Using Mail

Forwarding messages

To forward a selected message or attachment to another user, select Forward from the Message menu or click on the Forward button.

Fill in the message header information. This includes:

the subject of the forwarded mail. The subject line is already filled in, but you can modify it if you wish.

the login names of one or more users to whom you are forwarding the mail.

the login names of one or more users to whom you are sending ``carbon copies.'' These people receive a copy of the forwarded message.

a short comment to be included with the forwarded message

``Forward as text''
the message will be forwarded as plain text.

``Forward as attachment''
the message will be forwarded as an attachment.

To edit the text of the message, click on Edit. When you do so, the text in the ``Comment'' field is included at the top of the message text.

To forward the message, click on Send.

You can specify a standard comment to include at the beginning of all your forwarded mail by selecting Message from the Preferences menu, clicking in the ``Forward Comment Introducer'' field, and typing the text of your comment.

You can also specify a standard indent string to include at the left of each line of the forwarded mail's text. If you do not specify an indent string, it defaults to a <Tab> character.

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