Working with DOS

Copying DOS files between DOS and SCO OpenServer systems

To copy a file, use the doscp command (see doscmd(C) for details), as follows:

doscp filename1 filename2

The filename1 argument is the source file and filename2 is the target file; both arguments may include a drive specification and pathname. For example, to copy a DOS file called PROJECT.TXT from the A: drive to the /tmp directory, type the following:

   $ doscp a:project.txt /tmp
To copy the file back to the floppy, type:
   $ doscp /tmp/project.txt a:
Note that DOS does not recognize links. If you use doscp to copy a link to a DOS disk, a complete copy of the file is made. So, if you have two links to the same file called file1 and file2, and copy them to the same DOS disk, the result will be two identical copies of the file, named file1 and file2. The doscp command recognizes the standard UNIX system wildcards, so that you can copy groups of files with a single command.

NOTE: You may also be able to use the UNIX system dd(C) and diskcp(C) commands to copy and compare DOS floppies. The UNIX system dtype(C) command tells you what type of floppies you have (various DOS and UNIX system types).

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