Customizing startup of the Graphical Environment

Using the session manager

The session manager client, scosession, is responsible for the startup and shutdown of your X server session. Regardless of whether you start your X server through scologin or by running startx on the command line, the scosession client is invoked by the /usr/lib/X11/sys.startxrc file by default.

scosession uses several files to determine its behavior. These files are located in /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoSession, and are listed in ``scosession configuration files''.

scosession configuration files

Configuration file Description
startup defines scosession's tasks when a Graphical Environment session is started
static defines the clients that are run for the default session
shutdown defines scosession's tasks when a Graphical Environment session is ended
xrdbcomp compares the system resources loaded by xrdb with any resources added to the resource database for the current session and saves the settings so they can be used in future sessions. For information on xrdb, see ``Understanding resources''.

scosession also stores information on individual users' sessions in files in the $HOME/.odtpref directory. These files are listed in ``User scosession files''.

User scosession files

Configuration file Description
$HOME/.odtpref/ScoSession this directory contains files related to the management of a user's session
$HOME/.odtpref/ScoSession/dynamic contains the clients that are saved from a previous session. These clients are started if the user resumes the previous session.
$HOME/.odtpref/ScoSession/static contains the clients that constitute a user's default session. This file only exists if the user selected to save a session configuration from the Session control (see ``Changing how you start and exit the Graphical Environment ''). "Session control." Otherwise, the default session is derived from the static file, located in /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoSession.
$HOME/.odtpref/ScoSession/ contains the resource settings from the resource database that existed at the end of a user's session. Resources are stored in this file by the xrdbcomp utility. These resources are loaded into the resource database the next time the session is resumed.
The $HOME/.odtpref directory may contain other directories and files, depending on the clients you use and configure.

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