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Transferring information from the Calendar to other applications

Transfer on the Calendar menu allows you to transfer information from the Calendar to a text file or to other applications using the clipboard.

Select Transfer from the Calendar menu. The four items on the Transfer menu allow you to:

Transferring an event

Select Transfer -> Copy -> Event to copy an event from the current day to the clipboard.

To paste an event into a different day on your calendar, use Goto in the Calendar menu to pick the day you want, then choose Transfer -> Paste and select the item you want from the clipboard list that appears.

The Add form appears, with the data for the selected event displayed in the appropriate fields. Edit the data to reflect changes in plans for the event. You can even change the ``Date'' field if you want to paste the event on a different date from the one displayed. Use <Ctrl>X to close the Add form and paste the event into the calendar. If there is a conflict, a form appears, asking you if you want to allow the conflict.

Transferring events for a day, week, or month

Although you can copy the events of a day, week, or month to the clipboard for use in another application, you cannot paste this clipboard entry back into a calendar. Only information about single calendar events can be pasted from the clipboard to a calendar.

You can only transfer events into calendars one at a time, but you can transfer multiple events to text files or to other applications. To copy the events of a day, week, or month, use the procedure described in the previous section for transferring an event, but choose Day, Week, or Month from the Copy menu.

If you transfer the events of a day or a week, the data from the ``Time,'' ``What,'' and ``Where'' fields is copied into the clipboard.

If you transfer the events of a month, only the data from the ``What'' field is copied into the clipboard.

If you paste any of these clipboard items into an application that displays graphical characters, the calendar shows not only the format but the graphical appearance of a printed copy.

Transferring events from a range of dates

Range on the Copy menu transfers events that occur within a range of dates. You can transfer multiple events from the calendar to a file or to other applications.

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