Using SCO Shell Mail

Creating and sending a message

You can send e-mail to anyone who uses your SCO OpenServer system. If your system communicates with a computer network, you can send mail to other users who are linked to your computer network.

Once you have sent mail, there is no way to recall it, so be careful. It is a good idea to apply the same standards to e-mail that you would apply to written letters. A good precaution is to use SCO Shell Mail's built-in delay facility, which waits for a certain time period before dispatching mail messages.

To create and send a new message, select Create from the Mail menu. On the blank mail header form that appears, fill in the address for your mail:

Press <F3> in the ``To'' or ``Cc'' fields to see a window that lets you search through lists of aliases.

When finished, press <Ctrl>X to begin creating your message.

Type your message onto the screen. You do not have to type <Enter> at the end of each line, only when you want to start a new paragraph. You can use the editing keys listed in ``mail(C) commands'' to correct mistakes. See also ``Editing a message before you send it''.

To adjust the column width of messages you create, select Preferences from the Options menu, and enter a number in the ``Line Width'' field. The default line width is 65 characters.

When you are finished, press <Esc> and select Deliver to send the message.

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