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Viewing the Calendar

To display the calendar on your screen, select View from the Calendar menu. You can use View to check a print request before sending it to the printer, or to display the calendar in a specified format.

Event, Week, Month, Range, and Free let you choose the format for the displayed calendar.

Viewing an event

Event displays a list of the events scheduled for the current calendar day. If more than one event is scheduled for the current day, select the event you want to view from the list displayed.

Viewing a week

Week displays the events for the week that contains the current day. This display includes the information from the ``What'' and ``Where'' fields of the Add form.

Viewing a month

Month displays a box calendar for the month containing the current date. Only the information from the ``What'' field of the Add form is included.

By default, Saturdays and Sundays are combined and put into one box for each week. If you want them to be displayed in separate boxes, follow the instructions in ``Setting calendar preferences''.

If you want to display a different month, select the Goto option from the Calendar menu.

Viewing a range of dates

Range displays events that occur within a range of dates. The default range is 30 days, starting with the current date.

You may indicate whether you want a brief or detailed description of each event. Select Brief to display only the ``What'' and ``Where'' fields. Select Detailed to display the ``What,'' ``Where,'' and ``Details'' fields.

In the ``Pattern'' field, you can specify a pattern of letters or words. If you previously chose ``Brief'', the Calendar searches the ``What'' and ``Where'' fields of each event's Add form for the specified pattern. If you selected Detailed, the ``Details'' field is searched in addition to the ``What'' and ``Where'' fields. The Calendar then displays the events that contain the specified patterns and are within the specified date range.

For example, if you want a listing of all board meetings planned for the next three months, set up the appropriate date range and enter board meeting in the ``Pattern'' field.

Note that when SCO Shell searches for a pattern, it does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, so you can use either type when filling out the ``Pattern'' field.

Viewing a free-time list

Free graphically displays free times for users specified in the ``Who'' field. Shaded areas indicate times when users have events scheduled.

To add a new event to your calendar, select Add from the Free menu to highlight the first empty slot on the free-time display. Use the <Space> bar to select desired time, and press <Enter> to make your selection.

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