Managing virtual domains

Remote administration of virtual domains

One of the advantages of having unique administrative users for each virtual domain is that these administrative users can manage their virtual domain remotely using FTP. When administrative users connect to the system using FTP and logs in, their home directories are set to be the top of the file hierarchy associated with their virtual domain. This enables them to upload and download Web content and files to be made accessible using anonymous FTP. If you are an ISP or network administrator, this means that you can create a virtual domain for a user and then step aside and let them administer it themselves using popular FTP programs and Web authoring programs.

The only limitation on the remote administration of a virtual domain is the addition or deletion of POP e-mail users. Since this can only be done by using the Account Manager or Internet Manager, the system administrator (not the virtual domain administrative user) must make these changes. The administrative user can manage changes to e-mail user passwords by logging into the system using telnet(TC) and running the pwfile utility on the e-mail user file (/usr/internet/ip/ipaddress/sco_mail/passwd).

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