Administering TCP/IP

Configuring an NTP client

To configure an NTP client using the Client Manager:

  1. If the host is not already configured as an NTP client, select Services -> Add -> NTP.

    If the host is already configured as an NTP client, click on NTP client in the services listed, and then select Services -> Modify.

  2. Select how you want the client to behave:

    Listen for time broadcasts
    The client will listen passively for, and attempt to synchronize with, NTP packets being broadcast by time servers on the local network.

    Poll time servers for time
    The client will actively poll the listed time servers for the time, and attempt to synchronize with them.

    Enter the IP addresses or hostnames of each time server, and click on Add to add it to the list.

    Set clock at boot time
    If set to Yes, the client will attempt to synchronize its clock at boot time with the listed time servers. This is a ``step'' change rather than a gradual ``slewed'' change. If set to No, the client will not attempt to synchronize its clock at boot time.

  3. Click on OK to exit.

NOTE: This procedure modifies the /etc/ntp.conf file. See ntpd(ADMN) for a description of the format of this file.

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