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Database HOWTO (PostgreSQL Relational Database System)

Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)

v1.0, 19 July 1997

This document is about HOW-TO setup a International Standard/ANSI Relational SQL Database "PostgreSQL" on your unix system which can be used as Application Database Server or a Web Database Server. This document also gives information on the interface programs for the database like Front End GUIs, RAD tools (Rapid Application Development), programming languages interfaces ("C", "C++", Java, Perl), ODBC, JDBC drivers and Web Database Tools and Interface programs. Information given here applies to all other unix platforms. The information given hereby will be very useful for persons who are new to PostgreSQL, Databases and SQL language.

1. Introduction

2. What is PostgreSQL ?

3. Where to get it?

4. Regression Test Package to validate PostgreSQL against ISO/ANSI SQL Standards

5. GUI FrontEnd Tool for PostgreSQL (Graphical User Interface)

6. ODBC Drivers for PostgreSQL

7. UDBC Drivers for PostgreSQL

8. JDBC Drivers for PostgreSQL

9. Kanchenjunga - Java RAD Tool for PostgreSQL

10. Java Classes for PostgreSQL

11. Perl 5 interface for PostgreSQL

12. Windows Interactive Query Tool for PostgreSQL (WISQL)

13. Interactive Query Tool - ISQL for PostgreSQL

14. Problem/Project Tracking System Application Tool for PostgreSQL

15. PostgreSQL 4GL for web database applications - AppGEN Development System

16. Web Database Design/Implementation tool for PostgreSQL - EARP

17. WWW Web interface for PostgresSQL - dbengine

18. Apache Webserver Module for PostgreSQL - NeoSoft NeoWebScript

19. PHP/FI Server-side html-embedded scripting language for PostgreSQL

20. Python Interface for PostgreSQL

21. Gateway between PostgreSQL and the WWW - WDB-P95

22. "C" language Interface for PostgreSQL

23. "C++" language Interface for PostgreSQL

24. ESQL/C for PostgreSQL

25. Japanese Kanji Code for PostgreSQL

26. PostgreSQL Port to Windows 95/Windows NT

27. Mailing Lists

28. Documentations and Books

29. Technical support for PostgreSQL

30. Economic and Business Aspects

31. Conclusion

32. FAQ - Questions on PostgreSQL

33. FAQ - Installation Questions

34. FAQ - PostgreSQL Features

35. FAQ - Extending PostgreSQL

36. FAQ - Bugs

37. FAQ - Compiling PostgreSQL

38. FAQ - Compiling accessory programs

39. FAQ - Runtime Problems

40. FAQ IRIX-PostgreSQL - Compiling PostgreSQL

41. FAQ-IRIX Installing Postgres95

42. FAQ-IRIX Deinstalling Postgres95

43. FAQ-IRIX Extending Postgres95

44. FAQ-IRIX PostgreSQL AUTHOR contacts

45. Copyright Notice

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