Managing virtual domains

Virtual domain notes

This section contains important information about known issues when using virtual domains:

Virtual domain status on Internet Services page
When a virtual domain is LOCKED, that word replaces ``virtual'' in the ``Type'' column. (Since only virtual domains can be locked, either ``virtual'' or ``LOCKED'' in the ``Type'' column identifies a virtual domain.)

Virtual domain admin user password error
When creating or modifying a virtual domain, you can assign a new password for the virtual domain's admin user. If you enter the root password, you will get an error like:

OSA command failed:
    ObjectAction {sco user} admin setPassword longleft7
    General failure occurred in processing the request.
    You may not re-use the same password
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If you were creating a new virtual domain, press the browser's Back button, then press Internet Services at the top of the page, and then press View. If you were modifying an existing virtual domain, just press the browser's Back button. Enter an admin user password that is not the same that of the user designated as admin user. If the user already exists on the system, you may the specify user's existing password by leaving the password fields blank.

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