Adding tape drives

Installing a QIC-02 cartridge tape drive

If you have not changed the settings on the controller card, select the default tape parameters for your card and quit from the menu.

If you need to change any parameters, change them one at a time from the modification menu.

Default and suggested alternate settings for ISA and EISA controllers

Type Manufacturer DMA Interrupt Base I/O
channel vector (IRQ) address
1 Archive 3 3 0x220
1 4 0x200
1 3 0x200
3 Wangtek 1 5 0x338
1 5 0x300
4 Emerald 3 9 0x300
5 Mountain 1 3 0x28C
6 Tecmar 1 5 0x330
7 Everex or Tandberg 1 5 0x2C0
Enter 0 (zero) values to accept the default hardware settings for the tape controller card.

The following notes apply to ISA and EISA tape controller cards:

For MC tape controller cards, the controller type, manufacturer, and default hardware settings are shown in the following table:

Type Manufacturer DMA Interrupt Base I/O
channel vector (IRQ) address
1 Mountain 1 5 0x200
2 IBM 6157 2 6 0x3120
3 Everex, Archive or Tandberg 1 3 0x300
4 Tecmar or Wangtek 3 5 0x300
Enter 0 (zero) values to allow the hardware settings to be configured automatically for the tape controller card.

Quit from the configuration menu to create the device files.

The installation script prompts you to change the default bootstring if you want to alter the configuration settings used for the tape device at boot time. See the boot(HW) manual page for more details.

You can now relink the kernel and reboot to use the tape drive. You may defer relinking if you have other devices to configure.

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