Managing mail with MMDF

Adding or removing a mail host

To add a new host to the MMDF configuration or remove an existing one, start the Host Administration Manager.

To add a new host, select Add from the Hosts menu.

Specify the name in the ``Host Name'' field. This must be the fully qualified host name.

Select from the list the network you will use to communicate with this host.

The Host Administration Manager detects automatically the full address information for delivering mail to this host. For example, this will be a UUCP address for a UUCP host or an IP address for a host that communicates with the network using TCP/IP. For more information on host addressing for UUCP and SMTP channels, see ``Mail addressing and delivery''.

NOTE: If your host is configured to use name service, you cannot add new hosts. You must first use the MMDF Configuration Manager to select no name service.

Specifying address rewriting

Selecting Address Rewriting specifies that this host uses a specific address format and mail directed to it will be reformatted. You can choose to reformat message headers in Internet style, which uses RFC 822-style addresses (for example, <@A:B@C>), or you can choose not to reformat headers.

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Removing a host

To remove a host from the configuration, start the Host Administration Manager, select the name of the host, and select Remove from the Hosts menu.

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