Starting and stopping the system

Stopping the system

Stopping your SCO system requires more than just turning off the computer. You must prepare the system by using the System Shutdown Manager (located in the System directory of the SCOadmin hierarchy) or with the shutdown(ADM) command. This not only halts system services properly, but warns users and gives them an opportunity to finish their work.

To shut down the system, select Begin Shutdown from the Shutdown menu. The default behavior is to send the default broadcast message to all users and shut the system down in 60 seconds.

To change the grace period, enter your changes in the ``Delay'' field. If you set the ``Delay'' to 0, the ``Message'' field cannot be filled in and no message will be sent because the shutdown will be immediate.

To change the broadcast message, enter the text in the ``Message'' field, or select Read from file from the Message menu to use a prepared file.

To automatically restart the system, select Reboot after shutdown.

To request confirmation before shutting down, select Confirm prior to shutdown.

To save your selections, select Save from the Shutdown menu.

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