Networking overview

Administering other systems with SCOadmin managers

Several SCOadmin managers enable you to manage other SCO OpenServer systems on your network. Two types of administration are supported: remote and distributed.

With remote administration, you can manage one remote system at a time. For example, you can add a printer to another system. To add that printer to additional systems, you need to repeat the procedure, once for each system.

With distributed administration, you can manage multiple systems at one time. For example, you can add a user to multiple systems in one step.

Generally speaking, remote administration entails minimal setup but does require repetitive steps to accomplish a task (such as providing a printer definition to multiple systems). Distributed administration, while requiring additional overhead in configuration, allows you to perform a task (such as distributing a user to multiple networked machines) in one step or procedure.

Remote capabilities

The root user can accomplish the following tasks, through remote administration, by opening another host to manage from the Host menu of a SCOadmin manager:

When you open another host, any administration or configuration you perform affects that host. When using managers to administer the local machine, you can also:
Users other than root can also use portions of these managers if they have been granted the appropriate subsystem authorizations as described in ``Enabling remote manager capabilities''.

Enabling remote manager capabilities

Before using SCOadmin managers to administer remote systems, you must:

With the correct user equivalence and subsystem authorizations configured, you can select a host to configure in one of the managers. Actions taken after selecting another host affect that host.

Distributed capabilities

You can accomplish the following tasks through distributed administration:

See ``Configuring the Network Information Service (NIS)'' and ``Configuring the NFS automounter'' for more information.
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