Administering TCP/IP

Configuring name service resolution order

To configure the order of the name services that a client will use for resolving domain names and IP addresses:

  1. Select Services -> Name resolution order in the Client Manager.

  2. Select a service from the Available services list, and click on Add to add it to the Configured services list.

    To remove a configured service, select it from the Configured services list, and click on Remove.

  3. The list of configured services is in the order in which they will be tried when a client tries to resolve a hostname or IP address. If necessary, use Promote and Demote to change the order of the services. The default order is NIS, /etc/hosts, and DNS.

  4. Click on OK to exit.

NOTE: This procedure modifies the file /etc/resolv.conf. If the file does not exist, the Client Manager creates it upon exit when name service resolution order values are entered. See resolv.conf(SFF) for a description of the format of this file.

Some client applications may choose to ignore the specified order, and use their preferred method for name resolution instead.

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