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41. FAQ-IRIX Installing Postgres95

41.1 What extra items do I need to install Postgres95 under Irix?

You *must* have the following installed:

You are recommended to install the following:

You may choose to install the following:

41.2 What changes do I need to make to src/ or src/Makefile.custom?

The easiest way to do this is to use the customize script in the src directory.

You *must* set the following variables: PORTNAME= irix5

You will also need to change the following to match your own installation: POSTGRESDIR

If you switch on the USE_TCL option, you will need to set these: TCL_INCDIR= TCL_LIBDIR= TCL_LIB = TK_INCDIR= TK_LIBDIR= TK_LIB =

You may also make any other changes you need as documented in the INSTALL file and in

41.3 What are the references in X11_LIB to libsocket and libnsl in src/

This was a problem in 1.08 (they are Sun Solaris specific). It is fixed in 1.09 and above.

41.4 Are there any other changes I should make?

If you have installed the GNU install program (ginstall), you should add the following line to src/Makefile.custom: CUSTOM_INSTALL=ginstall

For an explanation as to why this is a good idea, see Question 2.1

41.5 Can I install PostgreSQL under Irix 6.4?

Irix 6.4 has a bug in ld which mishandles the addresses of static procedures when object files are assembled into larger object files using 'ld -r'. This bug has been reported to Silicon Graphics. The following patch should be applied as a workaround. (Supplied by Bob Bruccoleri

*** ./backend/Makefile.orig Thu May 22 00:00:15 1997 --- ./backend/Makefile Thu Jun 5 16:47:27 1997 *************** *** 54,60 **** all: postgres $ (POSTGRES_IMP) global1.bki.source local1_template1.bki.source

postgres: $ (OBJS) ../utils/version.o ! $ (CC) -o postgres $ (OBJS) ../utils/version.o $ (LDFLAGS)

$ (OBJS): $ (DIRS:%=%.dir)

--- 54,64 ---- all: postgres $ (POSTGRES_IMP) global1.bki.source local1_template1.bki.source

postgres: $ (OBJS) ../utils/version.o

! #      $ (CC) -o postgres  $ (OBJS) ../utils/version.o  $ (LDFLAGS)
!       -rm -f *.o
!       find . -name "*.o" -exec cp (flower-brackets) . \;
! rm -f SUBSYS.o ! $ (CC) -o postgres *.o ../utils/version.o $ (LDFLAGS)

$ (OBJS): $ (DIRS:%=%.dir)

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