Troubleshooting the installation

Common system resource error messages

When system limits are exceeded, the operating system advises you by displaying messages on the console. Some of the messages are advisory only. Others precede a system panic: the system displays some additional diagnostic messages and then ``hangs,'' requiring you to reboot.

If you are running X, these messages may not appear on your console. If your system hangs, switch to the console multiscreen by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><F1>, if possible, and read the diagnostic messages. If you cannot switch multiscreens, reboot the system and read the messages in the /usr/adm/messages and /usr/adm/syslog files.

If you use multiple servers (X terminals or console multiscreens) with an SCO OpenServer system, you may need to reset some system parameters. See ``Kernel parameters that you can change using configure''.

Kernel error messages that appear while running this product are similar to this:

CONFIG: routine - Out of streams (NSTREAM = n exceeded)

routine is the kernel routine that requested a stream or queue, but did not allocate one and n is a decimal number indicating the current value of the parameter setting. For information on modifying NSTREAM and other kernel parameters, and on relinking the kernel, see ``Configuring kernel parameters'' and the configure(ADM) manual page.

For detailed information on modifying kernel tuning parameters, see ``Configuring kernel parameters''. To invoke the Hardware/Kernel Manager enter this command as root:

scoadmin hardware

Select Tune Parameters.

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