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Troubleshooting Volution Manager Clients

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Getting diagnostic information on Volution Manager Clients

Use the voldiag tool to get diagnostic information on VM Clients. This tool provides information about:

To use voldiag:

  1. Log onto the SCO OpenServer system that you want to analyze as root.

    You must have root privileges to run this command because it displays passwords that allow the VM Client to access LDAP and the software repository (the organizational unit in your LDAP directory that includes objects that represent software packages you plan to distribute). In addition, many of the actions you might take as a result of voldiag output (such as re-starting a system) require this permission level.

  2. Run:

    /opt/volution/bin/voldiag [-option]

When run with no options, voldiag performs a standard client analysis. To perform a server or console analysis, use the -all option. Other options allow you to view a subset of voldiag information; use the -h option for a list of options.

Troubleshooting the Volution Manager Client daemon

The VM Client Analysis section of the voldiag tool's output contains information read from the volutiond configuration file (/etc/opt/volution/volutiond.conf), as well as real-time status of the volutiond daemon and the services it detects.

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