Managing mail with MMDF

Running the MMDF Configuration Manager

Run the MMDF Configuration Manager to perform the initial MMDF configuration after installation. Subsequently, you can run the MMDF Configuration Manager at any time to change the initial mail configuration. You must re-run the MMDF Configuration Manager when you make a major change to the system, such as when you connect your machine to a new network or remove it from an existing one.
Before you use the MMDF Configuration Manager:

  1. Ensure that the MMDF component of the MAIL package is installed with your SCO OpenServer system. Use custom(ADM) to determine this and to install the component if necessary.

  2. If you are configuring mail for two or more computers on a network, you must ensure that the network is configured and that the systems involved can communicate with each other.

  3. Configure all communications channels that you plan to use to route mail--see ``Managing mail channels''. The MMDF Configuration Manager configures MMDF for UUCP, Micnet, and SMTP. MMDF supports other companies' mail products that provide channel programs, but you cannot use the MMDF Configuration Manager to configure MMDF to use these. Contact the vendor that supplied the mail software for information on how to configure their product. For information on configuring UUCP, see ``Configuring UUCP''.

  4. If a password for user mmdf does not exist, create one now.

    NOTE: Perform all mail configuration and administrative tasks while logged in as mmdf. The exception to this rule (removing a user) is explained in ``Adding or removing a mail user''.

Start the MMDF Configuration Manager by opening the Mail window as described in ``How to start a Mail manager'', then double-clicking on the MMDF Configuration icon, or by entering this at a command line:

mkdev mmdf

Fill in the configuration information required. ``MMDF configuration information'' describes the information that you must provide.

Refer to ``Unsupported configurations'', which describes situations in which the MMDF Configuration Manager may build an incorrect or incomplete MMDF configuration for your site. If your configuration changes for some reason after running the MMDF Configuration Manager (for example, you might add a new UUCP host), you should reexamine this list.

Test the new configuration using the utilities described in ``Testing MMDF configuration''.

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