Specifying the locale

Setting the system locale

The system default locale is originally configured during installation. To change the system default locale, log in as root and select a language from the ``Language'' list in the main window of the International Settings Manager. This setting determines the default locale for all programs and users on the system.

The languages available depend on the codeset in use. If you want a language that is not available using the current codeset, use the International Settings Manager to select a codeset that is compatible with your language. For example, you must be using the ISO8859-1 codeset in order to set the language to German or French. You can set the language to American English in the ISO8859-1 codeset or the US ASCII codeset.

In addition to establishing a system-wide locale, you can override the system defaults for each user and process.

NOTE: Vtcl(TM) programs appear in English when run on a text screen even though the system is configured for a different language.

To work around this problem, explicitly set the LANG environment variable to the language desired. The Vtcl program will then display in the language desired.

This problem does not occur when the Desktop is run because the Desktop automatically sets the LANG environment variable.

In addition, the version of the C shell supplied cannot handle accented 8-bit characters. Entering accented characters within a C shell will cause the console window to close.

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