Configuring kernel parameters

Using configure to change kernel resources

The configure(ADM) utility is a menu-driven program that presents each tunable kernel parameter and prompts for modification.

To change a kernel parameter using configure, do the following:

  1. Enter the following commands as root to run configure:

    cd /etc/conf/cf.d

  2. The configure menu displays groups of parameter categories; their individual meanings are discussed in ``Kernel parameters that you can change using configure''.

    Choose a category by entering the number preceding it. The resources in that category are displayed, one by one, each with its current value. Enter a new value for the resource, or to retain the current value, press <Enter>. After all the resources in the category are displayed, configure returns to the category menu prompt. Return to the Main Menu to choose another category or exit configure by entering ``q''.

    NOTE: The software drivers associated with a parameter must be present in the kernel for the setting of the parameter to have any effect.

  3. After you finish changing parameters, link them into a new kernel and reboot your system as described in ``Relinking the kernel''.

    NOTE: If you wish to set the values of parameters defined in /etc/conf/cf.d/mtune from a shell script, you should use the idtune(ADM) command as described in ``Using idtune to reallocate kernel resources''.

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