Using SCO Shell Mail

Retrieving a delayed message

During the delay period, you can edit the message or cancel it by selecting Outbox from the Options menu. You can also send the message immediately instead of waiting for the delay period to expire.

To inspect your delayed messages, select Outbox from the Options menu. The screen shows the messages that are currently in your Outbox. If you leave them alone, SCO Shell Mail delivers each of them when its delivery delay period is over.

Editing a delayed message

Select Retrieve from the Outbox menu to edit one of the messages in the Outbox before it is delivered. SCO Shell Mail now highlights the first message on the Outbox list. Select the one you want.

SCO Shell Mail now puts you in Edit mode, and you can make changes to the message. You have access to all editing keyboard commands and the Create menu. When you finish, select Deliver from the Create menu. The edited message returns to the Outbox for the remainder of its waiting period. The Mail menu and message list reappear on the screen.

Sending all delayed messages now

You may sometimes want to send a piece of mail out right away instead of letting it wait in the Outbox. To have SCO Shell Mail deliver all messages currently waiting in the Outbox, select Flush.

When you leave SCO Shell Mail, it automatically delivers any messages still waiting in the Outbox.

Canceling a delayed message

Select Cancel from the Outbox menu to cancel a message that is waiting in the Outbox. SCO Shell Mail deletes the message instead of delivering it.

When you select Cancel, SCO Shell Mail highlights the first message on the Outbox list. Use the arrow keys to move the highlight to the message you want, and then press <Enter>. The message you chose is canceled, and it disappears from the Outbox list. You then return to the Mail menu.

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