Managing mail with MMDF

Setting up MMDF over TCP/IP with a UUCP Internet gateway

This section describes setting up MMDF on a TCP/IP-based network of machines, connecting to the Internet via a UUCP gateway machine. In this case, all machines on the ethernet will forward all mail to one machine, which will then distribute the mail to the appropriate destination.

This section assumes that the network machines are configured as described in ``Setting up MMDF using a mail gateway''.

  1. Configure UUCP to add your Internet gateway (for example, uunet). See ``Connecting to other computers with UUCP''.

  2. Because you are assuming the configuration in ``Setting up MMDF using a mail gateway'', the only machine you have to change is mekong.your_company.COM. Log in as mmdf on mekong.

  3. Run the MMDF Configuration Manager. Select the UUCP network and provide the full domain name for your gateway (for example, when prompted.

  4. In the MMDF Configuration Manager, specify that you want to forward mail addressed to unknown hosts over the badhosts channel to the smart host (the gateway), uunet.UU.NET.

    This line will exist in /usr/mmdf/table/root.dom:

       uunet.UU.NET:	uunet.UU.NET
    This line will exist in /usr/mmdf/table/uucp.dom:
       uunet:	uunet.UUCP
    These lines will exist in /usr/mmdf/table/uucp.chn:
       uunet.UU.NET:	uunet!%s
    These lines will exist in /usr/mmdf/mmdftailor:
       MLDOMAIN	"mekong.COM"
       MLNAME		"mekong"

    UUname mekong

    MCHN show="Smart-host Routing for hosts", name=badhosts, que=badhosts, tbl=uuchn, pgm=uucp, ap=822, mod=imm, confstr="hostname=mekong.your_company.COM", host=uunet.uu.NET

    The directory /usr/spool/mmdf/lock/home/q.badhosts exists with owner and group mmdf.
When you have finished, MMDF is configured to forward all unrecognized mail originating in the your_company.COM domain to uunet.UU.NET, the Internet gateway. Mail should be addressed using Internet style addresses, such as root@seine.your_company.COM.

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