Using SCO Shell Mail

Editing a message's address before sending the message

While you are composing your message, you may edit or correct the message's header by selecting Header. A form is displayed that displays the information you entered on the header in the first three fields. You can change this information if you want.

Note that this form also contains several fields that are not on the original header form because they offer optional header features that you may not always need.

In the ``Blind Cc'' field, enter the logins of the users who you wish to receive a copy of your message, but whose login(s) you do not want displayed to the other users on the distribution list. You might want to do this to keep recipients from knowing that others have received the same information.

The ``Priority'' field indicates whether the message should have normal priority or urgent priority. On the message list, an exclamation mark (!) appears next to each urgent message as a signal that it should be read at once.

The ``Verification Receipt'' field can be used to send you an automatic reply when the message is received or read. It can also be used to notify you if the message has not been read after a given number of days.

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