Using the SCOadmin internationalization facility

Message file format

The format of the .msg file is similar to a standard message catalog source file. The format is designed to be compatible with the format used by mkcatdefs(CP) with the internationalized facility being implemented by different keywords. A program mkcatdecl will process the .msg files. The format of the .msg files is defined by the following rules:

NOTE: There must be a one-to-one mapping between module ids and message catalog/message set pair. That is, messages associated with a given module ID are found in only one message set of one message catalog. Multiple modules may share a single message catalog. The module ID is used to determine the message catalog and message set number. The message set number is never used directly by the client programs, only the internationalization and error managers. All messages are referenced in the programs by the module ID and the message number.

``Sample message catalog'' is an example of a .msg file conforming to these standards.

Sample message catalog

$ food.msg - Sample message catalog for software that does something
$            with food.
$    %\Z% %\M% %\I% %\E% %\Q%

$moduleset SCO_PIZZA C=../pizza/pizza Tcl=../pizza/pizza

SCO_PIZZA_MSG_TOGO "A pizza with %1$s to go." SCO_PIZZA_MSG_FORHERE "A pizza with %1$s for here." SCO_PIZZA_ERR_UNKNOWN_TOPPING "We don't sell %1$s topping"

$moduleset SCO_SALAD Tcl=../salad/salad.msg.tcl

SCO_SALAD_MSG_HEALTH "Salad is better for you than pizza" SCO_SALAD_MSG_ATTITUDE "More great software is written on pizza than salad"

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