Starting and stopping the system

Using the shutdown command line

To stop the system with the shutdown(ADM) command:

  1. Log in as the superuser. The system opens the superuser account and displays the message of the day and the superuser prompt.

  2. Enter this command:

    shutdown -gn

    where n is the number of minutes before the shutdown is to take place. To go from normal operation to system maintenance mode, use this variation:

    shutdown -gn su

    The system displays a warning message at each terminal, asking logged-in users to finish their work and to log out. (The warning message can be customized; see the shutdown(ADM) manual page for details.) As soon as all users are logged out or the specified time has elapsed, the system closes all accounts and displays this message:

          ** Safe to Power Off **
       ** Press Any Key to Reboot **

  3. If you specified single-user mode on the command line, the system proceeds directly to the single-user prompt without rebooting as described in ``Choosing the mode of system operation''.

  4. If you did not specify single-user mode, turn off the computer or press any key to reboot the system.

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