Using SCO Shell Mail

Deleting a message

Deleted messages are not removed from your system mailbox completely until you exit mail or switch to a new mail folder.

To remove one or more messages from the message list, select Delete from the Mail menu. Select one or more messages using the <Space> bar and arrow keys; press <Enter> to delete these messages.

To update the message list so the deleted messages are removed and the remaining messages are numbered consecutively, select:

Options -> Switch -> System

Restoring a message

You can only restore messages that you have deleted during your current mail session. Also, if you switch to a new mail folder, any messages you deleted are permanently gone.

To restore a message(s), select Undelete. Mark the message(s) to be restored, and press <Enter>.

You can also restore a message by entering its message number after selecting Undelete. Enter several numbers by separating them with spaces (for example, ``1 3 7''), a range of numbers (for example, ``1-5''), or a combination of both (for example, ``1-5 8 11''). Press <Enter> to restore these messages.

After you choose the messages you want, you automatically return to the listing of all the mail messages. The restored message(s) are now displayed.
If you press <F8> while reading a message, SCO Shell Mail brings back the last message that you deleted. The message appears on the screen immediately.

Automatically deleting saved messages

To delete messages automatically from the system mailbox when you save them to a file or mail folder, select Preferences from the Options menu, and then select ``Delete Saved''. Once you do this, messages disappear from the message list as soon as you save them. You can restore a message to the message list by selecting Undelete.

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