Managing mail with MMDF

Modifying MMDF table parameters

To view and modify the table parameters listed in this section, start the Tables Administration Manager by opening the Mail window as described in ``How to start a Mail manager'', double-clicking on the MMDF_Advanced_Admin icon, then double-clicking on the MMDF Table Admin icon. Select Modify from the Tables menu, then enter:

A short name that can be used to describe the table elsewhere, for example when you specify a domain table.

The file from which the contents of the table are built.

A comment, which can describe the purpose of the table.

Table Data
Specifies whether the table data comes from a file (specified under ``File'' in the window), or by querying a name server.

Lookup Options

Search other tables specifies that MMDF should search other domain tables for this domain. Use this option for the local domain table so local users do not have to specify the full domain to send mail on the local machine.

Do subdomain lookups specifies that MMDF should search for successive subdomains of this domain if no exact match exists. For example, for the domain, search the com table for your_company; search the root table for or com.

Nameservice lookup type

By domain specifies that MMDF should query the name server for the given address using the domain name.

By full name specifies that MMDF should query the name server for the fully qualified domain name to determine the delivery address.

Nameservice Options

Abort on timeout specifies that MMDF should not search other domain tables if it encounters a timeout problem when searching a name server domain table.

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