Adding mice and bitpads

Bus mice

Bus mice come with controller cards that are plugged into a slot in the computer's bus. They have switches (or jumpers) that may need to be set to allow the computer to communicate with the mouse correctly.

The manuals that come with your bus mouse should contain information about what the correct settings should be and how to change them.

It is important to configure the card before you run mkdev mouse because resetting switches usually requires removal and reinstallation of the mouse driver. If you are unfamiliar with bus cards, see ``Installing bus cards''.

Check your system to see which interrupts are being used by other devices, so you will know the interrupts you cannot use. See ``Typical device interrupts'' for a list of standard interrupts. You should select the interrupt you want to use for your mouse and set the jumpers to that interrupt. You can use the hwconfig(C) command to display your current system configuration. The interrupts in use will be under the ``vec'' column; be sure to avoid using an interrupt belonging to another device. The vectorsinuse(ADM) utility can also be used to obtain this information.

For information on specific bus mice configurations see ``Mice and bitpads''.

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