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Printing the calendar

Select Print from the Calendar menu to print a calendar. The name of the current printer appears at the top of the screen.

Printing an event

Using the arrow keys, select the event(s) that you want to print and press <Space> to mark each event with a ``*''. When you have marked all the desired events, press <Enter> to print the information.

Note that with all print commands, the information to be printed is not displayed on the screen. To view the information on the screen, see ``Viewing the Calendar''.

Printing calendars for a day, week, or month

You can select Day, Week, or Month to print all the events scheduled for the current day, week or month. Week omits meeting times, while Month prints a box calendar with basic information about each meeting from the ``What'' field of the Add form.

Selecting an alternative printer

To send the Calendar to a printer other than the configured printer, select Print -> Select and select the desired printer. Press <Enter> to select it as the current printer for this session. The current printer configuration returns to the default printer the next time you run the Calendar. Choose Select from the SCO Shell Print menu to change the default SCO Shell printer.

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