Using SCO Shell Mail

Including a file or a message in mail

You can include a text file or another mail message in mail that you create.

To include a file in a message you are creating, press <Esc> and select Include, then select File from the ``Include'' field. The cursor skips directly to the ``Name'' field. Enter the name of the file. If it is not in your current directory, enter the file's full pathname. You can also press <F3> for a point-and-pick list of files.

To include a mail message, select Message from the ``Include'' field. Enter the message's number in the ``Message Number'' field. If you do not know the number, press <F3> for a point-and-pick list of all the messages in the system mailbox or current mail folder. In the ``Indent Message'' field, select Yes if you want the included message to be indented from the rest of the text.

When you select the message or file to include, it is immediately inserted into your message, and you are returned to the create mode.

Including a file works best for straight text files. If you are mailing an application data file, do not include it in your message as its format may not be compatible with SCO Shell Mail. Send application data files as separate attachments.

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