Licensing and registering SCO OpenServer products

Registering products

Most SCO OpenServer products require registration after installation. Once you have installed and licensed your SCO OpenServer products, register them as soon as possible to deactivate the frequent reminder messages.

NOTE: You must register your SCO OpenServer system before you can register other SCO products. If you have an SCO Update Service license, you can register that license instead and your operating system license is automatically registered along with the SCO Update Service.

To register any installed SCO product:

  1. Start the License Manager.

  2. Open the Register Product window in one of the following ways:

  3. The product's Registration Lock is displayed in the Register Product window. Also, mail containing the SCO Product Registration web site's URL and the product's Registration Lock is sent to all logins specified in the /var/adm/install/admin/default file.

    NOTE: We recommend that you leave the Register Product window open while you proceed to the next step.

  4. Go to the SCO Product Registration web page using one of these methods:

    Upon completion of the Registration form, your Registration Key is displayed on screen, and is also emailed to you.

  5. In the License Manager Register Product window, enter the Registration Key in the ``Registration Key'' box and click Register.

    If you closed the Register Product window after Step 3, highlight the product again and select Register Product from the Register menu to reopen the Register Product window.

    Registration of the product is now complete.

Once all the SCO OpenServer products on a system have been registered, registration reminder messages will no longer appear.

WARNING: The SCO OpenServer system's Registration Key is tied to the System ID, which is regenerated whenever you reformat the hard disk, change the partition layout, or reinstall the system. In each of these cases, you must repeat the registration process to obtain a new Registration Key.

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