the user's intentions.  (gxcht.c)
	- The phase of mask Patterns wasn't always set correctly.
	- The reader side of overlapped band devices was confused about its
open/closed status.  (gdevprna.c)

Renames Type 32 fonts from ft_bitmap to ft_CID_bitmap.  (gxftype.h)

Adds some more tracing for composite font decoding.  (gsfcmap.c)

Adds some more tracing for images.  (gxiinit.c)

Cleans up formatting and macros in a few more files.  (gxifast.c)

Moves the image*_type_data and image*_enum_procs_data definitions from
header files into more appropriate .c files.  (gsiparm2.h, gsiparm3.h,
gsiparm4.h, gxiparam.h, gxiinit.c, gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Version 5.36 (beta) (8/25/98)

Another set of fixes. The free-standing bbox device now produces convenient %%BoundingBox messages. This fileset also includes support for double-byte TrueType fonts.


Fixes problems:
	- There was a minor spacing glitch in one man page.  (gs.1)
	- The page printed by didn't make it clear enough what to
do with the numbers it asks users to calculate.  (
	- The sample code for adding gamma adjustment didn't work most of
the time.  (devices.txt)
	- The prolog produced by pswrite was completely uncommented.
	- The documentation didn't note that the string block freelist
(sfree) is sorted in address order.  (gxalloc.h)

Notes that FirstBitLowOrder and LowBitFirst are equivalent.  (slzwx.h)

Notes a change in the FTP site of the free Kanji ("Wadalab") fonts.

Adds a pointer to the freely available Unicode CMaps.  (fonts.txt)

Changes an obsolete e-mail address for Carsten Emde.  (contrib.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The viewgif utility sometimes left 1-scan-line gaps when rendering
interlaced images.  (


Fixes problems:
	- In the PDF writer, downsampled images were always written with 8
bits per sample, not the requested depth.  (gdevpsdi.c)
	- The 8-to-N-bit compression filter produced an extra byte at the
end of each row, and the N-to-8-bit expansion filter skipped an input byte
at the end of each row.  (gdevpsds.c)
	- In the PDF writer, the size of downsampled images for changing the
pixel width was set incorrectly, leading to inconsistent image parameters in
the output.  (gdevpsdi.c)
	- The subsampling filters didn't take a clear position about what to
do with excess input samples beyond a multiple of the reduction factor,
leading to inconsistent image parameters.  We added a Boolean to indicate
whether they should discard the samples or use them to create an additional
output sample.  (gdevpsds.h, gdevpsdi.c, gdevpsds.c)
	- The subsampling filters didn't provide the necessary set_defaults
procedures.  (gdevpsds.h, gdevpsds.c)
	- Because of a typo, pdfwrite and pswrite printed sequences of 4
decimal values wrong. (bug introduced during macro removal in 5.25)

Makes the PS writer produce a %%HiResBoundingBox as well as a %%BoundingBox.


Fixes problems:
	- The Borland makefile didn't include the MT libraries.  We added a
MULTITHREAD option to this makefile.  (bcwin32.mak)
	- The MSVC makefile didn't include the MT switches in the right
place.  (msvccmd.mak)
	- 'make clean' in the Windows makefiles didn't clean up quite
enough.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc32.mak, msvccmd.mak)
	- The OS/2 makefile had gotten slightly out of date.  (os2.mak)

Cleans up some formatting.  (gp_win32.c)


Fixes problems:
	- Loading large TrueType fonts caused excessive garbage collection.

Finishes implementing support for turning double-byte TrueType fonts into
CIDFontType 2 fonts.  (


Fixes problems:
	- We thought the dictionary returned by currentuserparams should
always be allocated in local VM, but in fact the correct definition is that
it should be allocated in the current VM.  The simplest way to make this
work is for setuserparams to copy any string values into global VM.
	- 1-input stitching functions didn't allow k = 0.  (ifunc.h,
	- OtherSubrs defined in PostScript no longer worked.  (bug probably
introduced when we rewrote the Type 1 code in C) (zchar1.c)

Cleans up a few compiler warnings (missing empty 'default' cases, unused
variables).  (igc.c, iname.c)

Replaces some uses of RELOC_*_PTR (now deprecated) with RELOC_*_VAR.
(isave.c, iscan.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Resources were re-created on each page, causing (sometimes a lot
of) unnecessary computation.  We implemented most of the machinery for
avoiding this, but not the mechanism for actually storing resources in
global VM.  (,

Adds a little more debugging code.  (


Cleans up formatting in a few more files.  (sbtx.h, sfilter.h, slzwx.h,
spngpx.h, srlx.h, sstring.h, seexec.c, sfilter1.c, sfilter2.c, smtf.c,
spcxd.c, srld.c, srle.c)

Replaces a couple of #defines with duplicated (small) structures.  (sbtx.h,
sfilter.h, sfilter1.c, sfilter2.c)

Replaces all uses of RELOC_*_PTR (now deprecated) with RELOC_*_VAR.


Fixes problems:
	- If a garbage collection occurred during a string show operation,
memory could be corrupted. (bug introduced in 5.24) (gstext.h, gstext.c)
	- A debugging check incorrectly indicated an error when
miter-checking lines with a 0 degree angle between them.  (gxstroke.c)
	- A structure created for bitmap/pixmap patterns was never freed.
	- Colored halftones didn't work with 24-bit devices.  (This case was
never actually used.)  (gxcht.c)
	- CIE colors didn't remap properly if the current color space was a
Pattern space.  (gscie.c)
	- In a non-garbage-collected environment, freeing a string in the
current chunk made an unnecessary test.  (Minor performance impact only.)

Cleans up a few compiler warnings (missing empty 'default' cases, unused
variables).  (gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtscr.c, gsimage.c, gxacpath.c, gxclread.c,
gxicolor.c, gxshade4.c)

Replaces some uses of RELOC_*_PTR with RELOC_*_VAR.  (gsht1.c)

Changes the printed output of the free-standing bbox device so it produces
%%BoundingBox and %%HiResBoundingBox lines that can be dropped directly into
a DSC header.  (gdevbbox.c)

Speeds up the 4-bit case of copy_mono by about 30%.  (gdevm4.c)

Expands some macros and cleans up formatting, for easier reading and
debugging.  Speeds up the color halftone generation algorithm substantially
(up to 40%), by skipping the halftone computation for planes that are known
to be solid-color, and using copy_mono directly if only one plane is not
solid-color.  (gxcht.c)

Version 5.35 (beta) (8/18/98)

More updates for 5.3x, specifically fixing problems with halftones on banded CMYK devices.


Fixes problems:
	- The URLs for the third-party libraries were out of date.
(make.txt, jpeg.mak, libpng.mak, zlib.mak)


Adds an x11gray4 device for help in debugging.  (devs.mak, gdevxalt.c)


Fixes problems:
	- TrueType fonts with more than 64K of data before or after the
glyfs caused an error.  (


Fixes problems:
	- The dictionary returned by currentuserparams was allocated in the
current VM rather than always in local VM.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- CID-keyed fonts caused an error, because their CDevProc was
incorrect.  (


Fixes problems:
	- A comment was duplicated.  (gxht.h)
	- The main procedure of the command list reader was so large that it
couldn't be optimized by many compilers, and was very hard to read.
	- Banding devices using multi-screen halftones could get memory
access errors because they didn't clear the halftone caches when changing
halftone parameters.  (gxclrast.c)
	- Banding devices using multi-screen halftones didn't set the
halftone phase correctly.  (gxcht.c, gxclrast.c)
	- RasterOp didn't work for 2- or 4-bit gray-scale devices.  It still
doesn't work right, but it's closer.  (gdevm2.c, gdevm4.c, gdevmrop.c)
	- Undefined characters in CMap-based composite fonts caused errors
and possible invalid memory accesses.  (gschar0.c)

Version 5.34 (beta) (8/16/98)

More updates for 5.3x.


Updates all of the man pages to new versions.  (gs-vms.hlp, gs.1, pdf2dsc.1,
pdf2ps.1, ps2ascii.1, ps2epsi.1, ps2pdf.1, ps2ps.1)


Fixes problems:
	- The MSVC library makefile incorrectly included gp_msio.c.
(msvclib.mak, winlib.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- The PDF writer unnecessarily checked for other parameters after a
failing show or pdfmark.  (gdevpdfp.c)
	- The device's BufferSpace parameter was ignored.  (bug introduced
by async rendering code in 5.30) (gdevprn.c)
	- Banding devices smashed the first 4 bytes of each scan line.  (bug
introduced in 5.28) (gxdevmem.h, gdevmem.c, gxclread.c)
	- The phase for colored halftones was set wrong.  (We have "fixed"
this innumerable times, and it is still probably wrong.)  (gxclrast.c)

Replaces the deprecated gx_device_image_xxx calls with the new gx_image_xxx
calls.  (gdevpdfi.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The equality test for idiom recognition sometimes incorrectly
returned false.  (zmisc3.c)
	- shfill didn't take the BBox into account.  (It still doesn't.)
	- The status operator could return an incorrect pages or bytes value
for files larger than 2 Gb, rather than giving an error.  (zfile.c)


Fixes problems:
	- The hint tables weren't reset after processing the base character
of a 'seac', leading to incorrect hinting and (for Type 2 CharStrings)
possible mis-parsing of the outline data.  (gstype2.c)
	- When processing a 'seac', the left side bearing was added in
twice, displacing characters to the right.  (bug probably introduced in
5.20) (gstype1.c)
	- RasterOps didn't set the size of the RasterOp texture device,
which caused filling operations involving a colored halftone to be clipped
to an empty rectangle.  (gdevrops.c)
	- When filling with a colored halftone, the RasterOp source was
often disregarded.  (gxcht.c)
	- gx_device_image[_plane]_data and gx_device_end_image took an
unused dev argument, leading to potential confusion.  We deprecated the
gx_device_image_plane_data and gx_device_end_image procedures, replacing
them with macros that call their replacements gx_image_plane_data and
gx_image_end (which no longer have the spurious dev argument).  (gxdevcli.h,
gxdevice.h, gxiparam.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevddrw.c, gdevdflt.c, gsimage.c,
gslib.c, gxclimag.c, gxclrast.c, gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)
	- gs_color_adjust_count, introduced in 5.33 to address the problem
of freeing free-standing patterns, just made things worse.  We are replacing
them with gs_pattern_reference, essentially the procedure introduced in 5.31
that we deleted in 5.33.  (gsccolor.h, gspcolor.h, gscolor.c, gspcolor.c)

Changes hint suppression from a #define to a debugger-settable static.

Version 5.33 (beta) (8/14/98)

This is the third set of updates for 5.30. These updates have been driven mostly by the needs of another Aladdin project, so they haven't included as many problem fixes as we would normally make.


Fixes problems:
	- The thread creation procedure for Win32 called a Windows function
rather than the proper C library function.  (gp_win32.c)
	- In some MS-DOS implementations, the copy command doesn't recognize
the /Y switch.  (bcwin32.mak)


Fixes problems:
	- TrueType fonts with *less* than 64K of glyf data stopped working.
(bug introduced in 5.31) (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Using an Identity function left an extra element on the stack.
	- The syntax of # in names is different in PDF 1.1 and PDF 1.2, but
the PDF 1.2 syntax was always used.  (,


Fixes problems:
	- Color images still always caused an error. (bug introduced in
5.32) (gxicolor.c)
	- Because of a typo, the implementation of image types didn't
compile. (bug introduced in 5.32)  (gxiparam.h)
	- Free-standing colors (specifically pattern colors) and color
spaces couldn't be freed.  This required a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in
an internal API used for managing color and color space reference counts.
(gxcspace.h, gsccolor.h, gscdevn.c, gscolor.c, gscolor2.c, gscscie.c,
gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gspcolor.c)

Cleans up a little more formatting.  (gscspace.h)

Version 5.32 (beta) (8/13/98)

This is the second set of updates for 5.30.


Fixes problems:
	- The OS/2 makefile accidentally omitted the OS/2-PM driver.
	- The MSVC library makefile didn't work.  (msvclib.mak)
	- Debugging was turned on in the Borland Windows makefile.
	- The BEGINFILES2 list was too long in the MSVC makefile.


Fixes problems:
	- .execn wouldn't accept pseudo-operators.  (iref.h)
	- inustroke with a matrix operand didn't work correctly.  (zupath.c)
	- ImageType 4 images didn't work.  (bug introduced in 5.31)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes problems:
	- Forms used more than once caused an invalidaccess error.


Fixes problems:
	- Using a colored pattern with a Pattern color space that included a
base space could access uninitialized floating point values, possibly
causing an arithmetic trap.  (gspcolor.c)
	- RasterOp wasn't implemented for 16- and 32- bit devices.
(gdevm16.c, gdevm32.c, gdevmrop.c)
	- The library test program relied on copysign, which some C
libraries lack.  (gslib.c)
	- The gs_free and gs_heap_free_all debugging printout were included
even if DEBUG wasn't defined. (bug introduced in 5.30) (gsmalloc.c)
	- Color images always caused an error. (bug introduced in 5.30)
	- Masked images with pis = NULL could cause an error.  (gximono.c)
	- In landscape orientation, masked images didn't guarantee that the
buffer of mask scan lines would be flushed to the mask clipping device
before processing the data being masked.  (gxiparam.h, gxidata.c, gxifast.c,
	- Images with source transparency set but CombineWithColor = false
could get an error because of trying to paint with an unloaded
color. (caused by a bug fix in 5.30) (gxdcolor.c, gxiinit.c)

Version 5.31 (limited) (8/11/98)

This is the first set of updates for 5.30. They fix a few minor build problems, and some significant problems with bitmap patterns that do not affect the PostScript or PDF interpreters.


Moves some casting macros from generic files to the few specific files that
use them.  (gdev4693.c, gdevn533.c, gdevsnfb.c)


Changes ImageType 4 images to match the change in the library interface.


Fixes bugs:
	- The MaskColor elements of ImageType 4 images were defined as int
rather than uint, truncating the range by 1 bit and causing problems in
comparing the mask color against the pixel samples.  (gsiparm4.h,
	- A needed cast was missing from gs_malloc_memory_release.
	- A needed cast from byte to char was missing.  (gsparams.c)
	- Patterns always allocated a mask for rendering, which for large
patterns specified directly as bitmaps allocated a lot of unnecessary
memory.  (gxcolor2.h, gspcolor.c, gxp1fill.c, gxpcmap.c)
	- Macros simply defining casted versions of variables made the code
hard to debug.  We have only removed the ones that are in generic code (not
drivers) and that cast pointers to gx_device or its subclasses: the only
ones removed from header files were prn_dev in gdevprn.h, mdev in gdevmem.h,
and ccdev, crdev, and cwdev in gxcldev.h.  gdevmem.h, (gdevprn.h, gxclist.h,
gdevabuf.c, gdevm1.c, gdevm2.c, gdevm4.c, gdevm8.c, gdevm16.c, gdevm24.c,
gdevm32.c, gdevmpla.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevprn.c, gxacpath.c, gxclimag.c,
gxclist.c, gxclpage.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxclrect.c)
	- There was no way to free a pattern instance outside the graphics
state.  (gspcolor.h, gspcolor.c)

Version 5.30 (limited) (8/10/98)

This is the first beta candidate for the 5.50 release. It completes the merge of the overlapped rasterizing code into the main development line.


Fixes bugs:
	- Yves Arrouye's e-mail address was out of date.  (gdevbjc.h,
gdevcdj.c, contrib.mak, devices.txt, unix-lpr.txt)

Makes the warning against using SHARE_JPEG=1 even stronger.  (make.txt,
dvx-gcc.mak, ugcclib.mak. unix*.mak)

Removes information about using DCL files on VMS to build Ghostscript.

Updates the documentation for begin_typed_image.  (drivers.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Unix build procedure didn't create the obj subdirectory
automatically.  (unixhead.mak, unix-end.mak)
	- gsdll_h wasn't defined for the OS/2 PM device.  Fixing this
properly required moving the OS/2 drivers into the same makefile as the MS
Windows drivers, and renaming the file.  (devs.mak, msdevs.mak => pcwin.mak,
	- gsiparm4_h was used before it was defined.  (lib.mak)
	- Building with shared libaries still used header files in
Ghostscript's directories, not the ones in /usr/include.  ****** NOT DONE
YET ******
	- The makefiles all assumed they were located in the current
directory, not in the source directory.  (*.mak)

Adds new 'debugclean' and 'pgclean' targets, parallel to 'debug' and 'pg',
for the Unix platforms.  (unix-end.mak)

Changes the management of .dev files so that on Unix platforms, one can
really maintain standard, debugging, and profiling builds simultaneously.
This is a hack, but a fairly reliable one.  (gs.mak, unixhead.mak,

Adds a dummy thread / semaphore / monitor implementation to all platforms
other than Windows.  (dvx-tail.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, ugcclib.mak,
unixtail.mak, watc.mak, watclib.mak)


Updates driver support to use the new write-position stream.  (gdevpsdf.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Windows Registry calls didn't deal properly with a null
pointer.  (gp_wgetv.c)

Makes a small change in the platform semaphore / monitor API.  (gpsync.h,
gxsync.h, gp_win32.c, gxsync.c)

Adds a dummy thread / semaphore / monitor implementation.  Note that with
this implementation, async rendering WILL NOT WORK.  (gp_nsync.c)

Adds pthreads thread creation and POSIX semaphores for Unix platforms.  (We
still need to add System V semaphores, which is all that is available on
Solaris and BSDI.)  (gp_semon.c, gp_posem.c, gp_pthr.c).


Fixes bugs:
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts didn't select the proper VM space for adding
entries to font dictionaries, and for loading Subrs strings.  (
	- TrueType fonts with an odd glyfs length didn't work.  (
	- TrueType fonts with a Format 3 'post' table didn't work.
	- TrueType fonts where the encoding in the 'post' table didn't cover
the entire set of glyfs didn't work.  (
	- TrueType fonts with more than 128K of glyfs didn't work.
	- TrueType cmap format 6 didn't work.  (
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts with hex data didn't skip over the > at the
end of the data.  (


Works around the fact that gs_shfill can't do a gs_setcolorspace for color
spaces that require interpreter assistance.  (

Moves clipsave and cliprestore to C code.  (, zmisc3.c)

Updates some files to reflect the redivision of gsmemory.h and gsstruct.h.
(imemory.h, istruct.h, ialloc.c)


Adds a stream that just keeps track of the write position.  (stream.h,

Removes the compilation dependency that required all clients of the zlib
filters to be compiled with the zlib source directory in the search path.
(szlibx.h, szlibxx.h, szlib[cde].c)


Fixes bugs:
	- ImageType 4 images with >1 input component didn't work.
	- Sampled functions didn't keep the fractional part when
interpolating, possibly leading to infinite recursion in shading.
	- The color error value for shadings was computed incorrectly for
CIE color spaces.  (gxshade.c)
	- The CharstringType 2 'roll' operator rolled the operands in the
wrong direction.  (gstype2.c)
	- Images with RasterOp or transparency didn't retain the current
color properly, leading to unpredictable results.  (gdevmrop.h, gsropt.h,
gdevddrw.c, gdevrops.c, gxdcolor.c, gxiinit.c, gximage3.c)
	- A cast to void * was needed to remove a const modifier.
	- On 8-bit non-gray-scale devices, RasterOp values of all-0s or
all-1s produced the wrong output.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- The GC procedure for halftone screen enumerators was wrong,
possibly causing invalid memory access errors.  This bug predates 5.10.
	- An extra pair of string quotes confused some compilers.
	- There were several errors in the CharstringType 2 'flex'
operators.  (gstype2.c)
	- The structure descriptors for devices weren't initialized in
library-only configurations.  (int.mak, gconf.c)
	- The Pattern cache got confused if the current device when a
Pattern color was used wasn't the same as the current device when the
Pattern instance was created.  (gxpcmap.c)
	- The target of forwarding devices wasn't reference-counted
properly.  (gsdevice.c) ****** FIXING THIS PROPERLY WILL BE A LOT OF WORK:
WE ONLY FIXED gs_setdevice_no_erase ******
	- As a result of fixing a typo, the structure declaration for
gx_page_queue was private, causing clients not to compile.  We left it
private and added an instance allocation procedure.  (gxpageq.h, gdevprna.c,
	- The mask for ImageType 3 images was clipped (incorrectly).
	- Interpolated images with negative X->X values in the CTM were
displaced on the page.  (gxiscale.c)

Finishes integrating the asynchronous rendering code.  (gpsync.h, gxclist.h,
gdevprna.c, gsmemlok.c, gxclimag.c, gxclpath.c, gxclutil.c)

Updates the memory manager API for additional flexibility needed for
asynchronous rendering.  (gsmalloc.h, gsmemlok.h, gsmemraw.h, gsalloc.c,
gsmalloc.c, gsmemlok.c)

Updates the standard memory manager to work with a fixed (externally
supplied) set of chunks, needed for asynchronous rendering, removing some
macros in the process.  (gsalloc.h, gsalloc.c)

Updates some code to use more mnemonic variable names.  (gstype2.c,

Removes some macros for better readability.  (gdevmrop.c)

Adds dummy implementations of clipsave and cliprestore.  (gsclipsr.h,

Implements an alternative, but completely untested, parameter list
serializer based on streams.  (gsparam2.c)

Moves more of the internal memory manager structures from gsmemory.h to
gsstruct.h.  (gsmemory.h, gsstruct.h, gsmemory.c)

Version 5.28 (limited) (8/3/98)

This fileset almost finishes merging in the code for overlapped ("asynchronous") interpretation and rasterizing that gave rise to the side-branch versions 5.13 and 5.14; eliminates all initialized non-constant globals from the graphics library (but not from the interpreter); and adds a few more LanguageLevel 3 features (CIEBasedDEF[G] color spaces, CloseSource and CloseTarget for streams, Separation base space for Indexed color spaces).

We were not originally planning to produce another fileset until the code merge was completed; however, the schedule demands of another Aladdin project justify another intermediate fileset.


Notes that the MSVC++ 5.0 compiler may lock up when compiling gxi12bit.c
with optimization.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- psl3 didn't include fzlib.  (int.mak)
	- The Windows makefile had the wrong name for a DLL.  (winint.mak)
	- The Borland Windows makefile had several errors.  (bcwin32.mak)

At the request of a user, changes the creation of jconfig.h so it #includes,
rather than copies, arch.h.  (jpeg.mak, gsjconf.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- scaled the image wrong.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- clist_close was declared as an open proc rather than a close proc.
(As it happens, this didn't make any difference.)  (gxclist.c)
	- A comment was improperly terminated.  (gxpageq.h)
	- A needed #include of memory_.h was missing.  (gdevpsde.c)

Integrates nearly all the rest of the code for asynchronous rendering.
(gdevprn.h, gdevprna.h, gxcldev.h, gxclist.h, gxclpath.h, gxclmem.h,
gdevbmpa.c, gdevprn.c, gdevprna.c, gxclbits.c, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c,
gxclmem.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxclrect.c)

Changes tracing of memory-based clists to occur only if -Z: is selected,
rather than always if the code was compiled with -DDEBUG.  Note that this is
a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE (but only affects debugging).  (gxclmem.c)

Implements the NumCopies parameter for all page devices, not just printers.
(gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevprn.c, gsdparam.c)

Splits off command list writing utilities into a separate file, since
gxclist.c was getting too large.  (gxclist.h, gxclist.c, gxclutil.c)

Splits command list reading into control (gxclread.c) and the actual list
interpreter (gxclrast.c), since the file was getting too large.  (gxcldev.h,
gxclrast.c, gxclread.c)

Distinguishes dev_proc_* (defining a general driver procedure) from
prn_dev_proc_* (defining a printer driver procedure).  Unfortunately, we
have to keep dev_proc_print_page and _print_page_copies for backward
compatibility.  (gdevprn.h)

Splits out of the BMP driver the parts shared with the async version
(gdevbmp.h, gdevbmp.c, gdevbmpc.c).

Changes the band rasterizer to implement get_bits_rectangle rather than
get_bits.  In some cases, this results in much less computation.
(gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

Makes the monochrome H-P printer drivers emit a printer reset when closing
the device.  According to a user, this helps prevent the ink nozzles from
clogging.  (gdevdjet.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Windows DLL entry point procedure didn't return a value as it
was supposed to.  (gp_mswin.c)

Removes all remaining initialized but non-constant globals, and ensures that
all non-debugging-related BSS variables in the library are explicitly set to
0 at initialization time.  (gp_unix.c)

Improves an error message slightly.  (dwmainc.cpp)


Fixes bugs:
	- The tracing code for restore_resources could access an invalid
address.  (isave.c)
	- sizeof(procedure) is not allowed in ANSI C++.  (opdef.h,
iccfont.c, interp.c, ireclaim.c)
	- A variable was declared incorrectly as bin_token_type_t rather
than bin_seq_type_t.  (iscanbin.c)
	- The behavior of copypage didn't change in LanguageLevel 3.
	- When grestore et al reactivated a page device, they performed an
initgraphics, which should only be performed by showpage.  (
	- The RunLengthEncode filter was broken in cases where the caller
supplied a record size.  (bug introduced in 5.2x) (zfilter.c)
	- A needed #include of memory_.h was missing.  (zfreuse.c)
	- On machines with sizeof(long) > sizeof(int), the dictionary form
of image and imagemask didn't work.  (bug introduced in 5.2x) (zimage2.c)
	- exitserver left a 'true' on the operand stack.  (

Replaces the STACK_LOOP_BEGIN/END macros with procedures.  (We retain the
macros for backward compatibility.)  (istack.h, istack.c, zchar.c,
zcontrol.c, zdict.c, zvmem.c)

Reviews the remaining operator files for ease of reading / debugging,
including removing macros where appropriate.  (z*.c)

Changes the dictionary stack printer to indicate whether the dictionary is
allocated in global or local VM.  (

Redefines countexecstack and execstack as operators, solely for the sake of
the Genoa [count]execstack tests.  (, zcontrol.c)

Changes array/string/packedarray forall not to keep an index on the stack,
solely for the sake of the Genoa [count]execstack tests.  (zgeneric.c)

Finishes implementing CIEBasedDEF[G] color spaces.  (icie.h, zcie.c)

Adds a ColorSpace resource instance for sRGB.  (,

Implements CloseSource and CloseTarget for filters.  ****** DOESN'T WORK IF

Allows Separation and DeviceN color spaces as the base space for an Indexed
color space.  (zcsdevn.c, zcsindex.c, zcssepr.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- In PDF files, Indexed color spaces with a CIEBasedABC base space
gave an /undefined error.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The report_error member of the DCT streams wasn't initialized
early enough.  (ifilter.h, zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c, zfile.c)

Changes the zlib filters to use the stream's allocator, rather than the
default allocator, for their private storage.  Note that this requires the
stream itself to keep pointers to this storage, for garbage collection.
(szlibx.h, szlibc.c, szlibd.c, szlibe.c)

Updates some clients to use new, simpler GC structure descriptors.  (sdct.h,
sfilter.h, sdctc.c, sfilter1.c)

Adds a close_strm member for the interpreter's use (CloseSource /
CloseTarget).  (stream.h, stream.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- gstate, currentgstate, and setgstate didn't handle the effective
clip path properly, possibly leading to dangling pointers.  (gsstate.c)
	- setrasterop, setsourcetransparent, and settexturetransparent
should all return int rather than void, since they can fail.  (gsrop.h,
	- FunctionType 1 functions didn't clip the output value to the
Range.  (gsfunc3.c)
	- A needed cast from byte * to char * was missing.  (gscrdp.c)
	- Some needed #includes of *_.h were missing.  (gscrd.c, gscrdp.c,
	- The prototype for gx_effective_clip_path wasn't #included in a
needed place.  (gsimage.c)
	- RasterOp sometimes didn't work properly for devices whose
representation of white wasn't a pixel value of 0.  (gxdcolor.h, gdevbbox.c,
gdevdbit.c, gdevvec.c, gslib.c, gxdcolor.c)
	- The variable used to detect double declaration of
gs_get_bits_params_t was named incorrectly.  (gxdevcli.h, gxgetbit.h)
	- gs_[eo]clip never retained the clipping path in its original form.
These routines now retain it in the simple case (the old clipping path is a
rectangle, and the new path is completely contained within it).  This
requires a small NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the gx_cpath_intersect
procedure: it no longer updates the new path, and it flattens the path if
needed.  To avoid problems, we renamed this procedure as gx_cpath_clip.
(gsdps.c, gspath.c, gxcpath.c)
	- If the image was empty, gs_image_common_init didn't free the
lower-level enumerator.  (gsimage.c, gxccache.c)

Removes all remaining initialized but non-constant globals, and ensures that
all non-debugging-related BSS variables in the library are explicitly set to
0 at initialization time.  (gxdevice.h, gconf.c, gsdevice.c, gshtscr.c,
gsiodev.c, gsutil.c, gxcht.c)

Finishes implementing table-driven GC descriptors.  We expected it to save
considerable space at negligible time cost; it actually shrank the 1Mb
executable by only about 5K, and slowed down garbage collection by about
2%. (gsfcmap.h, gsstrtab.h [deleted], gsstruct.h, gzpath.h, gsfcmap.c,
gsmemory.c, gsstrtab.c [deleted])

Finishes implementing CIEBasedDEF[G] color spaces.  (gscie.h, gscie.c)

Simplifies some code by removing or redefining macros.  (gxi12bit.c)

Removes all patches made for easier retrofitting of 5.2x code into 5.1x
filesets.  (gdevdrop.c, gdevmrop.c, gslib.c, gspcolor.c)

Reviews a few more files for style and readability.  (gxbitfmt.h,

Allows Separation (and, if included, DeviceN) color spaces as the base space
of an Indexed color space.  Unfortunately, this involves introducing a new
distinction in color space types, which entails NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
changes in the color space and color space type structures.  (gxcspace.h,
gscdevn.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c, gscpixel.c, gscscie.c, gscsepr.c,
gscspace.c, gspcolor.c)

Makes a small addition in order to fix an interpreter bug.  (gxfixed.h,

Version 5.27 (limited) (7/18/98)

This is another "in-flight" snapshot made in preparation for the 5.2x / 5.1x code merge. It completes the driver CRD API.


Fixes bugs:
	- The reference to psview was out of date.  (new-user.txt)

Adds some pointers to Aladdin Ghostscript mirror sites.  (new-user.txt)

Updates the C style guide a little further.  (c-style.txt)

Adds documentation on driver-supplied CRDs.  (drivers.txt)

Updates the JPEG makefile to mention IJG release 6b.  (jpeg.mak)

Updates documentation to reflect the devs.mak / contrib.mak split.  (README,
devices.txt, drivers.txt, make.txt, new-user.txt, source.txt, use.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- sjpegerr.o was needed even when using the shared JPEG library.

Changes the name of the jpeg library directory from jpeg-<version> to just
jpeg, to parallel libpng and zlib.  (make.txt, *.mak)

Creates a separate makefile for contributed drivers.  Eventually these
drivers will go in a separate directory.  (devs.mak, contrib.mak, *.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The pkm driver was absurdly inefficient.  (gdevpbm.c)
	- The psfax driver (which, admittedly, doesn't come close to
working) no longer compiled.  (gdevpfax.c)
	- The ARCHAIC mode of the Epson driver emitted an incorrect
character ('r' instead of ^R).  (gdevepsn.c)
	- The X driver didn't check the calls of XInitImage for error
status.  (gdevx.c)

Updates a client for the change in the names of the gb_ values.  (gdevx.c)

Updates a client for the added param_request procedure.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Reformats all Aladdin-maintained drivers to the new Ghostscript standard
format, using indent.  We deliberately did not reformat user-contributed
drivers, since indent mangles a line once in a while and we do not want to
take responsibility for fixing others' code.  (*.h, *.c)

Adds a default CRD specification to the 'bit' device, for testing.

Integrates a bit more of the support code for asynchronous rasterizing.
(gxband.h, gxclio.h, gxclist.h, gxclmem.h, gxclfile.c, gxclist.c, gxclmem.c,
gxclread.c, gxpageq.h, gxpageq.c)


Adds thread support to the Win32 platform.  (gp_win32.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Composite fonts with CID-keyed descendants didn't run the
BuildGlyph procedure.  (zchar.c)
	- The internal representation of CMaps was built incorrectly.
	- Category resources didn't load from files automatically.

Reformats all files to the new Ghostscript standard format, using indent.
(*.h, *.c)

Reviews most of the operator files for ease of reading / debugging,
including removing macros where appropriate.  (z*.c)

Updates a client for the change in the names of the gb_ values.  (zdevice.c)

Updates a client for the added param_request procedure.  (iparam.c)

Updates clients for the completion of the CRD API.  (zcie.c, zcrd.c)

Increases the initial size of systemdict a little more, to allow for -d and
-s.  (iinit.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Text modes other than 0 didn't work with multiple-byte fonts.
	- There were many bugs in the code for Type 0 and CIDFontType 0
fonts.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- cshow returned a character code of -1 for composite fonts with
FMapType 9 (CMap-based).  (gsfcmap.h, gschar0.c, gsfcmap.c)
	- The GC procedure for enumerating show enumerators was broken.
(bug introduced in 5.24 or 5.25) (gschar.c)
	- dashpath always copied the path, instead of only copying it if
needed.  (gspath1.c)
	- The hint replacement fix in 5.24 sometimes thought a path was
closed when it wasn't, producing gross distortions of some characters.

Cleans up code for debugging by expanding macros, etc.  (gstext.h,

Changes the gb_ values to all caps, in line with general C convention.  This
is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change to an as yet rarely-used API.
(gxbitfmt.h, gdevalph.c, gdevdgbr.c, gdevmem.c, gsalphac.c, gximage2.c)

Enhances the default implementation of parameter lists to allow requesting
individual parameters.  This is needed for the driver CRD API.  (gsparam.h,
gscparam.c, gsparam.c)

Completes the API for driver CRDs, also moving some code from gscie.c to
gscrd.c.  This involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the prototype of
the TransformPQR procedures.  (gscie.h, gscrd.h, gscrdp.h, gscie.c, gscrd.c,

Reformats all files to the new Ghostscript standard format, using indent.
(*.h, *.c)

Splits up gdevmrop.c into 3 files: gdevmrop.c (RasterOp implementation for
memory devices), gdevdrop.c (default and device-independent RasterOp
algorithms), and gdevrops.c (RasterOp-source device).  (gdevmrop.h,
gdevdrop.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevrops.c)

Version 5.26 (limited) (7/7/98)

The purpose of this fileset is to add an API for drivers to provide one or more device-appropriate CIE rendering dictionaries. Like 5.25, it is a "snapshot" fileset not made available even to beta testers.


Fixes bugs:
	- An !endif was omitted.  (msvc32.mak)
	- A newly needed Windows library was omitted.  (msvctail.mak)
	- The /Za and /Ze switches were set incorrectly for MSVC.
(bcwin32.mak, msvccmd.mak, watcw32.mak, winint.mak, winlib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A closing bracket was omitted (in code that is ifdef'd out).


Changes the font loader so that instead of pushing systemdict and a small
empty dictionary on the stack before loading a font, it pushes userdict.
This is what Adobe interpreters do, but this will probably break some
PostScript files, specifically ones that redefine 'index'.  I don't see how
the Adobe interpreters can possibly do the right thing for such files.


Updates clients for changes in CRD API.  This involves some changes in
internal procedures.  (, icie.h, zcie.c, zcrd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Pickling string, name, and array parameters tried to force
inappropriate alignment.  (gsparams.c)
	- Pickling dictionary parameters wrote the result in the wrong
place.  (gsparams.c)
	- An occurrence of dev_t should have been gx_device.  The compiler
didn't catch this because there happens to be a type named dev_t in
<types.h> (!).  (gxclread.c)

Adds an API for drivers to provide one or more CRDs (as device parameters).
Makes a small but NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the names and argument
lists of the existing CRD API (which is not used by anything in the standard
configuration).  (gscie.h, gscrd.h, gscrdp.h, gscie.c, gscrd.c, gscrdp.c,

Version 5.25 (limited) (7/1/98)

This is a "snapshot" fileset created for the purpose of merging with a separate development branch. While it fixes some significant bugs in 5.24, it doesn't represent substantial additional progress.


Completely rearranges the C style guide, updates it to reflect current
practice, and adds a 1-page summary of the most important points.

Updates the man pages for consistency and to correct minor errors.  (*.1)

Notes that the pjxl300 driver works with the H-P CopyJet.  (devices.txt,

Notes that in order to deal with over-zealous Solaris security checking,
additional linker switches are needed.  (make.txt, unix*.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- 'make install' didn't get the executable from the right place.
	- COMPILE_INITS=1 didn't work.  (int.mak, geninit.c)
	- The MSVC makefile updates hadn't been applied to the MSVC-only
devices.  (devs.mak)
	- The other PC makefiles didn't define GLCCWIN.  (bcwin32.mak,

Adds bounding box testing to the library test program.  (ugcclib.mak)

Reviews and reformats code for maintainability.  (genarch.c, geninit.c)

Moves the MS Windows-specific devices to a new file.  (bcwin32.mak,
devs.mak, msdevs.mak, msvc32.mak, watcw32.mak)


Reviews and reformats header files for maintainability.  (vmsmath.h,

Removes some no-longer-used files from the fileset.  (overlay.h, gp_itbc.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Substituted fonts had their FontName set to the requested one.
There was a comment in the code saying that some files that depend on this
happening, but Adobe implementations don't do it.  However, aliased fonts in
Fontmap will continue to have the FontName set to the Fontmap key.

Adds the euro symbol at position 240 (0360) in SymbolEncoding.  This is a
PostScript 3 addition, but it's too much work to make it appear there only
if languagelevel >= 3.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The bbox device didn't work if its target was itself a forwarding
device.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- User parameters maintained at the PostScript (as opposed to VM)
level didn't work.  (
	- Idiom recognition didn't work.  (,, zmisc3.c)
	- .beginpage and .endpage could cause an error if the current device
was a page device but was installed with setdevice rather than
setpagedevice.  (

In the interest of readability, replaces all casting macros with separate
variables, other than those used in enum_ptrs and reloc_ptrs procedures.
Note that doing this for rptr in gc_trace in igc.c will have a significant
performance cost on Intel CPUs, unless the compiler has a very good
optimizer, because it introduces another variable competing for scarce
registers in the most performance-critical section of code in the garbage
collector.  (ialloc.c, igc.c, iparam.c, isave.c, istack.c, zchar42.c,
zfproc.c, zusparam.c)

Changes some macros to procedures.  (igc.c, ilocate.c, zusparam.c)

Changes some macros to static quasi-constants (only variable for debugging).

Adds #include "errors.h" to oper.h, removing it from z*.c.  (oper.h, z*.c)

Reviews and reformats some header files for maintainability.  This is an
ongoing project.  (bfont.h, errors.h, iinit.c)

Consolidates and simplifies the reading and writing of binary tokens and
binary object sequences.  (bseq.h [deleted], btoken.h, ibnum.h, ibnum.c,
iscanbin.c, zbseq.c)

Adds dummy user and system parameter entries for all the parameters listed
in Appendix C of the PostScript Red Book: even though the book clearly says
that no PostScript program should rely on the presence of any particular
parameter, PostScript files routinely assume the existence of the parameters
listed in Appendix C.  (,,

Adds dummy user and system parameter entries for the new parameters listed
in the 3010 Supplement.  (

Adds double-inclusion protection to all header files.  (*.h)

Moves the creation of binary object sequence headers from C to PostScript
code.  (zbseq.c,

Adds support for multiple FormTypes and ColorRenderingTypes.  (,,, zcrd.c)

Updates structures and clients for the introduction of "raw memory"
allocators.  (ialloc.h, igc.h, ialloc.c, imain.c, isave.c)

In the interest of readability and being able to use GNU indent to create
standard formatting, changes the operator tables from procedures back to
data structures.  This change is backward-compatible for all operator files,
although we also edited all of Ghostscript's own operator definitions to
remove the BEGIN_OP_DEFS and END_OP_DEFS macros (which now have to generate
a little unnecessary code for backward compatibility). (opdef.h, iconf.c,
iinit.c, iutil.c, z*.c)

Splits zchar2.c into a Level 1+ part and a Level 2 part.  (zcfont.c,

Interpreter (PDF)

Adds font synthesis based on the FontDescriptor.  Currently this is very
rudimentary.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The PDF writer didn't default to A4 paper size if A4 was selected
as the default in the makefile.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The default implementation of the begin_image procedure always
called the image's begin_image implementation, rather than the device's
begin_typed_image implementation.  (gdevddrw.c)
	- The bbox device didn't initialize its reference count.
	- A necessary cast was omitted.  (gdevpsde.c)

Changes some macros to procedures.  (gdevpstr.h, gdevpstr.c)

Adds an internal device to implement the PCL5 special color mapping
algorithms.  (gdevcmap.h, gxdevice.h, gdevcmap.c, gdevnfwd.c)

Adds double-inclusion protection to all header files.  (*.h)

Updates drivers for the change in begin_image.  (gdevbbox.c, gdevpdfi.c,
gdevvec.c, gxclimag.c)


Fixes bugs:
and RELOC_PTRS_BEGIN were missing a parameter.  (gsstruct.h)
	- A few necessary casts were omitted.  (gsparam.c, gxpcmap.c)
	- Images or Patterns with non-default RasterOps could cause crashes.
(gdevmrop.c, gxp1fill.c)
	- Exponential Interpolation functions with non-integral positive
exponents incorrectly required the lower bound of the domain to be strictly
positive rather than only non-negative.  (gsfunc3.c)
	- The attempt to achieve the desired color smoothness when shading
could compute (nearly) forever.  (gxshade.c, gxshade1.c)
	- The arc change in 5.24 caused arcs to render incorrectly.
	- The macro-reducing cleanup in 5.24 introduced a bug in handling
copy operations with negative skew.  (gdevm1.c)

Adds unmasked images and bounding box testing to the library test program.
(gxdevcli.h, gslib.c)

Changes some macros to procedures.  (gxfunc.h, gsfunc.c, gsfunc0.c,

Adds double-inclusion protection to all header files.  (*.h)

Reviews and reformats header files for maintainability.  (*_.h, dodebug.h

Changes the structure of the common part of the image enumerator to include
the device (which may be different from the original device, because of
forwarding), and to access the procedures through a pointer to a const
structure.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for implementors of
begin_image, since they now must pass the device to
gx_image_enum_common_init.  (gximage.h, gxiparam.h, gdevddrw.c, gdevdflt.c,
gxiinit.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Adds tests of the new color mapping device to the library test program.

Removes the last vestiges of segmented pointers.  (genarch.c, std.h)

Introduces a "raw memory" API, primarily for managing the underlying memory
pool for embedded systems.  This involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE-CHANGE
in the implementation (but not ordinary clients) of allocators.
(gsmemory.h, gsmemraw.h, gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c, gsmalloc.c, gsmemory.c)

Version 5.24 (limited) (6/17/98)

In addition to the usual bug fixes, and a few enhancements where temptation proved irresistible or in response to an external need, this fileset:

Again, there are some non-backward-compatible changes required by other architectural improvements. As always, we have tried to minimize the impact of such changes on users' code.


Fixes bugs:
	- The -Kn switch wasn't documented.  (use.txt)
	- The term "Software" was used instead of "Program" in the last
paragraphs of the license.  (PUBLIC)

Adds a couple of missing operators to the list at the end of ostack.h.

Documents more precisely which gstate points to which objects after various
gstate operations.  (gsstate.c)

Corrects some addresses for the Free Software Foundation.  (commprod.txt,

Improves the documentation for memory management of color spaces.  (gscie.h,

Updates the list of hardware available to Aladdin.  (new-user.txt)

Documents ReopenPerPage.  (language.txt)

Moves the documentation of image rendering procedures to a better place.
(gximage.h, gxiinit.c)

Clarifies that old slzwe.c files may not work with current Ghostscript
versions.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- didn't include  (int.mak)
	- device and device2 devices weren't sorted together, causing
devices to appear in the list out of order (including, possibly, selecting
the wrong device as default).  (genconf.c)
	- The mswindll module definition omitted some needed files.

Changes the optimization level for gcc from -O to -O2 for both standard and
profiling builds.  (unix-gcc.mak)

Defines 3 new makefile macros for the Unix platforms,
CFLAGS_{STANDARD|DEBUG|PROFILE}, that give the additional compiler switches
for these 3 compilation options.  (unixansi.mak, unix-cc.mak, unix-gcc.mak)

Changes the Unix makefiles so that by default they create the binaries in an
'obj' subdirectory of the source directory.  (unixansi.mak, unix-cc.mak,
unix-gcc.mak, unix-end.mak)

Updates the MSVC++ makefiles so they allow setting any configuration
parameter from the make command line.  (msvc32.mak, msvccmd.mak, msvccom.mak
[deleted], msvclib.mak, msvctail.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- ps2ascii was broken.  (

Adds capability to

	- Variable-width fonts (but without automatic line breaking);

	- Pair kerning (from AFM file);

	- Inter-character and space width adjustment.

This project was done for a paying customer.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The name of the plan9bm device was wrong.  (gdevpbm.c)
	- The PDF writer wrote incorrect parameters for the CCITTFax filter
used to compress Type 3 font bitmaps.  (bug introduced in 5.23) (gdevpdfi.c)
	- The PDF writer emitted two 'endobj' lines for Type 3 bitmap fonts.

Removes all remaining uses of _ds and _ss in Aladdin's drivers.  (gdevprn.h,
gdevsvga.h, gdevbit.c, gdevcgm.c, gdevdjet.c, gdevmsxf.c, gdevpbm.c,
gdevpccm.c, gdevpcfb.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevprn.c, gdevsvga.c, gdevtfax.c)

Renames a local macro named END.  (gdevcgml.c)

Removes all uses of far_data other than for device (but not device2)
prototypes.  (gdevbit.c, gdevdjet.c, gdevemap.c, gdevmsxf.c, gdevpbm.c,
gdevpcfb.c, gdevpcx.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpng.c, gdevps.c, gdevpsim.c, gdevpx.c,
gdevtfax.c, gdevtfnx.c, gdevvglb.c, gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Adds a psrgb driver that writes PostScript (Level 2) planar,
run-length-compressed, 24-bit RGB images.  (gdevpsci.c)

Starts to define and implement a driver procedure for text.  This interface
will certainly change in the future as we get more insight into the division
of responsibility and control flow between generic code, individual drivers,
and internal and external fonts.  This involves a major
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE in the gs_show_enum structure (which no
client should be accessing directly).  (gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gstext.h,
gxchar.h, gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gxtext.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevht.c,
gdevnfwd.c, gschar.c, gschar0.c, gstext.c, gxacpath.c, gxclip.c, gxclip2.c,
gxclipm.c, gxclist.c, gxpcmap.c)

Extends the parameter list printer to handle names and arrays.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Implements the ability to write out a Type 1 font definition, for embedding
fonts in PDF output.  Currently this code isn't called from anywhere, and it
will certainly be subject to change in the future.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdfi.c,
gdevpsde.c, gdevpsdf.c)

Adds the PCL XL Protocol Class 2.0 operators, attributes, and enumerated
values to the relevant header files.  (gdevpxat.h, gdevpxen.h, gdevpxop.h)

Converts some additional devices to -dev2, to make them const.  (devs.mak,

To help in debugging, changes all uses of
	#define ss ((stream_xxx_state *)st)
	stream_xxx_state * const ss = (stream_xxx_state *)st;
(gdevpdfi.c, gdevpsdi.c, gdevpsdp.c, gdevpsds.c)

Massages mem_mono_copy_mono and mem_mono_strip_tile_rectangle to reduce the
use of macros somewhat.  (gdevm1.c, gdevmem.h)

Makes a change to support the change in gs_param_list_common.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Replaces all remaining uses of do { ... } while (0) with BEGIN ... END.
(gdevpdfm.c, gdevpx.c, gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Adds a ReopenPerPage Boolean device parameter for printers, which causes the
output file to be closed and reopened for each page.  This may be helpful in
persuading spoolers to start printing as soon as the first page is
available.  (gdevprn.h, gdevprn.c)

Makes the %-format validator for output file names a procedure, even though
it's only called in one place.  (gdevprn.c)

Updates some clients for the change from std_procs to procs.  (gdevp2up.c,
gdevpbm.c, gdevupd.c,

Removes the use of the CleanFaxData tag (327) from TIFF output, since many
applications don't recognize it and it isn't in the TIFF 6 documentation.
(gdevtifs.h, gdevtfax.c)


Adds a new gp_setmode_binary platform procedure, to set a file into binary
mode on platforms that distinguish text and binary.  (gp.h, gp_*.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The derived (Bold, Oblique, ...) Hershey fonts were broken.
(fonts/, fonts/h*.ps)


Fixes bugs:
	- As always, gcc failed to report some signed/unsigned char *
mismatches.  (imainarg.c)
	- Some needed #includes were missing.  (zcrd.c, ztype.c)
	- Contexts were always allocated in global VM (should be local VM),
and were freed in the current VM (should be local VM).  Fixing this required
changing some internal interfaces defined in icontext.h.  (icontext.h,
icontext.c, interp.c, zcontext.c)
	- restore did some unnecessary gsaves.  (zvmem.c)
	- Creating a new context didn't initialize the graphics state
properly, and didn't do the first gsave that grestoreall relies on.
	- The bookkeeping for open files didn't work with multiple contexts.
Fixing this required a substantial (simplifying) redesign of the
interpreter's bookkeeping for streams in general: this may have introduced
new bugs.  (files.h, ireclaim.c, isave.c, zfile.c)
	- fork didn't copy the graphics state stack.  (zcontext.c)
	- The space bits were set incorrectly in the array reference for the
operand stack, causing the garbage collector not to mark the operand stack
of contexts other than the current one.  (interp.c)
	- LanguageLevel 3 facilities weren't enabled when desired.
(, ilevel.h, opdef.h, iinit.c, zcsdevn.c, zimage3.c, zmisc2.c,
zmisc3.c, zshade.c, ztrap.c)
	- flushfile with a procedure-target stream didn't pass the buffered
data to the procedure.  We tinkered with this a little, but it still isn't
fixed.  (zfilter.c, zfproc.c)
	- The top-level color space objects allocated by the CIE color space
setting operators were never freed (until garbage collection).  (zcie.c)
	- setpagedevice with a 0-size page didn't fail.  (,
	- If one or more of the matrices in a CIE color space or CRD was
singular, setcolorspace or setcolorrendering could cause a stackoverflow.
	- defineuserobject didn't work.  (I don't see how it could ever have
worked.)  (
	- The version string wasn't read-only.  (,,
	- Some standard resource categories weren't defined (which they need
to be, even if they have no instances).  (,
	- The Trapping ProcSet was empty.  (
	- setvmthreshold didn't accept a value of -1.  (,, zusparam.c, zvmem2.c)
	- Binary tokens containing native reals with swapped byte order
didn't read in properly.  (ibnum.c, iscanbin.c)
	- In binary object sequences, many executable objects were
incorrectly written out as literal.  (zbseq.c)
	- String DataSources for shadings didn't work.  (zshade.c)
	- Parameter dictionaries with integer keys didn't work.  (iparam.c)
	- A "can't happen" condition caused massive confusion instead of a
rangecheck error.  (
	- setcachelimit and setcacheparams were broken, because they no
longer interacted correctly with setuserparams and setsystemparams.
	- The source width and height of images was arbitrarily limited to
32767.  (zimage2.c)
	- The optional dictionary parameter for filters was the last
operand, not the first.  (zfbcp.c, zfdecode.c, zfilter.c, zfilter2.c,
zfilterx.c, zfzlib.c)
	- If the current color space was Indexed, Separation using the
alternative space, or DeviceN using the alternative space,
currentgray/cmykcolor/hsbcolor/rgbcolor returned 0 rather than the
underlying color.  (This was a correction to the Red Book in the 3010
Language Supplement, Section D.2.4 and D.2.5.)  (gscolor.c, gscolor1.c,

Implements some additional LanguageLevel 3 stream facilities:
	- CloseSource and CloseTarget (parsing only).  (ilevel.h, zfilter.c)
	- Dictionary argument for SubFileDecode.  (zfilter.c)
	- UnitSize (fully implemented) and LowBitFirst (parsing only) for
	LZWDecode. (zfdecode.c)
	- ReusableStreamDecode (incomplete).  (, zfreuse.c)

Removes all remaining uses of _ds and _ss.  (bfont.h, errors.h, files.h,
icie.h, idict.h, idparam.h, ifunc.h, iscan.h, iutil2.h, opdef.h; iccfont.c,
idict.c, idparam.c, igc.c, iinit.c, iparam.c, iscan.c, iscannum.c, iutil2.c,
zcid.c, zcie.c, zdevice2.c, zfdecode.c, zfile.c, zfileio.c, zfont0.c,
zfont2.c, zfont42.c, zfunc.c, zht2.c, zusparam.c)

Removes the use of gs_if_debug_c.  (zvmem2.c)

Updates clients for the change in color space num_components.  (zcolor2.c,
zcsindex.c, zcssepr.c, zpcolor.c)

Changes the stack manager so it can ensure an unused margin above the top
element.  This is needed for a possible change in the operator API.
(istack.h, istack.c)

Decouples the definition of the interpreter instance from the definition of
the exported procedures that use it, so that we can use it in more places
internally.  (iminst.h, main.h)

Removes all initialization of static per-context state.  (iinit.c, iscan.c,

Makes the freeing of VM spaces entirely dependent on the number of contexts
referencing them, removing the special handling of interpreter termination.
(icontext.h, gsalloc.c, icontext.c, inouparm.c, interp.c, zcontext.c,
zusparam.c)  ****** IN PROGRESS ******

Enables printing of time and memory usage even in non-DEBUG systems, for
benchmarking.  (imain.c)

Adds a .forceundef operator to parallel .forceput.  (, zdict.c)

Rewrites the Form caching code to use the Pattern cache.  (

Removes all uses of far_data.  (imain.c, imainarg.c, iname.c, opdef.h)

Moves responsibility for null page devices from C code to PostScript code.
(, igstate.h, zdevice2.c, zgstate.c)

Changes the context scheduler to not store or reload the state when
switching from a context to the same context.  (zcontext.c)

Moves .registerencoding from C code to PostScript code.  (,

Splits off inames.h (API for names and the name table) from iname.h (API for
the interpreter's name table); renames the_nt as the_gs_name_table, and
moves it to imain.c.  We would like to rename iname.h as names.h, but there
are too many places that include it.  (igc.h, iname.h, inamedef.h, inames.h,
imain.h, idict.c, idstack.c, igc.c, iname.c, interp.c, isave.c)

Splits off iestack.h and iostack.h from estack.h and ostack.h, as was done
for [i]dstack.h in 5.23.  (estack.h, iestack.h, iostack.h, ostack.h,

Splits off the hit detection device from the user path code, moving it to
the library level where it belongs.  (zupath.c)

Updates the interpreter for the changes in the enum_ptrs, reloc_ptrs, and
clear_marks memory management procedures.  (igc.c, igcref.c, ilocate.c,

Removes all uses of 'near' from the interpreter: if short and long calls
have different formats, we rely on the compiler to generate the most
efficient one.  (iccfont.c, imainarg.c, iparam.c, zdevice2.c, zdouble.c,
zdps.c, zgstate.c, zmatrix.c, zpath.c, zpath1.c, zrelbit.c, ztype.c)

Makes a couple of minor changes to support the change in
gs_param_list_common.  (iparam.h, iparam.c)

Changes internaldict to an operator, and executive and findencoding to
procedures, in order to satisfy the Genoa FTS.  (,,

Updates clients for the addition of device reference counting.  (zpcolor.c,

Replaces all remaining uses of do { ... } while (0) with BEGIN ... END.
(istruct.h, opcheck.h)

Adds a debugging operator for printing out a Type 1 font.  (zfont1.c)

Updates the Type 1 font operators for the change in the procedure structure.
(zchar1.c, zfont1.c)

Updates one client for the change in the gs_show_enum structure.  (zchar.c)

Removes an obsolete "hook" put in for a customer.  (zchar.c)

Removes the BigStringEncode filter, which was only used by a former
customer.  (zfilter.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Images defined in non-Device color spaces were broken.

Removes some vestiges of the old pdf2ps.  (,

Adds some leftover PDF 1.2 features:

	- F, FFilter, and FDecodeParms keys in stream dictionaries.

	- Functions, including predefined spot functions.  (

	- Name trees.  (

Adds some PDF 1.3 features.  Note that these require a fair amount of
PostScript LanguageLevel 3 support.  Note also that none of these have been
tested yet, because we don't have any source of test files.

	- DeviceN and (stubbed) ICCBased color spaces.  (,

	- Additional extended graphics state parameters.  (

	- Number trees.  (

	- Masked images.  (

Works around a bug in pdfTeX, which can generate Encoding vectors containing
nulls.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- A needed #include of memory_.h was missing.  (sdeparam.c)
	- The needed input buffer size for the RunLengthEncode filter was
128, but should be 129.  (srle.c)
	- The ASCII85Encode and ASCIIHexEncode filters sometimes didn't
insert \n characters often enough.  (sfilter2.c, sstring.c)
	- In one obscure boundary case, the CCITTFaxEncode filter with K =
-1 could emit an extra, incorrect code.  (scfe.c)
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter didn't default DamagedRowsBeforeError to
0.  (scfx.h)

Removes all remaining uses of _ds and _ss.  (sfilter.h, sbcp.c, scfe.c,
seexec.c, sfilter1.c, sstring.c)

Removes the use of do_debug.  (scfd.c)

Removes all uses of far_data.  (scf.h, scfdgen.c, scfdtab.c, scfetab.c,

Removes the save_count member of streams, which is now no longer needed.

To help in debugging, changes all uses of
	#define ss ((stream_xxx_state *)st)
	stream_xxx_state * const ss = (stream_xxx_state *)st;
(sbcp.c, sbhc.c, sbwbs.c, scfd.c, scfe.c, sdctc.c, sdctd.c, sdcte.c,
seexec.c, sfilter1.c, sfilter2.c, sfxfd.c, sfxstdio.c, siscale.c, slzwc.c,
slzwce.c, slzwd.c, smtf.c, spdiff.c, spngp.c, srld.c, srle.c, sstring.c,
szlibc.c, szlibd.c, szlibe.c)

Changes all groups of statistic-gathering variables to be structure
variables named stats_*.  (scfe.c)

Rewrites the CCITTFaxEncode filter to cut down one particularly large and
obnoxious macro, and to simplify the code by allocating an output buffer as
well as an input buffer.  (scf.h, scfdgen.c, scfe.c, scfetab.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The masked image clipper sequenced through mask rows incorrectly.
	- gx_[c]path_init_local_shared were declared as returning void, but
could actually return an error.  (gxpath.h, gxcpath.c, gxpath.c)
	- As always, gcc failed to report some static/non-static
inconsistencies.  However, to my dismay, I find that the ANSI C standard
allows these, so I'll have to stop complaining about them.  (gxclimag.c,
	- As always, gcc failed to report some signed/unsigned char *
mismatches.  (gdevpdfi.c, gsparam.c)
	- A loop counted on a non-existent zero value to mark the end of the
IODevice table.  (gsiodev.c)
	- Some needed #includes of memory_.h were missing.  (gdevddrw.c,
gscolor2.c, gscrdp.c, gscspace.c, gxclipm.c, gximage3.c, gxshade4.c)
	- Pattern device colors didn't have access to the original halftone
phase, making it impossible to handle non-standard X/YStep correctly.
(gsdcolor.h, gspcolor.c)
	- Pattern filling disregarded the phase.  THIS MAY UNDO A FIX MADE
	- restore did some unnecessary gsaves.  (gsstate.h, gsstate.c)
	- The reference counting macros could read from an object after
freeing it.  (gsrefct.h)
	- setgstate and currentgstate freed the view clipping path, which
they shouldn't do.  (gsstate.c)
	- If no view clipping path was set, viewclippath returned the entire
extent of the device, not the imageable area.  (gxpath.h, gsdps.c, gspath.c)
	- Assigning one stack-allocated path to another incorrectly wound up
sharing their segments.  (gxcpath.c, gxpath.c)
	- dot_length_absolute was incorrectly declared as float rather than
bool.  (gxline.h)
	- The test for varying-depth banded images was incorrect, causing
varying-depth images to be treated as constant-depth.  (This only affected
ImageType 3 images.)  (gxclimag.c)
	- Failure to clamp Y values when processing banded images could
cause crashes or invalid band list data.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The changes in gsparam.c introduced in 5.23 made the coercion of
int arrays to float arrays fail.  (gsparam.h, gsparam.c)
	- Interpolated banded images could be transmitted incompletely,
causing narrow stripes to be chopped out of their rendering.  (gxclimag.c)
	- FunctionType 0 functions with 32-bit samples didn't read their
data correctly.  (gsfunc0.c)
	- Lattice-form Shadings with packed coordinates could crash or
produce incorrect results.  (gxshade.c)
	- Lattice-form Shadings with packed coordinates always returned an
error.  (gxshade4.c)
	- If the PaintProc of a Pattern or a Form, or a CharString
procedure, or a similar callback copied the current graphics state with
gstate or currentgstate, a dangling reference to the device could result.
Fixing this required adding a reference count to devices: internally created
devices initialize it to 0, externally visible devices initialize it to 1.
gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevmem.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c, gschar.c,
gsdevice.c, gsmemory.c, gspaint.c, gsstate.c, gxacpath.c, gxccman.c,
gxclip.c, gxmclip.c, gxpcmap.c)
	- The return_if_error macro referred to code rather than code_.
	- Non-monotonic halftones didn't allocate enough slots in the
halftone cache.  (gxht.c)
	- setpagedevice with a 0-size page didn't fail.  Fixing this
required making the nullpage device provide explicit InputAttributes.
	- Halftone angles were often slightly off.  (gshtscr.c)
	- Banded fill_mask operations (used for characters) were sometimes
broken.  This bug was obviously introduced since 5.10; I'm surprised that it
didn't have more serious effects.  (gxclread.c)
	- Partially transparent patterns didn't work with non-default
RasterOp values.  (gxp1fill.c)
	- The default implementation of strip_copy_rop didn't handle color
space conversion properly.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- Hint replacement could cause the initial moveto and final
closepath of a Type 1 outline to differ, confusing the filling code.
	- Interpolated images were truncated at the bottom.  (bug probably
introduced in 5.23) (gxiscale.c)
	- Using an unsigned type for the index passed to enum_ptrs
procedures caused comparisons against signed values to be incorrect.

Rewrites the rectangle list and mask clipping algorithms to use callback
procedures rather than macros.  The rectangle list source code grew by 20%,
but the compiled code shrank from 10K to less than 4K; the mask clip source
code and compiled code both shrank.  (gxclip.h, gxmclip.h, gxclip.c,
gxclip2.c, gxclipm.c, gxcpath.c)

Removes all remaining uses of _ds and _ss.  (gsmemory.h, gsstruct.h, gzht.h,
stdpre.h, gp_dosfb.c, gsbitops.c, gscie.c, gsht.c, gstype1.c, gstype2.c,
gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxcmap.c, gxfill.c, gxi12bit.c, gxop1.h, gxpflat.c,
gxstroke.c, gxtype1.c)

Changes some GC procedures from explicit code to standard macros.
(gsstruct.h, gscscie.c, gxcht.c)

For easier debugging, changes gs_debug_c to a procedure; removes
gs_if_debug_c and do_debug.  (gdebug.h, gsht1.c, gsmisc.c, gspaint.c,
gxcht.c, gxht.c, gxpcmap.c)

Changes the num_components member of the color space structure to a
procedure, which is needed because DeviceN color spaces have a variable
number of components; also makes Pattern spaces return -1 - the correct
num_components instead of -1.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE.
Also adds a base_space procedure.  (gxcspace.h, gscdevn.c, gscolor1.c,
gscolor2.c, gscpixel.c, gscscie.c, gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gspcolor.c,
gxiinit.c, gxiscale.c)

Changes all groups of statistic-gathering variables to be structure
variables named stats_*.  (gxclip.c, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c, gxfill.c,

Starts to pull apart gs_makebitmap/pixmappattern to remove the dependency on
masked images.  (gspcolor.c)

Splits the C heap allocator from generic allocator support.  (gsmemory.c,

Removes all uses of far_data other than references to device (but not
device2) prototypes.  (gdevmem.h, gdevmrop.h, gxdevcli.h, gconf.c,
gdevabuf.c, gdevht.c, gdevm*.c, gdevmpla.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c,
gsbittab.c, gsflip.c, gsroptab.c, gxcht.c)

Adds a streams member to gs_ref_memory_t.  The library doesn't use this, but
it greatly simplifies the interpreter's bookkeeping.  (gsalloc.h, gxalloc.h,

Adds some more opaque types to the graphics state structure, rather than
using naked struct types.  (gsccolor.h, gzstate.h)

Introduces the notion of the "effective clip path" in a graphics state.
Painting operators should now call gx_effective_clip_path rather than using
the clip_path member directly.  (gxpath.h, gschar.c, gsdps1.c, gsimage.c,
gspaint.c, gspath.c, gxccache.c, gxpaint.c)

Implements view clipping.  (gzstate.h, gspath.c, gsstate.c)

Starts to pare down the fit_* macros in gxdevice.h, since some people feel
strongly they are hard to follow, and also adds BEGIN/END wrapping.
(gxdevice.h, gdevabuf.c, gdevmem.c, gxclpath.c)

Refactors the structure definition macros in anticipation of moving to a
more table-driven approach.  Replaces ENUM_CALL, ENUM_RETURN_CALL, and
RELOC_CALL with ENUM_USING and RELOC_USING.  (gsstruct.h, gdevmem.c,
gshtscr.c, gxcpath.c, gxiinit.c)

Sketches a table-driven rather than procedural representation for GC
descriptors.  We believe this will improve readability, reduce code size,
and perhaps reduce cache thrashing during garbage collection.  This requires
a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE to the enum_ptrs, reloc_ptrs, and
clear_marks procedures (to add the structure descriptor as a parameter).
This should not affect any ordinary clients, because they should already
define these procedures using the macros in gsstruct.h, which *are*
backward-compatible; however, they do affect two internal clients that use
their own type tags with unions (color spaces and device colors).
(gsstrtab.h, gsstruct.h, gsalloc.c, gsstrtab.c)

Updates color spaces for the change in enum_ptrs and reloc_ptrs.
(gxcspace.h, gscdevn.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c, gscpixel.c, gscscie.c,
gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gspcolor.c)

Updates device colors for the change in enum_ptrs and reloc_ptrs.
(gsdcolor.h, gxdcolor.h, gxpcolor.h, gspcolor.c, gxcht.c, gxcmap.c,
gxdcolor.c, gxht.c, gxp1fill.c)

Implements a hit detection device at the library level.  (gserrors.h,

Changes some configuration parameters from #defines to statics.  (gschar.c)

Changes "simple" structures so they no longer have 0 for the enum_ptrs or
reloc_ptrs procedure.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for
structure-definers that don't use the macros in gsstruct.h (of which there
shouldn't be any).  (gsstruct.h, gsalloc.c)

Adds the structure type name to the debugging printout for freeing objects.

To help in debugging, changes all uses of
	#define ss ((stream_xxx_state *)st)
	stream_xxx_state * const ss = (stream_xxx_state *)st;

Removes all uses of 'near' from the library: if short and long calls have
different formats, we rely on the compiler to generate the most efficient
one.  (gscie.c, gscoord.c, gsimpath.c, gsstate.c, gstype2.c, gxclpath.c,
gxclread.c, gxfill.c, gxhint1.c, gxhint2.c, gxhint3.c, gxstroke.c)

Adds 'inline' to stdpre.h, defined as the empty string on compilers other
than the ones we know accept it.  (stdpre.h)

Adds printout of the subrectangle to ImageType 1 tracing.  (gxiinit.c)

Replaces a few uses of gs_memory_default with dev->memory.  (gdevdbit.c,

Improves support for halftone objects not associated with graphics states.
This involves a minor change to the definitions of gs_spot_halftone and
gs_threshold_halftone, to define the transfer function as a closure.  This
is slightly NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE in that it requires clients to set
transfer_closure.proc to 0 if they also set transfer to 0.  NOTE: the API
defined in gshtx.h is subject to future change.  (gscsepnm.h, gshtx.h,
gxdht.h, gxfmap.h, gxht.h, gxtmap.h, gscolor.c, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtx.c)

Changes the Bezier approximation of arcs to cut arcs at absolute multiples
of 90 degrees rather than at intervals of 90 degrees (e.g., an arc from 45
to 105 would now be cut at 90 rather than being treated as a single
60-degree curve) in order to produce more uniform output and also to ensure
that the bounding box for arcs is more accurate (to pacify the Genoa FTS).
(gxfarith.h, gsmisc.c, gspath1.c)

Replaces all remaining uses of do { ... } while (0) with BEGIN ... END.
(gsbitops.h, gsdsrc.h, gserror.h, gsmdebug.h, gsrect.h, gxcldev.h, gxfunc.h,
gxop1.h, gxtype1.h, gsalphac.c, gsshade.c, gstype2.c, gstype42.c,
gxclread.c, gxcpath.c, gximage4.c, gxpath.c)

Adds a user-defined halftone type, to support non-monotonic halftones.  We
could make any of the following structures fully object-oriented:
	- Halftones (client level)
	- Halftone orders (device level, but not rendered)
	- Device halftones (device level, fully rendered)
The right place to do this for non-monotonic halftones, which are specified
directly by bit masks, is at the device halftone level.  However, there are
too many places that know too much about the implementation of device
halftones and halftone orders right now.  WE NEED TO REVISIT THIS AFTER THE
FOR GC -- CODE IS DUPLICATED IN gsht.c VS gshtx.c.  (gxdht.h, gxht.h,
gxhttype.h, gshtx.h, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtx.c)

Moves the procedures in Type 1 font data into a structure.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE, but an internal one.  (gxfont1.h, gstype1.c,
gstype2.c, gxtype1.c)

Extends Type 1 / 2 / 4 fonts to require that they be able to enumerate the
set of glyphs that they define, to allow writing them out.  We may propagate
this to all base fonts in the future.  (gxfont1.h)

Provides some utilities for devices that want to define their own
InputAttributes and OutputAttributes.  (gdevprn.h, gxdevice.h, gdevprn.c,

Removes all of the text-display procedures that took null-terminated C
strings as operands.  This is NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE.  However, since the
memory manager required that all such operands be allocated using
gs_alloc_string, the procedures were never usable with arbitrary C strings
anyway.  (gschar.h, gschar.c)

Renames the gx_device procedure record from std_procs to procs, in
anticipation of more unified support for "objects".  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for a surprisingly large number of clients
that should have been using dev_proc and set_dev_proc.  (gdevbbox.h,
gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevdflt.c, gdevdgbr.c, gdevmem.c, gdevprn.c,
gsalphac.c, gsdevice.c, gsropc.c, gxccache.c, gxifast.c)

Disallows setting of the RasterOp-related graphics state parameters when
a cache device is active.  (gsrop.c)

Changes the tracing printout of path segments to provide enough accuracy to
cover all the fraction bits of a 'fixed'.  (gxpath.c)

Version 5.23 (limited) (5/14/98)

This fileset adds a number of PostScript LanguageLevel 3 features: library support for ImageType 3 and 4 (masked) images, PostScript-level support for ImageType 4, and the shfill operator for smooth shading. It also adds RCS Id lines to all the files we maintain. It also changes the Unix makefiles so that they create debugging or profiling binaries in separate directories.

This fileset includes an unusually large number of non-backward-compatible API changes. Most of them don't affect ordinary library clients, but a few do. These changes, and a few more to come, result from the next (large) increment in our ongoing project to make the code completely re-entrant (no non-idempotent writable globals in our own code). This necessarily involves putting some things that used to be global into structures, some of which must be added to some interfaces.

NOTE: because of a combination of hardware problems, time pressure, and belated discovery of sloppiness by the original developers of the PC makefiles, none of the PC makefiles in this fileset work. The Borland makefiles probably come the closest.


Adds documentation for:
	- The changes in begin_image and related facilities.  (drivers.txt)
	- The addition of -Z/.  (use.txt)
	- The new ps2ps utility.  (ps2ps.1)
	- The new get_hardware_params procedure.  (drivers.txt)
	- The new -B<size> / -B- switch.  (use.txt).

Improves the documentation for the sample_ macros.  (gsbitops.h)

Adds some documentation on how the debugging/tracing flags work.  (gdebug.h)

Improves the documentation of DDAs.  (gxdda.h)

Documents a subtle change in the meaning of a flag in the PDF
FontDescriptor.  (

Changes the location of the authoritative site for zlib sources.  (zlib.mak)

Corrects a typo.  (gsht1.h)

Removes from the fileset.  (psfiles.txt)

Adds standard file name comments to all .c and .h files that didn't already
have them.  (dodebug.h, gdev3b1.c, gdev8510.c, gdevadmp.c, gdevhl7x.c,
gdevimgn.c, gdevo182.c, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpe.c gdevsco.c, gdevsj48.c,
gdevvglb.c, gsalpha.c, gscolor1.c, gscsepr.h, gsdsc.c, scfetab.c string_.h,
zfunc3.c, zmedia2.c)

Unifies the nroff styles of the various man pages a bit.  (*.1)

Adds a reference to the CTAN mirror sites.  (new-user.txt)

Notes that the result of rect_intersect may be anomalous.  (gsrect.h)

Improves the documentation for the Distiller parameter handling code.
(gdevpdfp.c, gdevpsdp.c)

Corrects an ambiguity in the definition of the int_keys argument of
param_begin_xmit_dict.  (gsparam.h)

Adds a new file that will evolve into a reasonable guide to the source code.
(README, source.txt)

Adds the convention for 'status' and 'code' to the C style guide.

Improves the documentation for the '-' pseudo-switch.  (use.txt)

Updates the problem reporting form to include the URL for known post-release
problems.  (bug-form.txt)

Documents the availability of sources and binaries for Plan 9.


Fixes bugs:
	- The 'tags' target in the Unix makefiles had an incorrect directory
name.  (bug probably introduced since 5.20)  (unix-end.mak)
	- The ld_tr and CCFLAGS macros were used in the makefiles before
they were defined, causing problems with `make' implementations that
substitute macros into definitions at definition time rather than at use
time.  (*.mak)
	- Recent Digital Unix versions (4.0 and later) require -std1 when
compiling.  (make.txt)
	- The Unix library-only makefile had gotten out of date.
	- pf2afm[.bat] were omitted from the fileset.  (master/package.tcl)
	- The Borland makefile didn't work, because the Borland compiler
requires specifying the output file name (-o) before the input file name
(-c)!  This required changing the order of every compilation command in
every platform-independent makefile.  The win*.mak files still need work.
	- None of the non-Unix makefiles specified directory names for the
auxiliary programs.  (dvx-tail.mak, os2.mak, wctail.mak, winlib.mak)
	- The Windows makefiles lacked build rules for gp_ntfs and gp_win32.
(msvclib.mak, winlib.mak)

Adds a new debugging switch -Z/ that prints the file name and line number on
all trace messages.  (gdebug.h, std.h)

Changes the Unix 'pg' and 'debug' build targets so that they create the
binaries in a 'pgobj' or 'debugobj' subdirectory of the standard build
directory.  This allows keeping all 3 configurations active.  (unix-end.mak)

Adds GEN directories for jpeg, libpng, and zlib.  (devs.mak, gs.mak,
jpeg.mak, lib.mak, libpng.mak, zlib.mak)

Adds a gendev.c that will eventually replace genconf.c.  (gendev.c, *.mak)

Adds -Wcast-align to the gcc compilation switches.  (unix-gcc.mak)

Adds support for libpng 1.0.1.  (libpng.mak)

Notes the use of -R on Solaris and other SVR4 systems.  (unix*.mak)

Removes from the fileset.  (int.mak, unixinst.mak,[deleted])

Ensures that every file that is copyright, maintained, and distributed by
Aladdin Enterprises has a RCS Id line.  In .c and .h files, these lines
currently are only comments, but they could be converted easily to static
strings later if we want to.  We had to touch almost every file in the
fileset to do this, but we did *not* change the write dates.  (*)

Makes the build procedure auto-detect whether the installed version of gcc
has the 'const' code generation bug.  (gs.mak, lib.mak, unix-gcc.mak)

Removes 'makefile' as a precondition for  (I can't quite figure
out why it was there in the first place.)  (msvccom.mak)

Replaces the -F<file> switch with a -B<buffer size> switch that forces all
files to use the run_string interfaces.  -B- turns it off.  (iminst.h,

Adds a new resource to genconf.c, -replace <module>.  This causes <module>
*not* to be included if the module with the -replace resource *is* included.
If two modules -replace each other, either directly or indirectly through
-includes, the result is undefined.  (genconf.c)

Uses -replace to implement a default roplib package.  (lib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- stopped working because of the stricter prohibition
against storing local-VM objects into systemdict.  (

Adds a new ps2ps utility, like pdf2ps, that "distills" PostScript.
(ps2ps, ps2ps.bat)

Modifies the ps2epsi utility so it can be run outside the ps2epsi script for
testing.  (

Changes the pdf2ps utility to use the pswrite device.  This gets rid of all
conversion problems, at the expense of larger and stupider output files.
(pdf2ps, pdf2ps.bat)


Fixes bugs:
	- Two procedures were declared 'private' inconsistently (thank you
again, gcc).  (gdevps.c)
	- The author of the uniprint driver sent a fix for an
allocation-related bug and an off-by-one bug.  (gdevupd.c)
	- The PDF writer incorrectly converted open stroked rectangles (only
3 sides drawn) to closed (4 sides drawn).  (gxpath.h, gzpath.h, gdevpdfd.c,
	- When banding, filling a character within the PaintProc of a
Pattern could produce memory access errors.  (The problem was in
gx_forward_fill_mask, which might affect filling characters in other
situations as well.)  (gdevnfwd.c)
	- The [e]pswrite driver produced incorrect line widths for stroked
graphics.  (gdevps.c)
	- The [e]pswrite driver didn't invoke colorimage correctly, so
didn't handle Patterns right.  (gdevps.c)
	- Vector devices didn't set the color before writing trapezoids,
possibly causing incorrectly colored output.  (gdevvec.c)
	- Vector devices could give errors on Pattern fills.  (gdevvec.c)
	- The bbox device retained a pointer to the clipping path, which,
since the path was embedded in the gs_state_contents, confused the garbage
collector, causing memory access errors.  We fixed this by de-embedding the
path object: see below.  (gsstate.c)
	- On some GNU/Linux systems, the X driver could get a memory access
error when displaying patterns.  We fixed this by adding calls on XInitImage
in the necessary places when running X11R6.  (gdevx.c)
	- PDF output didn't check names for unusual characters, and could
produce invalid output if the input included names with those characters.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c)
	- In the PDF writer, DEST pdfmarks with /Dest but no /Page or /View
didn't generate named destinations.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- Printer devices didn't allow . in %-formats in the output file
name.  (gdevprn.c)
	- The x11cmyk driver didn't read bits back from the screen
correctly.  (gdevxalt.c)
	- The pcxmono and pcxgray drivers used colored rather than
gray-scale palettes.  (gdevpcx.c)
	- The PCX drivers could emit repetition counts greater than 15,
confusing some readers.  (gdevpcx.c)

Removes some vestiges of the obsolete draw_line driver procedure.  We also
rename the draw_line member of the driver procedure structure as
obsolete_draw_line, so that any uses of it will cause compilation errors,
but we don't remove it from the structure, so that existing driver procedure
vectors will continue to compile (although the draw_line procedure will
never be called).  (gxdevcli.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevddrw.c, gdevdflt.c)

To repair a design error, and at the same time add flexibility needed for
ImageType 3:

	- Removes the image_data and end_image driver procedures,
associating them with the gx_image_enum(_common)_t structure instead.
Clients should call gx_device_image_data and gx_device_end_image instead: we
set the image_data and end_image procedures in the device structures to
these procedures when filling in defaulted procedures.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for drivers that implement begin_image, since
they now have to fill the procedures into the enumerator structure.
(gsiparm*.h, gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gxiparam.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevddrw.c,
gdevdflt.c, gdevnfwd.c, gsimage.c, gxclist.c, gxidata.c, gxifast.c,
gxiinit.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

	- Replaces the image_data driver procedure with a plane_data
procedure (now associated with the image enumerator, not the device) that
allows specifying the X offset and raster independently for each plane, and
(depending on the image type) may allow omitting some planes.  We provide a
gx_device_image_plane_data procedure parallel to _image_data and _end_image
(see above).  (gsiparm*.h, gxdevcli.h, gxiparam.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevddrw.c,
gxidata.c, gxiinit.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Updates clients for image processing changes.  (gdevvec.h, gdevpdf.c,
gdevpdfi.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)

Enhances [e]pswrite to detect other kinds of opportunities for producing
smaller output.  This involves a change in the moveto procedure in the
'vector' interface.  (gdevps.c)

Changes the bbox device so that it automatically detects whether it is being
used as a component in a device pipeline or as a free-standing device,
rather than having to select this in the makefile.  (lib.mak, gdevbbox.h,

Moves the halftoning driver a bit closer to real usability.  (gdevht.h,

Adds some tracing to the color mapping code in the X driver.  (gdevx.c)

Implements setting the Dict and ACSDict parameters for pswrite and pdfwrite.
Dict is effective with the CCITTFaxEncode filter for black-and-white images;
otherwise, these parameters still don't do anything.  (gdevpdfi.c,
gdevpsdp.c) ****** READING HUFFMAN TABLES IS NYI, SEE sdcparam.c; SETTING

Updates the PS/PDF writers to reflect the fact that the ASCIIHexEncode
filter now has a state.  (gdevpsdf.c)

Modifies the X driver so that it can draw multiple platform characters at a
time rather than one character per call.  (gdevx.h, gdevx.c, gdevxxf.c)

Takes advantage of the filter stream procedures now available in stream.c.
(gdevjpeg.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpsdf.c)

Adds a get_hardware_params procedure, similar to get_params except that it
reads parameters whose values depend on hardware state that may change
without program intervention (e.g., panel switches).  The default is that
there are no hardware parameters.  (gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gsdevice.h,
gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gxacpath.c, gxclip2.c, gxclipm.c, gxclist.c,
gxcpath.c, gdevbbox.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevht.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c,
gdevprn.c, gsdparam.c)

Updates the PS/PDF writer for the change in the parameter list API.

Makes a few more writable statics const.  (gdevos2p.c, gdevpipe.c,
gdevpsim.c, gdevx.c)

Removes the rrgb sample device, since it now no longer serves any purpose.

Converts some additional devices to -dev2, to make them const.  (devs.mak,
gdevbit.c, gdevpbm.c, gdevpcx.c, gdevpsim.c, gdevpng.c, gdevtfax.c,
gdevtfnx.c, gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Updates a client accessing the preallocated color spaces.  (gdevpsdi.c)

Renames the debugging-related statics in the X driver as X_SOMETHING.


Makes a few minor changes to support Plan 9.  (make.txt, devs.mak, stat_.h,
stdio_.h, time_.h, gdevpbm.c)


Documents the availability of a free Chinese font.  (fonts.txt,

Works around a bug in the Adobe PostScript driver.  We though it just output
the FontBBox for Type 42 fonts in the 2048- or 4096-unit character space
rather than a 1-unit space, but in fact it outputs garbage.  (zfont42.c,

Augments the handling of Type 42 fonts to recognize the gdir /
GlyphDirectory method of outline definition in addition to the loca / glyf
method, per Adobe versions 2015 and later (undocumented!).  (ifont.h,


Fixes bugs:
	- Memory management for argument strings was wrong.  (gsargs.h,
	- 1 .setlanguagelevel was broken, because it didn't allow for the
possibility that values could get deleted from systemdict that existed in
level2dict.  (bug introduced in 5.x, x <= 10) (zmisc2.c)
	- -dFAKEFONTS was broken.  (,
	- copyscanlines was broken.  (bug introduced in 5.20) (
	- The matrix returned by sizeimage was incorrect.  (zdpnext.c)
	- The implementation of .buildpattern for PatternType 2 was wrong.
	- Ghostscript couldn't load TrueType fonts where the amount of data
either before or after the glyf section exceeds 64K.  ( ****** WE
	- Ghostscript couldn't load TrueType fonts where the total data is
more than 64K and the offset or length of the glyfs is odd.  (
	- Some compilers complained about arithmetic on enums.  (interp.c)
	- The CIE color space and CRD GC structure definitions were in the
interpreter rather than the library.  (zcie.c, zcrd.c)
	- NullFont was still present in FontDirectory when currentglobal was
false.  (
	- execform failed with Form resources, because it tried to insert
the Implementation in a read-only dictionary.  (,

Finishes implementing ImageType 4 images, and moves closer to implementing
ImageType 3.  (iimage.h, zdps.c, zimage.c, zimage2.c, zimage3.c)

Updates tracing output to use the new dlprintf macros.  (idict.c, igc.c,
igcref.c, igcstr.c, iname.c, interp.c, isave.c, iscan.c, zcie.c, zcontext.c)

Implements multiproc=true for readimage.  (

Does a bit more work on implementing shading with PatternType 2.
(, zfunc.c, zshade.c)

Adds a .bitadd operator for adding integers modulo the word size.

Updates filter operators to use the new stream parameter facility.
(iparam.h, iparam.c, zfdecode.c, zfdctc.c[deleted], zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c)

Updates the implementation of parameter lists for the change from _dict to
_collection.  (iparam.c, iparam.h)

Takes advantage of the filter stream procedures now available in stream.c.

Adds get_hardware_params to one device procedure vector.  (zupath.c)

Adds .gethardwareparams to parallel .getdeviceparams.  (zdevice.c)

Updates the interpreter's parameter list machinery to match the change in
gsparam.h.  (iparam.h, iparam.c)

Makes more writable statics const.  (, btoken.h, dstack.h, iref.h,
opextern.h, icontext.c, idict.c, igc.c, igcref.c, iinit.c, imainarg.c,
interp.c, iscanbin.c, iutil.c, zbseq.c, zcie.c, zcontrol.c, zdevcal.c,
zdevice2.c, zdps.c, zdps1.c, zfont2.c, zgeneric.c, zgstate.c, ziodev.c,
ziodev2.c, ztype.c)

Removes an inappropriate reference to PROGRAM_NAME.  (imainarg.c)

Removes set/currentrenderalgorithm, since they are useless for the purpose
for which they were intended.  (zrop.c)

Uncomments code for CIEBasedDEF[G] color spaces, even though these aren't
fully implemented yet.  (zcie.c)

Reimplements StartJobPassword and SystemParamsPassword as no-access strings
in systemdict.  (, iutil2.h, iutil2.c, ziodev2.c, zusparam.c)

Splits off the context state record from icontext.h, so that places that
only need access to state variables don't need to import the
procedures. (icontext.h, icstate.h)

Updates a client for the change in gs_malloc_limit.  (imainarg.c)

Updates clients for the change in the accessors for predefined color spaces.
(zcolor1.c, zimage.c, zimage2.c)

Renames the (few) debugging-related statics as I_SOMETHING.  (igc.c)

Splits off idstack.h (API for dictionary stacks) from dstack.h (API for the
interpreter's dictionary stack), and idstack.c (dictionary stack
implementation) from idict.c (dictionary implementation).  We should have
done this a long time ago!  (dstack.h, idictdef.h, idstack.h, idict.c,
idstack.c, iinit.c, ireclaim.c)

Folds the cached currentfile pointer into the exec-stack structure.
(estack.h, interp.c)

Changes clients of gs_register_*_root to eliminate statically allocated
roots.  (iinit.c, iname.c, interp.c, zbseq.c, zcontext.c, zfile.c, zfont.c,
zfont2.c, zgstate.c, ziodev.c)

Adds a ref_free_stack procedure, and reformats the implementation of stacks.
(istack.h, interp.c, istack.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Pattern colors sometimes caused errors.  (
	- A file ending with %%EOF without an EOL caused an error.
	- Fl wasn't recognized as an abbreviation for FlateDecode in in-line
images.  (

Removes all code related to converting PDF to PS: it never worked reliably,
and we now support this function with the pswrite device instead.
( =>, pdf*.ps)


Updates tracing output to use the new dlprintf macros.  (shc.h, scfd.c,
scfe.c, shcgen.c)

Provides the ability to read and set stream initial parameters to/from a
parameter list.  This is currently needed only by the PDF/PS writers and the
filter operator, so it is implemented in modules separate from the stream
implementation per se, but it might be useful for other clients too.
(scommon.h, scfparam.c, sdcparam.c, sdct*.c, sdeparam.c, sddparam.c,

Changes the ASCII85Encode filter so it never produces two %% at the
beginning of a line, which could mislead document managers or spoolers.

Changes the ASCIIHexEncode filter so it always produces lines of exactly 64
characters, except for the last one.  THIS IS A NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
CHANGE, because this filter now needs a state structure, which it didn't
before.  (sstring.h, sstring.c)

Moves filter_{read,write}_procs to stream.c, changing the names to
s_filter_{read,write}_procs.  (stream.h, stream.c)

Makes creation of JPEG filters set default values for parameters that are
outside the IJG library (Picky and Relax).  (sdct.h, sjpegd.c, sjpege.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- An error in dda_step_add could theoretically produce anomalies in
images (although we don't think we've ever seen any).  (gxdda.h)
	- A boundary error in dda_state_next/previous/advance could
theoretically produce anomalies in images by allowing R = 0 (although we
don't think we've ever seen any).  (gxdda.h)
	- A rounding error in computing the size of portrait images could
produce a spurious 1-pixel-wide line at the edge of the image.  (gxifast.c)
	- When banding, images with singular or nearly singular CTM or
ImageMatrix could confuse things badly enough to cause memory access errors.
	- Patterns were broken.  (bug introduced in 5.21) (gxclip2.c)
	- Because some image processing code retained a pointer to the
clipping path, which was embedded inside the gs_state_contents object,
garbage collection could cause crashes.  (The only case where we know this
happened was the bounding box device, since we think all other image
enumerators preconstruct a clipping device, which does not retain a pointer
to the clipping path, rather than constructing one from the path on the
fly.)  We fixed this by replacing gs_state_contents with individual objects:
see below.
	- The *_.h files didn't have double-inclusion protection.  (*_.h)
	- ImageType 2 images were broken by the change in begin_typed_image.
	- Color-setting operators that "substitute the nearest legal value"
didn't substitute it in storage, only when using it.  E.g., after
gs_setgray(pgs, 2.0), gs_currentgray(pgs) returned 2.0 rather than 1.0.
This bug has been there since release 1.0!  (gxcspace.h, gscie.c, gscolor.c,
gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c, gscdevn.c, gscsepr.c, gscpixel.c, gspcolor.c)
	- The RasterOp implementation for 2-bit, 4-bit, and non-gray 8-bit
devices didn't work.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- The test of whether to use copy_mono, fill_mask, or general
imaging for rendering characters sometimes used copy_mono when not
appropriate.  (gxccache.c)
	- The default implementation of fill_mask produced solid rectangles,
rather than properly masked output, if the logical operation didn't use its
source operand.  (gdevdbit.c)
	- Some more files needed double inclusion protection.  (gscie.h)
	- Checking for interrupts before a return always returned 0 rather
than the correct return code if there was no interrupt.  (gsmisc.c)
	- Characters within Pattern PaintProcs sometimes didn't get drawn.
	- The CIE color space and CRD GC structure definitions were in the
interpreter rather than the library.  (gscie.h, gscie.c)
	- Numeric overflows when setting up the character cache caused
errors rather than simply disabling caching for that character.  (gschar.c)
	- FORCE_STRIP_HALFTONES was accidentally left set to 1 (in 5.10!),
slowing down all uses of monobit halftones.  (gshtscr.c)

Implements mask clipping, which is needed for ImageType 3 images.
(gxclip2.h, gxclipm.h, gxmclip.h, gxclip2.c, gxclipm.c, gxmclip.c)

Finishes implementing ImageType 3 and 4 images.  (gsimage.h, gsiparam.h,
gsimage.c, gsiparm3.h, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Starts to update the banding code to handle ImageType 3 and 4 images.
(gxclist.h, gxiparam.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxiinit.c)

Make eprintf_program_name, lprintf_file_{and_line,only}, and new
dlprintf_file_{and_line,only} always be procedures, rather than sometimes
macros and sometimes procedures.  (std.h, gdebug.h, gsmisc.c)

Adds new dlprintf, dlputc, and dlputs macros that are like
dprintf/dputc/dputs but also print the source file name and line number at
the beginning of the line if the -Z/ debugging switch is set.  The if_debug*
macros now use dlprintf rather than dprintf; many other places also needed
changing.  Note that if any place was overlooked, no great harm is done:
printout produced there simply won't include the source file and line number
even if -Z/ is set.  (std.h, gdebug.h, gsmisc.c; gdevbbox.c, gdevdbit.c,
gdevdgbr.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevrun.c, gdevsvga.c, gdevx.c, gp_unifs.c,
gsalloc.c, gschar.c, gscoord.c, gsfont.c, gshsb.c, gsht.c, gshtscr.c,
gsmemory.c, gspath.c, gstype1.c, gstype2.c, gxacpath.c, gxccache.c,
gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxcpath.c, gxfill.c,
gxidata.c, gxpath.c, gxpcopy.c, gxpflat.c, gxstroke.c)

Simplifies storage management for graphics states by replacing
gs_state_contents with individual objects.  This slows down gsave and
grestore a bit, but eliminates a class of potential obscure bugs.
(gxpath.h, gzstate.h, gsstate.c, gxcpath.c, gxpath.c)

Adds some more information to the deubgging printout for paths.  (gxpath.c)

Modifies the library test program to test ImageType 3 and 4 images.
(ugcclib.mak, gslib.c)

Extends the @-file parser to be more shell-like:

	- The sequence \ <newline> is ignored everywhere.

	- If a # appears as the first character on a line outside quotes,
	the entire line	(including the terminating newline) is ignored.

(gsargs.h, gsargs.c)

Changes a stem hint tracing message so that it will print with the correct
line number.  (gxhint2.c)

Moves the 'format' information for images to the image parameter structure.
This entails a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE in the begin_typed_image
driver procedure (which was not guaranteed stable).  (gsiparam.h,
gxdevcli.h, gsimage.c, gxiinit.c)

Adds an optional matrix argument to begin_typed_image, overriding the CTM in
the imager state if present.  This is needed to make masks and masked images
line up precisely; this too is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE.
(gxdevcli.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevddrw.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevx.c, gxclimag.c,
gxiinit.c, gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Adds a procedure for testing monotonicity of Functions over a given range.
(gsfunc.h, gsfunc0.c, gsfunc3.c)

Implements smooth shading with shfill.  All documented ShadingTypes (1-7)
are implemented.  (gscspace.h, gsdsrc.h, gspath.h, gsshade.h, gxshade.h,
gxshade4.h, gscolor.c, gscolor3.c, gsdsrc.c, gsfunc0.c, gsfunc3.c,
gspath1.c, gsshade.c, gxshade.c, gxshade1.c, gxshade4.c, gxshade6.c)

Changes the TrueType rasterizer to remove the assumption that the entire
loca table is stored contiguously.  This may not have any practical effect,
since currently Type 42 fonts never split the loca table across segments.

Adds a new interface for creating CIE CRDs that provides the parameters as
separate arguments.  (gscrd.h, gscrd.c)

Starts to add the ability for a device to provide one or more default CIE
CRDs as (read-only) device parameters.  (Not ready for use yet.)  (gscie.h,
gscrdp.h, gscie.c, gscrdp.c)

Adds a multiple-bit-per-pixel analogue of gs_makebitmappattern,
gs_makepixmappattern, for use by another Aladdin project.  (lib.mak,
gsbitmap.h, gsptype1.h, gxbitmap.h, gspcolor.c)

Changes the API of param_begin_write_dict so that the client can request the
creation of an array rather than a dictionary.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for implementors (of which there are only
2.5), but not for clients.  (gsparam.h, gsparam.c)

Adds dynamically typed data to the parameter list interface, and removes the
statically typed procedures.  This isn't important for any standard facility
yet.  This too is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for implementors of
parameter lists.  (gsparam.h, gsparams.h, gsparam.c, gsparams.c)

Adds a new platform-specific API for thread creation and synchronization,
and a memory manager "wrapper" that monitor-locks each call.  No code
normally included in this fileset uses any of this machinery as yet.  (gp.h,
gpsync.h, gxsync.h, gsmemlok.h, gsmemlok.c, gxsync.c)

Splits off (PatternType 1) Pattern filling into a separate file, since the
file was getting too big; refactors the filling code to use procedures
rather than macros.  (gxp1fill.h, gspcolor.c, gxp1fill.c)

Makes a few more writable statics const.  (gscie.h, gscscie.c, gsdll.c,
gsmemory.c, gsmisc.c, gstype1.c, gstype2.c, gxclpath.c)

Adds a compile-time option, SYSTEM_CONSTANTS_ARE_WRITABLE, to choose whether
the system configuration values (buildtime, copyright, product, revision,
revisiondate, serialnumber) are const or not.  By default they are now
const: THIS IS A NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE (affecting only one user).
(lib.mak, openvms.mak, os2.mak, unix-end.mak, wctail.mak, winlib.mak,
gscdefs.h, gscdef.c)

Removes the dependence of std.h on PROGRAM_NAME.  (std.h, gsdll.c, gsmisc.c,

Adds a new member of the color space type structure, the size of the
smallest color space structure that will hold a color space of the given
type.  Also removes the obsolete _ds modifier.  (gscspace.h, gxcspace.h,
gscdevn.c, gscie.c, gscolor.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c, gscpixel.c,
gscsepr.c, gspcolor.c, gxiinit.c)

Removes set/currentrenderalgorithm, since they are useless for the purpose
for which they were intended.  (gsrop.h, gsropt.h, gdevmrop.c, gsrop.c)

Splits off gscspace.c from gscolor.c, and gscscie.c from gscie.c.  (gscie.c,
gscolor.c, gscscie.c, gscspace.c)

Adds constructor and accessor procedures for color spaces.  (gscie.h,
gscolor2.h, gscsepr.h, gscspace.h, gsptype1.h, gxcolor2.h, gxcspace.h,
gscolor.c, gscolor2.c, gscscie.c, gscsepr.c, gscspace.c, gslib.c,

Changes the CIEBased color space structures slightly to allow implementation
of the CIEBasedDEF[G] color spaces.  (gscie.h, gscie.c)

Changes gs_malloc_limit from a static to a member of the allocator
structure.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for clients that
declared this variable as an extern.  (gsmalloc.h, gsmemory.c)

In order to eliminate some statics, changes the static color space accessors
(gs_color_space_Device*) so they require a const gx_imager_state as
parameter, and changes their names as well to avoid confusion.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE not only in these accessors, but also in
gs_image_t_init_{gray,color}.  This is very unfortunate, but we see no way
to avoid it.  (gscspace.h, gsiparam.h, gxistate.h, gscolor1.c, gscscie.c,
gscspace.c, gsimage.c, gspcolor.c, gsstate.c, gxclread.c, gxiinit.c,
gximage2.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c)

Unifies the handling of const for the IODevice table.  (gscdefs.h,
gxiodev.h, gconf.c, gsiodev.c)

Changes the register_root memory manager call so that a NULL as the pointer
to the root structure asks the memory manager to allocate the root structure
itself.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for implementors of the
memory manager API (of which there are only 3).  (gsmemory.h, gsstruct.h,
gsalloc.c, gsmemory.c)

Adds a new GC structure type, suffix_add0_local, which is a more efficient
form of suffix_add0 that can be used when the supertype is defined in the
same file as the subtype.  (gsbitmap.h, gscie.h, gsshade.h, gsstruct.h)

Uses the new package replacement facility in the makefile to make RasterOp
optional without tinkering with statics at runtime.  (lib.mak, gxdevice.h,
gxdevrop.h, gdevdbit.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c, gsnorop.c,

Makes RasterOp really optional.  (gdevmrop.h, gsrop.h, gdevmrop.c, gsrop.c,

Rewrites bits_fill_rectangle to get rid of nearly all the macros.
(gxbitops.h, gsbitops.c)

Removes the obsolete _ds from gs_log_error.  (gserror.h, gsmisc.c)

Version 5.22 (limited) (2/19/98)

This fileset has a few more bug fixes, a major overhaul of memory management for paths so that we can do view clipping in a reasonable way, and the ability to build executables in a different directory from the sources.


Designates gv as the preferred VMS and Unix previewer.  (new-user.txt,

Adds a pointer to post-release documentation.  (README)

Notes that compilation with certain platforms and compilers must turn off
optimization.  (make.txt)

Improves the documentation of the fit_fill and fit_copy macros.


Fixes bugs:
	- The ccgs script for non-ANSI compilers was no longer flexible
enough to handle all the possible command lines.  (ccgs)
	- The pdfwrite device was missing on the DesqView/X platform.
	- The System V build procedure was broken.  (unixtail.mak)
	- A Watcom makefile lacked parentheses around a macro name.
	- Some `make' programs drop trailing spaces in macro definitions: we
didn't work around this.  (os2.mak, unixhead.mak, winlib.mak)

Adds support for WCVERSION=11.0 in the Watcom makefiles.  (watc.mak,

Adds a shell script for removing the 'includes' from makefiles, since a very
few Unix systems don't support this capability.  (catmake)

Changes -dNOPROMPT to -dNOPAGEPROMPT, and adds -dNOPROMPT to suppress both
the end-of-page prompt and the executive prompt.  (use.txt,

Adds definitions of {GL,PS}{SRC,GEN,OBJ}DIR to the top-level makefiles,
removing these definitions from gs.mak.  (*.mak, gs.mak)

Adds explicit directories to more makefile rules.  We can now do builds with
source, GL/PS generated files, and GL/PS object files in 5 different
directories!  (*.mak, gsjconf.h)


Adds a user-contributed utility that runs dvips followed by ps2pdf.
(dvipdf, unixinst.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A pointer was incorrectly declared const.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite handled the Title element of ARTICLE pdfmarks
incorrectly.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite inserted a Dest element in Link annotations even if an A
(Action) key was present.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't recognize and convert /Article actions in
pdfmarks.  (gdevpdfm.c)

Replaces some open-coded accesses to path structure elements with macros, in
anticipation of a representation change.  (gdevpdfd.c)

Moves pdfwrite further towards supporting Dict and ACSDict Distiller
parameters.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdp.c, gdevpsfp.c)

Updates a few places for the change in the path API.  (gdevpdfd.c,

Adds recognition of named object references to the PDF writer, fixing many
bugs in the named object code in the process.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfm.c,

Enhances pswrite to skip fills or strokes of completely empty paths, to
recognize horizontal and vertical lines, and to abbreviate color settings
based on 8-bit fractions.  This requires a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE in
the "vector" device interface (which was, however, clearly identified as
subject to change without notice).  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevvec.h, gdevps.c,
gdevpsdf.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)


Updates a few places for the change in the path API.  (zupath.c)

Implements %statementedit properly.  (iscan.h, iscan.c, ziodev.c)

Changes the initialization code so that if DELAYBIND is set, .forcedef and
.forceput remain accessible until .bindnow is called.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- An empty Differences array, which Acrobat Distiller 3.02 can emit,
caused a rangecheck error.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The alternative LZWEncode filter didn't emit a reset code as the
first code, and waited one code too long to emit a reset.  (slzwce.c)

Adds some double-inclusion protection.  (scfx.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- There was an (incorrect) assignment to a read-only structure
member.  (gximage2.c)
	- A formal parameter list was incorrect if __PROTOTYPES__ wasn't
defined.  (gsroptab.c)
	- Some images didn't get clipped properly when banding.  This was a
fix for 5.03 that somehow didn't make it into 5.10.  (gxclimag.c)
	- When banding, dashed lines could cause an invalid memory access.
This was apparently caused by an error in a fix made in 5.04.  (gsline.c)
	- Images with non-zero data_x could cause an invalid memory access.
(gxiinit.c, gxidata.c)
	- The band list rasterizer didn't initialize the image structure
properly, causing control to go to a random address.  (gxclread.c)

Replaces some open-coded accesses to path structure elements with macros, in
anticipation of a representation change.  (gxpath.h, gzpath.h, gspath1.c,
gxfill.c, gxpath2.c, gxstroke.c)

Changes the path and clipping path structures so that segments and clipping
lists are stored in separate, reference-counted structures.  This finally
supports reliable freeing of path segments and clipping lists even in the
presence of off-stack gstates, and the ability to store the original
segments of a clipping path, both of which we have wanted for a long time.
	- adds gx_path_alloc_contained;
	- gx_path_init => gx_path_init_local (or nothing);
	- gx_path_reset => gx_path_new;
	- removes gx_path_share and gx_path_release;
	- gx_path_assign => gx_path_assign_{preserve,release};
	- renames gx_path_expand_dashes => gx_path_add_dash_expansion,
	  gx_path_flatten[_accurate] => gx_path_add_flattened[_accurate],
	  gx_path_monotonize => gx_path_add_monotonized;
	- removes the init Boolean from gx_path_copy[_reversed].
    Clipping paths:
	- gx_cpath_init => gx_cpath_init_local (or nothing);
	- removes gx_cpath_share and gx_cpath_release_segments;
	- gx_cpath_path => gx_cpath_to_path;
	- removes the mem argument from gx_cpath_from_rectangle.
We believe that we either renamed or changed the argument list of every API
function that was affected in a non-backward-compatible way, so incompatible
clients will get either compilation or linking errors.  (gxpath.h,
gzcpath.h, gzpath.h, gschar.c, gsdps.c, gsdps1.c, gspaint.c, gspath.c,
gspath1.c, gsstate.c, gxacpath.c, gxccache.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c,
gxcpath.c, gxfill.c, gxpath.c, gxpath2.c, gxpcmap.c, gxpcopy.c, gxpdash.c,

Reimplements view clipping bookkeeping to use reference-counted paths.
(gzstate.h, gsdps.c, gsstate.c)

Adds const in a couple more places.  (gxpath2.c)

If -Z? is enabled, makes the reference counting machinery check for
reference counts going negative.  (gsrefct.h)

Adds the first bit of code for rendering smooth shadings.  The code is
nowhere near usable.  (gsshade.h, gxshade.h, gsshade.c, gxshade.c)

Adds BEGIN ... END macros for creating compound statements that are
syntactically equivalent to single statements.  (stdpre.h)

Version 5.21 (limited) (1/19/98)

This is primarily a bug fix fileset for 5.20, with a little new functionality (pdfwrite image downsampling and more complete pdfmark processing).


Fixes bugs:
	- The build procedures still referred to tar_cat.  (make.txt)

Documents some user-developed patches for using certain kinds of Japanese
fonts with Ghostscript.  (new-user.txt)

Notes that on Solaris 2.x systems, it is probably not a good idea to use
Sun's fonts.  (use.txt)

Documents -dSTRICT.  (use.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The definitions of MAKEFILE in several makefiles was incorrect.
(dvx-gcc.mak, unix-cc.mak, unixansi.mak)
	- The build rules for the gp_*.$(OBJ) files lacked a directory name,
confusing most 'make' programs.  (*.mak)
	- geninit didn't work, because the syntax of psfile_() entries in
gconfig.h had changed.  (geninit.c)
	- Some files were created and then deleted during building,
preventing [gnu]make -j from working.  (lib.mak, int.mak)

Adds an explicit directory name to more files in the makefiles.  (jpeg.mak,
lib.mak) Added in this fileset:
	.$(OBJ): jpeg.mak,  {dvx-tail,msvclib,openvms,os2,ugcclib,unixtail,
	.dev:	jpeg.mak

Removes the default suppression of 'const' with gcc.  You must now compile
with gcc or newer, or patch the makefile.  (ugcclib.mak,

Removes -DPNG_USE_CONST from the command line for compiling libpng, since
this has never actually worked, and is handled in a different way starting
with libpng 0.97.  (gs.mak)

Adds a -dSTRICT switch that disables some Ghostscript extensions, to be more
helpful in debugging applications that produce output for Adobe and other
RIPs.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- Many occurrences of 'const' were missing or incorrect.
(gdevpdfd.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfo.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- pdfmark processing was broken by changes introduced in 5.20.
	- pdfwrite didn't convert /Color => /C or /Title => /T in ANN and
LNK pdfmarks.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't convert /Dest => /D or /File => /F in the Action
dictionary of ANN and LNK pdfmarks.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't convert a /Launch annotation to an Action with a
dictionary.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't convert \n in annotation Contents strings to \r.
	- jstrm.state was used before being set.  (gdevjpeg.c)
	- The SVGA devices were not identified as page devices.
	- The SPARCPrinter driver returned the address of a local buffer
containing an error string.  (gdevsppr.c)
	- pdfwrite no longer compressed character bitmaps.  (bug introduced
in 5.20) (gdevpdfi.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't recognize _objdef syntax everywhere.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't recognize and convert Launch and GoToR OUT
pdfmarks.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite used a /Dest key rather than a /P key for the page number
in articles.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfm.c)
	- pdfwrite didn't save and write the /I dictionary for articles.
(gdevpdfx.h, gsstruct.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c)

Implements a parameter list "reader" that prints the parameter values on a
stream in PS/PDF syntax.  (We need something like this for printing filter
parameters.)  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpsdf.c)

Implements a write stream that just keeps track of the position.  We use
this to determine how much space to allocate for data we're going to save.
(gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdf.c)

Implements image downsampling, but not anti-aliasing, for the PDF writer.
(gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsds.h, gdevpsdi.c, gdevpsds.c)


Adds Frutiger to the built-in list of sans-serif fonts.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- Many occurrences of 'const' were missing.  (gsargs.c, ialloc.c,
zdpnext.c, zfunc3.c, zshade.c)
	- Some byte * => char * casts were missing.  (imainarg.c)
	- The stack limit check in .eqproc was wrong.  (zmisc3.c)
	- The paper sizes a4small and lettersmall weren't implemented.
	- setuserparams signalled errors on 64-bit systems.  (zusparam.c)

Changes .image2 to track the change in the library.  (zdps.c)

Some improvements were made to the (still not entirely functional) Type 32
font code.  (zchar32.c)

Updates some filters to use the new procedure for transmitting collections
of parameters.  (zfdecode.c)

Adds ISO paper sizes C0 through C6.  (

Trims down the list of #includes in iconf.c.  (iconf.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- CalGray color spaces with a Gamma value caused an error.


Fixes bugs:
	- There was a 'const' conflict in the code for handling ImageType 2
images.  Fixing this properly required a small change in the ImageType 2
structure.  (gsiparm2.h, gximage2.c)
	- Many occurrences of 'const' were missing.  (gsfunc3.h, gstrap.h,
gxgetbit.h, gdevdgbr.c, gstrap.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)
	- A couple of enumerations had trailing commas.  (gsshade.h,
	- The gcst parameter was omitted in the non-ANSI version of the
ENUM_PTRS_BEGIN_PROC macro.  (gsstruct.h)
	- gcc missed a private / non-private discrepancy.  (gxpcmap.c)
	- An uninitialized variable was used by mistake
(copy_params.options).  (gdevdgbr.c)
	- The last statement of a procedure was unreachable.  (gxclpath.c)
	- If a Type 2 font was transformed so that hints were not being
used, hintmask and cntrmask didn't compute the number of following bytes
correctly.  (gxtype1.h, gstype2.c, gxtype1.c)

Factors out some common code in gxclip2.c into macros.  (gxclip2.c)

Starts to reimplement RasterOp using the compositing framework.  (gsropc.h,
gxropc.h, gsropc.c)  ****** IN PROGRESS ******

Adds an equality-testing procedure for device colors.  This is used both for
color images (which previously did this adhoc) and for RasterOp compositing.
(gxdcolor.h, gximage.h, gxcht.c, gxdcolor.c, gxht.c, gspcolor.c)

Implements hintmask (but not cntrmask) for Type 2 CharString fonts.  I don't
know any reasonable way to test whether it's working, though.  (gxtype1.h,
gstype2.c, gxhint2.c, gxhint3.c, gxtype1.c)

Adds a more convenient interface for reading and setting sets of parameters.
(gsparam.h, gsparam.c)

Pulls the decision as to whether to halftone for a given device out into a
macro.  Eventually we will do something more sophisticated about this.
(gxdevice.h, gxclist.c, gxcmap.c)

Breaks apart a macro in anticipation of future usage.  (gsrefct.h)

Version 5.20 (limited) (1/8/98)

This fileset provides enough of the Display PostScript capabilities to start running real programs. It also adds the first few LanguageLevel 3 features (none of which have been tested) and reorganizes the makefile structure somewhat. There are many internal changes since 5.10, some of them still in progress, so we expect more problems than usual.

This fileset is being provided for testing in two different configurations: a full release, and a DPS-only package. The latter will be released with the GPL when it is reasonably complete and reliable.


Fixes bugs:
	- TrueType fonts on GS_FONTPATH weren't recognized.  (use.txt)
	- The argument list for gstate was incorrect.  (zdevice2.c)
	- There were a couple of minor errors in the e-stack documentation.
	- fonts.txt had several errors regarding compiled fonts.
	- An out-of-date Aladdin address still appeared in documentation.

Updates make.txt to reflect the changes in makefile structure.  (make.txt)

Notes the addition of -Z' and -Z".  (use.txt)

Documents the new begin_typed_image, get_bits_rectangle,
map_color_rgb_alpha, and create_compositor driver procedures.  (drivers.txt)

Moves documentation for all releases before 5.0 to history4.txt.  (NEWS,

Documents the addition of SHARE_JPEGLIB.  (make.txt)

Removes the author's name and e-mail address from the ps2ascii man page, at
his request.  (ps2ascii.1)

Documents the addition of (some) image compression facilities to ps2pdf /
pdfwrite.  (ps2pdf.txt)

Documents the new -dNOINTERPOLATE and -F<n> switches.  (use.txt)

Adds documentation for a user-contributed port to the SMS/QDOS operating
system.  (new-user.txt)

Removes documentation for BGI, which is no longer supported.  (use.txt)

Documents the use of the Registry and the GS_DLL environment variable on
Windows platforms.  (install.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The OpenVMS makefile referred to EXTEND_NAME rather than
EXTEND_NAMES.  (openvms.mak)
	- A typo caused a spurious error message from lpr.  (
	- The PDF writer didn't include a needed dependency on zlib
compression.  (devs.mak)
	- The rule for the OS/2 printer device was wrong.  (devs.mak)
	- The -migrate switch was incorrectly removed from the command line
for pre-4.0 Digital Unix.  (make.txt)
	- The -r switch was ignored with -dNODISPLAY.  (

Adds targets for Type 32 fonts ( and PostScript LanguageLevel 3
(,,  (gs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak)

Changes the documented feature names for PostScript Level 1 and 2
interpreters from level1/2 to psl1/2.  The old names are still recognized
for backward compatibility.  (gs.mak, int.mak, *.mak)

Removes support for building with DCL under VMS.  Building under VMS now
requires some version of make, preferably GNU make.  THIS IS A
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE, but there was plenty of lead time for users
(it was announced in 5.01, 6/22/97).  (vms*.mak[deleted])

Starts to add an explicit directory name to every file in the makefiles, to
allow building multiple object versions (e.g., debug, profile, product) or
cross-building for multiple platforms in separate directories without any
makefile editing.  (*.mak) Done so far:
(done)	_h=	devs.mak gs.mak int.mak jpeg.mak lib.mak
(done)	.h	devs.mak gs.mak int.mak lib.mak zlib.mak
		openvms.mak os2.mak ugcclib.mak unix-end.mak
		unixtail.mak wctail.mak winint.mak winlib.mak
	.$(OBJ): devs.mak int.mak (except ccfonts)
		lib.mak (except special compilations)
		libpng.mak zlib.mak
	.dev:	libpng.mak zlib.mak

Gets rid of tar_cat.  Building on Unix platforms now requires that make
recognize the include directive.  THIS IS A NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE:
rather than editing the *head.mak files, users should now edit the unix*.mak
or dvx*.mak files (which they previously were instructed NOT to do).  Aside
from this, we think the change won't actually affect anyone, since most Unix
make programs (include GNU make) do recognize this directive.  (*.mak,
ansihead.mak[deleted], cc-head.mak[deleted], gcc-head.mak[deleted],
dgc-head.mak[deleted], tar_*cat[deleted], dvx-gcc.mak, unixansi.mak,
unix-cc.mak, unix-gcc.mak)

Includes the basic context machinery in every PostScript interpreter
configuration.  (int.mak)

Removes the division between 'low-level' and 'high-level' band list
facilities: we once thought we might make the latter optional, but this no
longer seems useful.  (lib.mak)

Introduces a new category of devices, identified to genconf as -dev2 and
created with SETDEV2 and SETPDEV2.  For the moment, these are the same as
existing devices except that their static instance is const, but we plan to
make them quite different in the future: don't attempt to create any.
(devs.mak, gs.mak, genconf.c, gconf.c)

Removes the obsolete -includef resource from genconf.  (genconf.c)

Removes support for IJG JPEG library v5* from the makefile, since we no
longer support these library versions.  (jpeg.mak, lib.mak,
gsjerror.h[deleted], gsjpglib.h[deleted], gsjerror.c[deleted])

Makes the JPEG library use floating point if it is fast.  (gsjmorec.h)

Adds a SHARE_JPEG option to the makefiles, with the necessary warning about
possible incompatibilities.  (*.mak)

Replaces the CCC macro in the makefiles with CC_, the various CC* macros
with CC_* (except for CCA2K and CCAUX), and the O macro with O_; removes the
'begin' target and the CCBEGIN macro.  THIS IS A NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
CHANGE, required for the new arrangement of files into directories.  (*.mak)

Replaces all occurrences of -Idir1 -Idir2 ... -Idirn in platform-generic
makefiles with $(I_)dir1 $(II)dir2 ... $(_I)dirn, and defines these macros
in platform-specific makefiles, in order to accommodate OpenVMS command
syntax.  (*.mak)

Adds -fno-common to the default gcc compilation and linking switches, to
improve checking for doubly-defined externs.  (unix-gcc.mak)

Adds a -dNOINTERPOLATE switch to turn off image interpolation.  (

Adds a -F<file> switch that runs files through the run_string interface with
an 1-byte buffer.  (imainarg.c)

Allows specifying the name of the gconfig.h file with -DGCONFIG_H= in the
compilation command line, to support certain multi-configuration build
procedures.  (int.mak, lib.mak, gconf.h, gconf.c, gscdef.c, iconf.c)

Splits off the installation targets from unix-end.mak.  (unix-end.mak,
unixinst.mak, unix*.mak, ugcclib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A case label was misplaced.  (No effect on normal operation.)
	- ps2ascii had some Encoding-related problems, and a serious bug
causing the stack to grow indefinitely.  (

Adds a new utility, for converting outline fonts to bitmapped
PCL fonts.  (

At the request of a user, modifies ansi2knr to read stdin if no input file
is supplied, and to accept an optional --filename switch to set the file
name in the #line directive.  Also makes ansi2knr write the usage message on
stderr rather than stdout.  (ansi2knr.c)

Adds a user-contributed Perl script that fixes compatibility problems
between MS Word output and Ghostview 1.5.  (

Adds a new test file that produces some pretty color output.  (,

Adds a user-contributed utility for producing AFM files from PFA/PFB and
optionally PFM files.  (pf2afm.bat,


Fixes bugs:
	- Some 'static' declarations were missing (gcc lossage).  (gdevht.c,
gdevmgr.c, gdevpcfb.c, gdevrrgb.c)
	- Some 'char *' should have been 'unsigned char *'.  (gdevccr.c)
	- The PDF writer represented non-rectangular clipping paths in a way
that could cause Acrobat to produce incorrect output.  (The fix relies on
the new clipping path enumeration facility.)  (gdevpdfd.c)
	- get_params for the X device didn't read the WINDOWID and
.IsPageDevice parameters.  (gdevx.c)
	- A superseded driver was still in the distribution.
	- The PDF writer's default parameters didn't quite match the default
parameters of Adobe Acrobat(TM).  (gdevpsdf.h)
	- A cast from const byte * to const char * was omitted.
	- x_map_color_rgb returned incorrect values for values in the dither
cube/ramp.  (gdevx.c)

Adds user-contributed drivers for:
	- the Brother HL 720/730 laser printer (gdevhl7x.c);
	- the Cirrus Logic CL-GD54xx SuperVGA chipset (in gdevsvga.c).

Adds stubs or dummy implementations for the new Acrobat Distiller 3.0
pdfmark features (BP/EP/SP, _objdef/OBJ, PUT/PUTINTERVAL/CLOSE).  Features
not yet implemented:
	- Predefining Catalog and DocInfo.
	- Writing out added Catalog and Info keys.
	- Special handling for Page#, Prev/This/NextPage.
	- Writing out added keys in Page objects.
	- Defining objects for ANN, DEST, LNK, PS.
	- Writing out added keys for ANN, BP, DEST, LNK, PS.
	- Adding information to streams (PUT, CLOSE).
	- Writing out streams.
(, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdfo.c)

Removes the DoThumbnails distiller parameter, which Acrobat Distiller 3.0 no
longer supports.  (, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfp.c)

Starts to eliminate or segregate writable globals that point to
heap-allocated data, as in the interpreter (see below); specifically, makes
all device and xfont procedure structures const in devices that Aladdin
maintains.  Note that this involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE in the
get_xfont_procs device procedure (to add const to the return type); this
only affects the 3 implementations of xfonts.  (gdevprn.h, gdevdjet.c,
gdevm1.c, gdevpccm.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdft.c, gdevps.c,
gdevpsdf.c, gdevpx.c; gxdevice.h, gxxfont.h, gdevbgi.c, gdevbit.c,
gdevbmp.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevdjet.c, gdevlj56.c, gdevmiff.c, gdevmsxf.c,
gdevnfwd.c, gdevpbm.c, gdevpcfb.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpng.c, gdevprn.c,
gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevs3ga.c, gdevsvga.c, gdevtfax.c, gdevtfnx.c,
gdevvglb.c, gdevwddb.c, gdevwdib.c, gdevwpr2.c, gdevwprn.c, gdevx.c,
gdevxalt.c, gdevxxf.c, gxccman.c)

Makes the statically allocated device templates const in some devices, using
the new -dev2 device resource type.  NOTE: the meaning of -dev2 is subject
to change without notice in future releases.  (gdevdjet.c, gdevpdf.c,
gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvglb.c)

Adds a new begin_typed_image driver procedure which is called for all types
of images, not just ImageType 1.  The default implementation calls
begin_image if the ImageType is 1.  (gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gsiparam.h,
gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevht.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c,
gxacpath.c, gxclimag.c, gxclip2.c, gxclist.c, gxcpath.c, gxpcmap.c)

Adds a new get_bits_rectangle driver procedure which allows reading back an
arbitrary rectangle of bits from the device, not just a single full scan
line.  The default implementation calls get_bits, being careful to avoid a
recursion loop; the default implementation of get_bits calls
get_bits_rectangle similarly.  This procedure has a lot of flexibility,
almost all of which is ultimately provided by the implementation in memory
devices.  (gdevmem.h, gsbitops.h, gxcindex.h, gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c,
gdevdflt.c, gdevdgbr.c, gdevht.c, gdevm*.c, gdevmem.c, gdevmpla.c,
gdevnfwd.c, gxbitfmt.h, gxclip2.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c, gxcpath.c,

Removes support for the BGI (Borland Graphics Interface) device, since we no
longer support the Borland compilers for MS-DOS.  (devs.mak, dvx-head.mak,
openvms.mak, unixhead.mak, gdevbgi.c[deleted])

Speeds up x_map_color_rgb by avoiding server access in most cases.
(gdevx.h, gdevx.c, gdevxini.c)

Implements get_bits_rectangle in the X driver in place of get_bits.
(gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)

Implements begin_typed_image for ImageType 2 images in the X driver, as an
example of how a driver can implement this function itself.  (gdevx.c)

Adds a call on the DCTEncode set_defaults procedure, which is now required
(see under Streams below).  (gdevjpeg.c)

Implements a substantial part of the Distiller image compression machinery.
See ps2pdf.txt for details.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c,
gdevps.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpsdi.c, gdevpsdp.c, gdevpsds.c)

Adds a map_color_rgb_alpha driver procedure, complementing
map_rgb_alpha_color.  (gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gxdevice.h,
gdevbbox.c, gdevdflt.c, gdevht.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevprn.c,
gxclip2.c, gxclist.c, gxcmap.c, gxcpath.c)

Splits off gxdevcli.h (client definitions) from gxdevice.h, which had gotten
very large.  This doesn't do much good yet in terms of reducing dependencies
and compilation time, because every client still includes gxdevice.h, but
it's the raw material for doing so in the future.  (gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h)

Adds alpha tracking to the command list.  (gxclpath.h, gxclimag.c,
gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

Changes the 'show' pseudo-parameter for the PDF writer so that it takes
multiple additional parameters instead of a dictionary.  This greatly
reduces garbage collection overhead.  (, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfp.c,

Adds a create_compositor driver call for handling compositing.  (gdevbbox.h,
gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gsdevice.h, gxdevcli.h, gxdevice.h, gdevbbox.c,
gdevdflt.c, gdevht.c, gdevnfwd.c, gsdevice.c, gxclimag.c, gxclip2.c,
gxclist.c, gxcpath.c, gxpcmap.c)

Updates drivers to account for the more careful handling of file name
length.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevwprn.c)

Adds a user-contributed enhancement to make the Epson dot matrix driver work
at 180x60dpi and 240x180dpi for 24 pin printers.  (gdevepsn.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Windows platform didn't put stdin into binary mode.

Removes all remaining uses of gs_malloc and gs_free in platform-specific
code.  (gp_dosfb.c, gp_vms.c)

Adds a platform-specific gp_getenv call, to allow the Windows implementation
to consult the Registry.  (gp.h, gpgetenv.h, gp_getnv.c, gp_wgetv.c, *.mak,

Separates out the declaration of popen and pclose, which may be declared
correctly in stdio.h, incorrectly in stdio.h, or not at all, depending on
the platform.  (lib.mak, unixtail.mak, pipe_.h, gdevpipe.c, gp_os2.c,
gp_os9.c, gp_unix.c)

Tweaks the platform-workaround header file conditionals a little more.
(malloc_.h, memory_.h).

Makes the Windows DLL check the GS_DLL environment/registry variable for the
location of the DLL.  (dwdll.cpp)

Defines the maximum length for the file name returned by
gp_open_scratch_file, and possibly by gp_open_printer.  (gp.h, gp_*.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A 'flush' was missing from a debugging message.  (
	- Type 2 fonts didn't always have a PaintType entry.  (
	- CIDFontType 0 fonts were broken, probably because of a recently
added validity test in the C code.  (
	- Font types without an Encoding caused an error (in .completefont).
	- composefont required the elements of the font array to be actual
fonts, rather than allowing font names.  (
	- composefont required that all elements of the font array have
CIDSystemInfo dictionaries.  (Adobe has said that their interpreters don't
check for this in some cases, but it's a bug.  Unfortunately, by now it's an
established one.)  (zfcmap.c)

Adds .dir to the list of file suffixes known not to be fonts.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- A Type 2 font that provided fewer CharStrings than charset
elements caused an error.  (
	- If a context was joined before it terminated, its stack was never
copied to the joining context.  (zcontext.c)
	- Freeing a context didn't free most of its substructures.
(icontext.h, istack.h, icontext.c, interp.c, istack.c, zcontext.c)
	- save and restore didn't save and restore the user parameters.
(, zvmem2.c)
	- %stdin and %stdout weren't defined per-context.  (files.h,
icontext.h, icontext.c, ziodev.c)
	- Switching contexts didn't clean up the stacks.  (The current way
we do this is very inefficient: we should use a special null for filling the
untouched area, so we can use it to detect the high water mark.)
	- A cast from const to non-const was missing.  (zdpnext.c)
	- User parameters weren't managed per-context.  (The current way we
do this is inefficient.)  (,,, isave.h,
icontext.c, iinit.c, isave.c, zcontext.c, zusparam.c)
	- Some operand checks weren't wrapped in do { ... } while(0),
possibly leading to incorrect parsing of 'if's.  (opcheck.h)
	- If a context terminated with unmatched saves, the restores weren't
executed.  (isave.h, isave.c, zcontext.c)
	- If two or more contexts shared the same global VM, the outermost
restore (which in this case saves only local VM) checked for invalidrestore
incorrectly.  (isave.c)
	- resourceforall didn't remove its own temporary values from the
operand stack when calling the procedure.  (
	- resourceforall returned local instances even when currentglobal
was true.  (
	- If a context had unmatched saves, other contexts sharing the same
local VM weren't blocked from running.  (zcontext.c)
	- The NeXT compositing operations (Copy, etc.) weren't defined in
systemdict.  (
	- In the case of a stack overflow, some garbage could get left on
the stack.  (istack.c)
	- Stack overflow was reported prematurely -- typically when the
stack depth had reached half the specified limit.  (istack.c)
	- Freed ref arrays weren't filled with nulls, which could confuse
the garbage collector later.  (ialloc.c)
	- Certain stack overflow conditions could put a stack into an
anomalous state that confused the garbage collector.  (istack.c)
	- The maximum stack size could not be set to a value smaller than
the current allocated space, but the minimum value should be the number of
entries actually in use.  (istack.c)
	- If .buildfont* had to add any elements to the font dictionary, a
temporary pointer to the Encoding, FDepVector, or sfnts could become
invalid, causing crashes or confusion.  (zfont0.c, zfont2.c, zfont42.c)

Changes exit, stop, and .stop so that if there is no matching dynamically
enclosing context (loop or stopped), the effect is a quit, like the Adobe
interpreters, and not an invalidexit.  (zcontrol.c)

Adds support for ImageTypes other than 1.  (,,, zimage2.c)

Adds support for LanguageLevel 3 features:
	- Idiom recognition in 'bind'.  (,,,, zmisc3.c)
	- HalftoneTypes 6, 10, and 16.  (
	- FunctionType resource category.  (
	- FunctionType 2 and 3 Functions.  (zfunc3.c)
	- PatternType 2 and smooth shading (structures and API only, no
algorithms).  (,,, zshade.c)
	- In-RIP trapping (structures and API only, no algorithms).
(, ztrap.c)
	- ImageType 3 and 4 (masked images) (structures and parsing only, no
algorithms). (,, iimage2.h, zimage.c, zimage2.c,
	- DevicePixel color space.  (, zcolor2.c, zcspixel.c)
	- DeviceN color space.  (, igstate.h, zcsdevn.c)

Adds support for Type 32 fonts.  (,,,
zchar32.c, zfont32.c)

Adds debugging printout to the CFF loader.  (

Removes support for _ds pointers referencing the stacks, since we no longer
support 16-bit implementations.  (iref.h, istack.h, interp.c, ireclaim.c,

Removes all #ifdef DPNEXT conditionalization.  (We had intended to use this
to delimit blocks of code to be released with the GPL, but we're now
planning to release a much larger number of files.)  (igstate.h, interp.h,
istruct.h, interp.c, zgstate.c)

Allows user parameters to be implemented partly in PostScript code, since
this is required for some LanguageLevel 3 features (currently only
IdiomRecognition).  (

Removes most of the references to a global process scheduler.  Completing
this will require passing an interpreter state structure to all operators in
place of the operand stack pointer, which we aren't prepared to contemplate
yet.  (zcontext.c)

Adds tracing for context operations, -Z' and -Z".  (zcontext.c)

Changes def so that it doesn't have a special exception for storing
references to local objects into systemdict or its subsidiary dictionaries
during initialization: such stores now must use .forceput (or .forcedef,
defined in using .forceput); changes .forceput to allow storing a
local reference into any global dictionary, not only systemdict, if the save
level is 0.  (,,,,,, zdict.c)

Moves all of the initialization of internaldict to PostScript code.
(, iinit.c, zcontrol.c)

Moves the JobName user parameter from C to PostScript code.  (,

Adds to every dictionary a pointer to the allocator that created it.  This
allows us to create and grow dictionaries without having to reference any
global variables.  (idict.h, idict.c, iinit.c)

Implements the localfork operator, which creates contexts with private local
VM.  (,, dstack.h, gsalloc.h, ialloc.c, icontext.c,
iinit.c, interp.c, zcontext.c)

Systematizes reliable access to variables in systemdict and userdict.

Starts to eliminate or segregate writable globals that point to
heap-allocated data.  (Writable globals containing procedures,
run-time-settable switches, pointers to static data, or non-pointer values
that are initialized once and idempotently are OK.)  (iconf.c, iinit.c,
imain.c, imainarg.c, interp.c, zfont1.c, zht2.c, ziodev.c, ztype.c,
zupath.c, zusparam.c)

Adds support for ImageType 2 (device source) images.  (, zdps.c)

Adds begin_typed_image to internal device procedure vectors.  (zupath.c)

Increases the maximum stack sizes to match the Adobe implementation more
closely.  (

Adds a file_is_invalid macro to work around a bug in the Borland 5.0
compiler.  (files.h, ziodev.c, zvmem.c)

Changes the character cache to be allocated in the C heap rather than global
VM.  This is required because cache chunks are now allocated from the same
allocator as the cache.  (zfont.c)

Implements sizeimage and readimage, including a new .getbitsrect operator.
(,, zdevice.c, zdpnext.c)

Resets the maximum stack sizes earlier in initialization.  (

Tweaks the default CRD slightly (syntactically, not the content).

Adds support for PatternTypes other than 1.  (,,, zpcolor.c)

Adds a pointer to the C heap allocator to the gs_main_instance structure,
working towards the goal of removing all references to gs_memory_default.

Removes all remaining uses of gs_malloc and gs_free from the interpreter.
(igc.h, igc.c, imain.c, zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c)

Adds an explicit #include for all remaining uses of gs_memory_default in the
interpreter.  (zfdctd.c, zfdcte.c, zvmem.c)

Adds a map_color_rgb_alpha driver procedure, complementing
map_rgb_alpha_color.  (zupath.c)

Removes the obsolete writeppmfile operator.  (zwppm.c[deleted])

Updates the implementation of the image operators to match the change from
HasAlpha to Alpha in the image definition structure.  (iimage.h, zcolor1.c,

Reimplements upath in C code, since UnpaintedPath requires it.  (zupath.c)

Updates interpreter code for the change in the GC interface. (imemory.h,
istruct.h, icontext.c, igc.c, igcref.c, igcstr.c, ilocate.c, iname.c,
isave.c, iscan.c, istack.c, zfproc.c)

Implements the compositing operators.  (zdpnext.c, zdps.c, zupath.c)

Changes some matrix operators to pass unpacked matrices on the stack.

Moves the alpha-related operators to where they belong.  (zcolor.c,

Changes all calls on getenv to gp_getenv.  (imainarg.c, zmisc.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- PostScript pass-throughs caused an error.  They are now always
executed; probably we should offer the option of not executing them, for
closer compatibility with Acrobat.  (,
	- Font resources, unlike all other types of resources, couldn't be
inherited from an ancestor Page(s) object.  (
	- Resources appearing only in Form or Pattern dictionaries weren't
recognized as being present.  (,,

Moves closer to supporting Type 0 (and CID) fonts.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- If the image was very narrow or very shallow, the interpolated
image scaling stream could make an invalid memory reference.  (siscale.c)

Removes the last few references to gs_malloc and gs_free from stream code.
Clients now *must* call the set_defaults procedure for the DCT filters
(sdct.h, sdctd.c, sdcte.c, sjpegc.c)

Adds an explicit #include for all remaining uses of gs_memory_default.
(sdctd.c, sdcte.c, szlibd.c, szlibe.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some files that included shc.h didn't include scommon.h.  (shc.h)
	- A file didn't include std.h before <stdio.h>.  (gslib.c)
	- There was an unnecessary extern (cleanup only).  (gscsepr.c)
	- The uid.xvalues member of gs_client_pattern structures wasn't
traced by the GC.  (gspcolor.h)
	- If an Interpolated image reached the end of the input at exactly
the wrong time, an assertion could fail.  (gxiscale.c)
	- With non-ANSI compilers, an integer constant passed to the fmod
library function, which requires a floating point argument, could cause a
floating point exception or an incorrect result.  (gsmisc.c)
	- An error in computing the bounding box sometimes caused strokes to
print incorrectly (for example, some graduated fills printed incorrectly).

Implements an undocumented (!) feature of Type 2 CharStrings, namely that if
the endchar operator is invoked with 4 or 5 operands on the stack, it is
equivalent to the Type 1 seac operator (without the asb operand).  This
required changing the implementation of seac so that it does the base
character first, rather than the accent.  (gxtype1.h, gstype1.c, gstype2.c,

Adds support for ImageTypes other than 1.  (gsiparam.h, gximage.h,
gxiparam.h, gdevddrw.c, gsimage.c, gximage.c, gximage0.c)

Adds support for ImageType 2 (device source) images.  Currently we only
handle the simplest case (source is not transformed).  (gsimage.h,
gsiparm2.h, gsimage.c, gximage2.c)

Adds support for LanguageLevel 3 features:
	- FunctionType 2 and 3 Functions.  (gsfunc3.h, gsfunc3.c)
	- PatternType 2 and smooth shading (structures and API only, no
algorithms).  (gscolor3.h, gsptype2.h, gsshade.h, gxistate.h, gscolor3.c,
	- In-RIP trapping (structures and API only, no algorithms).
(gstrap.h, gstrap.c)
	- ImageType 3 (masked images) (structures and API only, no
algorithms).  (gsiparm3.h, gximage3.c)
	- ImageType 4 (chroma-keyed masked images).  (gsiparm4.h,
	- DevicePixel color space.  (gscpixel.h, gscspace.h, gscpixel.c,
	- DeviceN color space.  (gscspace.h, gscdevn.c)

Removes the #ifdef FUTURE around the code for passing multi-plane and
interpolated images through the band list (version 5.01) and for banded
filling and stroking with colored halftones (version 4.71).  This code is
now part of the standard release.  (gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h, gxdht.h,
gxhttype.h, gsht.c, gxclimag.c, gxclread.c, gximage.c)

Adds a _ptrs6 structure definition macro.  (gsstruct.h)

Removes #ifdef DPNEXT conditionalization, as in the interpreter (see above).
(gzstate.h, gsdps.c, gsstate.c, gximage.c, gximage5.c)

Starts to eliminate or segregate writable globals that point to
heap-allocated data, as in the interpreter (see above).  (gsbittab.h,
gscdefs.h, gsdcolor.h, gxclist.h, gxsample.h, gzht.h, gconf.c, gsbitops.c,
gsbittab.c, gscdef.c, gsdparam.c, gsflip.c, gsinit.c, gsmatrix.c,
gspcolor.c, gsstate.c, gxcht.c, gxclist.c, gxcmap.c, gxdcolor.c, gxdither.c,
gxht.c, gximage.c)

Removes the division between 'low-level' and 'high-level' band list
facilities.  (gxcldev.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclpath.c)

Renames gximage*.c as gxi*.c, since these files apply only to ImageType 1
images and the use of numerical suffixes was confusing.  (gximage.c =>
gxiinit.c, gximage0.c => gxidata.c, gximage1.c => gxifast.c,
gximage2.c => gximono.c, gximage3.c => gxicolor.c, gximage4.c =>
gxi12bit.c, gximage5.c => gxiscale.c)

Provides the ability to enumerate a clipping path (based on the clipping
list) using an enumerator, in the same way as an ordinary path.  (gxpath.h,
gzcpath.h, gzpath.h, gxcpath.c, gxpath2.c)

Speeds up mem_mapped4_copy_mono substantially.  (gdevm4.c)

Removes all remaining uses of gs_malloc and gs_free in the library, other
than in drivers.  This turned out to require changing a couple of
initialization APIs.  (gsfont.h, gslib.h, gxdevice.h, gxfcache.h, gsfont.c,

Reduces the writable statics related to the default (C heap) allocator to a
single pointer.  (gsmalloc.h, gsmemory.h, gsinit.c, gsmemory.c)

Adds support for PatternTypes other than 1.  (gscolor2.h, gspcolor.h,
gsptype1.h, gxcolor2.h, gspcolor.c)

Adds an explicit #include for all remaining uses of gs_memory_default that
aren't covered by gxdevice.h.  (gxclmem.c)

Splits off the default implementations of the bit-copying device procedures,
because the file was getting too large.  (gdevdbit.c, gdevdflt.c)

Adds a procedure for calculating the difference of two rectangles, needed
for Type 2 images.  (gsrect.h, gxpath.h, gsutil.c)

Extends the image machinery to allow alpha values to either precede or
follow color values in image data, replacing HasAlpha with Alpha in the
ImageType 1 image structure.  (gsiparam.h, gximage.h, gsimage.c, gxclimag.c,
gxclread.c, gxicolor.c, gxiinit.c, gxiscale.c)

Extends the path enumeration API to decouple path copying from coordinate
transformation.  (gspath.h, gzpath.h, gspath1.c, gxpath2.c)

Changes the garbage collector interface so that all procedures are passed
through a structure rather than being referenced as externs.  This allows
programs other than the GC itself to enumerate and relocate pointers, and
also removes all static dependencies on the GC from the library.  This
involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE to the argument list of enum_ptrs
procedures, and to the implementation of both enum_ptrs and reloc_ptrs.  (We
hope that the new macros we've introduced will avoid non-backward-compatible
changes in the future.)  (gsstruct.h, gdevmem.c, gsalloc.c, gscdevn.c,
gscolor.c, gscolor2.c, gscsepr.c, gsdevice.c, gsfont.c, gshtscr.c,
gsimage.c, gsmemory.c, gspcolor.c, gsstate.c, gxcmap.c, gxcpath.c, gxht.c,

Moves the image compositing code into the library from its inappropriate
home in the interpreter.  (gsdpnext.h)

Splits up gsbitops.h into client interface and implementation support.
Removes some obsolete code at the same time.  (gdevmem.h, gsbitops.h,
gxbitops.h, gsbitops.c)

Creates the concept of compositing functions and compositing devices
(compositors).  (gscompt.h, gxcomp.h)

Implements the default compositor for alpha-based compositing.  (gsalphac.h,

Creates a store_alpha device that adds alpha channel storage to any other
device.  (gdevalph.c)

Moves alpha channel capability into the dpsnext feature, where it should
have been all along.  (gsalpha.h, gscolor.h, gsalpha.c, gscolor.c,

Implements color premultiplying by (non-unity) alpha values.  Currently we
always premultiply towards white: see gxalpha.h for some comments.
(gxalpha.h, gxcmap.c)

Reduces the amount of boilerplate in the RasterOp implementation table.

Adds an arg_push_temp_string procedure to accommodate the new gp_getenv
call.  (gsargs.h, gsargs.c)

Updates various library APIs to account for the more careful handling of
file name length.  (gdevprn.h, gxclio.h, gxclist.h, gsdevice.c, gxclfile.c,

Version 5.10 (11/23/97)

This release, not originally planned, greatly reduces the size of PDF files produced by the pdfwrite device, fixes a number of minor problems in PDF output, and optionally produces output compatible with Acrobat 2.x, in order to address problems reported by NSF in processing these files as part of their FastLane electronic proposal submission process. Aside from that, and some localized bug fixes, it has minimal changes from 5.03.


Fixes bugs:
	- ansihead.mak referred to unix-ansi.mak, which is actually named
unixansi.mak.  (ansihead.mak)
	- README referred to an "If you need help" section that was moved to
new-user.txt.  (README)

Updates build information for HP-UX systems.  (make.txt)

Updates the information for getting Martin Lottermoser's hpdj driver.

Improves the error message when a user tries to invoke gswin32c without
explicitly selecting a device.  (dwmainc.cpp)

Removes the author's name and e-mail address from the pdf2ps man page, at
his request.  (pdf2ps.1)

Improves the documentation for BandBufferSpace.  (language.txt)


Changes the VMS command files so that they don't echo the commands.


Fixes bugs:
	- The "lp" command files all inappropriately set the top margin to
0.1".  (lp386.bat, lp386r2.bat, lpgs, lpgs.bat, lpr2, lpr2.bat)
	- The lp386[r2].bat command files inappropriately set the
LanguageLevel to 1.  (lp386.bat, lp386r2.bat)


Fixes bugs:
	- The PDF writer got confused about the current color if the input
contained text strings separated only by color changes.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- Some casts between const char * and const byte * were incorrect
(warnings only).  (gdevpdft.c)

Adds a NoCancel parameter to the winpr2 device, which suppresses display of
the dialog box.  (gdevwpr2.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- An "extern" was omitted, causing a duplicate definition of
build_function_procs.  (ifunc.h)
	- The global pseudo-operator table was too small, causing a
limitcheck in ps2ascii.  (iinit.c)
	- setcolorspace with a Pattern space with no underlying space would
cause an error if the current color space was a Pattern space.  (zpcolor.c)
	- The Decode key was optional, not required, in the dictionary form
of image[mask].  (zimage2.c)

Adds two more PCL/PJL reset sequences to the list of sequences to ignore.


Fixes bugs:
	- Multi-screen color halftones could produce "seams".  (gxcht.c)
	- A bug in the gcc optimizer on H-P RISC workstations caused all
curves to be output as lines.  (gxpflat.c)
	- If a non-standard OtherSubr was called before the [h]sbw in a Type
1 font, a crash could occur.  (gxhint3.c)
	- gxclist.c didn't include string_.h.  (gxclist.c)

Version 5.07 (limited) (10/31/97)

A few more bug fixes for the 5.10 release.


Fixes bugs:
	- Some file and directory names hadn't been updated to match the new
directory structure on the primary server.  (make.txt, new-user.txt)

Adds the URL for reaching URW++.  (Fontmap.*)


Fixes bugs:
	- Because the C % operator isn't equivalent to 'modulus' for
negative numerators, gx_default_strip_tile_rectangle could crash in some
cases.  (gxdevice.h, gdevdflt.c)
	- In the PDF writer, Dest values were correct (page numbers) for
GoToR actions, but were incorrect (should be page object references) for
other actions; also, Rect values were transformed, but should not be.
	- In the PDF writer, articles and bookmarks could attempt to write
multiple Contents streams, which is not allowed.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,
	- The PDF writer ignored PS (PostScript pass-through) pdfmarks.
	- The PDF writer didn't write out the color space parameters for
CIE-based spaces.   (gdevpdfi.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Suffix subclass structures with 4 added pointers skipped the first
pointer in the superclass when garbage collecting, possibly causing invalid
memory accesses.  (gsstruct.h)
	- An argument list incompatibility in a procedure used in a static
structure initialization upset some compilers.  (gsfunc.h, gsfunc0.c)

Version 5.06 (limited) (10/7/97)

This fixes a few more bugs in the PDF writer, and a few other very obscure problems. It also adds support for Functions and brings multiple contexts closer to working, neither of which we expect actually to be used any time soon. This is intended to be the candidate fileset for the 5.10 release, but since we had to tinker with a delicate part of the PDF writer to fix a problem affecting visual quality with Acrobat, there may be new bugs that will have to be fixed in yet another candidate fileset.


Fixes bugs:
	- Jim McPherson's e-mail address was out of date.  (devices.txt)
	- Invoking ps2pdf with only a single file name is supported on some
versions of Windows NT and OS/2, not only on Unix.  (ps2pdf.txt)
	- The ps2pdf documentation didn't indicate that ps2pdf can use the
Windows "console mode" executable as well as the MS-DOS executable.
	- The list of which Distiller parameters actually have an effect was
incorrect.  (gdevpdfp.c)

Notes that the cdj550 driver is compatible with the H-P 660C and 660Cse.
(devs.mak, devices.txt)

Adds a note about using Acrobat Reader fonts.  (install.txt, use.txt)

Notes that the LJ 5P, like the 5L, is not a PCL XL printer.  (devs.mak)

Notes problems and possible problems with certain versions of the Borland
C++ compiler.  (make.txt)

Notes the change in -Z:.  (use.txt)

Updates the uniprint documentation for this release.  (devices.txt)

Expands the rationale for the large resolution in the bbox device.

Notes that the H-P DeskJet 600 series can use the djet500 driver with -r600.


Fixes bugs:
	- Vector devices didn't include a necessary dependency on the stream
package.  (lib.mak)
	- There were several bugs in the ps2pdf.bat file.  (ps2pdf.bat)

Changes -Z: so it prints some summary lines as well as minimal information
about banding.  This makes the -ZA trace compatible with our memory leak
tool.  (iminst.h, imain.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- ps2epsi sometimes produced a too-large bounding box, or even
caused a rangecheck.  (ps2epsi)

At the advice of a user, removes the RESOLUTION=100 line from


Fixes bugs:
	- The PDF writer produced incorrect output for stroke operations
with unusual CTMs, because PDF, unlike PostScript, applies the CTM to the
path at the time of the fill or stroke, not as the path is being
constructed.  (gdevpdfd.c)
	- Vector devices returned an error, instead of falling back to the
default implementations, when filling or stroking with a pattern.
	- The PDF writer freed an internal stream structure using the wrong
allocator, possibly causing memory corruption.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The uniprint driver had some compilation problems, and possibly
other problems as well (consult the source file).  (gdevupd.c, *.upp)
	- With -dNOCACHE, the PDF writer wrote all text in the base 14 fonts
twice, once as text and once as outlines.  (, gdevpdfd.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't properly recognize Symbol and ZapfDingbats
as being among the base 14 fonts.  (
	- When using Acrobat Reader with font smoothing turned on, the base
14 fonts appeared too bold on the screen in files produced by ps2pdf,
because Reader decides that a 100-unit font at 1 unit = 0.1 point should be
bolder than a 10-unit font at 1 unit = 1 point.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,
	- The PDF writer didn't convert View/Page specifications for
bookmark pdfmarks to a Dest key, causing bookmarks not to work.

Speeds up the PDF writer by only passing the encoding if it isn't
StandardEncoding.  (, gdevpdft.c)

Changes the PDF writer's handling of unencoded glyphs.  Adds device
parameters ReEncodeCharacters and ReAssignCharacters to control how
unencoded glyphs are handled.  (These parameters will go away when we handle
variant encodings in full generality.)  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfp.c,


Fixes bugs:
	- setpagedevice didn't restore the stack properly if it failed.
	- 0 identmatrix didn't cause an error.  (
	- Devices expecting array-valued parameters didn't accept packed
arrays.  (iparam.c)

Starts to de-implement support for special handling of the stacks on
machines with 16:16 addressing.  Currently this only happens if DPNEXT is
defined.  (istack.h)

Brings multiple contexts closer to working.  The interpreter can now run
some very simple test cases.  (int.mak, icontext.h, igstate.h, interp.h,
istruct.h, icontext.c, interp.c, zcontext.c, zgstate.c)

Adds support for FunctionType 0 Functions.  (ifunc.h, iref.h, store.h,
zfunc.c, zfunc0.c)

Updates a few remaining pseudo-operators in to take advantage of
automatic operand and dictionary stack restoration: eexec, identmatrix,
pathbbox.  Not updated yet: filter.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Separation color spaces weren't supported.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- The size argument to gs_free was wrong in an out-of-memory case.
(This was irrelevant, since gs_free only uses the size argument for
error-checking during debugging.)  (gdevprn.c)
	- When freeing a block on the C heap, if -Z@ was set, the block's
header wasn't filled with the sentinel pattern.  (Only relevant when
debugging.)  (gsmemory.c)
	- The C heap allocator didn't fix up pointers properly when freeing
a block, causing unpredictable memory corruption after a 'resize' call.
	- Using a show operator inside the procedure of a cshow with a
composite font could cause an invalid access.  (gschar.c)

Adds support for FunctionType 0 Functions.  (gsdsrc.h, gsfunc.h, gsfunc0.h,
gxfunc.h, gsdsrc.c, gsfunc.c, gsfunc0.c)

Moves the GC descriptor for arrays of constant strings to a place where it
is more visible.  (gscie.h, gsstruct.h, gscie.c, gsmemory.c)

Version 5.05 (limited) (9/24/97)

This fixes a few bugs found in the first few days of testing 5.04. There will probably be several more small incremental filesets before the next public release.


Fixes bugs:
	- The Windows code wouldn't compile with the latest MSVC++, because
Microsoft changed the prototype for fprintf.  (gp_msio.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A picky compiler complained about some omitted casts.  (gdevpdf.c,
	- Writing a PDF file with any synthesized fonts could produce
slightly garbled output or possibly even an invalid memory access, because a
string was not terminated.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- When writing a PDF file, the first character of a string could get
placed off the page, because of a matrix bookkeeping error.  (gdevpdft.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- In case of an error, setpagedevice executed a 'stop'
unconditionally, rather than just signalling an error through the error
machinery.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Files with unknown operators caused errors, even if the BX
operator was used to disable the error report.  (

Version 5.04 (limited) (9/21/97)

This is a test fileset for an unplanned release that greatly reduces the size of PDF files produced by the pdfwrite device, and also optionally produces output compatible with Acrobat 2.x, in order to address problems reported by NSF in processing these files as part of their FastLane electronic proposal submission process. Aside from that, and some localized bug fixes, it has minimal changes from 5.03.


Fixes bugs:
	- George Cameron's address was listed with a domain of .ukis rather
than .uk.  (devices.txt)
	- The default value of ORIENT1 was given as false rather than true.
	- The documentation for ps2pdf said one can omit the output file
name, but this is only true on Unix systems.  (ps2pdf.txt)
	- The documentation for ps2pdf didn't make clear that the executable
must be named gs on Microsoft OSs.  (ps2pdf.txt)
	- ht_cache is actually allocated with the first gstate, not on
demand.  (gsstate.c)

Slightly improves the documentation of .type1execchar.  (zchar1.c)

Clarifies the distinction between Ghostscript (PostScript) commands and
shell commands, for the benefit of users brainwashed by Microsoft.

Improves the usage synopsis in the ps2epsi man page.  (ps2epsi.1)

Adds a reference to Uli Wortmann's H-P drivers.  (new-user.txt)

Improves the documentation of GS_FONTPATH, distinguishing it from GS_LIB and
the search path.  (use.txt)

Notes that on some systems, one must substitute 'installbsd' for 'install'
in the makefile and make other edits.  (install.txt, ansihead.mak,
cc-head.mak, gcc-head.mak)

Notes that ps2epsi is no longer maintained.  (

Clarifies the availability of support.  (new-user.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The uniprint driver was accidentally omitted from the default
Watcom (MS-DOS) and OS/2 configurations.  (watc.mak, os2.mak)
	- The suggested compiler switches for Digital Unix were incorrect.
	- The cp.cmd script file didn't work in the newest versions of OS/2.
	- The compilation rules for some Windows-specific files didn't
include in their dependencies, which could cause the compilation to
fail.  (winint.mak)

Removes the lev2min configuration, since we no longer support 16-bit Windows
environments.  (int.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- ps2epsi.bat always appended to the output file, rather than
writing over it.  (There are probably other bugs in this script file.)
	- The output of pdf2ps didn't execute properly on some printers,
especially Level 1 printers.  (

Makes ps2pdf do an initial 'save', which causes fonts to be retained better
across pages.  (ps2pdf, ps2pdf.bat)

Adds an option to to produce C-like rather than PostScript-like
output.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The LaserJet III and higher printers weren't able to print in the
narrow strip between 1/6" and 1/4" from the left edge of the page.
	- The PCL XL drivers produced incorrect output which often caused a
PCL XL NoCurrentFont error at the beginning of the second page.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The GC descriptors for the pswrite device and for PS/PDF devices
were incorrect, causing the GC to smash memory.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevps.c)
	- The pdfwrite device didn't have a GC descriptor at all.  ******
DISABLED because the device allocates all its temporary structures directly
on the C heap. ****** (gdevpdf.c)
	- When the PDF writer wrote out the Dest key in an action
dictionary, it always used a page object instead of a page number, even if
the page was in another file or didn't exist; it now always uses a page
number.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- The PDF writer gave an error if a file redefined any of the 14
known fonts.  (
	- The PDF writer didn't handle copy_mono with a non-zero sourcex.
(This probably had no effect in practice.)  (gdevpdfi.c)

Splits off gdevpdfd.c (driver drawing procedures) from gdevpdf.c, since the
file was getting too large.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfd.c)

Adds recognition of the CompressPages, CompatibilityLevel, and
UseFlateCompression device (distiller) parameters to the PDF writer.  If
CompressPages is true (default), CompatibilityLevel is 1.2 (default), and
UseFlateCompression is true (default), page contents will be compressed with
Flate ("zip") compression; otherwise, they will not be compressed.

Restructures the PDF writer to produce much smaller and faster PDF files, by
restructuring its handling of text to defer all resources to the end of the
file, eliminate duplicate Font resources, turn characters into Type 3 fonts
rather than Image XObjects, use more efficient text positioning commands,
and optionally (but by default) Flate-compress the contents streams.  Also
removes some unnecessary spaces in the output.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,
gdevpdfd.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdft.c)

Improves the PDF writer so that it no longer converts stroke operations with
non-uniform CTMs to fills, and doesn't bother to stroke empty paths at all.

Speeds up the "alternate" X devices substantially.  (gdevxalt.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Filling a string with a Pattern caused a crash with the PDF
writer.  (
	- Converting a file with no marks at all to PDF produced invalid
output.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- .endpage, which is called at the end of every page, sometimes left
2 extra values on the stack.  (
	- A definefont with a Type 1 font lacking a .notdef character didn't
cause an invalidfont error.  (bfont.h, zfont1.c, zfont2.c)
	- On anti-aliased devices, characters from Type 1 fonts with an
incorrect or missing FontBBox came out a factor of 2 or 4 too small if the
character was small enough to cache.  (zchar1.c)
	- If a file redefined certain operators, loading Type 1 fonts could
fail.  This problem was fixed in an earlier release, and somehow the fix got
undone.  (
	- cshow didn't set the correct current font when running the
procedure, and didn't restore it properly afterwards.  (zchar.c, zchar2.c)
	- With certain compilers, the interpreter loop caused unaligned
memory accesses on DEC Alpha systems running Windows NT.  (iref.h)

Adds freelist validation to the memory checker.  (ilocate.c)

Changes the debugging switch for bypassing the garbage collector from
compile-time to run-time.  (igc.c)

Adds the real operators for view clipping (but they don't do anything yet,
because view clipping isn't implemented at the library level).  (zdps.c,

Completes the implementation of defineusername.  (zdps.c)

Adds an implementation of wtranslation, by simply reading a device parameter
of the same name.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Lab color spaces weren't implemented, and gave an error.
	- Images only worked with built-in color spaces, not color space
resources.  (
	- Embedded font subsets were treated as undefined.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- strokepath sometimes clipped the path to the current clipping
region, which it should never do.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The initial X/Y position for Type 2 charstrings (CFFs) sometimes
was set incorrectly.  (gstype2.c)
	- Memory management for dash patterns was still incorrect (despite
the fix in 4.36), possibly causing snarled freelists and invalid memory
references.  (gsline.c, gsstate.c)
	- The saved gstate of a Pattern instance was freed properly when the
instance was freed by reference counting as a result of setting the color or
color space, but not when the instance was freed by reference counting
anywhere else.  (gspcolor.c)
	- A test for whether to use a slower form of oversampling was
incorrect.  (Probably only a performance bug.)  (gschar.c)
	- cshow didn't set the correct current font when running the
procedure, and didn't restore it properly afterwards.  (gsfont.h, gschar.c,

Improves allocator validity checking when DEBUG is set.  (gsalloc.c)

Adds a couple of missing FontType values.  (gxftype.h)

Changes the default conversions between CMYK and RGB colors back to the
Adobe rules documented in the Red Book, to reduce output differences from
Adobe implementations.  (gxdcconv.c)

Adds a graphics state element for view clipping, under an #ifdef DPNEXT, and
implementations of the view clipping operators (but not the logic for doing
the actual clipping).  (gsstate.h, gzstate.h, gsstate.c)

Removes the redundant clip_rule variable from the graphics state (which
wasn't used for anything).  (gzstate.h, gspath.c)

Version 5.03 (8/8/97)

The only reason for this release is to fix two serious bugs introduced between 5.01 and 5.02. We fixed a few other very localized and low-risk bugs at the same time.


Removes the "(if relevant)" from the bug reporting form, since about 25% of
the forms are submitted without a URL or any other data.  (bug-form.txt)

Adds a discussion of single-use procedures to the style guide.

Updates the information about obtaining Ghostscript on physical media.

Updates the information about ps_view.  (new-user.txt)


Adds the uniprint driver to all platforms.  (*.mak)

Changes the contents of the pc.tar.gz archives:
	- Adds *.upp.
	- Removes *.res.
	- Removes cp.bat, font2c.bat, mv.bat, rm.bat, wmakebat.bat,
	  cp.cmd, mv.cmd and rm.cmd, and gv-vms.hlp.

Removes an obsolete script file.  (tar_mv)


Fixes bugs:
	- The uniprint driver didn't handle an increase in media height
correctly.  (gdevupd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Printing to printers other than LPT1 under MS Windows no longer
worked.  (bug introduced in 5.02)  (gp_mswin.c)
	- Drag-and-drop didn't work under Windows NT (or other 32-bit
Windows environments).  (dwtext.cpp)
	- Sequent systems needed an additional system header file.


Fixes bugs:
	- The substitutions Myriad => Times and Minion => Helvetica were
incorrect; they should be the other way around.  (
	- MyriadPkg wasn't recognized as a condensed font.  (
	- Univers wasn't recognized as mapping to Helvetica.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- A line of debugging code, printing the sections of 3 regions of
TrueType fonts being loaded, was accidentally left in.  (
	- TrueType fonts whose pre-glyf data had odd length were broken
(typically gave a rangecheck error), because of the fix to treat the odd
byte of individual sfnts strings as padding per Adobe documentation.  (bug
introduced in 5.02) (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- If a real-number token in a CFF had an even number of nibbles, a
unmatchedmark error would occur.  (
	- If the strings Index in a CFF included an empty string, a
rangecheck error would occur.  (
	- CFFs with non-standard Encodings that included standard strings
would get a typecheck error.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- Using %d in an OutputFile name didn't substitute the page number.
(bug introduced in 5.02)  (gsdevice.c)
	- In Type 2 CharStrings, if a hintmask occurred at the beginning, it
wasn't recognized as also incorporating the function of vstemhm.
	- The data bytes for hintmask and cntrmask weren't printed for
debugging.  (gstype2.c)

Version 5.02 (7/28/97)

Because of an ISP failure that delayed the 5.0 announcement for 12 days, the 5.01 release only responded to a few days of bug reports; 5.02 fixes some problems that should have been fixed in 5.01, as well as a large number of obscure problems uncovered by Genoa testing.


Fixes bugs:
	- The documentation for building on the Intergraph Clipper was out
of date.  (make.txt)
	- ESC was claimed to be a self-delimiting character.  (
	- Removes the documentation claiming that ^D and ^Z are
self-delimiting.  (language.txt)
	- Document that -dSUBSTFONT doesn't create a font with the requested
font name.  (use.txt)
	- Ghostscript was defined as compatible with PDF 1.1 rather than PDF
1.2.  (language.txt)
	- The description of gcc problems on Alpha didn't make it clear that
the use of gcc was optional, not required.  (make.txt)
	- The description of how to use GNU make on VMS systems was
inaccurate.  (make.txt)

Improves the documentation for building on H-P RISC systems.  (make.txt)

Corrects the discussion of Cygnus' licensing terms for the cygwin32
environment.  (make.txt)

Removes the apology for the poor quality of Ghostscript's TrueType
rasterizer, since the quality is now quite good.  (fonts.txt)

Documents the fact that one must use # rather than = with Watcom C.

Documents the updates and additions to the uniprint driver.  (devices.txt)

Adds some material to Aladdin's C style guide.  (c-style.txt)

Documents the fact that using gmake requires VMS 6.2 or later on Alphas and
7.1 (perhaps 7.0) or later on VAXen.  (make.txt)

Adds an example EPS file.  (psfiles.txt)

Adds some information about compiling and linking under OS/2.  (make.txt)

Expands the description of XLIBDIR and XLIBDIRS.  (*head.mak)

Adds a new pointer to information on using a Kanji font with Ghostscript.

Documents the use of /Resource/<category>/<resource> as the default place
where resources are sought.  (use.txt)

Updates the documentation on building with MSVC++ to reflect the makefile
changes.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- In openvms.mak, several ifdef tests were wrong.  (openvms.mak)
	- One CP command was slightly inconsistent with the others.
	- If libz and libpng were both shared, libz was linked first,
resulting in some undefined references.  (libpng.mak)
	- The VMS makefile didn't interact properly with VMS's version
numbering facility.  (

Updates the VMS DCL script one last time, to handle libpng version 96.

Restructures the MSVC++ makefiles to allow building the graphics library
without the PostScript interpreter.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc4.mak[deleted],
msvc5.mak[deleted], msvc32.mak, msvccom.mak, watcw32.mak,
wincom.mak[deleted], winint.mak, winlib.mak)

Adds a makefile to create a library-only demo program under MSVC++, like the
ones for Unix/gcc and MS-DOS/Watcom.  (msvclib.mak)

Adds an example EPS file.  (ridt91.eps, unix-end.mak)

Removes support for libpng release 0.88, which is now quite obsolete.


Fixes bugs:
	- ps2pdf.bat, unlike ps2pdf, didn't accept options.  (ps2pdf.bat)
	- echogs used 'const' in one place, which wasn't accepted by some
very old compilers.  (echogs.c)
	- pdf2ps output Orientation, which it shouldn't.  (

Makes the usage message from ps2pdf.bat include the options, like ps2pdf.

Changes the printpath utility so that its output is legal PostScript code.

Makes pdf2dsc add DSC comments for the bounding box (if a CropBox is
available in the PDF file) and the orientation.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The get_bits operation wasn't implemented for the vgalib driver.
	- The dnj650c driver output an extra % near the end of the file.
	- The definition of pprintd2 didn't have a line break before the
procedure name, confusing ansi2knr.  (gdevpstr.c)
	- EPS files produced invalid PDF output.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- "Vector" output devices didn't recognize %d in output file names,
or - for output to stdout.  (gdevprn.h, gxdevice.h, gdevprn.c, gdevvec.c,
	- With the pdfwrite driver, restore or grestore would cause a
rangecheck error in .installpagedevice if a setpagedevice had been executed.
	- The pdfwrite driver produced garbage output for text rotated by
angles that were only infinitesimally different from multiples of 90
degrees.  (gdevpdft.c)
	- The pnm[raw] driver didn't handle anti-aliasing properly.
	- The PDF writer didn't scale the parameters for [a][width]show
correctly.  (, gdevpdft.c)

Fixes some minor compilation warnings not affecting code functionality.
(gdevbbox.c, gdevpdfm.c, gshtscr.c, gsmemory.c, gxccman.c, gxfill.c,

Fixes some bugs in the uniprint driver and adds some more printer models.
(gdevupd.c, bjc610a*.upp, bjc610b*.upp, necp2x6.upp, stc1520h.upp)

Makes a small change for clean compilation on BeOS.  (gdevcdj.c)

Updates the PNG driver to use updated API calls for allocating/initializing
and freeing the PNG structures.  (gdevpng.c)


Refactors the MS Windows code to allow building the library without the
interpreter.  (gs_msio.c, gs_mslib.c, gp_mswin.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- definefont was executed twice on TrueType fonts.  (No bad
consequences, just unnecessary work.)  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The fix for the 'stopped' around run_string_* in 5.01 was made
incorrectly.  (
	- Many operators that expect a matrix operand didn't accept packed
arrays.  (iutil.c)
	- The default CRD didn't have an explicit BlackPoint, which some
Genoa tests require.  (
	- A stack protection fix caused setscreen and setcolorscreen with
dictionary operands to give a typecheck.  (
	- Executing a string didn't handle tail recursion properly if the
last token was followed by a single whitespace character.  (interp.c)
	- Clearing the error indication didn't set errorname to null.
	- Some unexpected items appeared on the execution stack, confusing
some of the Genoa tests.  (, istack.h, istack.c, zcontrol.c)
	- The dummy definitions for setucacheparams/ucachestatus didn't look
enough like the real ones.  (
	- Insideness tests didn't work, because the hit detection device
width and height weren't set up.  (zupath.c)
	- defineuserobject didn't use the same algorithm for growing the
array as Adobe interpreters.  (
	- eq and ne didn't work correctly on save objects.  (iutil.c)
	- findfont used =string internally, interfering with PostScript
programs that also used it.  (
	- cshow didn't set up scaled versions of base fonts as the current
font.  (zchar2.c)
	- defineresource didn't make the resource value read-only.
	- If inustroke got an error, it could return without an error
indication and without changing the stack.  (zupath.c)
	- The arrays returned by different invocations of currentcolorspace
with the same device color space weren't guaranteed to be eq.  (
	- Out-of-range integers followed by a '.' were converted to names
rather than reals.  (iscan.c, iscannum.c)
	- resourceforall caused an invalidaccess error if currentglobal was
true but the procedure, template, or scratch string was in local VM.
	- In many places, integer values were converted to floats rather
than doubles, losing precision.  (ichar.h, icharout.h, ifont.h, iutil.h,
idparam.c, iparam.c, iutil.c, zchar.c, zchar1.c, zchar42.c, zcharout.c,
zcie.c, zcolor.c, zcolor1.c, zcolor2.c, zcontrol.c, zcsindex.c, zcssepr.c,
zdpnext.c, zdps1.c, zfont.c, zfont2.c, zgstate.c, zhsb.c, zht.c, zmath.c,
zmatrix.c, zmedia2.c, zpath.c, zpath1.c, zupath.c)
	- The TransformPQR procedure in the default CRD didn't pop its
auxiliary operands from the stack.  (
	- Because of an incorrect stack depth check, setcolorrendering
sometimes produced a stackunderflow.  (zcrd.c)
	- sethalftone caused an invalidaccess error if the HalfTone type was
not 5, the dictionary was in local VM, and the current VM was global.
	- writeobject and printobject caused an invalidaccess error if the
object being written was in local VM and the current VM was global.
	- ustrokepath appended the strokepath segments to the current path,
rather than replacing the path.  (zupath.c)
	- restore incorrectly purged from the character cache any characters
in a font being freed, even if the font had a UID.  (zfont.c)
	- The definition of zimage_opaque_setup confused ansi2knr.
	- Type 42 fonts that included the padding byte in each sfnts string
didn't work if sfnts had more than one string.  (zfont42.c)
	- Doing a garbage collection at the same time as handling a
stackoverflow failed to update the object that needed re-execution, causing
the interpreter to execute random data.  (interp.c)
	- %stdout and %stderr weren't flushed if they were closed
explicitly.  (ziodev.c)

For greater Adobe compatibility:
	- Changes setdash to limit dash patterns to 11 elements.  (This is
enforced at the PostScript level: the graphics library doesn't have a
limit.)  (
	- Changes ^D and ^Z so they are not self-delimiting characters, and
changes ^K so it is not a whitespace character.  (, iscan.c,
	- Makes = cause an error on non-read-accessible objects rather than
printing them as --nostringval--.  (
	- When -dSUBSTFONT= is used, makes findfont return the actual named
font, rather than a copy with the FontName changed to the requested one.
	- CFF fonts with a non-default FontMatrix caused an error.

Fixes some minor compilation warnings not affecting code functionality.
(iparam.c, zfcmap.c)

Strengthens the test of o-stack validity in the main interpreter loop in
debug mode.  (interp.c)

Changes the filling rule for Type 1 fonts from winding-number to even-odd.
This affects no properly designed fonts, and seems to match Adobe
interpreters better.  (zchar1.c)

Implements non-standard Encodings in CFF fonts.  (

Changes the default halftone screen for 600 dpi printers from 85 to 106 lpi,
which reduces the number of halftone levels from 50 to 32 but produces
visually better output.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Pattern color spaces weren't supported.  (,

Causes references to undefined named Destinations to be ignored rather than
giving an error.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- A 'const' was omitted in a declaration, upsetting several
compilers.  (gxclread.c)
	- arct and arcto gave an error for negative radii.  (gspath1.c)
	- The collinearity check for arct[o] could cause some arcs to be
rendered as single points.  (gspath1.c)
	- Uncolored patterns sometimes came out blank, because the color
wasn't set before calling the PaintProc.  (gspcolor.c)
	- The phase for masking colored patterns was wrong, producing
incorrect output.  (gspcolor.c)
	- reversepath always appended the current position to the new path,
rather than only doing so if the path just consisted of a single moveto.
	- cshow didn't restore the current font properly.  (gschar.h,
	- The check for whether characters can be cached didn't consider
PaintType values other than 0 and 2.  (gschar.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't handle PageCount properly.
	- Uncached fonts with a next_char procedure didn't set the glyph
properly.  (gschar.c)
	- Parallelograms with ax < bx, ay < by, and the 'a' edge to the
right of the 'b' edge weren't filled, causing pixels to be omitted from some
highly skewed images.  (gdevddrw.c)
	- 12-bit-per-pixel images in portrait orientation filled each scan
line with the value of the last pixel -- i.e., didn't work.  (gximage4.c)
	- The path representation of a clipping path could include some
inappropriate, leftover path segments.  (gxcpath.c)
	- The angle for the miter check was computed in device space rather
than in user space.  (gxstroke.c)
	- TrueType fonts were lumpy, and the accents of accented characters
were placed incorrectly.  (gstype42.c)
	- Some macros used for generating device prototypes didn't
parenthesize all uses of their parameters, causing possible errors if the
parameters were expressions rather than numeric constants.  (gdevprn.h)
	- When banding, strip halftones (typically produced by
AccurateScreens) sometimes didn't have the correct phase.  (gxbitmap.h,
	- A minor change was required for correct compilation with Microsoft
VC++.  (memory_.h)
	- Under certain conditions, character shapes could get wildly
distorted by hints.  (bug introduced in 5.01) (gxhint3.c)

For greater Adobe compatibility:
	- Changes reversepath so that the implicit line created by closepath
is not considered a "segment".  (gxpath2.c)

Fixes some minor compilation warnings not affecting code functionality.

Changes the font and scaled-font caches so that if the font has a UID
(UniqueID or XUID), the UID and FontType are both considered part of the
key, and we don't cache fonts with non-zero PaintType.  (The Red Book says
that changing anything except the Encoding should also change or remove the
UID, but some files don't do this.  The current fix is probably not
sufficient, but it is a step in the right direction.)  (gxfcache.h,
gxccache.c, gxccman.c)

Splits off the definitions of font_type and fbit_type into a separate file,
since gxfcache.h now needs font_type.  (gxfcache.h, gxfont.h, gxftype.h)

Makes the Flex feature in Type 1 fonts conform to the published
specification, rather than always producing curves.  The comment in the code
(and in the NEWS entry for release 2.6) says that this breaks some very old
Adobe fonts: if this turns out to be a problem, we'll figure out a test that
will do the right thing for these fonts.  (gstype1.c)

Provides 'double' versions of some API functions to accommodate the
increased use of doubles in the interpreter.  (gschar.h, gschar.c)

Adds a compile-time option to force the use of strip halftones, for
debugging.  (gshtscr.c)

Changes the hint snapping algorithm in the Type 1 rasterizer so that it will
only change a stem width by a maximum of 1/2 pixel rather than 1 pixel.
This appears to help with dropouts at certain sizes.  (gxhint2.c)

Makes a few changes for clean compilation on BeOS.  (stdpre.h, stat_.h,

Version 5.01 (6/22/97)

This fixes a few bugs reported in the 5.0 release. This will be a commercially supported release.


Fixes bugs:
	- README referred to an obsolete file devarch.txt.  (README)
	- The comment on flip4x12 had a typo.  (gsflip.c)
	- The algorithm comments for adjusted_y_spans_pixel weren't precise
enough.  (gxfill.c)
	- The usage message printed by the ps2pdf script didn't indicate
that one can now insert options before the input file name.  (ps2pdf)
	- The file searching documentation didn't indicate that paths
beginning with ./ or ../ are considered "explicit" and not subject to
searching.  (use.txt)
	- The description of SEARCH_HERE_FIRST in the per-platform makefiles
indicated that it only applied to initialization files, not to files
specified on the command line as well.  (*.mak)
	- There were still some references to 16-bit implementations.

Clarifies that -dNODISPLAY also suppresses output to other devices.

Adds the e-mail address for reporting problems to the bug report form, and
also a space to report makefile changes.  (bug-form.txt)

Adds a note under -g indicating that it fixes the media size.  (use.txt)

Adds an explanation of why Ghostscript can't use the system libraries for
the JPEG package.  (make.txt)

Notes that ps2ai doesn't work properly with Adobe's Helvetica-Oblique font,
and other fonts whose original FontMatrix involves skewing or rotation.

Updates the uniprint documentation slightly.  (devices.txt)

Notes that the new lj5 drivers do not work with the LJ5L.  (devs.mak)

Modifies the Aladdin Free Public License slightly to make it clearer that
the exception for freely redistributable CD-ROMs only applies if the CD-ROM
is being distributed by itself, not with anything else commercial.  (This
has always been the case, but the previous wording wasn't clear enough.)

Notes that gcc with -O still has code generation problems on H-P RISC
machines.  (make.txt)

Adds a pointer to Martin Lottermoser's hpdj driver.  (new-user.txt)

Enhances and reorganizes the documentation for building Ghostscript, in
response to user feedback.  (make.txt, install.txt)

Adds a description of the EPSF recognition feature.  (language.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- string__h was misspelled string_h in one place.  (lib.mak)
	- wasn't installed by "make install".  (unix-end.mak)
	- ccgs (used with non-ANSI C compilers) didn't do the right thing
with -DPNG_USE_CONST.  (ccgs)

Adds support for version 96 of libpng, and updates all the makefiles to
reference it.  (libpng.mak, *.mak)

Updates the MSVC makefiles to get rid of some warning messages and provide a
way to specify a library path for the final link.  (msvc*.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The usage message for the gslp utility had a minor typo.
	- The "line printer" utility didn't expand tabs properly when
producing PostScript output.  (
	- The gslp utility didn't automatically include the date.  (gslp)
	- The line printer scripts didn't pass the script name to the
utility program, so the usage message didn't use the correct name.  (gsbj*,
gsdj*, gslj*, gslp*, lp*)

Modifies the gslp utility so that invoking it with no arguments prints the
usage message.  (

Adds the ability to specify the number of bits per component to the
CMYK-viewing utility.  (

Changes the ps2pdf script so that on Windows NT, as on Unix, it allows
omitting the output file name, automatically replacing the extension of the
input file with .pdf.  (ps2pdf.bat)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some compilers didn't accept a #define with the macro name on the
next line.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The procedure dash_pattern_eq was defined in two places.
	- The uniprint driver sometimes dropped some output or got confused,
because of a misunderstanding about how to update device procedure vectors
properly.  (gdevupd.c)
	- The PostScript and EPS writers produced binary output for images,
which generally can't be sent to PostScript printers.  (gdevpsdf.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevps.c)
	- The EPS writer put a %%EOF at the end of the file, which might
cause problems for some spoolers if the file is embedded in another.

Changes the implementation of printer drivers so that they flush the output
stream after each page.  We aren't absolutely sure that this is a good idea,
but it prevents certain anomalous behavior where the last page isn't ejected
properly.  (gdevprn.c)

Implements a long-delayed update to the mgr drivers, to restore the color
mapping to an older one.  (gdevmgr.h, gdevmgr.c)

Updates the uniprint driver with a number of changes from its author.


Adds the JPEG, Postscript, and PCL XL drivers, which are included on all
other platforms, to the MS Windows platforms.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc4.mak,
msvc5.mak, watcw32.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- composefont defined the resource with the font name and font
directory interchanged.  (
	- With dFIXEDMEDIA, documents requesting other sizes caused an error
instead of clipping the page.  (
	- PageSize Policy = 7 wasn't implemented.  (However, the current
implementation is wrong.)  (, zmedia2.c)
	- FontType resource 42 wasn't defined even if Type 42 fonts were
supported; similarly for FontType 9, 10, and 11 for CIDFonts.  (,
	- The error handling machinery would break if the name /errordict
was redefined.  (
	- Level 1 systems got an /undefined in .doneshowpage.  (zdevice.c,
	- Because of an initialization order problem, copy didn't work on
gstates.  (zgeneric.c)

Adds a naive implementation of findcolorrendering.  (,

Removes the 'stopped' around run_string[_begin/continue/end] so that, as in
4.03, errors print a hex dump and exit with a non-zero code instead of
printing a readable message and continuing.  (We aren't sure that this
change didn't undo the fix in 5.0 regarding calling startjob from
run_string.)  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- stdin redirection failed for PDF files even if the new stdin was
seekable.  This was fixed in 4.02, but the fix stopped working with the
introduction of .runexec.  (

Makes the cross-reference reader accept a startxref value that points at the
EOL before the xref line.  The Adobe documentation doesn't allow this, but
some real files are this way.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The bounding box of a completely empty path was reported as
garbage.  (gxpath2.c)
	- Stroking a path with more than one segment didn't produce correct
output when anti-aliasing was used.  (gspaint.c)
	- The alpha-buffer device returned an incorrect clipping box,
causing output to be discarded.  (gdevabuf.c)
	- gx_forward_get_clipping_box passed the wrong device to the target
procedure, producing incorrect results.  (gdevnfwd.c)
	- The sin/cos procedure did some unnecessary computations
(performance bug only).  (gsmisc.c)
	- The procedure for adjusting the ends of curves to match the
tangents did some unnecessary computations (performance bug only).
	- RAM-based banding always gave an invalidfileaccess error, due to a
typo in memfile_fopen.  (gxclmem.c)
	- The algorithms for deciding whether a line is thin still weren't
correct.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The fill adjustment values for the any-part-of-pixel case (adjust
= 0.5) were (0.5-epsilon, 0.5+epsilon), which colored inappropriate
additional pixels if the higher coordinate was integral.  With considerable
trepidation, we have changed this to (0.5-epsilon,0.5), which does the right
thing in every case we can think of.  (gxfill.c)
	- When banding, paths were clipped to only 0.5 pixel outside their
bounding box, which may be slightly too conservative; 1 pixel is safer.
	- The algorithm for testing whether an adjusted Y value spanned a
pixel center was incorrect, causing some pixels to get colored incorrectly.
	- 24-bit devices could cause a memory fault, by accessing a pointer
just beyond the end of the line pointer array.  (gdevm24.c)
	- Astonishingly enough, the determination of which hints were
applicable to a given segment of a Type 1 character was wrong in several
different places.  Fixing this in a way that correctly handled all allowed
permutations of the coordinate system was not simple.  (gxfont1.h,
gxhint1.c, gxhint3.c)
	- The debugging printout macros didn't include the syntactic hack to
prevent an 'else' from begin assigned to the wrong 'if'.  (gdebug.h)
	- The bbox device was accidentally limited to 130 x 130 pixels (not
130" x 130").  (bug introduced in 5.0) (gdevbbox.c)
	- The bbox device didn't recognize PageBoundingBox in put_params,
causing a possible /undefined error on [g]restore.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- setlinewidth didn't take the absolute value of its operand.
	- Some code formatting was slightly off.  (gximage5.c)
	- Some extra pixels were written for Interpolated images, but they
were immediately overwritten, so the output was correct.  (gximage5.c)

Changes the data flipping API from a macro to a procedure, adds a return
value, and makes the individual flipping procedures private.  (gsflip.h,

Adds (under an #ifdef FUTURE) code to allow passing multi-plane images
through the band list.  (gxclpath.h, gxclimag.c, gxclread.c)

Adds (under an #ifdef FUTURE) code to allow passing interpolated images
through the band list.  NOTE: interpolated images will appear slightly
different than without banding, because the part of the image intersecting
each band will be scaled slightly differently in the (device) Y direction.
(gxclpath.h, gxclimag.c, gxclread.c, gximage.c)

Changes Type 1 hinting so that when it moves points on a curve, it does so
by properly scaling the curve in the given direction.  (gxhint3.c)

Version 5.0 (6/6/97)

This is the first public release since 4.03.


Fixes bugs:
	- Fontmap.Sol was incorrectly referred to as Fontmap.Solaris.
	- There was still a reference to pstoppm in the documentation.
	- The JPEG DOS source site information was out of date.  (jpeg.mak)
	- The list of devices included in the distributed Unix makefiles was
out of date.  (make.txt)
	- The MCU size limitation on the DCT filters was documented
incorrectly.  (current.txt)
	- The URL for the uniprint driver home page was incorrect.
	- The makefiles referred to sfilefd.c, which is now named sfxfd.c.
(gs.mak, *.mak)

Adds a VMS help file.  (gs-vms.hlp)

Removes documentation for Digital Unix (OSF/1) 1.2 and 1.3, which are now
long obsolete, and updates the documentation for current versions.

Notes that there may be a problem with libpng version 0.95.  (libpng.mak)

Adds some specific documentation for the JPEG drivers.  (devices.txt)

Adds a suggestion that people compiling Ghostscript check the values of
JVERSION and PVERSION.  (make.txt)

Removes the requirement for setting the LIB environment variable when
compiling with MSVC.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- There were a number of small errors in the new OpenVMS makefile.
	- The MSVC makefiles omitted a necessary switch to work around some
"unspecified Pentium bugs".  (msvccom.mak)
	- The Borland makefile wasn't even close to working; fixing it
required moving the compilation rule for genarch.exe into the
compiler-specific makefiles.  (bcwin32.mak, msvccom.mak, watcw32.mak,
	- There were some (harmless) undefined macro references in the MSVC
makefile.  (msvccom.mak)

Makes it unnecessary to set the LIB environment variable for MSVC.
(msvc4.mak, msvc5.mak, wincom.mak)

Adds a note on compiling with the cygwin32 gcc compiler for Windows NT.

Updates vms.mak yet again, hopefully for the last time.  (vms.mak)

Moves the CGM, JPEG, and MIFF file formats from DEVICE_DEVS8 to
DEVICE_DEVS14 to shorten command lines; adds pcxcmyk to all platforms that
include PCX format at all; adds jpeggray to all platforms that include jpeg.
(devs.mak, *.mak)

Adds -DPNG_USE_CONST for compiling libpng, to get rid of compiler warning
messages.  (gs.mak)

Removes obsolete makefiles from the fileset.  (tccommon.mak, tctail.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- restore was broken if -dNOBIND was invoked.  This fix should have
been in the 4.81 fileset, but was left out due to operator error.
	- Some compilers complained about macro argument replacement within
a string literal.  (isave.c)
	-dSAFER didn't allow opening the %stdxxx files, which caused the
combination of -dSAFER and -dNOBIND to cause an infinite error.
	- If C code used run_string to execute a startjob, an error
occurred.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- Some compilers complained about macro argument replacement within
a string literal.  (gxclbits.c, gdevpdfi.c)
	- At certain resolutions, a 1-pixel line of the wrong color could
appear at one edge of landscape-oriented monobit images.  (This is the 4th
or 5th time we have "fixed" this one infuriatingly fragile piece of code.)
(gxfixed.h, gximage1.c)
	- The optimized code for landscape monobit images overlooked the
possibility of partial images, causing parts of images to be translated and
possibly clipped.  (Yes, it's that same fragile piece of code.)
	- The bounding box device allowed resetting its resolution, which
could cause limitchecks from coordinate overflow.  Our fix is to initialize
the device to a very high resolution (4000 dpi), which reduces the maximum
page size it can handle to about 130" on a side.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The bounding box device wasn't identified as a page device.
	- The bounding box device used alone disregarded changes in page
size.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- One old compiler didn't allow a structure member name to be the
same as a typedef name.  (gximage.h, gximage.c, gximage4.c)
	- The height and band intersection computations for banded images
still weren't right, leading to inconsistencies in the band list and errors
in the output (typically, thin horizontal white stripes at band boundaries).

Adds an extensive memory dump facility to the standard allocator.
Eventually this should be moved into a separate file, but it would be too
disruptive to do this just before a release.  (gsalloc.c)

Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Aladdin Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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