Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Configuring PPP

Use the PPP Manager to add, modify, or remove endpoint configurations and perform advanced PPP configuration. (When PPP configuration tasks are selected in the Network Configuration Manager, the PPP Manager is called automatically.) Alternatively, if you only need to configure a single dialup endpoint configuration, use the PPP Connection Wizard.

If your system is not already configured to use PPP, see ``Adding the PPP protocol stack'' for details of how to add the PPP stack to your system. This relinks the kernel. You do not need to shut down and reboot your system at this stage if you want to configure support for additional serial ports on a serial card that you have added to your system. You may, for example, want to connect several modems to the additional ports to allow multiple dialup or remote access connections.

If you only need to add a single dialup endpoint configuration, see ``Adding a PPP dialup endpoint using the PPP Connection Wizard''. The PPP Connection Wizard guides you through the steps of setting up the connection.

If you want to add one or more PPP endpoint configurations, see ``Adding a PPP link endpoint using the PPP Manager'' for details. You have the opportunity to configure one or more modems when you add the first automatic dialup, manual dialup, or remote access endpoint configuration to your system. You can choose to configure modems and their serial ports at a later time using the Modem Manager as described in ``Adding modems''. This allows you to detect modems automatically or to define them manually.

NOTE: You will not be able to make a connection over PPP, using either the PPP Manager or the PPP Connection Wizard, until you have linked the PPP stack and the device drivers for any additional serial ports into the kernel, and you have shut down and rebooted the system. See ``Adding the PPP protocol stack''.

Starting the PPP Manager

You can start the PPP Manager in any of the following ways:

By default, you configure the local host using the PPP Manager. To configure a remote host, for example another machine on a local network, select Open Host from the Host menu, and choose another host.

The PPP Manager's top level screen is shown here:

Starting the PPP Connection Wizard

You can start the PPP Connection Wizard in any of the following ways:

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