Adding tape drives

Installing a SCSI tape drive

SCSI tape drives are added to the system as SCSI devices. You must specify the SCSI host adapter type, the host adapter number, target ID, logical unit number (LUN), and bus number as described in ``SCSI addresses''.

The SCSI tape device driver, Stp, is not automatically configured into the kernel during installation. If this is the first SCSI peripheral that you are adding to the SCSI bus controlled by a host adapter, you may need to supply additional hardware information about the adapter as described in ``Adding a SCSI peripheral device''.

  1. Select SCSI tape device installation. If the SCSI tape driver is not already configured into the kernel, the installation does this automatically.

  2. Enter the type and number of the host adapter. If the host adapter driver is not already configured into the kernel, enter the requested hardware configuration information. Confirm the values displayed to update the Link Kit.

  3. Enter the details of the SCSI address of the drive and confirm the information.

  4. Specify the following information to configure the tape drive optimally for the system. To select a generic SCSI configuration, press <Enter> when asked for these values:

    vendor-specific ID string
    The string returned by the SCSI device INQUIRY command.

    SCSI version
    Enter 1 for SCSI-1, or 2 for SCSI-2.

    response data format
    Enter 0 for SCSI-1, 1 for the common command set (CCS) REQUEST SENSE command, or 2 for SCSI-2.

    Obtain this information from the documentation that was supplied with the tape drive or by contacting the manufacturer.

  5. Choose one of the following entries that describes the type of tape drive you are installing:

    This will enable the SCSI tape device driver to make best use of the drive's capabilities. If you are unsure, choose the default generic SCSI-1/SCSI-2 option.

  6. The installation prompts you to change the default bootstring if you want to alter the configuration settings used for the tape device at boot time. See the boot(HW) manual page for details.

  7. You can now relink the kernel and reboot to use the tape drive. You may defer relinking if you have other devices to configure.

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