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The following books and topics are included with the SCO OpenServer system.

Printed and Online documentation

Getting Started Guide
Provides installation and basic configuration instructions, as well as a new features overview and notes that pertain to this SCO OpenServer release.

NOTE: The New features document, provided in earlier SCO OpenServer releases, is now part of the Getting Started Guide.

Online documentation

Introduces the Desktop, the DocView documentation server, system administration and troubleshooting, and provides instructions on hardware and software installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Apache Web Server Documentation
Provides information on running and administering the Apache web server. This documentation is available from the Internet Services link on the DocView home page.

Graphical Environment Guide
Describes how to customize and administer the Graphical Environment, including the X Window System(TM) server, the SCO® Panner(TM) window manager, the Desktop, and other X clients. This book is available from the Graphical Environment link on the DocView home page.

Graphical Environment help
Provides online context-sensitive help for Calendar, Edit, the Desktop, Paint, the SCO Panner window manager, and the UNIX® command-line window. These books are available from the Graphical Environment link on the DocView home page.

Guide to Gateways for LAN Servers
Describes how to set up SCO® Gateway for NetWare® and LAN Manager Client software on an SCO OpenServer system to access printers, filesystems, and other services provided by servers running Novell® NetWare® and by servers running LAN Manager over DOS, OS/2®, or UNIX systems. This book contains the manual pages for LAN Manager Client commands (section LMC). This book is available from the Windows and NetWare Connectivity link on the DocView home page.

Mail and Messaging Guide
Describes how to configure and administer your mail system. Topics include sendmail, MMDF, SCO Shell Mail, mailx, and the Post Office Protocol (POP) server.

Using Mail
Describes how to use Mail (scomail) to send and receive electronic mail messages.

Networking Guide
Provides information on configuring and administering TCP/IP, NFS®, and IPX/SPX(TM) software to provide networked and distributed functionality, including system and network management, applications support, and file, name, and time services.

Configuring network connections
Describes how to configure and troubleshoot network connections using the Network Configuration Manager.

Operating System Tutorial
Provides a basic introduction to the SCO OpenServer operating system. This book can also be used as a refresher course or a quick-reference guide. Each chapter is a self-contained lesson designed to give hands-on experience using the SCO OpenServer operating system.

Operating System User's Guide
Provides an introduction to SCO OpenServer command-line utilities, the SCO Shell utilities, working with files and directories, editing files with the vi editor, transferring files to disks and tape, using DOS disks and files in the SCO OpenServer environment, managing processes, shell programming, regular expressions, awk, and sed.

Performance Guide
Describes performance tuning for uniprocessor, multiprocessor, and networked systems, including those with TCP/IP, NFS, and X clients. This book discusses how the various subsystems function, possible performance constraints due to hardware limitations, and optimizing system configuration for various uses. Concepts and strategies are illustrated with case studies.

System Administration Guide
Describes configuration and maintenance of the base operating system, including account, filesystem, printer, backup, security, UUCP, and virtual disk management.

Using DocView
Provides information on using and administering the DocView documentation server, including how to generate the search index. Also describes how to update the DocView server to incorporate third-party or Open Source documentation that you have added to your SCO OpenServer system.
SCO OpenServer manual page sections include:

Graphical Environment Reference Pages
The manual pages for the X server (section X), and the Desktop and X clients from SCO OpenServer and MIT (section XC).

Networking Reference Pages
Command, file, protocol, and utility manual pages for the IPX/SPX (section PADM), NFS (sections NADM, NC, and NF), and TCP/IP (sections ADMN, ADMP, SFF, and TC) networking software.

Operating System Administrator's Reference Pages
The manual pages for system administration commands and utilities (section ADM), system file formats (section F), hardware-specific information (section HW), miscellaneous commands (section M), and SCO Visual Tcl(TM) commands (section TCL).

Operating System User's Reference Pages
The manual pages for user-accessible operating system commands and utilities (section C).
Many other useful publications about SCO OpenServer systems by independent authors are available from technical bookstores.
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