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Development documentation

SCO OpenServer includes extensive documentation of application development issues and tools. These topics and books are available online.

Overview of Development Systems
A high-level summary of the various development environments provided with SCO OpenServer.
SCO OpenServer Development System documentation, including:

Developer's Topics
Contains technical papers on topics relevant to programmers, including extensive examples that illustrate SCO features added to the porting base.

Network Programmer's Guide
Describes the libraries and application program interfaces (APIs) to develop application programs that use the services of network-oriented communication protocols.

Programming Tools Guide
Provides useful information about programming tools and their use in developing software, including implementation-specific details about the ANSI-conforming C compiler, as well as information about debugging tools and dbXtra(TM).

Development System Programmer's Reference Pages
The manual pages for the C++ libraries (section C++), the Custom Distribution Management Toolkit (section CDMT), commands for programming (section CP), file formats and structures (section FP), transport interfaces (section NET), NFS remote procedure calls (section NS), system calls and libraries (section S), the Service Advertising Protocol (section SAPD), the TCP/IP socket library and socket system calls (sections SLIB and SSC), and various graphical environment manual page sections including X extensions (section Xext), the OSF/Motif and X libraries (sections Xm and XS), X Toolkit intrinsics (section Xt), and miscellaneous X utilities (section Xmu).

GNU Development Tools documentation
A large collection of topics, including information on the GNU compiler collection (gcc) and the GNU debugger (gdb).
Documentation is also provided with the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit and the Java(TM) Development Kit.

Additional resources for developers are available at the SCO Developer Network web page:

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