Administering TCP/IP

Adding or removing pseudo-ttys

When you install TCP/IP, the Network Configuration Manager prompts you to modify the number of pseudo-ttys configured on your system. These pseudo-ttys enable users on other hosts to use telnet or rlogin to access your host. The default, 32, is adequate for situations in which several (2-10) users access your system simultaneously. You need to add pseudo-ttys if:

To change the number of configured pseudo-ttys after installing and configuring TCP/IP, use the Hardware/Kernel Manager:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Run the Hardware/Kernel Manager.

  3. Select Pseudo-ttys from the list and click on the Configure Driver button.

  4. Enter 1 to add pseudo-ttys, 2 to delete pseudo-ttys, or 3 to view the current number of pseudo-ttys configured.

  5. When done, enter q to quit.

  6. If you added or deleted pseudo-ttys, click on the Relink Kernel button and click on Relink to confirm. See ``Relinking the kernel'' for more information.

    NOTE: If you do not relink the kernel now, the changes you made do not take place, and you must then relink at a later time to effect the changes.

  7. Exit the Hardware/Kernel Manager.

  8. Shut the system down and reboot it by using the System Shutdown Manager as described in the SCO OpenServer Handbook. Remember to select Reboot after shutdown when using the manager.

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