Using SCO Shell Mail

Saving the messages you send

You can save a copy of all messages you send, including replies and forwards. To do this, select Preferences from the Options menu. Move the highlight to the ``Save Outgoing'' field, and press the <Space> bar to turn on the feature. An asterisk indicates the feature is turned on.

The copies of outgoing mail are saved in a mail folder named Outgoing. You can access this folder by selecting Switch from the Options menu.

If you send a lot of mail, this folder can become quite large. You may want to archive the folder periodically and start again.

Archiving your outgoing mail

To automatically move the contents of your Outgoing mail folder to archive files at regular intervals, select Preferences from the Options menu, and then select ``Archive Outgoing Folder''. Enter the interval that you want, in days.

This field is only effective if you have selected ``Save Outgoing'' from the Preferences form, which automatically saves all your outgoing correspondence to the Outgoing folder. If you do not empty this folder at intervals, it grows very large.

The archiving process moves the Outgoing folder to a subdirectory of the mailfolders directory called Outgoing.old. There, the folder is renamed according to the current date. For example, Outgoing.old might contain folders named 6Sep94, 13Sep94, and 20Sep94, if you chose to archive your Outgoing folder every seven days. Each folder holds the contents of the Outgoing folder as of the date in the folder name.

After the archive process takes place, there is temporarily no Outgoing folder in your mailfolders directory. SCO Shell Mail creates a new one as soon as you send your next message.

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