Using SCO Shell

Managing directories

The Directory option in the Manager menu lets you take a number of actions on directories. When you select the Directory option, the following menu appears:

The options on this menu allow you to change to a new current directory, make new directories, remove empty directories, and change directory permissions. These operations are discussed in the following sections.

Changing the current directory

To change your current directory, select the Change option from the Directory menu. In response, a message appears, prompting you to select the new current directory. Also, the File window changes to show only the subdirectories in your current directory; normal files are not displayed.

Now select the directory you want to work in. You can select a subdirectory from your current directory, or you can specify a different directory by its pathname. You return to the Manager menu, and the listing for the new current directory appears on the screen.

Creating a new directory

To create a new directory, select the Directory option from the Manager menu, and then select the Make option from the Directory menu. You are now asked to enter the name of the new directory.

Type the name of the new directory, and press <Enter>. You return to the Manager menu, and the new directory appears in the directory listing displayed on the screen.

Removing an empty directory

Before you can remove a directory, you must make sure that it does not contain any files or subdirectories. If it is not empty, you must either delete the files it holds or move them to other directories.

Once the directory is empty, remove it by selecting the Directory option from the Manager menu. Then select the Remove option from the Directory menu; you are prompted to select the directory to remove.

When you have selected the directory and pressed <Enter>, the directory is removed from the directory listing displayed on the screen, and you return to the Manager menu.

Changing directory permissions

If you choose the Permissions option in the Directory menu, you can change the permissions for the current directory (and subdirectories within the current directory) using the Directory Permissions form. For more information on this form and how to use it, see ``Changing permissions''.

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