Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Adding a PPP dialup endpoint using the PPP Connection Wizard

Use the PPP Connection Wizard to add a single PPP dialup endpoint for a new or existing modem. (You must first have configured the PPP stack, as described in ``Adding the PPP protocol stack''.) The wizard screens guide you through the process of setting up the dialup connection.

To complete the PPP Connection Wizard, you need the following information:

In addition, you must verify that the netmask of is correct.

If your ISP does not provide you with these IP addresses, then the addresses are assigned to you dynamically each time you dial in, and you do not need to know them. However, you must enter the IP addresses when you create the link (the addresses you enter will be replaced with the correct ones when you dial in). If your ISP does not provide you with initial addresses to use, use the following:

Local site:
Remote site:

NOTE: The PPP Connection Wizard creates a new dialup endpoint configuration. To make any modifications to this configuration, you must use the PPP Manager.

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