Adding tape drives

Installing a QIC-40/80 floppy tape drive

These units are specialized mini-cartridge units that follow the QIC-40/80 specification. They do not use the same format as Irwin mini-cartridge drives. Refer to your tape drive documentation for instructions on how to specify the drive by resetting jumpers.

  1. Specify whether you are installing a QIC-40 or QIC-80 drive, and whether you wish to enable extended tape length mode. Do not enable extended length mode if your drive does not support it. See the floppytape(HW) manual page for information on extended length mode.

  2. Enter the hardware configuration option for your drive. Archive and Mountain drives can use Soft Select mode. Wangtek drives may be configured to use Phantom select mode. Refer to your tape drive's documentation for the necessary jumper settings to use these modes. Quit from the configuration menu to create the device files.

  3. The installation program prompts you to change the default bootstring if you want to alter the configuration settings used for the tape device at boot time. See the boot(HW) manual page for details.

  4. You can now relink the kernel and reboot to use the tape drive. You may defer relinking if you have other devices to configure.

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