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Deleting an event

To delete an event from your calendar and the calendars of other users, select Delete from the Calendar menu. The first scheduled event for the current date is highlighted.

Select the entry you want to delete by choosing the desired line and pressing <Enter>.

This deletes the event from the calendars of the people you invited, provided you originally scheduled the event. If a user who was invited for the canceled event has ``Invitation'' and ``Cancellation'' set to ``Yes'' on their Configure form, you are prompted for up to two lines of text describing the reason for the cancellation. This text is then included in the mail message that is sent to them, notifying them of the change in their calendars. For more information about the Configure form, see ``Setting permissions on the current calendar''.

An event can be deleted by the the person who scheduled it, or anyone with full access permission on the owner's calendar. Write, view, and full access permissions are discussed in ``Setting permissions on the current calendar''.

You can delete an event from your own calendar even if that event is owned by another person. If you delete a future event, a prompt asks you to state your reason for the deletion. Your response is mailed to the person who scheduled the event. When you delete the event it no longer appears on your calendar; however, if you do not have full access permission on the owner's calendar, the event still exists on the calendars of the other users who are scheduled to attend.

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