Using SCO Shell

Using the clipboard from the Manager menu

The clipboard is a temporary holding area that you can use to transfer information between applications. It is used by SCO Shell, the electronic mail application, and the calendar. For example, you can copy your engagements for the current month from the calendar to the clipboard, and paste the clipboard file into some mail to a colleague.

The Transfer option on the Manager menu allows you to access the clipboard from SCO Shell. Use clipboard to transfer information between different applications. Once you have put an item on the clipboard, you can access it from any application that contains a Transfer menu. The Transfer menu allows you to copy files to the clipboard that did not come from another application.

To use the clipboard, select Transfer from the Manager menu. A menu like the following appears:

The four options on the Transfer menu allow you to use the clipboard from the Manager menu. Below is a summary of these options:

Option Description
Copy copies an item to the clipboard
Paste pastes an item from the clipboard to a directory
Remove deletes an item from the clipboard
Quit exits the Transfer menu

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