Configuring the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Adding the SLIP protocol stack

You must add the SLIP protocol stack before configuring any SLIP links. To do so:

  1. Log in as root on the machine on which you want to configure the SLIP stack, and run the Network Configuration Manager.

  2. Select Add new WAN connection from the Hardware menu.

  3. Select SCO TCP/IP SLIP driver from the list of WAN connection types.

  4. Select SCO TCP/IP from the list of networking protocols that can be used with SLIP, and click on Add.

  5. To add a link endpoint, choose a link configuration type and follow the instructions in ``Adding a SLIP link'', beginning with step 5.

    To defer configuring links, click on Cancel. A message appears indicating that the SLIP driver has been successfully configured.

  6. Select Exit from the Hardware menu.

  7. Select Yes when prompted to relink the kernel, and enter y at the two prompts that appear shortly after.

  8. Shut the system down and reboot it by using the System Shutdown Manager as described in the SCO OpenServer Handbook. Remember to select Reboot after shutdown when using the manager.

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