Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Adding a PPP link endpoint using the PPP Manager

Use the PPP Manager to add PPP endpoints after you have configured the PPP stack as described in ``Adding the PPP protocol stack'':

  1. Log in as root and run the PPP Manager.

  2. Select Add and choose the desired type of endpoint:

    This displays a form for entering data that defines the PPP endpoint.

    NOTE: If you have not already configured a modem on your system, and the endpoint type selected is not a dedicated one, the Manager displays a message dialog to allow you to run the Modem Manager. You can defer configuring a modem if desired.

    Enter the information that defines the endpoint on the form.

  3. To perform advanced configuration, select one of the buttons: Comms, Timers, Link, or IP. See ``Advanced PPP configuration'' for more information about these options.

  4. Click on OK to confirm the endpoint configuration.

  5. Select Exit from the Host menu to exit the PPP Manager.
The endpoint you have configured is now available.

For details of how to modify and delete endpoint configurations, see ``Modifying a PPP link endpoint'', and ``Removing a PPP endpoint''.

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