Adding mice and bitpads

USB mice

USB mice are connected to USB ports, typically on the front or back computer panel or on a USB keyboard. You can connect USB mice while the system is running.

You can have more than one USB mouse attached to a system at the same time. However, all USB mice are channeled through a single event channel. It is not possible to separately associate one USB mouse with one terminal and another USB mouse with a different terminal.

For multiple USB mice, the inputs are effectively connected together. It is possible, for example, to move the pointer with one USB mouse and click a button on a different mouse; both operations are accepted as if they came from the same physical mouse. If you have identical mice and you move them in opposite directions at exactly the same speed, the mouse pointer remains still.

Any USB Human Interface Device that is a pointing device should work with the USB mouse driver. Note that you can use USB mice with up to three buttons. Additional buttons are ignored by the X server.

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